Attractions for corporate events - ideas worth attention

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Attractions for corporate events - ideas worth attention

During a corporate event, the entertainment part must not be missing, which everyone is certainly waiting for. Employees need rest, relaxation of the atmosphere and detachment from office reality. This is why attractions for corporate events must be thought out and tailored to their individual needs. Organized with an idea, they will certainly affect the success of the event. But where to find ideas for attractions for corporate events? Where to start and what to pay attention to? Read the list of the most interesting attractions that can be used when organizing an event.

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Why organize attractions for corporate events?

Attractions on corporate events fun is guaranteed. No company wants to organize an event that will bore all participants. The lack of additional variety leads to the fact that in the future employees will treat each subsequent event as an unpleasant necessity, not an opportunity for joint integration. Organizing corporate events you have to think first of all about employees and their need to rest from work. Attractions for corporate events are an essential element for people to forget about their duties and relax during the trip. An event with attractions will stay in the memory of your employees for a long time and can improve the atmosphere at work.

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Attractions tailored to the nature and participants of the event

Before you decide that the attractions you have chosen are perfect, think about who will be a participant corporate event and what is the nature of the event. Each employee is different, so the key to having fun is to match the attractions to their interests and preferences. It's not hard to spend a few thousand zlotys on a band that no one will want to listen to. You have to remember that you're not the only one who wants to have fun. Company party should be organized with all participants in mind. After all, attractions for corporate events are supposed to help strengthen relationships.

Are you wondering what attractions will work at your corporate event?

Leave it to us! We will create a scenario tailored to your needs!

Types of attractions

If you do not know your employees well or are afraid of the bad opinion of others, choose popular attractions. Live music, shows, shows and workshops are always the best option. Most of them should appeal to everyone. They are unlikely to lead to a situation where someone refuses to participate or appears uninterested. Such attractions are usually much easier to organize with relatively little financial outlay.

In a situation where you are not afraid of challenges and you know that your employees love surprises, choose non-obvious attractions. Remember that such a choice must be well thought out. Nobody wants a corporate event to turn into an unpleasant experience. When deciding on these less obvious attractions, it is worth considering whether all participants of the event will be willing to participate. Intense water sports, bungee jumping or monster truck driving will be a great experience for some, and a huge trauma for others.

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A recipe for success? Combine traditional attractions with the non-obvious ones so that corporate events are a reason for joy for everyone. There is no need to invest in the organization of several ideas at the same time. Just choose two that everyone will like and the party will surely be a success.

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Attractions for corporate events - the best ideas

We know that choosing the right attractions can be really difficult, so we have prepared a list of both universal proposals and slightly less obvious ideas.

A photo booth or a magic mirror

Almost everyone loves photos that close magical moments on a piece of paper, and most likely everyone will want to bring a souvenir from a successful corporate event. This solution is interesting because it does not require participants to appear in a specific place and at a specific time. The photo can be taken at any time.

Live music

Attractions on corporate eventse are to encourage joint activities. Live music is not only pleasing to the ear, but also encourages you to have fun and go out on the dance floor. If the aim of the corporate event is also the integration of employees, it will be a great end to the evening and will make everyone have fun. It is not necessary to invite the most popular star in Poland. Live music just sounds better than the music played on the console.


The shows can even be mesmerizing. Especially if they are properly guided. The magic is that they are held live. Often, they can be directly attended by event participants. Pyrotechnic shows, performances of magicians and dancers, as well as bartending shows - these often end in tasting the drinks, which should especially please the guests.

Cabarets and stand-up

How to make sure that the training officially also has an entertainment part? It is best to invite specialists in good humor who will amuse your audience to tears and relax the formal atmosphere. You can be tempted to hire a comedian who will also be the host of the event and will lead the entire event in a playful and humorous manner.

Sports attractions

Sports activities on corporate eventse are a very interesting form that not everyone has to like, so you need to approach them carefully. Of course, all fun competitions such as running in a sack or with an egg on a spoon will go to everyone, but slightly more demanding sports do not have to be liked by everyone. It is worth trusting a specialist - event agency.

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3 ideas for active attractions for corporate events

You only need 30 minutes of exercise to significantly increase your endorphin levels! Endorphins, i.e. Happiness hormones improve well-being, energize and put you in an excellent mood. The mood is conducive to building friendly relations in the employee group. Therefore, there is no doubt that it will be on the integration stage company meeting active attractions cannot be missing!

One of the popular forms of active integration is going to the rope park together. There is something for everyone in the high ropes course! The brave ones can go crazy on complicated, demanding routes, and beginners can try their hand at simple, slightly easier passes. Fun in the ropes course can take the form of a competition, e.g. which team will finish the selected track first. A bit of healthy, sports competition will awaken motivation in employees and give them a lot of positive energy.

Let us stay for a moment in the topic of competition. Sports competitions are a great form of integration for companies. An example of an active attraction for corporate events with a hint of competition is the football tournament. Soccer is one of the most popular, favorite team sports! It is loved not only by men, but also by women and a large group of the youngest. A corporate football tournament is therefore a bull's eye! Competition on the pitch will provide employees with a lot of great fun.

