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Recommendation marketing - let clients speak

Reference Marketing

Among the methods available to online marketing, referral marketing plays a special role.

Currently, 83% consumers read opinions and reviews before shopping online. Other people's testimonials basically influence their purchase. Opinions posted online apply not only to the products themselves, but also to sellers and companies.

Internet users who are themselves consumers check what their previous or current customers think about a given company. They read reviews about the timing, delivery method, complaint procedures, returns handling, etc. The tone and manner in which sellers respond to negative reviews is also of great importance.

Opinions on the Internet are crucial to business

On the basis of small things, the consumer forms his opinion about the seller or the company offering specific services. He can estimate whether by ordering in this and not another store, he will be able to count on professional service, good contact with the store, problem-free resolution of disputes, etc. As many of the same or similar goods can be obtained from many sellers, the consumer looks for differences. They will decide which store to choose. What makes you stand out?

Do you think that the only determinant of success is a lower price than the competition? This is a myth that must absolutely be debunked. The user is not always driven solely by the price. The decision to buy consists of several ingredients, among which the positive opinion about the seller on the Internet is the most important. This is logically justified - we even prefer to pay a little extra for the goods, if we are sure that the transaction will be fair and smooth.

Feedback marketing - get into the mind of the consumer

To take advantage of online reviews and use them to sell, you need to understand how online consumers think. Know what encourages them and what puts them off sellers and service providers.

You also need to know the ins and outs of the rules according to which opinion websites, search engine opinion modules, social media opinions, etc. work. This applies not only to the sale of goods to consumers, but also to other companies. That is why we also offer referral marketing as part of B2B marketing.

There are many channels, and how we manage the company's activities in this area is of great importance for business success or failure. The answer is referral marketing. This is a wide spectrum of activities that we offer as public relations agency Commplace. Opinion marketing or review marketing aims to harness the potential of opinions and deal with crisis situations. It is also a method to avoid potentially harmful situations for the company. Opinion marketing in Commplace includes, among other things, the preparation of a comprehensive marketing strategy for a specific company.

Reference marketing - a sea of possibilities

References really increase sales. They build a positive image of your organization. They support credibility. They guarantee a competitive advantage.
They are worth the effort. Do you know how to effectively strive for them?

The power of reference is based on social mechanisms. The opinion of others is a credible proof of the quality of your products or services. This is why as many as 72 percent. of consumers admit that the recommendation influences their purchasing decisions * - are you taking full advantage of this potential?

Reference marketing - ask for solutions for your company.

Our services - reference marketing:

  1. Audit of after-sales service and reference methods

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  2. Preparation of case studies and referee books

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  3. Employee involvement in active reference acquisition

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  4. Relationship marketing - maintaining a relationship with the client

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  5. Development of the competences of the commercial division in the field of reference marketing

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  6. Constant evaluation of the process of gaining positive opinions and references

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Reference marketing - motivate to action

Satisfaction with the service is not enough to get customer references. Only every third client actively recommends products or services. *

Do you know how to effectively engage customers to act for your organization? we - public relations agency Commplace - that's what we know. We know how to motivate customers to share their experience. We know how to build content that engages your customers.

We will provide support in creating a credible reference system. We will define the key success factors in your sales funnel and develop procedures for obtaining references.

References above all else

References are a strong promotion of your services. Is it free? It does not require any financial outlays, but requires time and energy. You and your clients.

Do you know how to appreciate committed customers to gain even more?

We will develop strategies to strengthen relationships with the client. We will train your team in the field of reference marketing.

Increasing sales thanks to engaged customers is a strategic action.

Can you afford not to use this potential?

Do you need help with your business development?

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