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CLV - profit by following your client

CLV - measurement of the customer's lifetime

Already acquired customers may choose your services more often. They are less susceptible to the competition's offer. Less sensitive to price changes. Are you reaching for every opportunity that this relationship gives you?

Or maybe your organization belongs to 46 percent. companies that only have "some" customer relationship activities. Or it is located in 22 percent. companies that don't care about it at all?

Can your organization afford this neglect? If you do not influence the customer's lifetime value - you need to catch up.

Customer value - strengthen relationships

Acquired customers ensure a higher return on investment. Following their expectations is cheaper than acquiring new customers. Most companies declare that they understand these mechanisms.

We know that these are only false declarations. We know why this is happening and we know how to change it.

We will define the causes of problems, develop operating procedures so that each employee of your organization knows how to build a relationship with the client and how to follow his expectations.

Focusing on your own customers is a new quality.

By building relationships with your clients, you increase your competitive advantage. You reduce costs and open up to new opportunities.

You win.

Our customer lifetime value (CLV) services:

  1. Audit of the sales funnel and the nature of communication with customers

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  2. Calculation of CLV - customer lifetime value for business

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  3. Research on customer retention methods, their potential and the degree of saturation

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  4. Analysis of customer acquisition channels from individual sources

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  5. Development of the competences of the commercial division in the field of relationship marketing

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  6. Constant evaluation of customer lifetime value indicators

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No CLV measurement = loss of benefit

Customer relationships are like a soccer match. It is you and your organization that bear the cost of missed opportunities. It doesn't have to be that way.

Based on the case studies, we will show you the lost profit mechanism. We will analyze the sales funnel.

We will offer operating strategies dedicated to your organization.

Focusing on your own customers is a new quality.

Your customers are worth more than the money they spend in your business today. They have value in the future too. If only you manage to stop them.

Indicator CLV worth following from the start. The higher it is, the greater the profits.

You will always have to spend money to get new customers and keep existing ones. But the former costs five times as much.

How much does your organization earn on acquired customers?

Companies that base their operations on data about their own customers - influencing CLV - get a 15 to 20 percent greater return on investment.

CLV tells you how well you interact with your audience. How much your customers like your products or services. It tells you what you are doing well - as well as what and how you can improve.

Which company would not like to know this information?

Good to know:

What does the abbreviation CLV stand for?

CLV abbreviation - customer lifetime value - is an inseparable element in business analysis. While this may seem like just another acronym at first glance, it can mean a lot to your business. It means the lifetime value of the customer - in short, how much profit a given customer will generate for the company throughout its existence as a customer. Understanding how CLV works allows the company to make better decisions about marketing strategies and customer retention over the long term. In today's competitive world, understanding CLV is a key element of any company's success.

What is CLV?

CLV is an indicator that reflects the value that a given customer brings to a given business. Thanks to it, entrepreneurs can better understand their customers and adjust the offer to better meet their needs. It is also worth noting that clv is one of the most important indicators for businesses, because it allows you to determine what costs can be incurred to attract new customers and not lose the loyalty of existing ones. That is why nowadays more and more companies rely on clv as one of the key tools for business analysis and management.

Where do we use CLV?

CLV, i.e. Customer Lifetime Value, i.e. the value of the customer throughout its entire life cycle, is applicable in many areas of business. One of the most important is marketing. Thanks to CLV, it is possible to determine how much specific people can bring profit to the company over the years and, on this basis, approach them individually by offering them appropriate products or services. CLV is also used to assess investment in customers and attract new ones. In a word - it is a tool that allows you to optimize business activities and get to know your customers in-depth.

CLV examples - how to use it in business?

The concept of CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) has gained more and more recognition in recent years as one of the basic measures of customer value. Thanks to its application, entrepreneurs can determine how much value specific groups of customers generate and how to maximize them. Examples CLV is not only a measurement tool, but also a starting point for making key decisions and building valuable relationships with customers. Using this concept is important for businesses both at the planning stage and in everyday operation. Knowledge and use of CLV allows you to wisely invest your marketing and promotion budget and build long and profitable relationships with customers.

Is it worth investing in CLV?

Nowadays, when competition is very high in every industry, investing in CLV, or customer lifetime value, can make a huge difference to the growth of a company. CLV allows us not only to increase profits and improve customer relations, but also to attract new customers through positive opinions and recommendations. Thanks to the CLV analysis, we can also better understand customer expectations and tailor our offers and strategies to their needs.

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