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What is team building Tasks that build a team

Many employers notice how many benefits come from a close-knit and strong team. However, not everyone knows how to create a harmonious group of employees who will feel good in their company. He comes with help team building - tasks that can take many forms and are great team building.

What is Integration?

The concept of integration comes from the Latin word "integrare". The Polish equivalent is "merge". In social sciences, integration means the fusion of people or groups of people into a specific whole. In economics, it is an economic process that integrates companies or enterprises, or their individual parts.   

To the question: what is integration? respondents most often answer that it is about the integration of people in a social group or about the inclusion of people previously excluded in some way.

In the context of the operation of companies, it is usually about integrating the employee with a new team or integrating the group so that the team is created. This process is also known as team building.

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Team building - What is this?

Under password team building all kinds of integration are hidden, thanks to which team members get to know their strengths and weaknesses, get to know each other and learn to cooperate. Team building builds strong and a good team at work, integrates members and supports cooperation between employees.

Team building tasks are a group of strategies aimed at strengthening the employee group and improving its functioning. It is a group work tool that increases the efficiency of business tasks. This type of team-building activities equip employees with the skills of a favorable division of roles and tasks. Teambuilding teaches us to solve smaller and bigger problems together and make firm, best decisions. These are creative integration games developing the so-called soft social competences.

integration events
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Team building - tasks jointly performed by employees can have a very positive effect on the overall day-to-day functioning of the crew. Team building training is a great way to deal with difficulties and conflicts that arise in the team. Team integration allows you to strengthen bonds and develop employees' skills. What is team building for your company? It's time to move from theory to practice!

When does my team need team building?

There are different situations in the group that should be alarming to the supervisor. Sometimes disputes and conflicts can arise due to inadequate communication as well as a lack of understanding. Many new employees joined your team? Implement team building tasks so that they can feel better in the group and get to know it from the inside. Fun for cooperation it is also a great way to integrate and strengthen bonds in a newly formed team. A poorly functioning group will not achieve its maximum effect. An unpleasant atmosphere may prevail in the workplace, which will translate into a weak position in the market. Integration meeting this is a good opportunity to change that!

Team building - goals

By arranging integration workshops for adults it is worth considering what our goals are and what exactly we want to achieve. Team building is a broad concept and of course you can approach it that way. However, the best results will be achieved if we break down integration into stages and sub-goals. Let's see if we know the most important integration steps? Also in the case of long-term teams, it is worth considering what we care about the most? Or to polish and unblock communication channels? Or to help "clean" and improve the atmosphere? Or to reduce the tension in the group? Or maybe we want to prepare the ground for organizational changes? Or, on the contrary, should the team be reintegrated after restructuring or other difficult circumstances for the team?

There are many possible solutions and ideas for team building. How to choose the right integration activities? First, let's answer the question: what is our priority? Is it the development of new patterns of communication and cooperation between individuals? Do you implement new decision-making processes and prepare your crew for them? It can also be simply about deepening the relationship or about improving the functioning of the organization and improving communication channels between individual teams. Team building training must have specific priorities. Then it will be easier to choose the appropriate creative integration games.

Integration workshops for adults

Professionally carried out integration workshops for adults They will certainly also help to understand the processes that take place between the individual members of the group. We will also learn what interactions and dependencies occur between individual teams, departments or local units in the organization. And also what the significance does team development for the functioning of the entire company.

Team building games - how to choose?

In order to achieve the goals set by teambuilding, team-building activities must be tailored to the specific needs of the group. First, we need to determine at what stage of integration a given team is. We also need to know, at least approximately, what it does on a daily basis. The point is to choose integration games for adults in such a way that they are not boring or do not directly concern what employees do on a daily basis. So that you can actually relax with them and forget about work. Introductory games for adults will of course prove useful if individual members of the group did not know each other so far.

Team building games cannot be too simple and banal. These should be creative integration games involving participants and forcing them to make little effort and cooperation. Integration games should be matched to the abilities of each participant. Let us emphasize - fun is about being voluntary. So you can't go overboard in any direction.  

Effective cooperation in a group. The lesson plan is the basis
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Team development

Team development is very popular among modern companies. They also focus on development based on people. Employees and their knowledge, satisfaction and loyalty to the company pay off. Profits and development without job security may be unattainable. Effective team work significantly influences the company's success.

