Integration games for employees - what competences do they develop?

Office party

We all remember comedies about integration trips. Is this picture real? Rather not necessarily. Contrary to the media image of this type of event, fun integrative for employees develop competencies and allow you to build a strong, well-coordinated team.  

We all like corporate integration with campfire or noisy dancing fun during events. There is nothing wrong with them. It's very popular integration games for employees. Before each such trip, however, it is worth asking yourself whether it serves the achievement of previously defined goals? If not, you can also think about more specialized types of games and integration games. What kind? We advise!

Teambuilding away games

Is it worth arranging away integration games? Yes of course! Why is it better to conduct integration workshops away from home than at your place of work or home? 

Integration games during a company trip

Integration games if team building gameswhich take place outside the company's premises, to a much greater extent engage employees and draw their attention. The trip causes the crew to distract from everyday matters. Employees stop looking at their watch, looking for the end of the meeting, because they know that the company event will last a day or two. And that in addition to integration workshops, there are other attractions waiting for them, such as a trip to the mountains or a raft trip. All these activities, even if their name does not contain "integration", are just what they do. Sometimes directly, sometimes in a veiled way, they allow colleagues to get to know each other better and establish friendly relations.

So it is worth investing in a trip for employees. And during it, give them a chance to have fun as well as exercise their creativity, logical thinking, cooperation and communication.  

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Integration games for employees - why is it worth organizing them?

Every company would like to achieve excellent results on the market, generate high profits and enjoy great popularity in its industry. The key to success is offering excellent quality services or products, high standards of customer service and an excellent strategy (incl marketing strategy or PR). However, that's not all! In order to realize oneself in the industry and be successful, a well-coordinated group of employees is necessary. How to build it? The solution is integration!

Integration, communication, cooperation

Group integration should be an inseparable element of the functioning of any company. The effectiveness of the performed work tasks, the atmosphere at work and relations in the team depend to a large extent on it. The aim of integration is to build and maintain strong, friendly ties between employees, which will have a positive impact on their work. In the case of newly formed teams, integration can be a tool for getting to know colleagues better.

There are various forms of integration. Undoubtedly, the most popular ones are integration gameswhich, apart from their basic function, i.e. improving the relationships in the team and relaxing the atmosphere, allow you to spend a good time and provide a lot of laughter and unforgettable impressions.

Integration games for employees?

We know how to organize them!

Creative integration games for employees

Team-building games for employees can stimulate the sense of logic, creativity or social competence. The most common tasks in the company are tasks that require the activation of the right hemisphere of the brain - counting or analyzing. However, today's most important technology companies are famous for their creative approach to problem-solving, which gives them a significant advantage over their competitors. It is also an important competence for employees who may feel dissatisfied if their creative side is not noticed and used. Even in a psychological office, you can hear that gardening or creative work has a positive effect on reducing stress and mood. Therefore, it is worth engaging employees in such integration games.

Integration classes

Examples of integration activities for employees taken from the offer of Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, a training and event center of the Commplace company:

  • regional craft workshops,
  • construction of the Goldberg machine,
  • learning to dance,
  • natural cosmetics workshops
  • craft beer workshops.

Creative integration games for employees arranged directly on site in the company are often well-known methods and the same training room as usual. A creative approach helps to break with routine and look at yourself or the team in a new way. Sometimes you can find a completely new role for yourself in this way or a solution to a long-tormenting problem.

Integration dance games, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

Experienced teams have fun

Other integration games for employees they work well when the team has known each other for years. In theory, it doesn't need integration and teambuilding anymore. It is likely that the group has already attended a party many times, sang karaoke together or participated in banal integration games. So here the most original ideas for team building will work. Solving a criminal puzzle or cooking together will help break the team out of routine. Perhaps someone will discover a new role or find their calling?

Culinary tournament, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

It may also be interesting to take a guided hike in the mountains off the trail in the Korona Karkonosze Manor House. Many colleagues from work dream of being in a different setting at least once and not talking about the company. The mountains are a beautiful background for those discovered after years of friendship. Ladies can really like the personal image workshops. Everyone dreams of a change from time to time, and the opportunity to pass it among colleagues known for years from work will help tighten ties and gain a new perspective on yourself and the environment.

Fun for new team members

Completely different challenges are faced by the team that is just getting to know each other. The goal here is not so much to make friends, but to build initial social relationships and get to know the potential of the group members. Advanced psychology workshops, in which you have to trust your colleague during the jump, for example, will not be the best idea if the new people do not know each other at all.

