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Key data

  • 12 weeks of work on the website
  • 1,000% increase in website traffic after 7 months
  • 2 500% increase in the visibility of phrases in TOP10 after 7 months
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Customer story

Horyzont Inwestycji is a brand that was created thanks to the consolidation of knowledge and experience of 3 experts. They include Paweł Kuczera, Michał Chimko and Marcin Kuryło. The synergy effect resulting from their cooperation is complemented by the professionalism of the teams cooperating with the company. Among them there are specialists specializing in planning and implementing investments. The advantage over sole proprietorships or family companies results from the accumulation of expert knowledge in one entity. This solid foundation is a guarantee of financial success for investors and cooperating flippers, sourcers and intermediaries.

The services offered by Horyzont Inwestycji include: real estate investments, flips and land investments. Experts support projects in Kraków, Warsaw, Poznań, Szczecin and Wrocław. Thanks to its great commitment, the company is currently able to implement as many as 40 investments at the same time. It is a great success and at the same time makes it so strong.

Business goals

Planned effects of our activities:

A strong emphasis on the consolidation of activities and the creation of a new entity on the market.
Obtaining an effective link in the marketing funnel.
Increasing the perceived value of the Horyzont Inwestycji brand in the network.
Increased recognition of the Horyzont Inwestycji brand compared to other brands.
Distinguishing the brand on the Internet and strengthening the image of experts representing the brand.



The new website will be a milestone in the dynamic development of the Horyzont Inwestycji brand.

Commplace's tasks included, inter alia, preparation of a unique graphic design based on good practices related to user experience (experience and impressions of the recipient). At the same time, emphasizing the global image of the brand and the current branding, which we also performed at the first stage of work.

Website - what elements are necessary during the implementation of activities?

Our goal was to implement a modern and user-friendly website that would reflect the unique features of the brand. In the prepared project, great emphasis was placed on the aspects that will attract the attention of potential business partners. They include pinballers, investors, brokers and property owners. We also wanted to systematize the brand's offer and present it in a classified and transparent manner for a potential recipient. An addition was to be a blog - a constantly updated knowledge base on investing in real estate. As a result, the recipient navigating the site in a few steps can reach the information that interests him. As a result - it shortens the time spent on searching.

What else should you remember when designing a website?

A dedicated website design based on branding is a very important issue, but not the only one. When creating the website, we also focused on the area of SEO. We are aware that this is an essential element that will affect the success of the website. The website is a showcase of the company. A showcase worth presenting. That is why a potential customer should find it easily and quickly by entering the appropriate search terms in the Google search engine. The next step was the implementation of extended contact forms and numerous call to action, ensuring an increase in inquiries. Finally - we also remembered about responsiveness. According to the UKE report - in Poland, as many as 90.7% Internet users use it via mobile devices. That is why it is so important that the website is tailored to each device. This will reduce the risk of leaving the site due to the lack of visibility of specific information.

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