Integrative team games in bad weather

Office party

Most event guides recommend outdoor team games. Of course office party and outdoor team building games are a great option. But corporate events they often take place in autumn or winter, when the weather can be capricious. How to make integration team games successful regardless of the weather?

Beautiful weather and wonderful landscapes are the perfect complement to corporate team games. But what to do when a company trip takes place in autumn, winter or early spring? Sometimes the weather does not spoil us. Can a business trip be successful despite the unfavorable weather? Of course it is - you just need to take care of it integrative team games in bad weather.   

Company party – what to do when it rains?

The British say there is no bad weather. There is only the wrong dress ... And there is something to it. Just adjust your outfit to the weather conditions and it's better. And if we have a good idea of spending time in bad weather, it will be great at all!

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This also applies to any kind of event. Integration events, company events and in general - business trips. Let's prepare an alternative in advance attractions for bad weather. It is always worth having an idea for indoor games and fun. Various types of board games, competitions, quizzes can be a great way to do activities for a group during inclement weather. Those requiring imagination and creative thinking activate our gray cells. They will also provide great fun!

The best integration dance games
Dancing games

Solving various types of puzzles as well as scenario games will also give some employees a chance to show leadership or analytical skills. Such games are an opportunity for the management to get to know their subordinates better. And for employees, in turn, an opportunity to understand what their bosses are guided by when entrusting them with such and not other tasks.

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So what to do when it rains? The answer is simple! Don't complain, just make a small party, start the fun and choose games that are attractive to our team group integration games. Plus even staying outside when it's raining can be pretty cool if we dress properly. Especially if we are going to have an evening by the fireplace with a glass of cognac or a glass of mulled wine in the future ...  

Building a Goldberg machine, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

Office integration team games 

The office may seem boring and cluttered, but you can also view it from a different angle. One way is to organize creative team playwhere everyone has to state at least one fact about the office. Or employees, but as a team, nothing personal! The fact is unknown to other employees. Before that, you can visit office spaces, including those that are not available on a daily basis, such as a warehouse, cellars or some warehouses. Then everyone prepares a question, for example: What's in the cupboard under the desk at the end of the warehouse? The others have to guess what could also be hidden in this rarely used packet? A supply of coffee or water? Tasty snacks? Gadgets and prizes for your next corporate event?

Fun in the office

With the help of the office wear board, you can also play:

  • puns,

  • coming up with a dream integration trip. Participants can come up with a menu, attractions, choose a place for an integration event and propose the topics of the lectures that are interesting for them. Maybe it is worth using their ideas in the future?
  • maze of frustration - the group imagines they need to create a maze or board game with obstacles typical of your office. What would these obstacles be? (tasteless coffee, porter late to work, lack of parking spaces, etc.).
  • mafia - classic team fun. Someone is a policeman, someone else is capo di tutti capi, and the rest are ordinary citizens.

These are, of course, just a few basic ideas that can be developed and modified depending on the needs of the group or the size of the team. Such team-building games can be carried out under the supervision of an external trainer or coach. You can also involve people from the HR department or even a manager. By the way, it will also check the competences of the HR specialist or the person managing the team. After all, human resources specialists or personnel managers should be able to deal with people in any situation, not only during official meetings. 

Integrative team games?

We will organize them for you!

What are the methods of building a strong team?

Methods of building strong teams to be effective must be individually tailored to each group of employees. And depending on whether we are building a completely new team or we want to motivate the existing one, we will choose other tools. Moreover, in the case of professions requiring constant creativity and searching for new solutions, it is necessary to approach differently team buildingu than in other professional groups. In the first case, the problem may be excessive competition and the desire to promote your own idea at all costs. In the case of other employee teams, we may be more interested in building loyalty and a sense of shared responsibility for the company. Regardless of the games and team activities as methods of building a strong team will prove reliable.

The best team-building games for employees

Below are some interesting examples of integration games and games for employees that will work regardless of the weather.

For people who like to move their head rather than their legs, the following will be suitable:

  • Combined drawing.
  • Contests, quizzes and puns.
  • Board games.

Creative employees are best suited to the following games and activities:

  • Culinary workshops
  • Theater workshops.
  • Goldberg's machine.
  • Scenario games (for example detective game or treasure hunt).
  • Thematic events.

For more active crews, the following will be better:

  • Company Olympics.
  • Gordian knot.
  • The wheel of fortune.
  • Alkogogle.

Integrative team games - examples 

Integrative team games at the company's headquarters do not have to mean only activities with a blackboard and a marker in the background. The office can also be a place where you can experience real adventures! Turn them for a few hours in escape room - of course, in compliance with the safety rules. You can even divide the team into two camps, one of which will prepare a scenario of such team fun, and the other will have to solve puzzles and get out of the escape room. If there are more rooms in the office, have both teams prepare a scenario for the second group and then become participants in their game. It can be too stalking in an office building. 

