Integration group games that will strengthen relationships in the group

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Integration group games as the strength of your team

There are many forms of integration, and each of them has great benefits. Bringing the team together, improving communication, increasing motivation, or reducing stress. These are extremely important elements that affect the effectiveness of the group's functioning. One of the examples of integration activities that will have a great impact on relationships in the group are group integration games. What are they about?

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The company's results depend on the effectiveness of the team's work.

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Integration group games build a strong and efficient team, thanks to the combination of great fun, positive emotions and team building elements. They focus on cooperation, which is a key skill for a well-integrated and communicating team. Integration group games are not only to be fun, but also to influence the relations in the work group. That is why it is so important to prepare them properly and match them to the team. Not every employee is a fan of shared games, so you should follow different examples of games to make everyone feel fully comfortable.

Collaborative group games

Team cooperation is the key to success in the enterprise. If employees cannot get along on a daily basis at work or when making projects - you need to know that appropriate integration will be needed, which, using elements of team building, will improve communication in the team.

One of the great examples of such group fun is a scenario game in which participants will have to unravel a complicated puzzle (e.g. a criminal one). It will teach employees to cooperate, communicate effectively and solve problems efficiently. It will be a lesson in logic, creativity and cause-and-effect thinking. In addition, it will bring employees closer to each other, improve their relationships and have a positive impact on their daily functioning in the company. 

Integration games

Integration games. Examples of other forms of group integration games based on the principles of cooperation are:

  • building a Goldberg machine,
  • military maneuvers,
  • culinary tournament.

It is important that the participants of the game can feel the atmosphere of the game. Fun should be organized in a properly prepared scenery that will take employees to a truly different world.

Integration games. If your team of employees loves sport, they will be the perfect solution integration activity games, e.g. in the form of the company Olympic Games. During such activity, team members will be able to test their strength and skills in various sports. Company games are a guarantee of great fun along with learning to cooperate, communicate in a group and make quick decisions.

Integration around the fire

Integration group games unite employees into a single, thriving team. The bonfire is a great example of integrating people who need time together to talk about loose topics, not related to work. In addition, tasty sausages, music, dances - all of this will positively affect the atmosphere at work and reduce stress.

Easy and fun team-building group games are, for example, puns. They can be held either in the classic, film or music version. They do not require great organization and preparation, and they are perfect as a form of integration. How to perform puns The participants are divided into two or three groups (depending on the number of people). The selected person from the group draws the password and has to present it in a creative way to his friends and teammates. Their task is to guess the password as quickly as possible. Teams are awarded points. The one who gathers the most of them wins. 

Integration group games - even more ideas

There are really many ideas for conducting an interesting group integration. We are limited only by our imagination and our team of employees. If they love sports - you can play a football or basketball match or go canoeing, for example ending with feasting by the fire. Fans of competition and adrenaline can take part in paintball based on a special scenario - such a game will provide extraordinary emotions to each participant.

Integration games.

If the group loves to sing, it would be a perfect idea to test your abilities in group karaoke. An unconventional example is also a game called "blind trust", in which participants matched in pairs have to overcome a special obstacle course. The whole fun is that one person is blindfolded and the other is their guide. The team with the fastest finish wins. As you can see, the possibilities are huge. The most important thing is to understand the team's needs well and organize them properly so that the integration can bring about the right results.

Group games as a form of integration

Each team struggles with some problems from time to time. It can be bad relations between employees, a poor atmosphere, an excess of stress - all this contributes to the reduced effectiveness of the group. A misplaced team does not work efficiently, does not use the potential of each member and has difficulty solving problems arising on the way to the goal. A poorly functioning workgroup lacks the motivation and willingness to constantly develop. Consequently, the company stands still, is not successful and does not generate maximum profits. 

That is why integration is so important, whether it is on a daily basis or in the form of training, workshops, trips, or maybe just group integration games. Integration binds employees together and improves communication within the group. Each of us needs to get to know each other better in a team, talk about loose topics, and break away from the rush of duties. In such situations, team-building games are ideal, which will certainly help employees forget about work for a while and allow them to have a good time.

group integration games in the dance version

Dancing triggers positive feelings, relieves tensions, relaxes you and improves your well-being. In addition, it allows you to express emotions, arouses the desire to associate with other people, connects and teaches cooperation. No wonder that dancing integration games are considered to be one of the most effective, and at the same time the most engaging and inspiring. Integration meeting filled to the brim with dancing fun is a guarantee of great fun and unique memories.

There are plenty of group integration games in the dance version that can be successfully used at a company event. One of them is dancing around the chairs. Although the game is mainly associated with wedding caps, it can be an interesting diversion. integration meeting. What is fun? Several chairs are placed in a circle in the center of the room - one less than the number of players. Participants dance around the chairs, to the rhythm of the music played by the band or played from the player. When the melody stops, they have to sit on the chairs as soon as possible. First come first served! The person who fails to take a seat is eliminated. The game continues until two players and one chair remain on the floor. The winner is the person who manages to take the last place first. In this case, to win arcade games for adultsYou need reflexes and speed. A bit of luck will also come in handy.