Team building - 100 attractions

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Building a team is the basic task of a leader. Every company is people. How to convince everyone to achieve a common goal? How to make them want to work on the result or profit of another person? There is a way. It is just about convincing employees that they are not single atoms, but one team. And that the company's success will also be theirs.

Everyone has specific skills and contributes to the team. A graphic designer will not carry out a huge advertising campaign alone, but in combination with marketing people, he can be successful. Of course, you also need a product and a customer. Someone has to make this product. So we need more people. Even if each of them will be an outstanding expert in their field, they will not be successful without joining forces. Let us emphasize - common success! This is, among other things, the synergy effect.

Thematic integration games for adults

Integration games for adults - scenario

Money can be earned anywhere. So how to make professionals want to do it in our company? The right strategy employer branding can help with that. But it will not do without organization of corporate integration eventsor properly implemented team building.

Let's make employees feel meaningful and safe. Let us remember that they expect recognition and support in teamwork. But also opportunities for personal development. Creative team-building games can reveal new leaders and reveal the previously hidden abilities of our employees. Integration games for adults scenario they can learn from business psychology and build on its achievements.

You can also benefit from the experience of tried and tested organizers of integration events for companies. Interesting suggestions 15 reliable team building games can be found on the Commplace agency blog.

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Team building scenarios

Scenario of integration activities for adults should skillfully combine entertainment and learning.

Through play, we consolidate knowledge and social competences better than just listening to dry instructions during the lecture or watching the presentation without comment. Development work with adults requires good preparation and some experience. Therefore, it is best for someone with professional preparation or education to prepare it team building scenarios.

However, there are some exercises andntegrationwhich should work for each group.

Integration games for adults scenario - it should be based on some interesting plot. It should also require even a little commitment from participants. A good example of team play is detective game. Once we reach the stage where the participants become interested in other members of the group, integration can be deepened. At this stage, you can already introduce games for cooperation and integration exercises with elements of team building.

Integration workshops

One of the very effective forms of learning cooperation are integration workshops. They also allow you to learn something new and get to know certain areas "from the kitchen". They are also very popular as integration activities for young people. Developing new skills is often combined with fun and humor. These types of integrative activities for adults can involve creating something together, such as soap, a lantern, a mixture of herbs, or other things.

Another example of a game of cooperation between knives may be the joint "tweaking" of the car. The scenario of integration activities for adults may also include building a sculpture together "out of whatever" or preparing a performance. Proven fun for cooperation is also culinary workshops for companies. It is best to combine them with an interesting show of the art of setting the table or a tasting of home-made products.

Culinary workshops - employee integration, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

Integration workshops for adults - examples

Integration workshops for adults enjoy constant popularity. Participants not only learn new skills, but can also take the end result with them as a small gift for their loved ones. Importantly, it will be a hand-made gift.

For example, a carpentry workshop - you can create wonderful things from wood. Participants can be shown how to easily do something for home or loved ones. It is also a show how to make full use of inexpensive tools and what they are actually used for

Craft product tastings as an element of team building

Other integration workshops for adults include: film, acting, beauty, photography, chess or bridge workshops. The bartending workshops that can be added splendor to the joint may also turn out to be interesting beer tasting. Integration workshops teaching first aid, chocolate making, self-defense, yoga, dance or coping with stress can also be useful. It is also a coffee brewing course, barista knowledge and many other, sometimes not obvious, possibilities.

You can also suggest creative integration games consisting in the creation of gifts. The calligraphy course will certainly be a great springboard from everyday life and an opportunity to calm down. Integration games for adults could also be based on the science of regulating emotions.

Creative integration games - benefits

Manual and creative activities will surely relax everyone and allow them to break away from everyday problems. Perhaps they will also awaken creative passion and allow you to rediscover yourself. Creative integration games will provide a great creative springboard in the future and start a new hobby.

Such commitment and focus during integration workshops is also an opportunity for the brain to produce endorphin. We will then associate positive emotions with the people with whom we co-created our handicraft.

Creative integration games

Also, contact with enthusiasts conducting creative integration activities will make us realize that you can love what you do. And also to have joy and satisfaction from it. And that a large part of our lives that we devote to work does not have to be wasted.

