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We follow trends and we respond to them. Since as many as 84% households have access to the Internet and actively use it, the actions of companies must take this fact into account. If you are not online, you do not exist. This sentence has not been an empty phrase for a long time. The question of how to break through the rush of information? How to effectively reach your customers? We know how to do PR and how to measure its effects. We will help you increase the effectiveness of your activities - regardless of whether you are a big player or just starting to conquer the market. Commplace offers services that allow you to constantly increase the visibility of your website in the Google search engine. User Experience, SERP, Google Search, Google Ads or click CTR have no secrets for us.

The Internet allows you to reach even further, for even more. At Commplace, we are aware that effective positioning means an advantage for your business. We will show you how to achieve it. We have the right tools and we know how to use them, providing you with long-term and effective activities that increase your sales bars.

We believe that properly prepared and optimized activities bring a significant return on investment. That is why the PR Commplace agency offers its clients services, the implementation of which translates into this effectively. Which allow you to achieve the company's sales goals and interest consumers with the offer.

We also focus on the preparation of a coherent strategy and its consistent implementation, so that - by reaching personalized groups of recipients using developed methods and tools - we achieve the company's communication goals. All our services are designed to help our clients build a strong brand and take advantage of every sales opportunity.

Key competences:

Public relations

Public relations for the 21st century - e-PR, product PR, corporate PR and conversion marketing

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Positioning of websites

Positioning of websites - comprehensive SEO for websites and stores

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Google Ads

Google Ads and derivatives - we run effective campaigns

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Website development

Creating websites and profitable stores

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Communication strategy

Internet communication strategy - development and implementation

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Employer branding strategy - building the company's image

Make employees proud of their company. And vacancies attracted the best.

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