Instead, it's better to focus on tasks that will allow them to be bold in their own company and get to know each other a little better. This can be beer feast with snacks or karaoke party. If, on the other hand, workshops, then those taking place in a relaxed atmosphere, such as brewing workshops. All the above-mentioned integration games for employees should take place away from the company's headquarters. This gives the impression that the atmosphere is authentic and that colleagues begin to appear like acquaintances and can reveal features that are not normally seen in the office.

Relationships in the company

Integration games can be a great way to meet and bring employees from different departments together. This is important especially in larger companies or organizations where representatives of various departments and departments do not have the opportunity to get to know each other better on a daily basis. Or they don't know each other at all! Company trip is a great opportunity to get to know and integrate teams that only then have a chance to feel like one team. See that they have the same goal, even if they usually only deal with a narrow part of the company's activities.

Company trip with integration in the background

A company trip for several days with team-building games for employees can work wonders for improving employee morale, as it gives the opportunity to break away from the daily routine. It will help to improve mutual relations as well as increase creativity. Relationships in the company they will only benefit from it! Integration games are a way to build trust in the team and increase employees' involvement in the performance of their tasks.

Integration games for employees

Several days integration trip it can bring you many benefits. A trip to a unique place will provide employees with a lot of great fun, bring them closer to each other and allow them to relax. It will be an excellent break from the gray everyday life and professional duties, and thanks to this, it will make employees return with new motivation and energy to work.

integration trip for employees - more benefits than you think
Karkonosze - for outdoor integration!

Organization of a company trip filled to the brim with integration games should begin with a detailed specification destination. Will it be a classic integration, which is to loosen the atmosphere and bring employees closer, or maybe a departure of a newly formed team, where employees will be able to get to know each other better? Setting a goal will make it easier to choose a place and, most importantly, to choose the right ones games and integration games.

Games that stimulate the sense of logic

There are industries such as advertising or graphics where you don't have to explain to anyone how to have fun or find a creative solution to the problem. Worse with down-to-earth practical issues, such as timeliness or time management. More logical team tasks such as board games and puzzles can help you understand and accept them.

Survival tasks in which you have to focus on the challenge and the goal, such as lighting a fire without matches and lighters, or building a hut on your own, can also work. It's so harder group integration games for employees, they are great as a test before you entrust someone with a difficult task or a new role. It is worth checking the team in such a crisis, but still arranged situation, before it has to test itself in the situation of a real crisis that will occur sooner or later in every company.

Integration games

A place for integration games

Place for integration trip it should be comfortable, suited to the nature of the journey and necessarily charming. If our company is based in the city, it is better to go somewhere outside the noisy and crowded metropolises, so that employees will actually notice the difference and experience something different.  

hotel on integration events

It is worth choosing a hotel (for example Dwór Korona Karkonoszy) located in a picturesque area. The proximity of nature and beautiful, breathtaking views are conducive to relaxation and building friendly relationships. The standard of accommodation is also important. Each participant should be provided with a place in a comfortable room where they will be able to rest after an eventful day. The facility should offer tasty meals that will provide participants with plenty of energy. Access to attractions is also of great importance.

What are the individual integration games?

The most important elements of a corporate trip are integration games. Games should be adjusted to the destination of the trip, because only then will they bring the expected results.

Types of integration games

Integration games can be divided into:

  • creative,
  • stimulating the sense of logic,
  • intended for "old" teams of employees,
  • intended for "new" teams of employees.

Fun and integration games are a great way to build strong, well-coordinated teams. The key is to find the right type of team building game to suit your needs and goals. It is precisely for them that you have to choose integration games.

Corporate integration

For integration to be successful, there must first and foremost be healthy relationships between all departments in the company. Starting from top management, through managers at various levels, to production employees who create what we call "workforce". Negative employee relations they almost always affect the condition of the company. All the "pieces of the company's puzzle" are necessary to achieve synergy. Therefore, cooperation in such a way as to achieve a better effect than would result from the sum of the results achieved by individual employees. As it is only by combining the experience, competences, knowledge and qualifications of individual people employed in the team, who are its integral part, that we will achieve success.


Running a business is a team activity, so it requires teamwork. And employees should feel part of the team and know where they belong in the group. A clear division of roles, tasks and responsibilities will allow the company to operate without major disruptions. Employees in a well-functioning team help each other in fulfilling their duties, support and motivate each other. That is why they are organized from time to time team building games are essential for both employees and the successful development of the company. Corporate integration it is an indispensable element of building a strong workforce.    

Employee team

Social relationships cannot be created overnight and on demand. It takes time and an opportunity to get to know each other better. New team members need to form relationships, and it's best to start by organizing an off-site event or two. Especially since many employees dream of being in an environment where you don't talk about business all day long, but rather have fun in a friendly circle. Of course, this does not mean that such trips are unproductive from the company's point of view. On the contrary, employees at such events break the routine and gain a fresh overview of the problems they left behind in the company.