Such creative team-building games mean the creative integration of the group. Integration workshops they also allow you to relieve the mind and gain strength for new challenges. Successful integration games are also better relations in the companywhich will certainly translate into greater efficiency.

Team building ideas - examples of games

Team building ideas - there are plenty of them. The most important thing is to choose them properly for the group and make the atmosphere friendly. Effective integrative methods can be found in textbooks, but you can also try to work them out yourself. Here are just a few suggestions.

Team building games:

  • finding as many uses for a thing as possible
  • cutting the Gordian knot
  • turning the blanket over - a game also known as the raft
  • various kinds of arranging groups into shapes or in different order
  • reconstruction of a building or a strange structure
  • company Olympics.

Team building also draws its ideas from sports, board games, RPGs, movies and, of course, the unlimited imagination of event managers ...


Integration games for adults and team building tasks

Integration activities for adults are essentially the same as integration games for children. That is, they are voluntarily performed activities in order to achieve pleasure.

Integration games for adults are simply group activities in a relaxed form and atmosphere, in order to establish friendly social relations. They are similar to children's games. Moreover, they have in common that introductory games for adults, like those for children, they usually run in a certain order and according to certain rules.

Various types of integration games for adults are often used in the initial phase of group integration. Usually they are chosen in such a way that they just let you get to know each other. For example, in a group, we list our first name along with an additional word that begins with the same letter as the first name. The players' task is to repeat the name with the addition one by one. These adult introductory games help you quickly remember other people's names. They also give you the opportunity to express yourself or describe yourself at the first contact. These are team games that allow you to establish the first relationships in the group.

For people who already know each other well, there are of course other game suggestions that allow you to deepen and improve your relationship.

What do integration activities give?

I guess everyone likes to spend their time playing and having fun. This can be used to build positive interactions, teambuilding and just plain relaxation.

He is able to produce an efficient and well-coordinated team synergy effect. To put it simply, the team achieves a greater result than the result of combining maximum achievements and the capabilities of individuals.


Organization of corporate events Wrocław - examples of benefits obtained for companies

The organization of corporate events in Wrocław so far, as well as team bulding Warsaw show what has changed in the companies applying team building techniques. Here are just a few examples.

Office party - pros

The obvious benefits for the company are:

  • support for employee teams in the event of organizational changes, restructuring or mergers,

  • consolidation of the activities of various departments, branches or divisions of the enterprise, and as a result achieving a higher business result,

  • easier management in a crisis or unforeseen random situation. A team that has rehearsed various scenarios and even failures during team building games do better in real situations. People have greater trust in each other and believe that together they are able to get out of many oppressions,

  • in large-scale companies it is easier to integrate socially and avoid misunderstandings related to cultural differences and different needs,

  • understanding the company's mission and strategy. And the knowledge that everyone makes a specific, valuable contribution to the operation of the entire company. Also the awareness that if I do not complete my task today, it may not be possible to prepare the entire project on time.

Online team games - do they help the company?

All team games it's about players joining forces to form a team and achieving results together. Similarly, in the real world, the essence of a harmonious team is to achieve a goal together. That is why learning to cooperate and compete is so important - victory depends on everyone's commitment.

The period of the pandemic forced many companies to switch to remote work. Even after the lifting of the restrictions, some companies stayed with this solution. The employers must have noticed the advantages and disadvantages of this type of work. Some of them are constantly testing hybrid solutions. And some consider such an option just in case. Employees in such conditions may, however, necessarily identify less with the company. Some even say that now they work with a computer screen, and the man in the window is just an icon. People forget what the band i means what is integration.

Team building works

It is important to prevent such alienation and to maintain the ties and relationships that bind the team together. It turns out that even in remote working conditions it is possible. The point is to maintain the best interpersonal relationships so that the team is as efficient as the one working in the office. Let's try to translate the success of the virtual team into the success of the company in real life.

Team development

Team development it teaches cooperation between individual teams and departments in the company. Over time, larger organizations tend to select departments or groups that try to derive a disproportionate benefit to the workload from working together. This always translates into conflicts and dissatisfaction with other employees. Integration workshops for adults are intended to show the various processes that take place in the group.

