Jubilee gala - how to celebrate successfully?

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The round anniversary of the company's existence is a reason for pride that needs to be properly celebrated. It is worth organizing an event not only for employees, but also contractors or regular customers. An anniversary gala requires proper preparation and planning to be a success. How to go about it and what should be remembered when organizing a corporate event?

What is the jubilee gala?

Jubilee gala - basic aspects

Jubilee gala - attractions

Event agency - how to choose the best one?

Hall for a company gala

What is the jubilee gala?

On what occasion are jubilee galas organized? What is this event? The jubilee gala is an elegant, quite formal event. Most often it is organized on the occasion of some round anniversary, for example, the existence of the company, change of name or taking over the reins by new bosses.

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When organizing a jubilee gala, it is necessary to ensure that everything is at the highest level. Service, catering, additional attractions, and the venue itself. It must be a classy party! Its level proves the company - it shows its condition on the market. At the jubilee gala, we host clients, contractors, and often the media. And the event is graced with the presence of politicians, TV stars and well-known youtubers or influencers. The presence of distinguished guests obliges!  

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Sosnówka is a charming summer resort with great event potential. Located right next to Karpacz and very close to Jelenia Góra, at the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains, it boasts a beautiful lagoon and magical forests. And also many centers that offer professional services in meetings industry. It is not as crowded as nearby Karpacz or nearby Szklarska Poręba. It has retained its unique atmosphere, which we know from western mountain resorts.

Sosnówka near Karpacz


What is an event? The term, of course, comes from the English language. Literally means an event; any type of event planned and organized for a specific purpose and addressed to a specific group of recipients. And so office party, family, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, shows. There isn't really a set definition, which sometimes causes the MICE industry a little bit of trouble when trying to figure out what event they actually have in mind. In Polish, it is common that an event is synonymous with a company event of any kind. It usually combines elements of recreation, learning and fun, and celebration. So the jubilee gala is also an event, albeit a special one. It is distinguished by a special, solemn setting.

How to dress for an anniversary gala?

Upon receiving an invitation to a gala, most guests immediately ask themselves the question - how to dress? How formal and elegant should the outfits be during such an event? Let's admit that these questions fascinate mainly the female part of the team. It's easier for men, because they usually wear a suit, more or less formal. What should ladies wear?

A dress will always work, the so-called cocktail dress for the afternoon or evening dress, if an elegant company ball is announced at the end of the day. If there are also official ceremonies, a conference or a meeting with the media in the morning, you can put on an office suit with elegant jewelry to complete the set.

If the trip on the occasion of the jubilee gala lasts longer, other types of events may also take place. For example integration bonfire, a trip to the mountains or other games integrative or team building games. Then you also need to prepare appropriate clothes of a different type, less formal. Sports or trekking clothes, especially shoes suitable for hiking or craziness in the rope park or during rafting.

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Take advantage of the help of specialists

An anniversary gala is a huge and extremely important event, which is why you need to pamper every, even the smallest detail during the organization. It is an event that does not take place every year, so it is worth considering the option of hiring a professional on this occasion event agency. Such a company will not only propose the best solutions tailored to the specific budget and needs, but will also take care of the organization of the gala from A to Z. In addition, the experience of the agency's employees will allow us to avoid traps, and thus save unnecessary nerves and stress.

Jubilee gala or other corporate event?

We'll take care of everything!

After all, the jubilee gala should evoke only positive emotions in us. Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is not only the perfect place to organize company anniversary and spend the night in beautiful rooms. It is also a facility that offers event specialists who will surely make your event memorable for many years. It's worth investing in because event marketing is now an important element of promoting business in every company.  

Where for the jubilee gala?

Where to organize a jubilee gala? We advise against the seat of the company, even the most elegant one. Why? By choosing a different location, we will emphasize the importance of this event. An external event, especially an away one, will be remembered better and longer. Of course you can choose a local one event objectHowever, a trip outside the city will allow each guest to get into the right, festive mood. No one will be in a hurry to go home, because everyone will set themselves up for at least two days of fun, leaving home and company everyday worries behind.