The treasure hunt!

A second idea for this type of game when you can't dream of integrative team games in the open air, this treasure hunt. The space of an office or plant can be an ideal place for this type of fun. You can print maps and leave encrypted treasure hiding clues in several places. It will be a real adventure, albeit in a familiar setting!

If there is a prize at the end, such as a favorite dish, coupons for dinner in a pizzeria, or a trunk with your favorite drink, the team will definitely do their best to find the treasure.


Team-building games, such as mazes, are also popular. One of the variants tells the participants to “build” as a team, using adhesive tape on the ground, the contours of the maze, and then go through it with eyes closed, without touching the edges.

Another option is to build a walkway from one end of the office to the other from the things in the office so that participants do not touch the floor. This is an idea for a successful integration - team building in practice, because inevitably, when solving these tasks and puzzles, you will have to cooperate and communicate with each other. 

Team = people!

What is the synergy effect? Each employee has knowledge and potential that can be used for the good of the company. But when employees start to form a team and work together, the result of their efforts is usually greater than the sum of their individual achievements. We call it the synergy effect. This very favorable phenomenon translates into profit in every area of life, including economic life. However, to achieve them, we need to build a good team. We call all the techniques and activities for this team building.

Integrative team movement games or brain training?

Let's consider what our team does every day? What will allow its members to relax more? Physical or rather intellectual effort? It seems that if we struggle with solving serious theoretical problems on a daily basis and spend hours at the computer, then movement games they will give us more respite.

Mental entertainment

But is it really a good idea? For example, an accountant or programmer who does not play sports on a daily basis may not be entirely satisfied if we offer them some sports competitions. However, if everything is done at once in the convention of fun, and the competitions are selected so that there is more laughter than competitive sport, then everyone will probably have fun. And vice versa - if ours company party It is intended for the crew that performs not too complicated and repetitive tasks on a daily basis, and we will prepare a difficult quiz for them, so it will not necessarily be fun for some of the crew.

Team games

Of course, it may turn out that we underestimate our employees. And that many of them have interesting passions or hobbies. This is why team games if integration events it is also a great opportunity for self-presentation and a better understanding of the potential of our crew.

Integrative team games - a way to get rid of boredom

There is nothing worse than being bored on a company trip! At home, we organize our own time and there are certainly many activities that we can do then. Catch up on things or just relax and wake up. However, boring company event it is a failure not only for the organizers, but also for the participants. Therefore, you always have to have an emergency option in case of bad weather or if something does not come out of our plans. There may also be some random situation. For example, our speaker or the invited DJ will not get there. You cannot let our guests not know what to do with themselves. In such situations, it is best for an experienced person organizer of corporate events. Certainly, he will propose at least a few team games and activities that will get the company up and running.

Other games and activities

There are several games that will work in an emergency, because they do not require special props or long preparations. One of them is the life raft. What is this team building game?

Imagine you are in the middle of the ocean. Our ship sank, and we, with a few associates, found ourselves on a life raft played by a blanket, a sheet, or a piece of other material of similar dimensions on the floor while we play. However, the shipwreck is not the end of our troubles. The raft is damaged - in order to survive, we must seal up or repair the damage on the underside of the raft. The task is to turn the raft over in such a way that no one falls out of it. It will not be easy, because bloodthirsty sharks are already circling around, only waiting for our slightest mistake ...

Such fun will not only stimulate the company, but also the gray cells of all participants of the event. It's also a great game for breaking personal barriers, shortening the distance between crew members, and a great example team buildingu.

Scenario games - detective

Team building

Team building is, generally speaking, all activities and techniques aimed at building a harmonious team. They are designed to improve cooperation and improve communication between individual crew members. Team building it is easiest to carry out through activities such as trips and integration meetings, integration training with elements of learning cooperation and communication, as well as all team games and activities. What competences they develop integration games for employees? First of all, soft skills, so important in today's world. 

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Team games that can't be afraid of rain 

Incentive travelMotivational tourism is an idea worth considering, even if the sun is not shining outside. You can also visit during bad weather. What's more, the team will be more willing to participate in the workshops taking place inside the building, if the weather outside the window does not encourage sunbathing and walking. More and more often in bad weather, bosses take their teams to the VR club. Everyone wearing a helmet on their head experiences their own adventure, although there are also activities to be experienced in pairs or in a group. There is also a museum of old computer games in Warsaw, where you can play slot machines or Pegasus.  