Goldberg's machine

Teambuilding games are to teach that every contribution to the achievement of a common goal is important. Integration games for adults show the practical importance of proper communication. Also how important it is communication in the group. A good example of how integration exercises for adults can improve the cooperation of different teams is the integration game "building a bridge" or "Goldberg's machine". In the first case, two teams build a bridge. Each of them starts building on a different side. They will be successful if the combination of these two halves is at all possible and functional. Failure in the game will show that no matter how much effort and workload of each team is, it will be for nothing without cooperation and communication.

Team building activities build trust between team members. They are helpful in times of crisis in a group, when the level of motivation decreases, communication deteriorates, and working together does not bring the expected results. Team building integrates, motivates and strengthens the willingness to work together and organized.

Scenario of integration activities for adults

Interesting team building scenarios are thematic games according to special scenarios - for example, "murder at the court" or "the last stand". These are integration activities involving team members who have to work together to solve a puzzle. Common efforts to solve a puzzle have a positive effect on communication in the group. The ability to work in a group increases the level of motivation and affects effective time management. In addition, the unique scenery and atmosphere of the place specially arranged for the tasks allow you to fully engage in work.

Company Olympics

Another unusual example of teambuilding fun is company Olympicsconsisting of various games, tasks and activities. Games based on joint competition are a great idea for improving communication, strengthening trust between team members and getting to know each other's skills and weaknesses. Such integration exercises for adults and healthy competition in subgroups will reveal some character traits that will later be useful in company projects. In addition, they will affect the effectiveness of team members in the implementation of daily duties at work. Playing with the group, its consolidation and strengthening of identification with it will also connect the employee more closely with the company. They let him feel part of it. They make him aware that he can count on the support of his team.  

Team integration

An interesting example as part of team integration may be a joint trip to the ropes course. It is not only great fun, it also provides a lot of emotions. It will improve relationships in the group thanks to the thrill of emotions and adrenaline accompanying activity.

ABOUTorganization of corporate events Wrocław and the vicinity of Lower Silesia - these places abound in all kinds of attractions. Including places where team building training can be organized.

An example of a company that will organize such an exit for us is Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. Integrations in the rope park for groups of up to 40 people? You're welcome! 4 hours of great fun combined with building a strong, strategically minded team - it must be successful!

Integration games for adults

Integration games for adults they must be intelligent and engaging. Team building tasks and cooperation games must be of interest to employees. They should be interesting and engaging. As a result, team members will engage with it willingly and enthusiastically. Their emotions will be real, authentic. Only interesting tasks will bring the expected results, that is, they will strengthen and integrate the team.

field games
Integration games

It is worth remembering that team building brings synergy benefits - working in a group gives much better results than acting alone. By engaging in team-building activities, employees notice that as a team they can do more. Such tasks for the team force them to solve problems together, to compromise, but also to share their knowledge and skills. As part of team building, employees can brainstorm. The creativity of individual team members and quick access to professional, professional opinions of colleagues is a guarantee of many ideas, proposals and tools that can affect work efficiency. Integration workshops for adults will allow you to understand what synergy is and what benefits it brings.

A strong, well-coordinated team communicates perfectly. Team building helps to solve conflicts in the team and guides its members towards a common goal. The members of the group efficiently exchange the necessary information with each other, which affects the speed and efficiency of performing individual tasks.

Integration classes for adults - team building tasks

Each team consists of people with different experiences, skills and needs. Getting to know them can create an opportunity to deepen cooperation between members, as well as facilitate the efficient management of the team. Team building is a task faced by everyone who wants long-term results leader. In deepening the relationship, various activities can be helpful, which will allow us to get to know employees well.

When working on creating a well-coordinated team, it is worth setting tasks for employees that will allow us to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Getting to know their character traits will allow you to build a good and trusted team of employees.

It is popular in team building to use tasks and games that show the character and experience of team members. There are many board games on the market that are perfect for employee integration combined with fun. Integration games for adults is a great opportunity to relax the atmosphere. They are also an opportunity to laugh and create a friendly relationship with your colleagues. Over time, employees, feeling confident in the team, are ready to open up to new people and new tasks.

Team integration games - what works?

