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Branding a strategy of building a strong brand

Your brand is your most valuable asset. Can you use her strength?

Do you want to sell more? Build a brand,
which will strengthen your business.

Our projects

MSM Mońki draws the best of local dairy traditions, offering products characterized by a full and delicious taste. The purpose of the rebranding and redesign of packaging was to highlight the brand's value to emphasize where the product comes from. The new logo and packaging design go to customers looking for the traditional flavor of high-quality cheese.


Horyzont Inwestycji is a brand of experienced experts who safely multiply the capital of investors. Two elements must not be missing in the communication of a brand specializing in investing in real estate - credibility and security. With the help of a tailored communication strategy and modern tools, we create the desired image of the company.



The Neptun Energy team are RES heroes with the power to turn clean energy into pure profit: for the environment, for society, for themselves and their loved ones. And their branding and website should reflect that. We were given the goal of developing a branding that would allow the company to more effectively implement its strategic goals.

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SWORD sp. z o. o. is one of Europe's largest producers and distributors of band saws. The company is also the sole supplier of AMADA and FMB cutters in Poland. The company is gradually developing its offer, therefore it needed to change its perception from a saw supplier to a brand associated with technology and highly specialized tools. In response to these needs, we have developed branding that allows the company to achieve specific business goals.

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Premium brand rebranding

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Development of a comprehensive concept of communication and visual identification of the Halupczok brand.

Technological brand rebranding

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Development of a comprehensive change in the visual identity of a technology company.

Food brand rebranding

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Development of a comprehensive change in the visual identity of a food industry company (logo change, product packaging design in various formats).

We have been trusted by great companies

Branding, i.e. How to plan a brand well?

Good planning is the basis of success.

It must not be forgotten that in order for branding to really bring you the right benefits, it must be properly planned and, most importantly, thought out. This requires the work of many people, specialists not only in the field of PR, but also graphic designers and designers. At Commplace, we have the best experts when it comes to creating thoughtful branding consistent with the company's profile. Find out what we can do for you.

Your brand's online visibility is a 70% chance to attract a customer.

Do you want to sell? Get noticed!

The product itself is not enough. The company's success and its dynamic development are largely due to its recognition - that is, branding. It has to be distinctive. Consistent. Aesthetic. And above all, one that is very easy to remember. According to research, nearly 70% Poles are visual learners, and thus - they remember what they see. Therefore, if your visual identity and brand are well thought out - there is a very good chance that you will be able to acquire new customers in a very short time who will stay with your brand for longer! This means that your company will develop dynamically.

The product itself is not enough. The company's success and its dynamic development are largely due to its recognition - that is, branding. It has to be distinctive.

Branding how to quickly build a brand

Krakow wasn't built in a day, they say. This adage has its perfect expression when it comes to branding. Branding somewhat defines whether we can actually build a strong brand. The concept of branding is very broad, and it primarily includes advertising and visual identification.

Krakow wasn't built in a day, they say.

Building a strong brand do it wisely

Build your brand wisely and consciously. Only in this way will you be successful!

The visual identification itself, a catchy logo and well-designed packaging are not everything. The success of any company is the people you talk to through your products. Building a strong brand is a process that must be properly planned - take into account specific goals, target group and what we ultimately want to achieve when it comes to the development of our company. Various factors, including those related to potential risk, must be taken into account. It's a big job. However, do not worry - we are here to help you implement them and thus - support you in the development of your company.

A strong brand is a developing brand

Grow your brand, be strong and multiply your capital.

Do you want to create a strong and recognizable brand? Do you want to successively develop your business? Why wait for the competition to take the next step. Not only keep up with her, but definitely stay ahead of her.

Contact us - together we will certainly be able to develop the best solutions for your company.

Bartosz Zieliński - Managing Director of Commplace


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Branding what is it in practice?

Branding is the process of creating and building brand recognition in the eyes of customers. As part of branding marketing, the company uses various strategies to create a positive brand image and attract the attention of consumers. Persona branding is one such building strategy brand image based on its values, personality and goals. A brand hero is a fictional character who represents a brand and helps build its image. An important role in branding marketing is also played by brand active, i.e. active actions taken by the company to build a positive brand image. If you are wondering "what is branding", then the above definitions should be the answer to your question.

Good to know:

What is branding?

Branding is a complex process that involves creating and presenting the image of a company, product or service. Today, branding is a key element of the marketing strategy of every company, which allows it to stand out on the market and build a positive image. An effective branding strategy reflects the company's values and goals and allows you to reach a specific audience. Creating a brand requires a proper understanding of market culture, as well as creating a coherent image and combining it with appropriate communication and marketing. The implementation of a branding strategy requires commitment and knowledge, but it brings many benefits, such as customer loyalty and building a positive brand image.

What does personal branding mean?

Personal branding is a concept that refers to the way others perceive our personality and our skills. Nowadays, such recognizable brands as Apple or Nike are not only products, but also some kind of personal values and attributes that are associated with given companies. Personal branding works similarly - it creates our identity in the eyes of our environment, whether in the professional or personal sphere. It is worth getting acquainted with this concept and taking care of your personal brand in order to stand out on the labor market and gain the respect and trust of others.

Branding meaning for contemporary brands?

The modern market is saturated with numerous products and services, which encourages consumers to choose even more carefully. To be effective on the market, a brand must stand out from the crowd. This is where branding comes in - the process of shaping the brand image, which aims to build a group of loyal customers and increase brand recognition. Customers want to know if they can trust a brand and whether its values match their expectations. Therefore, it is important for the brand to be recognizable and credible, which in turn builds consumer trust. Well-made branding can bring many benefits to brands and allow them to achieve a high market position.

What does branding give you? Examples

Thanks to branding, we become loyal customers of a given company, its logo and name are automatically associated with our positive experiences related to a given brand. An example of branding is the image of Coca-Cola, which on the one hand is associated with a unique taste, and on the other with good fun and spending pleasant moments with loved ones. In a word, branding is an inseparable element of the marketing strategy of every company that wants to be successful.

Is it worth investing in branding?

Investing in branding is an investment in the future of the company. is it worth it? Without a doubt, yes! Nowadays, when the market is saturated with products, branding creates the image and increases brand recognition. This can attract new customers and increase the loyalty of those who already use the services or products offered by the company. Therefore, entrepreneurs should invest in branding to achieve high results in building the image of their company. Remember that there is no second chance for a first impression, and a good impression on customers can result in a long-term relationship and financial success.

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