The advantage of the popular one physical integration game it is relatively easy to organize. You only need a ball and two goals (even makeshift goals) to run the tournament. A good attitude of employees and a bit of positive energy will also be useful.

Instead of a football tournament, company Olympic Games can be planned, during which employees will compete in various competitions. Running in sacks, "blind" obstacle course, relay race - there are plenty of possibilities, and the only limit is the imagination of the organizers!

Corporate Olympics can bring many benefits. The game includes elements of team building. Players must show considerable commitment to win. They must use the potential of each member of their team, as well as communicate efficiently and effectively. Cooperation is the key to victory! Competition in the company's Olympic Games will have a positive impact on the daily functioning of the workforce - it will strengthen and integrate the team. Employees will learn how to work in a group to easily perform professional tasks, overcome smaller and larger obstacles and achieve set goals.

Luxurious attractions for corporate events

Everyone deserves a little luxury. You can provide your employees with a substitute for exclusivity by inviting them to a unique event filled to the brim with attractions unavailable to everyone.

Luxurious attractions for corporate events are often part of incentive trips. What are such tours? Who are they intended for? And how to organize such an event?

Integration with the idea

Incentive trips, otherwise known as incentive trips, are more than just a simple integration. Their main goal is to motivate employees to continue their efforts, and at the same time to provide them with a huge dose of great fun and unforgettable experiences. Incentive trips usually constitute a form of remarkable reward for the best employees, i.e. those who are most involved in the company's development, have achieved something outstanding or significantly contributed to the company's success.

An incentive trip is something special, unusual. Something that causes the "wow" effect impresses with its originality and enchants with its luxury. Incentive travel is amazing travel destinations and a lot of brilliant attractions that are inaccessible to typical tourists. What forms of entertainment fit perfectly into the nature of incentive trips?

The first group of attractions for corporate incentive events are meetings with important personalities. Dinner with a football player, going out for a coffee with a valued businessman, a day on set with an actor, or a trip around the area with a famous singer - who wouldn't want to experience something like this? Meeting a famous person is incredibly exciting, which makes it a great form of reward for outstanding employees.

The second group is trips to places inaccessible to normal tourists. A trip to the Millionaire Island of Necker Island, visiting the inaccessible floor of the Palace of Culture, and even a flight into space - places closed to others, shrouded in mystery, fascinate and arouse curiosity. Employees will surely be pleased with such an award.

The third group of attractions for corporate incentive events are unusual experiences, e.g. a trip in the jungle, calligraphy workshops, driving lessons with a rally driver, parachute jump, helicopter flight, or a luxury car ride.

Organizing an incentive trip is a big undertaking. It is worth taking a proper effort to ensure that each element of the trip is buttoned up to the last button. Thanks to the attention to the smallest details, you will undoubtedly please your employees and show them how important they are to your company.

A well-prepared incentive trip will give your employees enthusiasm for work, increase their attachment to the company, and strengthen your positive image as an employer.

Attractions for company events organized in winter

We mainly associate winter with Christmas, a family atmosphere and a crazy New Year's Eve party until dawn. However, nothing prevents you from organizing an unforgettable integration event for employees in the winter! Winter has a lot to offer. The organizers of the event can choose from many unique attractions that will appeal to even the most demanding people. What's on our top favorites list?

One of the coolest attractions for corporate events in winter is a sleigh ride! And the best sleigh ride in the mountains! A sleigh ride among the snow-capped mountain peaks is a great experience that puts you in a great mood and generates a lot of unique memories. The mountains in winter have something amazing about them. They look amazing! They delight all aesthetes, romantics, and even touch the hearts of people who do not pay attention to the beauty of nature.

A winter sleigh ride in the mountain area can be ended with a bonfire with delicious, roasted sausages and warm mulled wine prepared according to a traditional highland recipe. Outdoor employee party it must be accompanied by joyful music played by a real highlander band. Lively rhythms will make anyone dance!

Company party in the mountains is a treat for all winter sports enthusiasts! An employee skiing or snowboarding trip is a bull's eye! Such activity may be part of a longer activity integration trip for employees. A few days spent in a quiet area are a great way to relax and de-stress. Employees will be able to forget about work and everyday life for a while, to fully focus on getting to know each other and deepening friendly relations. Refreshed employees will return to their professional duties with new motivation and energy! This will undoubtedly translate into the effectiveness of their activities.

Culinary attractions for corporate events

Culinary attractions for corporate events are a real treat for all foodies and cooking lovers. One of the most interesting culinary attractions for corporate events are cooking workshops under the watchful eye of an experienced chef. The workshop is an opportunity to learn how to prepare simple and quick dishes, as well as unique dishes resembling those of the best, most exquisite restaurants.

It is also a great opportunity to learn a bit about the secrets of the most popular cuisines in the world and learn valuable culinary tips that will be useful on a daily basis. Culinary workshops are a powerful dose of practical, and at the same time incredibly interesting knowledge, great fun and a great experience! And who knows, maybe one of the participants will discover a passion for cooking?