Another group integration game in the dance version is a dance competition with prizes. The dancing competition will introduce a touch of healthy competition and will provide participants with a huge dose of positive emotions.

A dance competition may take the form of a group competition or a competition in pairs. In the first version, participants selected in teams of several people prepare a short dance pattern for the selected song, and then present it to the jury. The group that shows the greatest creativity wins.

In the second version of the competition, participants pair up and present their dancing skills to the jury to the rhythm of songs played by a music band. The game can be diversified by a dance leader who will give instructions to the participants during the dance. A couple who fail to complete the task are eliminated from the competition. The winner is the two who complete all challenges.

How to award winners of dance competitions? They must be presented with special diplomas that will remind them of a well-deserved victory. Additionally, you can give them baskets filled with various trinkets - including sweets, coffee and tea sets, everyday gadgets and other items.

Among other interesting integration dance games, we can distinguish:

  • dancing under the bar - great fun at a Hawaiian party,
  • learning professional choreography together under the supervision of an experienced dance trainer.

Group integration games to be used at work

Nobody said that you can integrate employees only at corporate events or trips. Integration at work it can bring equally spectacular effects. The key is to organize it properly and involve all employees in it. How to integrate employees in the company?

It's a great idea to introduce a "team-up" rule during the week. What is this principle about? Together, choose a day of the week when you will devote one hour only to integration. During this time, discussions about work, duties and other things related to the functioning of the company are prohibited. Focus on getting to know each other and building friendly relationships.

Your integration hour will not be complete without games that will help you tighten your bonds, help you loosen up the atmosphere and allow you to relax. One of the interesting integration games is "Two truths and a lie", in which each participant has to tell three different facts about himself. Two of them must be true and one must be a lie. The task of the other players is to guess which statement is false. Telling facts about yourself is a fun way to showcase your personal page. Fun brings employees closer to each other, relaxes the atmosphere and integrates perfectly.

Entertainment while working? Why not!

Another game that can be used during integration at work is "History Shared". How is the gameplay going? One person becomes the conductor - each week it can be someone else. The conductor designates a person who has to start storytelling on any topic. At any time, the conductor stops and indicates the person who has to continue the interrupted story, etc. As a result, the employees create an incredibly interesting, improbable, and often also extremely funny story. Common Story stimulates creativity and imagination, and teaches active listening. In addition, it is a great way to relax and de-stress.

Among the interesting group integration games we can also mention a game with a mysterious name "P". Employees are divided into two teams. The selected person on the first team thinks of any word that cannot start with the letter "p". He then explains them to the rest of the participants, using only words that start with the letter "p".

Their task is to guess the password. The guessing team can ask a variety of questions to get them on the right track. An interesting solution is to define a time limit. The limitation introduces a certain dynamics to the play. The team that manages to guess more passwords wins the game. "P" is a very simple game that relieves tension and provides a lot of reasons to laugh.

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During the employee integration hour, you can also use such games as:

  • "20 questions" - the person who starts the game, chooses a password from a specific category (e.g. movie title) and does not reveal it to other players; participants can ask 20 questions which will allow them to guess the password; if they succeed, they score a point,
  • "Jaka to melodia" - an employee version of a popular TV program; the leader plays the songs from the previously prepared compilation, and the players have to guess the title of each of them; first come first served,
  • team puns - employees are divided into two groups; the selected person from the first team presents the randomly drawn password, and the second team has to guess it within a certain time.

Group integration games that teach effective communication

Effective communication it is the basis for the functioning of each employee group. Without her teamwork it is ineffective and unpleasant. Efficient communication facilitates the performance of everyday professional tasks and the achievement of business goals, is invaluable in solving various problems and conflicts, and also has a huge impact on the atmosphere in the company. ABOUT internal communication you must take care without a doubt! How? Carefully selected group integration games can be helpful!

There is no doubt that employees will work on their communication skills as they build a Goldberg machine together. Goldberg's machine is a device consisting of various elements, operating on a cause-and-effect basis - one mechanism drives another, etc. The participants' task is to build individual parts of the machine from various gears, levers, blocks and others.

After joining the parts, they should create an efficient machine. This incredibly interesting and addictive group integration game, in addition to effective communication, requires from the participants good work organization, the ability to rationally divide duties, cooperation, commitment and a bit of creativity.

A great exercise for communication and active listening is the game "Listen to what I tell you". Participants form pairs. It is up to each person to present their partner with the most important information about themselves - including interests, animals, names of children, education, etc. Then, each must introduce their partner to the rest of the group, telling what they have remembered.

