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Campaigns Google Ads are one of the best ways to reach your potential customer. Why? It's simple - the Adwords campaign allows you to reach the user interested in a product or service. Effect? You do not attack it with an advertisement, but only ask "which option from my offer do you choose ...?". Google Ads allows you to run:

  • flexible model of campaign billing based on the CPC (cost per click) standard,
  • cost control consisting in determining the duration of the campaign, i.e. specific days and hours when the ads are to be displayed,
  • displaying banner ads on the most popular websites within the reach of the Google advertising network,
  • targeting target groups - advertising will be adjusted to the age, gender and interests of recipients.

You can read below about the types and the most important issues regarding campaigns on Google.

Types of Ads campaigns - Google Search

Google Search - advertising in search results
Within 1 second, on average, 63,000 Google search results appear in the world. Therefore, advertising in search results provides high visibility, allowing you to appear on the search results page for the selected keywords. Importantly, text ads consist of headlines and description lines. The headlines are shorter and visible at the top of the ad, while the description lines are lower and can be longer.

Ask us about the valuation of an Adwords campaign. PR agency Commplace - we are ready to run an effective online campaign for your company.

Types of Ads campaigns - Google Display

The Google Display Network is not just limited to the search engine. It is also a collection of sites thanks to which Google Ads campaigns can be carried out on a larger scale, using a variety of formats:

Text ads: The ads are identical in format to text ads on the Search Network, but appear on the partner site network.
Image ads: This is a more eye-catching type of ad that allows you to use images on the Display Network to trick people into navigating to a particular page.
Multimedia ads: Multimedia ads are similar to image ads, but contain interactive elements and animations, making them more attractive,
Video ads: They are very similar to multimedia ads, but videos can be embedded on the web and played directly.

Google Ads campaign - the most important guidelines

Have a clear and precise goal.
When creating Google Ads campaigns, remember about your target customers - their motivations, interests and preferences.
Don't mislead your customers by creating the illusion of an unattainable gain.
Remember about excluded keywords (they will avoid showing your ad to people who are searching for similar-sounding phrases).
Your Google Ads campaigns will be displayed on different devices - so do not ignore users using e.g. mobile devices.
Test your ad campaigns before showing them on a larger scale.
Track your conversions. Campaigns on Google are a good solution for people who care about the continuous measurement of the effectiveness of activities.

Does Goolge Ads support sales?

Well-run campaign definitely yes! Google Ads campaigns can bring a significant return on investment, provided that they are properly prepared and optimized.

Anyway ... it's best to find out for yourself. It's like when we move ...?

How are Ads campaigns run in Commplace?

Ads prepared by our SEM consultants mean the implementation of an effective advertising campaign in the search engine. At Commplace, we offer our clients the best and the latest solutions in the field of AdWords advertising campaigns. In our cooperation model, the SEM specialist determines together with the client the most important phrases on which the advertisement is to be displayed. We analyze the behavior of target groups and competitors' campaigns.

Based on the information we receive from you (including information about services and product offer, competitive advantage) and the keyword planner suggestions, our specialist will create a Google Ads account structure divided into thematic ad groups. We'll add keywords with different matches and negative keywords to ad groups. In the last stage, we will create text ads and their extensions dedicated to the groups. Based on the agreed monthly budget and the bid simulator, we will set the maximum amounts for clicks on the ads. In the case of a Google Display campaign, our designer will develop advertising banners with appropriate dimensions and layout. The maximum click rates are adjusted to the actual daily spend of the campaign and the performance of the users.

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