Integration exercises - building a friendly atmosphere

There are many forms team buildingu. The tasks set for employees and their leaders are an ideal opportunity to strengthen employee ties, and thus improve the efficiency of their work. For years, researchers have been completely unanimous about the fact that it is primarily good and friendly relations that best build teams of people. As we devote a large part of our lives to work, we want to fulfill our ambitions through it. It is worth constantly striving to improve conditions in order to achieve this in the workplace. Team building training can be enriched with various additional elements. For example, combine them with stress reduction and work life balance classes. Scenario of integration activities for adults, same as integration games for children they can also teach you to be assertive and to be clear about your personal goals.

Comfort of work

The greatest impact on the well-being of our employees is the creation of ideal working conditions for them. One of the main factors influencing the creation of an appropriate work environment is good relationships with colleagues. Nice and friendly atmosphere enhances work comfort and gives a sense of security; a state so essential for every human being. Team play will allow you to feel that the employee is not alone with his problems and that he can count on other members of his team.

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That is why it is so important to create any opportunities that help in team integration. Each of these events can be an opportunity to deepen your relationship or make friends - they help you collaborate in partnership and produce results in the form of increased productivity. Team building - tasks are an invaluable help in team integration.

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Team building tasks - helicopter flight, Korona Karkonoszy Manor - Sosnówka near Karpacz

Team building - tasks facing the leader

Good leader it is the basis of any well-functioning team. A charismatic person ready to lead a group of people to success is the secret of every company. Leaders should enjoy the respect and trust of their subordinates. Team building is a task for every leader who wants to build a strong crew. Continuous work on good relations in the company is a huge challenge. The leader should always be open to discussion and, in the event of conflicts, ready to put out the fire. The right leadership attitude is the key to the success of the entire crew.

Building a team is not an easy task. That is why it is worth using proven methods. Teambuilding games can be found on company blogs. However, if we ourselves do not feel well as organizers of corporate events and trainers at the same time, let event managers organize integration events. Experienced organizer of corporate events will know how to prepare integration activities for our group. He will choose the appropriate scenario of integration activities and teambuilding games tailored to a specific group.

Integration meetings, i.e. team building - tasks that bring the group closer

The easiest and most effective way of team building is to arrange a meeting of employees. For this purpose, it is worth renting a room in a suitable place, booking a place in a restaurant or planning a joint trip to the city. Such a meeting will help create new relationships in the group, and for some it will become an ideal argument for getting out of the house.

On the occasion of the exit, let's not forget about team buildingu. The tasks that should be set this evening include integrating as many employees as possible. Therefore, when planning such a meeting, it is worth thinking about board games or other entertainment that will bring the group a lot of fun. If we haven't done it before, now let's take a look at what it looks like integration game for young people. Maybe something will inspire us. When creating gaming teams, it is worth “mixing” employees - this way, during the meeting, as many people as possible will have the opportunity to get to know each other.

Team building tasks - organization of corporate events Wrocław

Organization of corporate events Wrocław, organization of corporate events Warsaw… Where to do it? Each large city offers a wide selection of premises. But integration workshops for adults it is better to organize outside the place of residence. Employees then do not look at their watches, waiting for the end of the meeting, because they have a bus in a moment or they have to do something else. In a place somewhat distant from our daily affairs and with an overnight stay paid by the employer, it is easier to focus on tasks performed "here and now". On the team we are about to win - or not! - company Olympics or solving a criminal puzzle together. Chamber hotel for team building events in the mountains, located an hour's drive from Wrocław, it can be a bull's eye.

Korona Karkonoszy Manor - Sosnówka near Karpacz

Finding the right place for integration meeting plays a key role here. It is important that the employees feel at ease, that no one interrupts them, and that the whole meeting is made pleasant by tasty food and good drinks. An additional advantage of the place we choose should be the space for free discussion. In addition, it is worth considering a place where the music does not drown out the conversation. The ideal solution would be for the facility that we choose for a corporate integration meeting to be at our sole disposal. Then the integration games for adults could have an even more fun scenario ...

Christmas integration meeting, Korona Karkonoszy Manor, Sosnówka near Karpacz

For example, you can make an 80s party or propose to employees fun to cooperate based on scripts from famous movies. The company will surely find cinema enthusiasts delighted with such entertainment! Or games for a group consisting of making a short film or cooking workshops. Or maybe it's better live cooking, culminating in a bartending show? Building a team away from the hustle and bustle of the city will be easier and more fun. And communing with nature and mountain views will provide additional relaxation.

