HoReCa is an abbreviation of Hotel/Restaurant/Café, i.e. hotels, restaurants and cafes. In practice, it covers a wide category of fields in the service industry, including: accommodation, food service, event planning, theme parks, travel and tourism, hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, bars, organizing facilities wedding reception, like for example. wedding hall Lower Silesia.

We all have our favorite restaurants or hotels due to the food they serve or the atmosphere they provide. But what makes us so eagerly returning to them? Efficient management and numerous operations behind the scenes.

One such significant operation is sourcing raw materials and managing the supply chain. Hotels, restaurants and cafes are among the largest revenue streams of many FMCG companies, both large and small. Moreover, in recent years the HoReCa industry has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

What makes the HoReCa industry so attractive? And how to stand out from other entities?

Let's say you have it all - great accommodation, top notch service, a great location and even great amenities. However, you still need to make sure your prospects
customers are aware of all these services and more. Therefore, you should choose the best marketing strategy for you as soon as possible. Tailored to the expectations of customers in the HoReCa industry. Experience will help PR agency.

Marketing your HoReCa does not have to take up a huge part of your marketing budget. Provided you establish a strategy that ensures regular reservations and numerous visits from regular and subsequent guests. Apply our tips and you'll be one step ahead of the competition.

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