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Public relations

Let the world hear your brand's unique story

Take advantage of a free consultation

You've done a lot of work to build your brand. Congratulations!

Now leave your bearings on yourself and let us work.
PR campaign in 2024

Our clients' brands are worth millions. You deserve to join this group.

With us, your business will enter a higher league. Customers will love your brand. And you will observe spectacular results from a comfortable position.

25 years of experience meant that we would not call it a challenge. And a formality.

They trusted U.S

PR offer

Services for exceptional companies

Are you aiming high? That's good. We like these companies. We ran the presidential PR campaign, so we know what it means to act on a large scale. And we know what to do to make you more than one. Not two. And even three steps ahead of the competition. Are you ready for strong development of your business? Do you chill champagne to celebrate great results? We hope so. Because we can't wait to show you the first results.

About us

PR strategy and consulting

Take control of your image and build awareness of your brand. Make it look exactly how you want it.

Media relations

Gain reach. Be constantly in the media. Give interviews. Show your audience that you are an expert. It's time to present your brand to the world.


Make the most of it communication channels and network power. Generate leads and increase sales by investing a sensible budget in digital.

Crisis management

Don't waste your nerves putting out fires. Bet on professionals. With 25 years of experience, we are able to manage a crisis situation.

Marketing communication

speak. But with sense and content, building the position of your brand. Leave empty phrases and shouting to the competition.

Brand Defense Strategy

We know how much energy you have devoted to building your brand and we will not let it ruin its good name.

Image creation

Do you know your strengths well? We will help you implement a complete and consistent image building strategy.


Make the terms "legendary" and "cult" forever accompany your company events.

personal brand

We know that you have extensive knowledge and experience. Dare to present them to the world. Be a medium and join the digital revolution.

What do our clients say about us?

During the 11 months of PR activities carried out in cooperation with the media, messages about the brand reached 17,746,455 million recipients. The advertising equivalent of the acquired publications amounted to over PLN 2.6 million.
Stanisław Jamiołkowski
Chairman of the Board
Mońki MSM
Industry: FMCG
See case study
Based on our cooperation, we can recommend the Commplace agency as a professional and trustworthy partner in the area of marketing and image consulting.
Adrian Halupczok
Brand owner and creator
Industry: Furniture
See case study
Commplace employees who participated in the project showed great commitment and thorough knowledge. During the cooperation, the great flexibility and orientation towards a common goal also deserved special recognition. With full responsibility, we can recommend the Commplace agency as a trustworthy partner in the area of marketing consulting.
Michał Majnusz
Chairman of the Board
Industry: Automation
See case study

Successes PR

PR successes

Gazeta Wyborcza Ekonomia

Press / Journal
8/10 points
103.7 thous. copies
32.1 thous. contacts
AVE est.
174.8 thous. zloty
cover date
Client - MajAcademy

FACT / online

10/10 points
6.1 million UU
88.1 thous. contacts
AVE est.
18 thousand zloty
Date of publication
Client - Recevent

Super Business / online

10/10 points
684.7 thous. UU
9.8 thousand contacts
AVE est.
5 thousand zloty
Client - Neptune


Press / Journal
6/10 points
34.1 thous. copies
10.6 thousand contacts
AVE est.
42.72 thou. zloty
cover date
Client - De Care

Express Illustrated

Press / Journal
3/10 points
6.8 thousand copies
2.1 thousand contacts
AVE est.
19.63 thousand zloty
cover date
Industry: automation, industry 4.0

PR campaign: 2,200,000 recipients in 1 month

Development and implementation communication strategy new products of the ETISOFT brand - self-adhesive masks.
> 2.000.000
new message recipients
awareness of the existence of the product
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Industry: FMCG

Tasteful PR campaign. Summary of another year of cooperation with MSM Mońki.

Implementation of a comprehensive PR campaign for a brand from the food industry.
31 200 000
message range
total number of publications
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Stay updated. Check what we do for the best.

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PR team

Meet our team of experts

Strategists, PR specialists, copywriters, analysts, graphic designers, programmers... We have different competences and experience. And their combination makes us a strong team. We will translate our knowledge into an effective marketing strategy, memorable content, a campaign that attracts customers, or a website that the competition will envy.

Sebastian Kopiej


Bartosz Zieliński

Managing director

Anna Goławska

Project coordinator

Małgorzata Knapik-Klata

PR Manager

Carolina Cempel

Press Team Coordinator
+ 53
Why Community?

Use the knowledge our experts

We have gathered the best specialists from the market. Let them work for your brand.