Teamdevelopment - quest: escape from the room

Team building as an opportunity to engage employees in order to improve the efficiency of their work and develop cooperation is an important measure leading to the creation of a well-coordinated team. It is important that employees know their strengths and weaknesses when implementing corporate projects. For this purpose, they need to be given an opportunity to get to know each other, especially when we are talking about new people. Scenario of integration activities for adults it has to take into account whether the participants already know each other and, if so, what is the level of intimacy of the group.

Escape room

A great way to integrate employees in a fun but thought-provoking way is to organize a meeting in an escape room. Escape room is the place from which the closed group has to get out by solving complicated puzzles. The obstacles placed in front of the participants can become an ideal opportunity to learn how well the people are working in the group and to select new leaders. Such integration exercises will also show how individual employees behave in difficult situations and whether they are able to cooperate under time pressure.

During such teambuilding fun pay attention to how employees behave in crisis situations. Getting to know the activities that were the biggest or the smallest problem in the game can perfectly translate into knowing what tasks should not be delegated to individual employees or what tasks will not be a problem for them.

These types of integration exercises for adults may be reluctant among some employees. Some people are claustrophobic and fear closed rooms. Organizer of corporate events he should take this into account and find out in advance if everyone wants to participate in this type of play.

The escape room will be perfect for smaller groups. Find a room with the most interesting storyline nearby and take advantage of the perfect team building opportunity. Tasks such as escape from the room will help to integrate each team perfectly.

Group games: integration game Lie or truth

Are you building a team consisting of many new employees? You know their skills, but there is much left to discover? Integration games for adults are a great opportunity to break the ice and get to know each other better.

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Playing "lie or truth" is a good game for an integration meeting, but also for meeting the goal of team building. The tasks consist in selecting a person from the group who has to tell three strange stories: two false and one true. The group's task is to guess which of the stories is the real one. Once you guess it - it's time for the next person. If the stories are really original and fun, they will relax the atmosphere and provide an excuse to deepen the conversation.

Team building tasks - online integration

The ideas for team building can of course also be more elaborate. Online integration games it's a lot of fun to get to know the members of the group. You can have fun in conducting short press interviews or even short "get on the air". In remote working conditions, online integration can also be performed. These can be, for example online team games, or online integration consisting in building a common history by adding threads by subsequent participants.

Remember, however, that online integration will never replace a live meeting. Integration activities, in which the participants can present themselves fully - show their whole self, also thanks to their clothes, facial expressions, expressions or gestures, are of great value. Also, sensory experiences such as smell or taste are still possible today only during a personal meeting. Online team games, however, can be a great complement to the traditional one team integration.

Teambuilding - an outdoor integration meeting

The family can provide an opportunity to create bonds among employees company picnic. This is the perfect opportunity to spend a nice afternoon and get to know each other on a neutral ground. In this way, true friendships can be born and people can get to know each other from a completely different angle. The family atmosphere of the meeting can be a good bond for mothers and fathers, and those who keep the grill will be able to exchange different experiences.

Outdoor eventsuch an outdoor meeting is a good opportunity for team building. Team building tasks that can be set for the participants of the meeting may positively influence the deepening of employee relations. Think about organizing a sports competition or even a corporate Olympics. The employees, divided into groups, will fight together in a matter other than work, and the activity itself will allow them to learn about their character traits and their hitherto hidden talents. Sports competitions are also an opportunity to see how individual people work in a group, as well as what roles they play in them. A company picnic is also an opportunity to organize integration games for children, and integration exercises for young people.

Integration event with the Company Social Benefits Fund - the most important information

Sports activities - integration games for adults

Various types of sports activities are an opportunity to lift employees from office chairs, and thus a healthy form of spending time. In the office and on the field, similar features play an important role: the ability to cooperate and the willingness to act for a common cause. Outdoor activity is, above all, an opportunity to strengthen bonds, but also a good opportunity to spend a nice afternoon. The scenario of integration activities for adults may also include a company center.

Team building games examples

Popular sports such as football, volleyball and basketball will be perfect for playing in groups. Other forms of activity can also be tug of war, badminton or reigning at integration meetings for many years paintball. These are just some examples of team building games.

