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Does your communication strategy speak well about your product?

How effective is your communication strategy?

The value of communication in business is measured in PLN. A strong and transparent communication strategy means greater operational efficiency. Greater potential to reach customers. Stronger relationships with contractors.

Qualitative communication allows you to focus on your goals. If badly conducted, it wastes time and energy in your organization. Do you know that every fifth company is going through a crisis due to poor communication quality?

Consider how, thanks to the planned brand communication strategy, you can build a customer relationship system. It makes much more sense than a one-off campaign. We want your customers to hear, understand and believe.

The communication strategy will keep you from getting in the channel

The quality of communication is of great importance. We know you know it. Do you also know that the selection of optimal communication channels is equally important? The wrong choice means less chance of reaching the right audience. Lower profits. So losses.

As public relations agency we know which tools work best for a given target audience. By identifying the needs of target groups, we build engaging communication.

We define problems in the area of communication channels. We develop communication strategies focusing on the Internet because a huge part of marketing is digital. In digital, everything can be measured and there is no better business card than the virtual one. The digital world has fundamentally changed the pace of business. Compressing time gives you bonuses for effective strategies and speed in making decisions.

What areas are included in the place of communication service?

  1. Target group - needs analysis. We determine who and how you should talk

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  2. Public relations for the 21st century - e-PR, product PR, corporate PR and conversion marketing

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  3. Internet communication strategy - development and implementation

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  4. Marketing audit - analysis of communication methods and marketing expenses

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  5. An engaging advertising campaign starts with a brand strategy

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  6. We define marketing communication channels and support the company in the process of implementing changes

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What's the picture of your communication strategy?

The images draw particular attention of the Internet users. High-quality graphics or infographics mean that users spend more time viewing images than reading the text on the page *. Are your graphics catching the attention of your audience? Are the ads enticing enough to be clicked on?

At Commplace, we design media that engages the recipient. We are not afraid of experiments. This is what makes us different. As well as the bold, ravishing creations we create. Images work when they evoke emotions because they make it easier to remember

There are no boring brands or unremarkable industries.

However, we can observe poorly conducted marketing communication.

We will check the effectiveness of your communication strategy. * Report: Corporate communication fields.

Three out of four companies declare that in their eyes the importance of communication strategies is growing.

Almost half believe that it is related to the growing importance of the brand's reputation *.
In every second Polish company, the biggest problem with communication is indicated
lack of understanding of the role of communication by the rest of the organization.

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