So where to go? The place should be attractive for tourists. Sea, mountains, lakes, forests? In Poland, we have so many beautiful places to choose from that surely every company will find something for themselves. For example, the Karkonosze Mountains, and especially lying at his feet Valley of Palaces and Gardens has a lot to offer when it comes to organization of corporate events. Charming manor houses, rich palaces, majestic castles organize events of all types. In addition, they are usually surrounded by historic parks or manicured gardens, where you can organize an unforgettable outdoor company event.

facility for corporate events

Souvenirs for guests

Is it worth preparing some commemorative gifts for the guests of our jubilee gala? Of course! Such gestures are remembered and build a positive image of our company. Handicraft products, for example, will work as small gifts for contractors and employees. What? Exceptional quality coffee from Costa Rica, craft beers, jams, juices or savory preserves - all this will surely be welcomed by the participants.   

Branding and the anniversary gala

When organizing such a solemn event as a company gala, it is also worth taking care of branding. So commission the design and production of name badges for all guests, as well as business cards, advertising gadgets or gift sets. Also the program of the jubilee gala, banquet menu and possibly scenarios of additional attractions should be appropriately framed. These types of products and gadgets will also help to promote our event in the local media. Recognition is a very important element of company activities, especially in the case of special occasions, which is certainly the company's jubilee.

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Each event should be carefully prepared. It doesn't matter if we have to organize a modest gala for employees for a dozen people or a large event for several hundred guests from outside. Each event, regardless of its range and scale, proves our company. And it is an important element of the strategy employer branding.  

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Jubilee gala - basic aspects

Planning jubilee party we need to start well in advance, preferably a year in advance. Why? Because thanks to such action, we are able to finish everything down to the last button. That is, book the best facility well in advance and send invitations so that guests can adjust the date to their own commitments. In addition, the jubilee gala is not ordinary integration event for employees, and therefore requires special refinement. The basis for the organization of the gala is the analysis of the available budget, which will be the starting point for any activities in this direction. It depends on the number of invited guests, the choice of location or the scale of additional attractions.

Planning a jubilee gala

Below are the basic elements that should be considered when organizing an event.

  1. A number of participants. The more guests and the more diverse the environment, the louder our event will be.
  2. The date that will determine the nature of the event. In the summer we have more possibilities, we can, for example, decorate anniversary gala outdoors.
  3. A place where we will organize the planned attractions. It should be really interesting for the participants of the event.
  4. catering. Only an excellent menu, preferably inspired by slow food cuisine, will work during an elegant gala.
  5. Arrangement of the room that will create a specific atmosphere. Flowers, decorations of various types, the main theme - these are important elements of the gala.
  6. Music and conference setting. Experienced event agency cooperates with proven subcontractors.
  7. Technical background, lighting, sound system. A makeshift in this area threatens to be a disaster! And an event that all invited guests will remember, although for different reasons than we would like...
  8. Accommodation for invited guests. It's best to choose boutique facility with interesting rooms and suites decorated in a unique style.
  9. A form of recording the evening in the form of photos and videos. Let's focus on professionalism - it is impossible to repeat such an event!

Menu for the jubilee gala

What to serve to the gathered guests during the celebration of the company jubilee? What to feed them? Regional and seasonal cuisine will always work. It is worth surprising your guests with some interesting dishes that they have never tried before. Ideally, the kitchen should offer dishes in style slow food. Dishes made of natural ingredients and products from local suppliers will provide the crew and contractors with new culinary experiences.

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For example Karkonosze cuisine can be an interesting variety of dishes usually served during corporate events. In this region, also in the culinary, multicultural influences can be seen. It is a mix of Silesian, Polish and Czech cuisine, but also Viennese, Bavarian and Russian, because along with the changes of the state affiliation of Silesia over the centuries, the flavors have also changed.

Karkonosze cuisine - an original accent of a company event

So what to try in the Karkonosze, for example during the jubilee gala? we recommend:

  • kysel
  • Karkonosze condensation
  • Karkonosze seikors
  • Jizera noodles
  • miner
  • fried or baked fish from the Karkonosze streams
  • Krkonoše cheeses and curds
  • Gingerbread from the Karkonosze Mountains - for dessert.