Before organizing an integration meeting with a sports profile, it is worth finding out which activity will be most popular. It is important for employees to feel comfortable in a given discipline - the game itself will give them a lot of fun then. Who knows, maybe it will turn out that in addition to a well-chosen industry team, you will create a strong sports team, ready for local competition? Or will you discover a rising star in amateur sports? Such team games they are also games for cooperation - they teach you to keep one line in sport and professional life.

Fun for cooperation in the field

Team building should build a team and improve its functioning. The tasks set for the team require good cooperation, and its improvement is based on a good knowledge of the employees' capabilities. Playing for cooperation is primarily striving to improve working conditions and creating a good atmosphere for action, which translate into increasing the effectiveness of the group. Teamdevelopment also improves the interaction of individual teams and divisions with each other. It teaches coordination, cooperation and, above all, builds mutual trust. The flow of information to a company is like passing a baton in a relay race. There is no success without speed, trust and cooperation.

Organization of corporate events - Korona Karkonoszy Manor - Sosnówka near Karpacz

"Learning through play" is a saying that applies not only to working with children, but also to team building. The tasks that we set for the team to improve the quality of their work can also be a form of fun. Integration workshops for adults do not have to be held in a rigid, formal atmosphere. Same as integration games for childrenyou can organize training on the team. First of all, fun - and the competences and social skills will come by themselves.

Karkonosze, Sosnówka near Karpacz - the perfect place for team building fun!

Integration exercises for adults

When organizing a company integration meeting, it is worth thinking about the popular field game "stalking". The rules of the game are very simple and you can freely modify them. The team should be divided into two groups. The first one sets off leaving behind characters and tasks that will be performed by group number two. The search group sets off for the first one with a predetermined delay, and its aim is to find the escaping group as quickly as possible.

Such integration exercises for adults are a great opportunity to spend time in nature. In team building games however, the values of such tasks are important. The group has a chance to get to know each other and its members to learn to rely on each other. In the game, as in professional life, it is important to trust the decisions made by team members and to overcome difficulties and challenges together.  

Company trips Karpacz and its surroundings

An ideal place to organize an integration meeting may be Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. Surrounded by mountains and greenery, the facility is located by the lagoon, it is an ideal place for company meetings and organization of outdoor games and activities. Field games in such an environment, everyone will surely enjoy and be satisfied.

facility for corporate events

Team building training

The tasks facing the leaders are, above all, improving the efficiency and quality of work of the team they manage. The team as a group of people should constantly develop and change. The collaboration you develop is important, but it should be continuously developed so that people do not fall into a routine instead of sharing new ideas. This is what they should serve integration workshops with elements of team building.

Team building training they are a way of continuous improvement of the group of employees and deepening their knowledge and skills. Constant learning is an opportunity to learn new inspiring things that can be brought to the tasks set for the team. It is also an opportunity for personal development, discovering a new hobby or broadening your interests.

Integration games, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

It is important that training and integration meetings take place regularly, every few months or every six months. However, you must remember not to overdo it with new products. Let's give employees time to get used to the changes and introduce new solutions and use them in practice. When the team starts to fall back into the routine again, it should be encouraged to further training, so that the joint work becomes a constant adventure and development. Especially that many employees consider the possibility of acquiring new knowledge, skills and experience as the main - apart from wages - the values for which they work.

Teambuilding and the incentive system

Adequate motivation to act is a pillar of a well-functioning team. The prerequisite for increasing the efficiency of employees should be a clearly set goal. Team building training should be a form of reminding that all tasks set for employees are best achieved by joint efforts.

The incentive system should be a means of stabilizing the team. The right action stimulator is the driving force for every employee. A bonus, a trip or admission to interesting events can be the perfect reward for a job well done. Recognition of merit for achieving goals and demonstrating leadership skills should come with promotion over time. The appointment to a higher position is the best distinction for special merits. It is also a constant incentive for development that brings continuous benefits to the entire team.

Of course, not every company has the opportunity to frequently promote outstanding employees. It is important for such a person to know that their work and commitment are noticed and appreciated. Building a team is also an honest assessment of the competences and work of individual crew members. If the employee is committed and achieves good results, it is worth trying to keep them in the company. The incentive system is not limited to money and promotions. It also means small benefits, financing for development, creating a field for the implementation of original projects and many more.