Bad weather workshops

Bad weather is also a perfect time for team-building games combined with workshops and tastings. It could be culinary workshops, but also visiting vineyards or microbreweries with beer tasting. Such activities are perfect for long, winter days, when it is gloomy outside, and beer or wine will warm you up nicely from the inside. It is also a way to integrate a team in which there are problems. During such workshops you have to cooperate, but everything takes place in a very friendly atmosphere and ends with a shared drink.

Company events - attractions for bad weather

A company trip is usually planned well in advance. We will not always be able to hit the weather perfectly. However, let's not let the aura decide what the atmosphere at our event or training will be like. There are many ways to spend your time in an attractive and useful way, even in bad weather. Of course, joint games and team building games it is actually the canon of business trips. But there are also many interesting alternatives.

Are you looking for the perfect place for team-building games?

You just found!

Company events - attractions for bad weather are, for example, building bird feeders or boxes for wild cats together. Also all kinds integration workshops you can organize inside hotel for team building events or an event facility. For example, theater workshops or training, combined with fun, about contacts with the media. Or a lesson with a trainer entitled: How to deal with stress? These types of activities do not require going outside.

Office games for bad weather

These are all just the simplest examples attractions for bad weather. With a little effort, we can ensure that thanks to a slightly worse atmosphere, we will have an unforgettable event and we will return to it with memories for a long time. And we will remember the rain drumming on the windows only in the context of the accompaniment to the performance of a hastily formed theater group that spontaneously emerged from our work group.   

Office party, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy - Event and Training Center

Company event - how to get the participants moving?

Sometimes music is enough, a good joke or a surprising idea, and the naughty talk turns into quite attractive fun. In every team or larger group of people there will always be someone who likes to be the center of attention or who is good at being the leader and organizer of the game. Even if the atmosphere is quite official, it is worth letting such people spread their wings at an integration event. Of course, let's make sure that the jokes are of an appropriate level and that they do not offend anyone. Such a person, even if he is not very diligent at work, nevertheless contributes a lot to the team. It can be a kind of binder in such situations. Or when you need to relieve tension. After all, each of us wears a mask at work and is better or worse in something. The essence of the team is to complement each other.

Integration dance games

This is also one of the elements teambuilding - let a leader, expert or a person who can always make a smile on the faces of colleagues and boss emerge naturally. 

Answer the question: what to do to start a corporate eventIt therefore includes letting the participants relax and sometimes even spontaneously play. Experienced Event organizer of course, he should not have the slightest problem with it and he will probably throw ideas and arrange himself team games and activities.

A hotel for team-building games

Korona Karkonosze Manor, Training and Event Center in Sosnówka near Karpacz offers conference rooms and a banquet room for corporate events, as well as a large garden with a Grill Center. So you can organize there integrative team games outdoors or indoors, depending on the season and weather. So the weather is no longer a problem and an integration trip or other corporate event will always be successful.

Integration team building games for bad weather

For happy and energetic people, the weather does not matter much. It is only a background for the realization of their dreams and passions. And some of them can even infect others with this optimism and creative power. If we have at least one such person in our team, we do not have to worry about bad weather, rain or other atmospheric phenomena that we have no influence on anyway. Integration games for bad weather with the participation of such a person or such an animator or manager z event agency they always have to be successful.  

Thematic events

Preparation is a good idea theme party. For example, after intensive training, the evening can be organized in a cowboy style, or in the style of the 1930s or 80s. First of all, employees will be a bit involved and think about the party, preparing the appropriate outfits and props before the company trip. For some of them, it will also be an event for which they will be awaiting with curiosity and an interesting idea for self-presentation. Second, regardless of the weather, ours company event will be successful.

All games related to deepening will also work well as integration games in bad weather relationship interpersonal. For example, all puns, association games or games and games that collectively can be defined as: I have a talent or alternatively: to play a story.

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Integrative team games in subgroups

If our team is quite large, and at the same time very diverse in terms of interests, preferences, age or physical condition and the type of work performed on a daily basis, maybe it is worth planning subgroup classes? Provide two or three attractions of different types so that everyone can find something for themselves. Let us divide the crew into groups, or propose that everyone choose what they want to do and what interests them the most.

Company banquet

In the evening, after the class, the groups will meet by the fire or at the banquet company. Then they will surely be happy to share their impressions from such an interesting day with their colleagues from other teams. Some may go to the ropes course to overcome their fear and limitations. Other groups will be happy to take part in culinary workshops and will treat the crew members with hand-made delicacies. Yet another group will build a Goldberg machine at this time. At the same time, he will find out how important communication and cooperation at work are. And everyone will be pleased!

Company banquet
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