Effective integration methods

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Choosing integrative methods first of all, you need to know your team well in order to adapt the games and tasks perfectly to the employees. Reaching for clichés every year is not a good idea - methods integrative are constantly evolving, especially in today's pandemic times. Which integration methods to choose for 2022?

Match the methods to employees

Remember, before you choose the form of integration, think several times whether the games or tasks will be properly adjusted to your team. Integration is to bring team members closer to each other. What's more - they need to feel comfortable in performing tasks and not forced to do something they don't like. This is especially true for tasks in the form of physical activity. There is nothing worse than a workshop where employees feel uncomfortable because they are not able to fully participate in the activities. 

If you want to do yoga or running classes, you need to inform the employees first. Also, give them the option to withdraw when they are unwilling or unable to participate. Then give them time to change and then refresh after class. Ideally, a qualified trainer should lead them - this ensures a warm-up and adjusting the activity to the health condition of each person. 

Remember! It may happen that your team simply does not like sports - then certainly do not insist on joint corporate integration games, paintball or other team-building games. It is the employees who should feel fully comfortable during the games and activities. Before you choose integration methods, it is worth simply asking team members about their interests, hobbies, etc.

Integration methods based on couchach and specialists

Appropriate integration methods should be carried out only under the supervision of an experienced trainer. You cannot choose the best specialist, psychologist or therapist. An inexperienced person can only worsen the atmosphere in the team, rather than improve it. The specialist should have references and appropriate qualifications to conduct the classes. Why is it so important?

On the Quickbase recruitment portal, you can read the history of training for an unconnected team. The trainer instructed the participants to confess to each other what they did not like each other for. One of the participants mentioned that after a while some of them were crying, while others were simply offended. This is how unsupervised workshops can end, and only on the basis of exercises taken from the Internet. That is why we repeat once again: it is necessary to very consistently choose the right person who will effectively and efficiently integrate the team.


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Integration methods with the idea

For many companies, integration means a heavily drunk party until dawn. Well, this kind of thinking should be abandoned these days. Employees expect much more from the integration than just dancing and alcohol together. Often such events were not at all conducive to integration. Most often, after returning to work, many employees were embarrassed by what was happening during the event. And the integration methods are a whole range of ideas that can be used to make everyone have a good time and get something out of integration.

Integration trip instead of a fancy party with lots of alcohol, you can combine sightseeing with a vineyard, bartending workshops, an integration fire or tasting craft beer. The above integration methods do not require you to give up fun and alcohol. What's more, they allow you to relax and tighten bonds with the team. If you are looking for more inspiration, go to Event configurator on the website of the Korona Karkonosze Manor House. Thanks to it, you can adjust integration methods perfectly tailored to your team.

Integration methods and competition

Nowadays, the well-known rat race is more and more often turned into cooperation and integration. It was noticed that these two factors have a significant impact on the success of the team and the entire company. More and more often, not only the invasive selection method, such as the sieve model, is being abandoned, but also the integrative methods are no longer based only on the aggressive competition technique.

Paintball and military maneuvers are still used as part of team games, but rather for integration purposes. It is worth organizing such games in such a way that the motivation to win is positive (SPA for all participants, and additionally - massage for the winners), and not negative (the losers go to bed without dinner). Similarly, in the case of more military exercises - cooperation-oriented survival workshops are a better idea than fierce competition in a "barracks" style.

Integration methods within team-building

Teambuilding it is an extremely important element of a well-conducted integration. At the same time, it combines learning and fun, bonding the team into one whole. Fortunately, employees do not have to leave their comfort zone. All the more so, they are not considered weak when they refuse to take part in games. You don't have to do anything against your will to integrate with the team. Much more attention is paid to respecting the culture and customs of each participant. Thanks to this, they feel more at ease during the workshops. If you are looking for ideas for team building methods, read our article: 15 reliable team building games that your employees will love. You will certainly find a lot of inspiration on it.

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