3 modern methods of employee development

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By investing in employee development, you invest in the entire enterprise! A well-qualified workforce, which constantly improves its competences and uses its full potential, performs its professional duties excellently and easily achieves the set goals. As a consequence, the company is spectacularly successful in business and is climbing up the market hierarchy. We present modern methods of employee development that will bring excellent results.

Employee development methods in the organization - why is it worth investing in employees?

Many entrepreneurs believe that investing in employee development comes with a degree of risk. Namely, employees who have gained new skills and additional experience will run away to the competition once or twice, and the company will only lose money. On the contrary! By investing in employee development, you can reduce the rate employee rotation in the company. According to a 2018 LinkedIn report, more than 90% employees would stay with the company longer if it invested in their careers. Additional internal training is conferences an effective form of motivating employees? Employees feel important and thus become attached to the company and more involved in their daily professional tasks. They don't mind changing jobs. 

There are many ways to invest in your workforce. We present employee development methods that we believe are the most effective.

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Modern methods of employee development

  1. Interactive training

Interactive training is an interesting method of employee development in an organization, a great alternative to traditional training forms. The training is based on practicing new skills on the basis of special scenarios, simulations, quizzes or games. Participants have special roles which increase the likelihood that they will remember what they have learned.

  1. E-learning

Today, in the age of widely developed Internet and modern technologies, it is worth using e-learning. E-learning is online training that may include special webinars, courses or videos. 

  1. Gamification 

One of the most interesting forms of modern employee development methods is gamification. The use of mechanisms from games in training projects can bring spectacular results. Gamification supports motivation, gives a sense of control over the process of professional development. The user can use the platform whenever and wherever he wants, and thus has full control over the pace of his learning. Gamification combines business with pleasure and is therefore incredibly effective!

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