Company Christmas Eve - how to organize a successful event?

Office party

A company Christmas party allows you to integrate the team and show employees that they are important to the company. When to organize a company Christmas party? What surprises and attractions to prepare for employees? What should be on the Christmas menu? We will tell you how to organize an unforgettable company Christmas.

Christmas Eve

This traditional Christian holiday marks the end of the Advent season. In Poland, it is from Christmas Eve that the Christmas celebrations begin. The Christmas Eve supper is always celebrated on December 24, and in the Greek Catholic and Orthodox Churches on January 6. It is also called the Star because it symbolically refers to the Star of Bethlehem. This gala dinner is a celebration of joy and hope. Participants of the supper break the wafer and wish each other.

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This tradition has grown so strongly into our culture that it is present in virtually all areas of life. Not only with us. The entire Western world is celebrating Christmas. It is also present in corporate culture and people who work together also try to celebrate it with a symbolic meeting. company Christmas party in many places it is already a permanent and awaited element of the calendar. Of course, because everyone celebrates these holidays in a family or friendly circle, company and official celebrations take place on different, earlier dates.

A hotel for a company Christmas party – Korona Karkonosze Manor

Christmas Eve meeting for employees - is it important?

The end of the year is a period for companies to sum up and prepare plans for the future. It is also an important period for employees for several reasons. Firstly, for many it means a holiday break. And secondly, it is often a period when employees expect a bonus, some loosening of work discipline, but above all, a festive atmosphere and mood. Involuntarily, we all succumb to Christmas melodies, from which it is impossible to free ourselves, oversweet advertisements and ordinary kindness, despite the pre-Christmas rush.

Employee Christmas

And how is it with company eve? Do employees expect Christmas and want the company to organize a Christmas party? What do employees actually expect? The answer is trivial. Employees expect from their leader, above all, that he will take care of them. And it's not just about development opportunities and salary. An important aspect is also to provide them with a sense of meaning in their work and self-esteem as well as belonging to the team and crew. Or even more broadly, a specific professional group. And how to do it?

For example, just by organizing Christmas meeting for staff. Such a meeting in a festive atmosphere certainly brings people together. And it's not necessarily a very official event. The convention can be virtually anything. What matters is that we remember about our employees and want to spend some time with them and make them happy. Every such gesture - and unfortunately sometimes also the lack of it! - will surely be remembered.

When to do a company Christmas party?

Is the pre-Christmas rush a good time to organize? company eve? On the one hand, we are already very busy finishing various errands, buying gifts and preparing for the holidays. On the other hand, we already feel this atmosphere and maybe it would be good to slow down for a moment and share a good word with the people we work with on a daily basis. Let us remember that sometimes we spend more time with them than even with other family members, whom we also do not want to forget.

Employee star

Therefore when to do a company christmas party? First, not last minute. Never right before everyone is going home. Secondly, let's not do it after working hours. Employees may perceive it as an unpleasant necessity and may not be very willing to participate. The best solution is organization of a company Christmas party within integration trip. It is enough to choose the right menu and warn employees that we are also planning a company Christmas party.

Of course, the form of a company Christmas party can also be a bit more casual and include various surprises and additional attractions. Then I'm sure many people will be happy with this idea. And he will gladly break out of the rush of Christmas preparations for two days to go somewhere where everything will be ready. And where you can, instead of organizing Christmas Eve yourself, just enjoy the Christmas party.

company Christmas Eve?

We organize only successful ones!

Corporate Christmas Eve Wroclaw

Wrocław is traditionally promoted as a meeting place. And in fact, there are many arguments for it. Also during Christmas. The already famous Christmas market, which attracts tourists from all over Poland and beyond, a wonderful Christmas tree on the Market Square and beautifully decorated streets and squares create a unique, festive atmosphere.

Company Christmas party in the mountains

however this company eve in the mountains is unbeatable! It is enough to drive about 100 kilometers from the capital of the region to see the snow-covered peaks. To feel the mountain atmosphere, put on sweaters with reindeers and have not one, but a whole forest of Christmas trees at your disposal! It sounds a bit like a fairy tale or a sugary advertisement, but for the inhabitants of Wrocław it is achievable without much problem. After about an hour's drive from the city, we already have mountains. One of the most popular places are the Karkonosze Mountains. Recently, even the Tatra Mountains have overtaken the popularity ranking. So why not invite our employees to a place where they would like to go anyway? such company eve in the mountains will certainly make a positive impression and will be remembered for a long time.

Corporate Christmas Eve Wroclaw from now on it can also be associated with mountains, snow, and perhaps even sleigh rides and skiing. We can also imagine a company Christmas by the fire with a view of Chojnik or Śnieżka. In addition, a tasting of warming, local liqueurs and a traditional Karkonosze menu during a joint company Christmas Eve supper. Such a Christmas Eve meeting will certainly integrate our team. It will also be a great gift for the crew and a driving force for the company challenges coming with the New Year.