It is definitely worth testing the regional cuisine during company banquets. Although, of course, you can always bet on a classic party menu. Delicious snacks, refreshing drinks, exquisite hot dishes, sophisticated sweets will always find their enthusiasts.

Menu for the jubilee gala

Jubilee gala - attractions

The jubilee gala consists of many elements, each of which is extremely important. It should consist of two parts: official and unofficial. During an official meeting, the president or other high-ranking person should deliver a speech on the company's anniversary, which also needs to be prepared in advance. The unofficial part consists of not only having fun, informal conversations and having a good time, but also attractions that will make this evening special.

Concert during a corporate event
Attractions for the jubilee gala

One of the ideas for an attraction can be a private concert of a popular star or an original one artistic performance. It is also a good idea to ensure that the entire anniversary gala is hosted by a well-known actor, TV presenter or cabaret artist. At the end, you can't forget about the souvenir from the meeting in the form of a gift. It can be a functional company gadget or photos with other team members from a photo booth, which will provide pleasant memories for many years.

Would you like to organize an unforgettable jubilee gala?

You've come to the right place - with our agency, every event will be a success!

What else to remember?

There are a number of nuances that will make your jubilee gala positively surprise your guests and provide plenty of excitement. There are many ways to celebrate together. The jubilee gala may take a more or less official form. The most important thing is that it should be adjusted to the preferences and sense of aesthetics of the invited guests. We will never please everyone, but we can positively surprise everyone and evoke emotions that will stay with them for longer. All you need is a bold and unconventional idea that we will refine in every detail.

Jubilee gala in the open air

When organizing such an event in the summer, it is worth considering organizing an outdoor jubilee gala. This will allow you to invite a much larger number of participants. What else is important? The jubilee gala should be consistent with the company's image, which is reflected in the appropriate arrangement of space with the use of the logo and the characteristic colors of the brand.

Event agency - how to choose the best one?

What does an event agency do? Event agencies are focused on servicing the MICE sector, i.e. meetings, incentives, conferences, events. Simply put, event agencies deal with comprehensive customer service in organizing various types of events. Both corporate and private, although the latter to a much lesser extent. So in the agency we can order professional preparation company eve, incentive tripintegration event with elements of team building, training for employees, banquet or conference or fair.

What competencies should its employees have? How to recognize a good event agency? Specialists from the meetings industry should offer us comprehensive service and assistance at all stages of a company event. Starting from the idea of the event, through its detailed planning, organization, implementation and coordination at every stage, to the final settlements.

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Jubilee Gala

Hall for a company gala

Where to organize a jubilee gala? It should be a place that participants will remember. Invited guests - clients, contractors, employees, media, authorities - should feel enchanted by the atmosphere and beauty of the facility we choose for corporate events. hotel or conference facility in a good location, with interestingly arranged rooms for guests, a beautiful ballroom for an event is an essential element of a successful company gala.

hall for corporate events
Hall for the jubilee gala - Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, Sosnówka

Festive interior will emphasize the importance of our event and its solemn character. Therefore, you should not organize a company event of this type in any restaurant. You should carefully choose the place where we will celebrate a special occasion - the round jubilee of our company.      

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to organize a jubilee gala?

An anniversary gala is a unique type of company event. In a way, his business card. Guests will be not only employees, but also contractors, clients, and sometimes the media. Therefore, a company gala requires exceptionally professional treatment. Therefore, it is best to outsource the preparation of the ceremony to an experienced event agency.

Where to organize a jubilee gala?

A jubilee gala event requires a special setting. Therefore, the place of its device is not without significance. It is worth choosing a prestigious place in an interesting location to emphasize the importance of this unusual event in the life of the company.

How to dress for an anniversary gala?

As for the outfit for the jubilee gala, much depends on the detailed program of the celebration. Certainly, however, it should be an elegant, more formal outfit.

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