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Creation websites

We implement modern websites prepared for positioning. Adapted to mobile devices.

Do you need a modern website for your company? Do it with Commplace!

Our realizations

Our projects - Mońki


Development of a comprehensive design of a new website for a brand from the food industry.

Website rebranding - preparation of a unique MSM Mońki website design using the latest technological solutions and optimization of the website for SEO.

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Our projects - Quadra-net


Designing a new look and functionality of the website.

Website optimization in accordance with good UX and SEO practices.

Increase in website visibility in the Google search engine and increase in website traffic.

Reaching potential customers of the QUADRA-NET brand.

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Neptun Energy

Concept (UX), graphic design (UI) and implementation of a website to help Neptun Energy in promoting renewable energy sources and building an attractive employer brand, supporting the recruitment of a strong sales team.

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Development of the concept, design and implementation of the Contec company website aimed at acquiring partners and customers on the international market.

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May Academy

Website for MajAcademy - the first subscription platform in Poland offering a holistic approach to taking care of health. As part of the work, the concept of the website (UX mock-ups), graphic design and implementation.  

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The concept, design and implementation of the website that allowed the Etisoft brand to change its image from a supplier of labels to a company from industry 4.0.

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Development (concept, design, implementation) of a new website, which on the one hand strengthened the image of CBRTP as an innovative and dynamically operating company in the field of new technologies, and on the other hand allowed to present its multi-level offer.

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Investment Horizon

Building a strong, consolidated brand of Horyzont Inwestycji.

Increase in brand recognition compared to competing brands.

Distinguishing the brand and strengthening the image of its experts.

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A new website as a milestone in the development strategy

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Development of a refreshed website design for the Etisoft brand - a leader in the field of labeling and automatic identification of products.

Public relations campaign - 2,200,000 recipients in 1 month.

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Launch of an innovative product - the self-adhesive Masticks mask.
Marketing communication with emphasis on the slogans: Polish brand, innovation, security.

How to design branding for a brand from the investment sector?

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Building a strong, consolidated brand of Horyzont Inwestycji.
Increase in brand recognition compared to competing brands.
Distinguishing the brand and strengthening the image of its experts.

We have been trusted by great companies

Process How are we doing?

Concept (UX)

Website development begins with the development of a creative concept, through the definition of key functional and visual assumptions. On the basis of the concept, the information architecture will be developed in the form of a functional mock-up, constituting the foundation for the website design.
Concept (UX)

Design (UI)

At this stage of creating a website, a graphic design will be developed based on the accepted concept and functional mock-up of the website. The original design allows you to create all design elements that will bring the content closer to the target customer in a friendly way.
Design (UI)


The last stage of work consists in implementing the designed graphic and functional solutions on the website. After the programming phase, the final tests will be carried out and the finally approved website will be launched on the target server.

The first impression is made only once

The first impression is made only once

A visit to a website is often the first point of contact of potential recipients with the brand. If not the first one, it is definitely one of the key ones.
According to statistics, the user on average decides to stay or leave the website within 5-10 seconds. So you need to make a positive impact on your audience in those first few seconds.

If your website looks unattractive or outdated, your audience will immediately have a negative impression of your business, its products, and services.
There is only one conclusion - a good website design helps to keep potential customers on the website and interest in your offer. Bet on a modern, useful website that will allow your client to navigate through it intuitively, so that he can get to know your business well.
Ask us for a quote. We will be happy to answer your inquiry. As public relations agency we create websites that are an effective distribution point for your services and products on the web.

Remember UX!
A beautiful website means nothing if it is not used efficiently.

Website development Remember UX!

Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not about looks. Design is the way something works. " Keep this in mind when designing your website. The success or failure of a site depends to the greatest extent on its usability and functionality.

When designing a website, you should always be mindful of the user and meeting his needs.
Think of your website as home. No matter how beautiful the outside is, we don't want to live in rooms with peeling wallpaper or crooked walls.
Commplace = Professional Website Development

website a mirror image of the level of services provided

Can a business with an unfinished or sloppy website provide professional services?

Maybe in theory, in practice - would many potential clients risk to find out?

Recipients can assess the level of services provided through the prism of the company's image. The website is, in a way, its virtual showcase. If you don't put in any effort to create a website, your audience may assume that you won't put in the effort to solve the problem they approach you.

Maybe in theory, in practice - would many potential clients risk to find out?

SEO engine

Much of the web design and development efforts affect the way your site is indexed by Google's search engine algorithms.

This, in turn, determines the visibility of your website in search results, and ultimately - affects the number of visits by potential customers.

Website development can be difficult if you do not have a basic understanding of SEO.

The solution, however, is to establish cooperation with an agency that knows how to create a website and optimize it for search engines.
Building a website with Commplace means:
- comprehensive cooperation - analysis of the company's needs and goals, creating content architecture, creative graphic design, programming, implementation, testing and SEO optimization,
- the intuitiveness and usability of the website that favors the conversion (contact or inquiry to your company),
- the ability to personalize the content and expand the website,
- high position in the results of the Google search engine.

SEO engine


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Good to know:

Who to entrust building a website to?

Building websites can cause many difficulties, especially for people who have no experience in this. Therefore, choosing the right company to take care of this task can be crucial to the success of your online business. It is important to find a team of experienced specialists who will provide a professional approach and tailor solutions to your needs. By entrusting your website to professionals, you can be sure that it will be created in accordance with the latest trends and advanced technologies, which will allow you to increase your reach and attract new customers.

What are the most important factors to consider when designing and creating a professional website to meet the expectations and needs of customers?

Building websites is a complex process that requires many factors to be taken into account in order for the website to meet the expectations and needs of customers. First of all, you should consider the purpose of the website and adapt its functionality and user interface to the needs of users. It is also important to ensure that the website is responsive on different devices and easy to navigate. Another important aspect is the aesthetics and readability of the website, which affects the perception of the brand by customers. You can also not forget about optimizing the website for SEO to allow customers to easily find your website in search engines. All these factors combined are crucial in creating a professional website that will meet the needs and expectations of customers.

What are the latest trends and technologies in the e-commerce industry that affect the design and creation of professional websites, what benefits can they bring to enterprises operating in this industry?

Nowadays, e-commerce is one of the fastest growing business sectors. Therefore, web design is becoming more and more demanding and complex. However, thanks to the latest trends and technologies, building websites has become easier and more effective. Enterprises operating in this industry can already benefit from such facilities as content personalization, artificial intelligence, chat bots and many others. Thanks to these tools and new technologies, website design can be faster and more optimal, which in turn contributes to a faster increase in the company's profits.

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