Check what effects they can achieve for you.

specialists in the team who will work from A to Z for the success of your brand
brands worth millions you can join
experienced experts will work for you only in the PR area (Specialist, Copywriter, Telemarketer, Analyst, Strategist)
specializations that will allow your company to reach a higher level (Strategy - PR - SEO and ADS, Social Media, Graphics, Digital, Copywriting, Sales support)
2 000
meters, the Commplace conference center, where we will organize an event that your team will live for many years
3 000+
contacts in the media that we will use to let the world know about your brand

PR strategy

Create associations with the brand. Only positive.
Right now your potential customer can search for information about you on the Internet. Do you know what he will find? And what if, thanks to us, you… took control of it?
1/3 companies
he has to face rumors, black PR and online hate
of the largest Polish companies do not have a crisis strategy

The virtual world has become a tube for communication activities. It increases their message. It reaches the uninitiated. But he doesn't forget either. Anything that goes online usually stays there. And they work for your brand. And we know how to use them so that the client becomes her follower.

How can we help you get to the next level?

  • By creating a community around your brand and evoking positive emotions
  • By building specific (and not accidental!) associations with the brand among all audiences
  • Becoming the top of mind choice in the minds of future customers
  • Building the image of experts creating a brand
  • Assuring those who are decisive in their decision (thus reducing post-purchase dissonance)
  • Eliminating rumors or fake news about the company
number of publications
2 821 807
reaching the publication
113 684 593
publication coverage
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100% image control on google

How to build company image online

You know what's being said on the web your brand?

Send a request for PR activities

marketing automation

Media Relations

Online Process Calendar WRIKE

He coordinates the entire process PR Manager

Content Creation Team

Meticulous and punctual. These are our content creators. Don't wait weeks for high-quality content. Check out our capabilities.
  1. Brief on communication needs

    Our experts carry out a needs audit to prepare materials tailored to your needs.
  2. Preparation of content proposals

    A team of copywriters prepares material that undergoes double, internal verification.
  3. Revision and evaluation

    We present the material subjecting it to your assessment.
  4. Publication or Distribution

    Ready! The text starts working for your brand. On a blog or online.

Online press office

We don't operate from Monday to Friday. We provide the media with access to press information 24/7!
  1. Creating a dedicated customer account

    Preparation of a personalized client tab containing contact details and all materials about the client.
  2. Publication of press materials

    After obtaining a positive opinion on the content, the materials are added to the press office. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing the elite. Integer rutrum aliquam est id ultrices. Aliquam accumsan, ex sed maximus fringilla, erat Leo fringilla enim.
  3. Responding to journalists' inquiries

    The media willingly use the available materials, sometimes sending additional inquiries, which we efficiently handle.

Press Telemarketing Team

We know how to build relations with the media. Use it to grow your brand.
  1. Preparation of a media database dedicated to the client

    From our database, we select media that will allow you to reach your recipient directly.
  2. First contact with journalists

    Our experts make sure that the journalist gets to know your brand and gets acquainted with the submitted materials.
  3. Reporting inquiries to the PR Manager

    In the case of journalists' questions - efficient transfer to the PR Manager, who will prepare the answer.
  4. Maintaining relations with journalists

    Making sure that they see us as a partner providing substantive content.
  5. Acquisition of information about exclusive materials

    Reporting demand for original materials that will increase the reach of messages.

Do you want us to positively surprise you with our ideas and effect forecasts?

We are waiting for your signal!

Media relations

Use the media to talk about your brand.
Stay in touch with those who reach your audience. Show them what you're best at and present the information in such a way that it works for your brand.
41% companies
indicates that it has the need to build a modern reputation
98% specialists
believes that strategies that combine paid and organic activities are the most effective

Thousands of articles about companies appear in the media every day. Is yours mentioned there too? And if so, does the way and tone of communication meet your expectations? Use our media relations to show the best sides of your brand. Build an expert position. Be noticed. But on your terms.

Are you ready to take control of your brand image in the media?

number of publications
26 841 779
reaching the publication
237 923
ave publication
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You no longer need to look for ideas for your company's communication

Ask us for suggestions


Use the network to get measurable effects
Make the most of communication channels and network power. Generate leads and increase sales by investing a sensible budget in digital.

Your recipient uses the Internet. Reach him in an unobtrusive way. Check what he reads, what websites he browses, at what times ... As a result, make the most of your budget. Let every zloty you spend be spent on achieving your business goals. Make every communication activity measurable.