Company Christmas Eve Karpacz and the surrounding area

A magical Christmas in the mountains? It always works! Only there the starry winter sky seems to be at your fingertips. It is enough to reach out to grab the Star and make a wish straight into her ear... In fact, only in the mountains we have a chance for real snow, and what is a Christmas Eve meeting without white powder? Frozen waterfalls that we can admire during a walk and snow-capped peaks are unique views. Therefore, it is worth inviting employees to company eve in the mountains.

Maybe near Karpacz? The city itself is already a bit too crowded, but there are plenty of beautiful corners and historic towns in the area. Even if Sosnowka, an old summer resort. Located on a wonderful lagoon, offering excellent views of the ruins of Prince Henry's Castle and the Chojnik Castle, it is an excellent place for events of all kinds, especially in winter. Company Christmas Eve in Sosnówka will captivate employees with its charm.

Company Christmas Eve - what wishes?

When is the best time to say THANK YOU to employees, managers and the entire team? The end of the year, summaries, new plans and a festive atmosphere all culminate on Christmas Eve. Words spoken on such an occasion take on a special meaning. company Christmas party this is the best moment to show employees and colleagues that they are important to us. And also that we remember their efforts, value and respect their passions, dreams and lifestyle. anyway Christmas greetings for employees they may be quite different. What matters is to show that they are people for us, not impersonal cogs in the company machine.

Craft products - gifts for company Christmas Eve

Wishes for the employee's Christmas Eve may also refer to company plans. However, if we refer to it, they should be well thought out and realistic. Especially if the company is actually in good shape, we can wish everyone development and promotions. Always remember to include employees' families and people close to them in your wishes.

Corporate Christmas table

What should be on corporate Christmas table? We usually answer this question in accordance with the tradition of the home or region from which we come. Fish, such as carp or herring, should certainly be on the menu – it's a tradition. But salmon, cod or zander appear more and more often. Borscht with dumplings, mushroom soup or dried fruit compote are dishes present on the table depending on the region and family traditions.

A corporate Christmas table cannot be too modest. Christmas is a joyful time and requires a proper setting. Perhaps even a bit of exaggeration? Therefore, there should also be sweets and beautiful Christmas decorations. And most importantly - let's take care of the right atmosphere at the table. Let us remember not to raise sensitive topics and not to make any settlements at this time. On the contrary, it is worth talking about what is good and positive. Let our corporate Christmas table will be full of kindness, smile and hope.

A place for a company Christmas party - what to pay attention to?

Organizing a company Christmas party and choosing hotel for team building events several elements are worth noting. Especially if we decide to have a company Christmas away, let's check a few things. For example, do organizer will provide for our company event care and assistance of the coordinator throughout the entire process of preparing and implementing your stay. It is important to always have a person at your disposal who can advise us and guarantee a successful outcome company eve. It should help us prepare the scenario of the event, choose the menu and possible attractions for Christmas Eve evening.

A place for a company Christmas party - Korona Karkonosze Manor

Another element worth paying attention to is whether we will have exclusive object. And also whether it has the right number of beds for our employees. Whole place for a company Christmas party remaining only at our disposal will allow us not only to organize an intimate Christmas party, but also to get an additional effect in the form of group integration. In this case, it is also easier to prepare additional attractions dedicated exclusively to our employees.

No less important is to provide an interesting menu. Let's pay attention to whether the kitchen offers only traditional dishes, or whether we can enrich the offer with regional flavors or culinary surprises for our team from other parts of the world, from other holiday traditions. It can be an interesting experience, not only culinary but also cultural.  

Company Christmas Eve - party in the best style!

Are you looking for a place to organize an unforgettable one company eve and want to impress your guests?

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is the perfect place for such an important event. Beautiful Court Ballroom, tasty, traditional dishes, a festive atmosphere, a unique atmosphere and a number of additional attractions - all surrounded by picturesque Karkonosze landscapes!

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy specializes in organizing tailor-made corporate events. We organize integration events, company celebrations, balls, banquets, trainings, seminars. Our company Christmas parties are one of a kind!

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Organization of company Christmas parties

Whether organization of company Christmas parties is it simple? Yes and no. It depends with what momentum we want to organize an employee Christmas party. Where is the Christmas event to take place, should it be limited to a fairly short meeting at the company with wishes and modest catering, or do we dream of a few-day away integration event combined with Christmas Eve. When it comes to larger Christmas parties, it is worth thinking about renting event agency. Professional help will allow us to relax and enjoy the company of subordinates and co-workers, because everything will be taken care of event manager.

