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How much can ineffective internal communication cost you?

Internal communication and its role in the company

Information chaos, conflicts, intrigues. This is the reality of any organization.
Inefficient communication costs PLN 40,000. PLN * annually. On every employee.

Companies are losing. Time. Energy. Money. Opportunities ebb along with customers disappointed with the lack of adequate quality of service.

The three main reasons we dislike our work are also related to communication. Reluctance towards professional work may result, inter alia, from due to lack of information, poor communication within the company and constant changes that are not well communicated. You can change it. We can help you with this.

By managing internal communication, you invest in the company.

You invest in people who will be your walking-talking brand agents, i.e. ambassadors of the organization.

Our internal communication services:

  1. Internal audit and employee identification with the company

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  2. Defining problems in internal communication and suggesting solutions

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  3. Development of materials and action scenarios for the internal use of the company

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  4. Implementation of tools for internal communication

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  5. Evaluation of implemented communication solutions

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  6. Training in the field of internal communication competences

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Internal communication - impact on the company's results

In the company, communication is like a double-edged sword. Properly managed, it brings profits. Ineffective, only losses. It creates chaos, fuels friction, divides.

Good internal communication is a long-term process. It is worth investing in. You will convert the enhancement of your communication skills into benefits. More efficient services. Increase in customer satisfaction. Greater potential for action.

We can help you. Thanks to the internal communication audit, we will assess the internal situation in the company. We will also measure the level of employees' identification with the goals of your organization.

Internal communication - use the potential

Those who immediately respond to the needs of the market earn. Action, reaction. We know you know it.
And your employees? Are they ready for lightning-fast action? Is their activity blocking the flood of e-mails? Trying to understand commands? Conflicts? When they are stuck in an impasse, your company loses. Remember, lack of communication = conflicts, intrigues and gossip.

What tools are worth using in the area of internal communication? Which are effective and which are only expensive? Use our experience in implementing internal communication management functions to companies. Build your own internal communication strategy with us.

Are you investing enough in internal communication?

4 out of 5 employees believe that effective internal communication helps in achieving their work results.

Do you need help with your business development?

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