Are you wondering what effect you could get using specific online channels? 

key phrase analysis
strategic brand messages
verification of recipients' expectations
read more

Crisis management

No panic. We know what to do. And we will do it quickly.
Crisis? We know him inside out. We know when it appears or how to nip it in the bud. We'll do the work, and you Relax sit back and wait for the results.

Don't waste your time on emergency actions. Focus on the smooth operation of your business and we will take care of the crisis for you. We have many years of experience in dealing with difficult situations, and even those that seem hopeless.

You are ready to someone put out the fire for you?

Own training facility

Agency event COMMPLACE

See the offer

Marketing communication

Communication + marketing = perfect couple
We connect the world of words with the world of numbers. We communicate effectively. So that you can see the translation into key indicators for your brand.

Create the needs of potential customers. show them usability of your products or services. Remind them of your offer. About you being the best.

Wondering how to reinforce this message? Find out what idea we have for it.

conference Center

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

We have our own Conference Center - Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. It's close to 2000 m2 facility at your company's disposal. You can plan a conference, jubilee, training or workshop with us. We will make sure that the event fully meets your expectations and business goals. For 25 years we have been organizing events in Poland and abroad for the most prestigious and demanding companies. It's time for your company to come to our doorstep.

1150 realized events

Dedicated event manager

Accommodation /Stylish apartments and rooms

Own event facility

Additional advantages

Own brand of beer

AIPA DKK is our craft beer drawing on the best brewing traditions. It has a unique, deep flavor with a distinct hint of bitterness. The best varieties of hops and only natural ingredients were used for its production. The flavor bouquet of our beer is a harmonious combination of citrus, tropical fruit, herbal-resin and floral accents. Its distinctive taste will charm all lovers of real beer. Perfect as a gift, served on the tables at a wedding or after-party, as well as during a party with a bonfire or barbecue.

Own photo studio

We also communicate visually. We know what to do to enchant the recipient with a unique photograph.

Creating video content

Let's combine the image with the sound. Let your customers not only see you. But they will hear. Are you curious about the effects?

Strategic workshops

Use the many years of knowledge of our experts to grow your brand. Check what results we can achieve for you.

We know how much work you put into building your brand. Now let us act.

Check how to increase its value

Your customers will become brand believers

Building relationships is a challenge. Especially in the digital world. However, we have the knowledge and tools to build a community around your brand. A group of people who will not just click "BUY NOW". A group of people who will follow your activities with excitement, support you and, if necessary, stand behind their favorite brand. They will speak well of her. Show the benefits. Encourage others to use it. Infect with enthusiasm.

Don't get lost online

The online world offers many opportunities. Wondering which one to choose to achieve the best results? When to start the campaign? And is the obtained result really good? We will be your guide in the world of digital marketing. Treat us like GPS. Our voice will guide you directly to your destination. On your terms. Efficiently and without much effort.

Get emotionally involved

We know how important your brand is to you. How many good emotions it evokes in you. It's time to transfer them to your audience. Joy. Euphoria. Satisfaction. Our knowledge and experience will make them also accompany your customers when interacting with you. And finally - they will want to be close to you. Radiate your reflected light. Laugh at the jokes you tell. Get emotional when you celebrate important moments. Count down the hours until the launch of a new product.

Strengthen your position

How many of your customers, suppliers or other business partners do you think check information about you online before the first meeting? Will they find data that will work in your favor? Will they convince them that you are a strong player? We know you are great at what you do. That's why it's time to manage your online image. It's time for you to emerge as an expert. For your voice to be heard. And it was not drowned out by the noise of communication. Nor the competition.


What are the benefits of hiring a public relations agency?

Agency employment public relations can bring many benefits, including increasing brand visibility, building a reputation, improving the company's image, increasing customer engagement, generating positive PR and many more. PR agency can help you develop an effective communication strategy, create a message, organize events and many other activities that will contribute to the success of your company.

What are the key elements of an effective public relations campaign?

The key elements of an effective public relations campaign are: the goal of the campaign, the target group, the message, communication channels, the duration of the campaign and how it is measured. Before starting the campaign, it is worth carefully analyzing the needs and expectations of the target group and defining the goals of the campaign and its message. Then, choose the right communication channels and start working to effectively reach your audience.

What is media relations and what are its benefits?

The benefits of good relations with the media include, above all, increasing the visibility of the brand, reaching a wider audience, building trust and reputation, generating positive PR and influencing the perception of the brand among customers and investors. Proper relations with the media can increase the chance of obtaining positive reviews, publication of articles or interviews with company representatives, which contributes to increased customer engagement and a positive brand image.

Do you need help with your business development?

Bartosz Zieliński

Bartosz Zieliński Managing director

+48 665 379 071