An intimate hotel for a company Christmas party

Conference facilities in the mountains offer many opportunities for fruitful spending time with colleagues. This Christmas period in the mountains gains an additional value - snow in the lowlands is rare, but in the mountains we can still enjoy the white powder, icicles and admire hundreds of shapes of frosty snowflakes.

Sleigh ride, skiing or snowboarding, throwing snowballs - all this will allow our crew to get away from everyday life. And in the evening, a great feast for body and soul, i.e. beautifully decorated interiors and an excellent menu. You can also consider an outdoor party. Yes, yes, even a Christmas party can take place outside, in the garden! The key is warm clothes and a large bonfire, as well as aromatic mulled wine and crazy dances. Certainly no one will be cold, and memories - one of a kind!

Company Christmas party menu sample

Choosing a menu for a company Christmas party should not be a problem. Probably everyone has some associations related to Christmas and the Christmas Eve supper. However, self-composing a set of Christmas Eve dishes, not only for yourself, but also for a team of co-workers requires some effort. Therefore, below we suggest what it could look like Christmas menu for companies.

Traditional Christmas Eve

  • herring with leek, dried fruits and nuts and toasts
  • traditional red borscht with dumplings
  • carp stewed in mushrooms
  • mashed potatoes with dill
  • red cabbage salad with raisins and pomegranates
  • Christmas cake platter
  • homemade or dried compote
Christmas Eve - Christmas cakes

Karkonosze Christmas Eve

  • smoked salmon appetizer with delicate cheese
  • mushroom soup with dumplings
  • delicate cod fillet served with lemon sauce (or carp in horseradish sauce)
  • mashed potatoes with dill
  • bell pepper and orange salad
  • Traditional Vegetable Salad
  • herring in Hungarian
  • carp in jelly
  • Tatar sauce eggs
  • baked apple with cranberry served in vanilla sauce with coffee liqueur (for dessert)
  • spiced mulled wine with orange
  • Christmas cake platter
  • homemade compote or dried compote

Should you make gifts for a company Christmas party?

Is it even a good idea to give gifts to employees, even on the occasion of Christmas? Opinions may differ here. However, let's consider both variants and alternative proposals.

Gifts for the company Christmas Eve - Korona Karkonosze Manor

Corporate Christmas gift - It can be the little things. For example, local products, such as jams, jellies, preserves or unusual syrups. Truffles or cold-pressed linseed oils. Also other craft products and everything that is hand made. Even organizing a trip to the mountains with elements of a Christmas party can be a Christmas gift for employees. The costs for the employer do not have to be high at all.

Last minute company Christmas party?

We'll take care of everything!

However, if we are not sure if this is a good idea, let's consider the second option. Instead of buying gifts for employees, let's show them that we care about doing something good for other people or animals. Let's organize a joint charity event. Even small gestures count. This will certainly strengthen the positive image of the company among employees. If we organize such an action wisely, we will not only do a good thing, for example for the local community, but we will also unite people around the common value of helping others. These types of activities are also perfectly in line with the trend corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Company Christmas or Christmas Eve party?

Our employees are often people of different ages, not necessarily of homogeneous beliefs, and sometimes also from completely different cultures. In addition, the "Christmas Eve supper" sounds too old-fashioned for many people and is associated only with a family dinner before Christmas. Is there a golden mean and is it possible to reconcile all these worldviews and expectations on company grounds? What to choose? Corporate Christmas or corporate Christmas party?

Employee Christmas Eve

There is a proven way to do this. Let's just not organize a stiff party, imitating what most of us have at home anyway. Let's do something different, fun but related to Christmas. For example, a trip to the mountains, but with Christmas accents. Or a party in some loose convention, but with a menu referring to Christmas Eve. Or some joint action in the spirit of the converted Scrooge z Christmas Tales. The most important thing is to respect tradition and at the same time enjoy the diversity and possibilities of the modern world, offering us different ways and models of celebrating holidays.

Let's take an example from American companies that organize meetings for employees around Christmas and New Year, which are a kind of mish-mash of various traditions and customs. And in this cultural melting pot great people are born corporate holiday parties.

A traditional Christmas Eve for employees or a company Christmas Eve?

company Christmas Eve can take different forms. Especially that today Christmas, just like Easter, is not so much a religious holiday as a cultural or even pop culture one. Anyway, like most holidays, Christmas Eve was established in place of much earlier, pagan celebrations, in this case the winter solstice. So customs from other cultures can be very appropriate.

Cultural syncretism in this case will definitely work - an intercultural company Christmas party can turn out to be extremely interesting! Santa arriving not by sleigh, but on a surfboard as in Australia, and instead of carp and dumplings with mushrooms, roasted turkey or lamb as in Spain or seafood, oysters or crawfish following the French model. Instead of carols, he plays cards, like in Italy, or a kind of field hockey, like in Ethiopia. The Chinese give each other apples instead of gifts. Wouldn't it be interesting to get some inspiration from other countries?

