How to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company?

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How to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company?

The company's 25th anniversary is an extraordinary event in the company's life. It needs to be well organized to properly celebrate such a great success. It is an occasion to celebrate, but also to summarize and present plans for the future. How to properly organize the 25th anniversary of the company so that it includes all the most important elements?

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25th anniversary of the company - the most important issues of the organization

When organizing such an important event, you cannot ignore any of the issues. Planning needs to start early enough for each item to be fine-tuned in the 100%. How to go about organizing step by step company anniversary?

  1. In the beginning - an idea. What is the style and character of the company's 25th anniversary?
  2. Choosing a place that will correspond to the nature of the event. You can choose an elegant restaurant, a phenomenal castle, or even a charming clearing by the lake. The most important thing is that the location is consistent with the idea.
  3. Preparing a guest list - it is also an element that influences the choice of location.
  4. Catering.
  5. Organization of accommodation and transport from the place of the event.
  6. Organization of additional attractions.

The organization of the jubilee celebrations is best started at the beginning of the year preceding the company's 25th anniversary. A preliminary outline and schedule should be drawn up to establish the budget and timing of the event. The expenses related to the organization of the anniversary celebrations will also significantly influence the definition of the marketing strategy for the coming months. The 25th anniversary of the company is an important event that will involve all our resources, so it is worth allocating them properly in advance.

Unconventional ideas for the 25th anniversary of the company

The 25th anniversary of the company is such a big event that activities related to the anniversary are directed not only to employees, but also to customers. It is worth boasting about such success and showing the value of the company. Maybe it's time to refresh branding? The original idea is to change the logo to a new one that will bring a breath of freshness and modernity to the organization. Of course, the change cannot be drastic, but based on the current trends. It often works to simply simplify the logo and trim it of unnecessary elements or use a more modern font in the brand name visible on the logo. On the other hand, companies that regularly carry out rebranding and adapt visual identification to changing trends, they can use the opposite procedure. In the new, jubilee identification, return to the roots from 25 years ago. 

A very common idea is also to combine the event with philanthropic activities, e.g. a charity auction where souvenirs from the company's 25-year history will be displayed. This idea will be appreciated by both long-term employees and new faces in the team, as well as business partners who accompanied the company at various stages of its development. The funds collected during such an auction can be used for a previously selected goal that will help people from the company's immediate environment. 

25th anniversary of the company many have names

The company's 25th anniversary is a very special event that can be celebrated in many ways. Of course, you can surprise employees and contractors with unusual solutions, but original ideas also have a certain charm. Most often, the company's 25th anniversary takes the form of an elegant celebration in a sublime atmosphere, during which the most interesting stories from the company's life are remembered, and the time is entertained by a star specially invited on this occasion.

One cannot forget about the attractions, which are a perfect break from the summaries of the last 25 years of the organization. It can be: a concert of a popular band, a cabaret performance or an art show. The entire gala should be hosted by a professional announcer or a popular TV presenter. We must provide all invited artists with comprehensive technical care so that they can fully present their potential. We should also remember to properly archive the jubilee meeting by hiring an experienced photographer and cameraman.

Is it worth celebrating anniversaries?

The 25th anniversary of the company's existence is an amazing round anniversary that should be properly celebrated, not only with employees, but also contractors and regular customers. The jubilee is not only a grand event, but also a time for summaries and future plans. However, the company is primarily employees, whose 25 years of operation have usually been "quite a bit". A great tribute to them will be the distinction not only of those we currently employ, but also those who contributed to the development of the organization in the past. Therefore, it is worth finding an interesting way to show them that they are important to us, and that the success of the entire company is also their great achievement. Such action brings not only image value, but also increases the loyalty and respect of the currently employed employees. 

Worth knowing:

Where to start organizing the company's jubilee celebrations?

It is best to start by drawing up a schedule that will set a budget and a specific date for the event. It is necessary to precisely define the style and nature of the event, as well as prepare a list of guests, plan the location, catering and possible accommodation and transport.

Is celebrating the company's jubilee a good idea?

Celebrating the company's jubilee is a very good idea. This opportunity can be used to summarize the current business activity, to meet with contractors and, of course, with employees.

What attractions for the company's jubilee will work best?

Thanks to well-chosen attractions, our company event can be remembered for a long time. The perfect idea will be a concert of a well-known band, a performance of a popular cabaret or an unforgettable fireworks show. It is important to capture everything accurately and use it as an element of employer branding, so you must not forget about the presence of a cameraman and photographer.

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