Another interesting attraction on integration events is a team cooking competition. Participants can compete in such competitions as a blind taste test, the most creative decoration on cookies, or separating potatoes from onions while blindfolded. The culinary competition will bring employees closer together and provide them with a lot of reasons to laugh!

Dancing attractions for corporate events

Dancing makes you feel better and gives you positive energy. It allows you to express emotions in a simple way, without unnecessary words, connects and teaches cooperation. In addition, it is great for stress relieving, relieving tension and relaxing. No wonder then that integration dancing games are considered to be one of the most effective and fun. Company event filled to the brim with crazy dance attractions is a guarantee of great fun!

Our first suggestion is dancing around the chairs. Although this game is mainly associated with wedding caps, it can undoubtedly be an interesting attraction at a company party. How is the gameplay going? In the center of the room, in a circle, several chairs are placed with their backs facing each other. There should be one less chairs than the people involved in the game. The players walk around the chairs to the rhythm of the music played by the band (or played from the player). When the music stops, they have to take their place as soon as possible. The person who fails to do so is out. The fun continues until one chair and two players remain on the dance floor. The winner is the person who first manages to sit on the last chair.

Another interesting attraction for corporate events is the team competition for the best choreography. Employees are divided into several teams. Each of them draws a song for which they must arrange a simple 30-second choreography. Teams present what they have learned in front of the jury, consisting of selected employees, superiors and managers. This team is winning. Which will show the greatest creativity.

Attractions for corporate events with elements of team building

When writing about the company Olympic Games, we mentioned team building. Team building is of great importance to the functioning of the company. These are special tasks, games and activities that are supposed to strengthen the team and equip employees with valuable skills useful in everyday work - such as the ability to cooperate, communicate efficiently or give effective commands.

Team building tasks are an interesting form of attractions for corporate events. One of the most popular team building games is "Blind Trust". What is the game about? The supervisor selects employees in pairs. Each pair has to overcome a complex obstacle course full of interesting puzzles in the shortest possible time. Hook? One person in the pair is blindfolded, and the other is their guide - hence the name of the game "Blind Trust". The participants of the game must show considerable commitment! The game teaches listening, effective communication and cooperation.

Goldberg's machine

Another fun with team building elements is building a Goldberg machine. The Goldberg machine is an advanced design, consisting of many different mechanisms. The device works on a cause-and-effect basis - one mechanism drives another, etc. The players' goal is to construct a machine from various blocks, levers, gears and other elements. To complete a task, cooperation is essential. Employees must efficiently exchange information, use the potential of each participant in the game and effectively manage time and work.

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Cooperation, efficient communication and effective organization of work will be useful during a scenario game, during which participants will have to solve a complicated puzzle, e.g. a criminal one. Discovering secrets together is great fun!

Other attractions for corporate events with team building elements are:

  • "Hand knot" - employees stand in a small circle, hold their hands (each person shakes hands between two people in front of them), and then they have to untangle the created knot without letting go of their hands,
  • "Two truths and a lie" - each employee must tell three facts about himself, two of which should be true and one false; the task of the other participants in the game is to guess which statement is a lie,
  • "Shared story" - an employee selected by the conductor starts to tell the story, the conductor stops at any moment and indicates the person who needs to continue telling the story, etc .; Playing teaches you to listen carefully and stimulates your imagination.

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Attractions for a company picnic

Outdoor events it's a great form of integration! Being active in the fresh air gives you energy, improves your well-being and effectively de-stresses you.

An extremely exciting attraction for an open-air corporate event is a concert by a famous star or local artist. Live music will give the event a unique character. Singing and dancing together will undoubtedly bring the employees closer together!

A great addition to the company picnic is live cooking, i.e. a live cooking show combined with tasting the prepared dish. The show will provide employees with valuable knowledge about the secrets of preparing one of the dishes of a selected world cuisine. In addition, it will be a great opportunity to talk to an experienced cook and find out about practical trivia that will significantly improve everyday cooking.

The company integration picnic cannot be missed:

  • various competitions with prizes,
  • outdoor games for employees, such as stalking or kayaking,
  • food trucks with delicious snacks, e.g. with hot dogs, burgers or ice cream,
  • campfires with roasted sausages and cold craft beer.

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Worth knowing:

What role do attractions play at corporate events?

Additional attractions at company events are to guarantee the best fun and that the event will be remembered for a long time. The attractions are also intended to encourage participation in the game and help build better relationships between team members.

How to choose attractions for corporate events?

Attractions should primarily be individually tailored to the participants of a given event. It is worth taking an interest in it and checking in advance what our employees like, so that everyone has a good time.

What attractions can we choose for corporate events in winter?

The best known and most popular will of course be a sleigh ride, and surrounded by mountains it is a complete success. At the end of the sleigh ride, it is worth organizing a bonfire with sausages roasting and cheerful singing to the rhythm of music played by a highlander band. For more active participants, all kinds of winter sports will be interesting.

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