Team building - importance for the company

Often, after winning, the athletes in their speeches emphasize the important role that the cooperation of the entire team played in achieving good results. Just like in sport, in business the whole team works for success that pushes the company forward. Therefore, high business efficiency is the result of actions team building. The tasks set for employees require certain proven competences and skills. However, it should be remembered that individual skills are among the single gears of a success machine. A well-functioning machine consists of well-oiled parts. Therefore, when building a team, in addition to developing the competences of individual employees, you should work on the entire team of people. A well-performing team consists of members who know their capabilities well and who trust and rely on each other.

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Every team building task should include group work. Team building has many benefits for business. It improves productivity so that each task is performed by the team more efficiently and with better results. The common goal of the entire team strengthens motivation to work because it is based on mutual trust.

5 benefits of team building

A well-coordinated team of employees contributes to the success of every enterprise. Team building these are the tasks faced by each industry focused on success. What are the benefits of team building? These include:

  1. Building trust it is the pillar on which all valuable cooperation stands. Trust is nothing more than a sense of security, and security allows us to open up to colleagues.
  2. Connecting people is one of the valuable aspects of team building. Tasks performed jointly by a well-coordinated team increase the value of its members and improve interpersonal relations.
  3. Developing communication is one of the goals of building a good team. Well-functioning communication reduces the risk of errors and speeds up project implementation.
  4. Increasing performance. If team members know which part of the task entrusted to them is to be dealt with, they perform it more efficiently. Well-distributed work means for employees to focus on their part of the project and complete it faster.
  5. Resolve conflicts faster is one of the many advantages of team building. Employee tasks sometimes lead to conflicts. Please note that this is nothing wrong. Disputes teach us, and learning from mistakes is most valuable.

Integration classes - employee motivation

Every employee wants to be part of something bigger. Enterprises that create a family and friendly atmosphere at work achieve greater success thanks to their people. Work in which, in addition to performing the task, we can laugh or spend time with people whose company we like, becomes a valuable part of life that employees themselves want to constantly improve.

When building a team, it is worth focusing on a personal approach to the employee. As in business cooperation - better results are achieved by contact with a specific person whose face we can see or learn more about - it is equally important to get to know employees and build relationships with them. Appreciating your team members will not only make them feel more valuable, it will also improve your company's image.

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Scenario of integration activities for young people

Scenario of integration activities for young people it can be very similar to the integration games for adults described above. Team games in both cases have the same goal - team bulding. It is best to start the integration activities for young people as well as the introductory activities for adults. So we start with exercises to remember the names and associate individual participants. Successively, team games can be introduced that deepen and expand the information about the members of the group. They can also be integration games for young people, which strengthen relationships and allow to reduce the distance between the players. It is important that the participants have fun while doing it, but also that it is a creative integration game. Even a small joint effort and achieving some common victory will allow you to identify with the team at least a little. 

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Integration Warsaw - team building tasks

Integration can take place at various levels. Communities can be built based on any assumptions. Does place matter? Employees may identify with the location of their branch and be in informal opposition to, for example, employees from Krakow. Realizing team building Warsaw you can unconsciously strengthen the feeling of a certain separateness and uniqueness. In nationwide or international companies team development it must be based on finding what unites all employees. The team bulding strategy of such companies should be careful and deeply thought out. It must take into account cultural differences and look for a glue so that the mission and goals of the company are understandable and common to everyone.

Therefore, for example team integration Wrocław must be consistent with what is happening in other branches of a given company. Similarly, employees from local branches should be included in team building Warsaw. Especially at a time when the market is on the employee's side, they are very sensitive to any unequal treatment.

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What is integration and is it mandatory?

Such seemingly trivial questions and doubts sometimes appear among employees. Especially people with an introverted disposition may have doubts whether it is worth fraternizing like this and what is it for? In fact, not everyone may want to participate in integration meetings or other corporate events.

Integration event for employees - how to organize it well?
Integration games - tug of war

The leader's task is gentle persuasion and showing the benefits of team building for both the company and individual employees. Team building ideas don't have to be intrusive and you can start small. Creative integration games you can also organize your working hours and treat them as breaking the daily routine. In large companies introductory games for adults can be organized, for example, as an online competition. It will turn out that people in different departments and positions have similar interests or hobbies. And hence, it is close to tightening the relationship, for example by exchanging information about our passions.

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