Among the interesting group integration games that improve communication in the group, we can also mention the game "Helicopter". The leader divides the group into two teams. Each team gets a piece of paper with the name of the machine or vehicle, e.g. mower, truck. The task of the teams is to present the slogan using only body language. Everyone on the team must be part of the show.

Communication can also be practiced during:

  • sports games - football, mini-golf,
  • field games - stalking and others,
  • paintball games,
  • scenario games - criminal riddles, etc.

Group integration games that develop creativity

The ability to think creatively is useful in many industries. Thanks to it, you can easily carry out even the most demanding tasks, create unique projects and efficiently overcome obstacles on the way to your goal. Creativity at work is a ticket to great business success. That is why it is worth instilling it in employees, and then constantly cultivating it.

A great group integration game that develops the ability to think creatively. There is a "Cage for the Egg". What is this mystery game about? Employees are divided into teams of several people. Each group has to prepare a solid cage for the egg from the things at hand - incl. from bags, paper, office supplies and other items. The cage created must provide soft cushioning for an egg falling from a height of two meters. The team that builds the most durable cage wins.

Lots of creativity will come in handy when creating a corporate logo as a team. The employees' task is to prepare a logo from things that they will find in their pockets and purses. Keys, a pack of tissues, a lipstick or a key ring can suddenly be extremely helpful! The winner of the game is the team that manages to create unconventional, most creative work.

Group integration games in the form of workshops

Instead of organizing one group integration game, you can plan amazing workshops, filled to the brim with amazing team games. Workshops are a huge dose of valuable knowledge, presented in an accessible and interesting way, a guarantee of great fun and a lot of positive energy.

During the integration workshops, you can use the following games:

  • dancing - dancing under the bar, dancing around the chairs, company dance with the stars,
  • movement - football, volleyball or basketball match, dodgeball, paintball, climbing, company games,
  • field games - stalking, orienteering parties, manza, treasure hunt,
  • creative and logical puzzles - knot from hands, creating a logo, building a Goldberg machine.

Team integration games make it easier for employees to build friendly relations, strengthen their belonging to the group, and effectively relax the atmosphere.

How to organize workshops for employees in which group integration games will be the main attraction? The key to the success of such an undertaking is the preparation of a well-thought-out plan. What should be in it?

First of all, determine and describe in detail the purpose of the workshop. The goal will make it easier for you to organize the event, including the selection of the best group integration games. The aim of the workshop may be: improving communication in the group, solving conflicts in the team, integrating the newly formed team, motivating employees to act, relaxing the atmosphere in the group, etc.

Then choose a location for the workshop. The best option is the facility located outside the city in a quiet, picturesque area. An integration meeting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, on a neutral ground, is a chance to take a break from everyday life, relax and focus fully on deepening relationships with colleagues.

The next stage of planning integration workshops is creating a scenario, i.e. selecting specific games that will allow you to achieve the set goal. If the workshop is scheduled over several days, the program should include free time, mealtimes and more. A carefully prepared scenario should be presented to employees.

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Group integration games - a short summary

Group integration games are a bull's eye! Such games build a sense of community, help you get to know your colleagues better and provide a lot of positive impressions. They are a great way to relax the atmosphere, they are great for de-stressing and can effectively motivate you to work efficiently. One cannot forget about the team building aspect of such activities. Team games teach teamwork, efficient communication and equip employees with other valuable skills useful in everyday work. Team building games are an important element of building a well-coordinated, strong team of employees.

There are many interesting group integration games that can be used in everyday work, at corporate events and on trips. Choosing the right ones depends on the purpose of the company meeting, organizational possibilities, time and size of the group.

Team games can be the main attraction of multi-day integration workshops. Organizing such an event is quite a challenge. It requires full commitment, time and experience. If you want to be sure that everything will be planned with the highest professionalism and in the smallest details, entrust the entire project to an experienced event agency. Event agencies they specialize in organizing such events, thanks to which they can meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. An integration event prepared by a professional event company will certainly bring the expected results!

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Worth knowing:

How to organize group integration games during work?

In order to organize integration during working hours, it is enough to allocate a certain amount of time for this purpose, for example, one hour a week. Then you should perform activities that help employees relax and unwind, for example, by suggesting games like "Two truths and a lie" or "Common story".

How to teach employees effective communication through fun?

Effective communication is the basis of every company. A great tool for developing effective communication is playing the game of building a Goldberg machine, where one mechanism drives another. Communication can also be trained through sports, field and scenario games.

What are the benefits of group games in the form of integration workshops?

Integration workshops are primarily a huge amount of knowledge provided in an extremely accessible way. Workshops filled with interesting team games help employees build friendly relations and strengthen their sense of belonging to a group, which improves the atmosphere in the organization.

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