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Crisis management affects the company's reputation

A lifeline from the PR Agency

Crisis management - don't act alone. PR agency serves as support!

According to statistics, already in the first week of March, about 39% companies from the SME sector felt the negative effects of the spreading COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic. Almost 37.5%s reported an increase in operating costs. In every third company, a decrease in sales was noticeable, and in 27.5% there was a decrease in financial liquidity. If you also deal with the effects of a global epidemic - you don't have to act alone.

Take advantage of our experience - talk to an expert for 30 minutes. After the conversation, you will be aware of how to deal with the crisis situation.

Following 4 simple steps will allow you to effectively manage the crisis in the company.

Step 1. Signing confidentiality documents.

It is our priority to keep the information you provide us secure. That is why the first step we will start with is signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that will protect both parties.

Step 2. Arranging a 30-minute strategic conversation.

After reporting your interest in a strategic consultation, we will arrange a mutually convenient date for the interview / conference call.

Step 3. Conversation with a strategist with many years of experience.

Teleconference or video call - the choice is yours. During the conversation, our expert with many years of experience in crisis management will learn about the problem and present possible methods of action. We have a strict rule - crisis management must always be "tailored".

One-size-fits-all advice does not exist. That is why each solution will be tailored to YOUR company and the environment in which it is located. You will receive a ready action plan and answers to all your questions.

Step 4. Safety and supervision over the implementation of changes in the company.

Planning is one thing. However, implementation in crisis management is the biggest challenge. We know it well, so we will also provide support during the implementation of changes. Doubts, obstacles or bottlenecks - we will walk with you through this stage so that you can implement the agreed actions on the 100%.

Crisis is loss. Crisis management is potential gains

One in four Polish companies reported a decline in sales, revenues or stock exchange listing. In every seventh organization, the crisis led to a trial. In every fourteenth to forced redundancies. * How will your organization be? Will you fight the crisis or fight for survival?
The crisis is also a violation of the image of your organization. Lowering its credibility. This leads to the loss of customers and contractors. Losing control.
Is your organization ready for such a risk?

Sample questions to be answered

- How to conduct internal communication in the company so that communication chaos does not arise?
- How to communicate with clients in the time of the coronavirus pandemic?

- What online activities (SEO, AdWords, Marketing Conversion) can support your business?

How to establish a hierarchy of threats?

- How to build a strong brand in the current situation?

- How to increase sales?

- How to rebuild the image?

- Have the activities so far been properly implemented (communication audit, marketing audit, SEO audit)?

Our crisis management services:

  1. Defining internal and external sources of the crisis

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  2. Own system of immediate support in a crisis - REDALERT24

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  3. Development of the crisis book - threats and patterns of conduct

    Find out more
  4. Hierarchy of threats and development of an anti-crisis strategy

    Find out more
  5. Managing a crisis situation in the media and on the Internet - crisis PR

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  6. Rebuilding a tarnished image of a company or product

    Find out more

REDALERT24 - immediate support

Crises break out suddenly. They have various causes. Different faces. Every third company has to deal with rumors, black PR and hate on the Internet. Every fourth organization has to defend its good name due to a product defect. One in five struggles with a crisis because of a conflict with a business partner * - being aware of this data does not protect against the crisis.
We know that anticipation is key to the survival of an organization. I also know that not everything can be planned. We can act in a crisis. We prevent the problem from escalating. We minimize losses. We restore stabilization.

Ask about RedAlert24 – the integrated Crisis Management System is a proprietary procedure for operating in a crisis. We will help you get through a crisis situation. Crisis PR – we have extensive experience in handling orders of this type.

Crisis management - the perspective of distance

Customer relationships are like a soccer match. It is you and your organization that bear the cost of missed opportunities. It doesn't have to be that way.
Based on the case studies, we will show you the lost profit mechanism. We will analyze the sales funnel and assess potential threats and damage to your image.

We will offer action strategies dedicated to your organization to eliminate and mitigate the effects of crisis situations in the future.

25 percent of the largest Polish companies do not have a strategy for operating in a crisis.

Is your organization ready for a crisis situation?

Are there people trained in your company to manage the crisis well?

64 percent PR agency considers training to be the most effective tool in crisis prevention.
What do you think would be the most effective tool in fighting the crisis in your company?

Do you need help with your business development?

Bartosz Zieliński

Bartosz Zieliński Managing director

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