Integration games for employees - what to choose?

When considering what integration games should be offered to employees, you can also think about charity activities. Building bird feeders or houses for homeless cats is a great integration game based on building something good. It allows the company and employees to show what values are important to them. And after such games there is something tangible - the employees not only have fun, but also have a sense of the meaning and purpose of this game.   

Fun for those who like challenges

From games that require a fairly good condition and at least a bit of a competitive spirit, you can offer paintball and company Olympics. These are great activities for people who like competition with a grain of salt. It will also help to select new leaders.

Zorbing is an extreme experience! It consists in entering an inflatable plastic ball and rolling down the hill. It will surely be remembered by all participants who choose this form of entertainment. Similarly, canoeing or pontooning on a mountain river, helicopter flight or a balloon, off road rallies or a ropes course require overcoming fear and overcoming your own weaknesses. It is certainly not a game for everyone.

On the other hand, each employee will be happy to take part in an integration camp, barbecue, corporate banquet or an "open air" screening in an open-air cinema. Entertainment and relaxation in one! Just like bartending shows for companies, magic and illusion shows or live cooking, i.e. a cooking show prepared by chefs!  

Integration games

Companies that want to stimulate the creativity of their employees should consider organizing team building games. These types of activities can help employees to relieve stress or anxiety, which is an integral part of life and work. They will allow you to forget about tables and results, and focus on relationships in the team and soft skills exercises. The well-being of employees will undoubtedly have a positive impact on their productivity and performance at work. In order for effective teamwork to occur, it must first come into being at all team. And it is supposed to be not only in name, but in fact there must be some bond and community between employees.

field games

Team building for staff

How to build a strong and stable company? For this we need employees of all levels, with different competences and skills. However, in any case, they should be loyal, creative and willing employees to take on new challenges. Team building is a very important aspect of a company's culture as it creates an environment where employees feel they can be themselves. Team it means collaboration and communication, and for them to exist you need trust. For that you need it team building, i.e. a set of activities aimed at building strong relationships in the team. 

Event agency Commplace

Integration games for employees - where to organize?

Sosnówka is a charming summer resort near Karpacz. Situated among mountain peaks, by a magnificent lagoon, it is an ideal place for integration games for employees. They can be arranged outdoors, taking advantage of the proximity of the ruins of Prince Henry's Castle and the Chapel of St. Anna and Chojnik, one of the most magnificent medieval castles in the region. The ancient forests surrounding Sosnówka are a perfect scenery games and team building games.

A company event can also be organized in one of the many hotel and restaurant facilities that offer delicious cuisine, interestingly arranged interiors and the help of experienced event managers. So if we ask ourselves - where to go for an integration trip? - we must take into account the Karkonosze, headed by Sosnówka.

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What to pay attention to when choosing team building games for employees?

  • Entertainment must meet predetermined goals. For example, if an employer wants his employees to get to know each other better, he should focus on integration games that will make it easier for them. Games such as "Two truths and a lie", "Truth or a challenge" or "Character trait" will work great in this case.
  • Integration games for employees they must be intriguing and engaging. They should be of effective interest to employees. If the participants are fully committed to the tasks, the integration will bring the expected results.
  • Team building games should perfectly match the tastes of employees. At the stage of organizing integration, it is worth conducting a short survey among subordinates in order to find out about their preferences and expectations. This will facilitate the selection of appropriate integration games.
  • Integration at work is a great way to take a break from work. However, a much better option is to plan a unique trip full of integration games for employees. Such a trip will bring much better results. It will not only bring employees closer together and relax the atmosphere, but also provide participants with a lot of unforgettable impressions.

Integration events, team building, corporate events ...

We will organize them for you!

Integration games for employees - summary

Integration games is an effective way to build a strong, well-coordinated and efficiently functioning team. This is the key to strengthening friendly relations between employees and creating a good atmosphere in the workplace. Integration games have many advantages. They develop creativity, stimulate the sense of logical thinking and improve other valuable skills useful in the performance of official duties. Thanks to them, the team works more efficiently, more effectively and efficiently. Employees feel good in each other's company, and thus have greater motivation to act.

Outdoor integration

Let's recall the school or student times. If we established close relationships in our class or group, if we were surrounded by good acquaintances or friends, we were more likely to attend lessons or classes. And even the vision of a colloquium or a test on a disliked subject or terribly boring classes were not able to spoil our good mood. It is similar in the company. Working in a friendly and supportive environment does not seem so exhausting and stressful, even when tasks are sometimes difficult and deadlines are lagging.  

Integration - dancing games, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

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