Last minute corporate Christmas party

Sometimes it is only at the last moment that we think that it would be worth organizing a Christmas party for employees. Maybe we heard the voices of lower-level managers, who have more frequent contact with the staff than us, that employees expect it. Or maybe we thought it would be nice to meet the crew on more neutral ground, spend some time together in a festive mood?

An event agency and a company Christmas party

Anyway, if we haven't booked the place and catering in advance, there may be a problem. Company Christmas parties have become a permanent part of the landscape of Polish enterprises. Therefore, December is quite a crowded date in the event schedules. But the rescue from oppression may be hiring an event company that will be able to organize a Christmas Eve party even at the last minute.

So let's not hesitate! Last minute corporate Christmas party can be very successful. And in addition, it will have an additional value - surprises! Since no one expected it, it can make employees doubly happy. A real star from heaven!

Attractions for company Christmas parties

Christmas is a time of magic. An extraordinary time. It means detachment from everyday life and moving into the land of imagination. Gifts, Santa, elves…. Attractions for company Christmas parties they should also be a bit fairy-tale, magical. For example, a performance by an illusionist. We will feel like little children trying to guess how the hat disappeared. Or fireworks displays, making the sky even more mysterious. Scenario games will also allow us to move to a different reality! For example, to the fascinating world of treasure hunters or a slightly scary, mysterious world of crime while playing detectives.

Illusionist show - company Christmas party

Or maybe the best thing will be a costume party, during which everyone will be able to fulfill long-forgotten dreams of being an astronaut or a Jedi Master? After all, when are we supposed to dream if not during the holidays? Short days are conducive to immersion in the unreal world, the world of dreams. This one time a year, let's let our employees rock in the clouds! 

What should a company Christmas party offer include?

Not all of us have extensive experience in organizing Christmas Eve meetings for our company. That is why below we present things that are worth asking when choosing an offer from, for example, an event agency or a restaurant. Let's check if the offer includes:

  • Care and assistance of the coordinator throughout the entire process of organizing and implementing the stay - a guarantee of a successful event;
  • Preparation Christmas party scenario and the cost of additional services;
  • Comprehensive, flexible and creative approach, i.e. providing - as needed - all kinds of subcontractors, for example announcers, musicians, animators, technical service, etc.;
  • Special menu adapted to the Christmas Eve supper and our taste;
  • Additional attractions tailored to the needs of guests: indoor and outdoor integrations, themed evenings, bonfire, etc.;
  • halls tailored to the needs of our event;
  • Alternatively gardenwhere we can rest or air after dinner;
  • Possibility of organizing a musical feast by the fire or grill - a great alternative to meals eaten in the restaurant;
  • Helpful and experienced staff – a guarantee of a pleasant stay;
  • the right number beds;
  • Parking;
  • Event-oriented nature of the facility (service for groups), enabling a flexible approach to the needs of the organizer, for example, meal times, hotel day, spontaneous extension of the duration of the event.

How to dress for a company party?

There are two possible approaches - traditional costumes or the "crazy, crazy" ones. That is - either we dress like for a regular banquet, quite elegantly, or we even put on ball gowns, if it was a real ball.

Or we imitate American customs by wearing strange sweaters. The cheesier the Christmas patterns, the better. Jewelery and accessories, such as hairbands in the shape of Christmas trees, baubles, snowflakes and reindeers - a must! Gadgets of this type can now be bought for almost pennies in various chain stores, and the market of Christmas sweaters is growing year by year.

Christmas party

Proven ideas for a company Christmas party

An interesting, original and, at the same time, team-integrating proposal for a company Christmas Eve may be the joint preparation of Christmas Eve dishes. Of course, this is the easiest event organize as part of an integration trip before Christmas. Then within team buildingu we can offer corporate cooking workshops, joint preparation of some dishes, as well as Christmas Eve supper and tasting of local specialties.

Culinary workshops

In large companies employing people from different cultures, you can propose a knowledge tournament about Christmas customs. Such a quiz will not only expand our knowledge, but also allow us to get to know each other better. Certainly for many people it can be an interesting experience and great fun.

Commplace- event agency

One of the simplest and proven ideas for a company Christmas party is a joint party at Christmas costumes. Of course, sweaters with stars and reindeers, Santa hats and cute Snowflakes cannot be missing.

More traditional ideas include decorating the Christmas tree together. Recently, in our climate, it's getting harder and harder to make a snowman, but an alternative is a company trip to the mountains. There, the chances for snow, sledding, skiing and even a company sleigh ride will be much greater. 

Corporate party room - Korona Karkonosze Manor
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