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What are your successes using online marketing?

Online Marketing - A Network of Global Opportunities

The e-commerce market in Poland is worth 40 million. PLN. * The value of e-commerce is also growing in the B2B sector. In 2020 it will reach PLN 344 billion. **
- And how much does your company earn on the Internet?

Online marketing is not the future of sales support. It is her present. If you don't take full advantage of the opportunities offered by inbound marketing, conversion optimization, SEO PR, e-PR, you are missing out. Wasted opportunities are real losses. Think about effective methods to increase the conversion rate of internet communication. See how the public relations agency Commplace can help you with this.

The sale will benefit from an online marketing campaign

Two out of three Internet users buy online because it is easy to compare online offers. Almost everyone buys because they have access to services 24/7 *. The Internet saves time. You and your clients.

Are your online tools ready for this? From the website to optimal conversion, marketing modes must work together to create effective online marketing.

We will analyze the quality of e-commerce and online customer service in your organization. We will equip you with a unique online marketing strategy and tools that will successfully promote your company on the Internet. This is how we will build a competitive advantage for your brand in the digitized world.

What areas are included in the place of internet service?

  1. We analyze the opportunities created by online marketing for your business

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  2. Positioning of websites - comprehensive SEO for websites and stores

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  3. We take responsibility for online marketing campaigns that finance themselves

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  4. Creating websites and profitable stores

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  5. Google Ads and derivatives - we run effective campaigns

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  6. Conversion optimization - we increase sales in the digital world

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Online marketing - sky is the limit

The Internet is like a parallel world. Only better. It allows you to visit a doctor or make a confession without leaving your home. For traveling and watching wild animals. There is no business that cannot use the power of the Internet.

We know your business is on the internet. The question is, does it stand out in it?

How public relations agency Commplace can help in this area? We will audit the network potential of your organization. We will check the effects of your PR on the Internet? We will define KPIs and prepare optimal strategies for achieving them using online marketing tools.

The Internet allows you to reach even further, for even more.

You just have to work for it every day. Ask our consultants for the details of the online marketing campaign.

Four out of five Internet users log on to the network every day.

How many of them will find your business?

Do you need help with your business development?

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