Organization of corporate events - what is worth knowing?

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Organization of corporate events - what is worth knowing?

The organization of corporate events has become a permanent feature of enterprises because it is known that it brings a lot of benefits. A well-coordinated and functioning team is the key to success. Thus, the question arises: what should the appropriate organization of corporate events look like? What should you remember? Read our short tutorial on how to do it step by step.

What will you learn from the article?

Organizing corporate events is a task that requires careful planning and taking into account many factors. Regardless of whether you are planning a small team-building meeting or a large business conference, choosing the right place, date and goals is crucial to the success of the event. In the following entry we will look at various aspects of organizing corporate events, such as:

  • Choosing a place: how to find the perfect place that will suit the needs of your company and participants?
  • Event date: When is the best time to organize an event to ensure maximum attendance and engagement?
  • Team building: what is team building and what benefits does it bring to the company?
  • Purpose of the trip: what goals should you set before organizing a corporate event?
  • Benefits of organization: is organizing corporate events really beneficial? What are the differences between a team-building event and an event?
  • Event organizer: what qualifications and skills should an organizer of integration events have?
  • Attractions offer: how to choose the right attractions that will attract participants and provide them with an unforgettable experience?
  • Needs analysis: how to precisely understand the needs and expectations of participants in order to plan an event that will meet their expectations?
  • Topics and motifs: What topics and motifs can make your corporate event unique and engaging?

If you want to learn how to organize a corporate event that will not only be effective, but will also bring long-term benefits to your team, this post is just for you. We invite you to read and discover how to create an event that will be remembered for a long time!

Where to start?

First of all, the organization of corporate events should start with determining the purpose of the event. Why are we organizing it? What do we want to achieve? Thanks to the answers to these questions, the employer is able to best match the nature of the event to the expected results.

Then let's think about what our employees like? What are their expectations. Remember that group members should feel comfortable and at ease while having fun. The nature and details of the event should be consulted with the team. Thanks to this, it will be ideally suited to their expectations. By organizing the event to the taste of employees, the employer shows them that their opinion is important. He proves that he cares for them and cares about their needs. The Korona Karkonoszy Manor provides an intuitive event creator that allows you to plan a unique event on your own terms.

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The next step is to choose the nature of the event. As a form of integration of employees, a lavish party, a joint trip or a bonfire will be perfect. In order to de-stress and break away from work duties, you can go to interesting workshops or an inspiring show. The number of possibilities is really huge, and it all depends on the employer, his idea, financial capabilities and the willingness of employees.

You do not have time to deal with organizing a corporate event?

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Organization of corporate events - choice of place

Choosing a venue for a corporate event matters. We certainly advise against the company's building - employees should rest, relax and forget about their duties during a corporate event. Team members will not be comfortable with the event being held at the company. The seat of the company does not create the appropriate conditions for establishing loose, friendly contacts. It is not a good place to integrate employees.

So what places to choose? An interesting idea is a culinary trip to a region famous for its delicious delicacies. Lower Silesia can be proud of its cheeses, honey, wines, liqueurs and other specialties.

It is also a good idea to organize a beer feast with tasty snacks. A unique event organized by Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a great opportunity to taste the best brewing products (including delicious AIPA DKK craft beer) among colleagues.

Our facility is located approximately 100 km from Wrocław. This is the distance that allows you to conveniently get there and feel the taste of the trip, and at the same time not waste too much time on the journey. Sosnówka is a town that almost connects with Karpacz. Its additional advantage is that, in addition to the mountains, we can enjoy the view and the atmosphere of the beautiful lagoon at the same time.

Organization of corporate events

For many people, the mere departure during work is already an event and a break from the routine of everyday life. It is a form of relaxation combined with tightening ties. This is a great icebreaker in social contacts. And also an opportunity to switch to you and get to know each other in informal settings. The waiting time for departure can also be exciting. There are questions: what to take on an integration trip? How to dress?  

Place to party

The choice of place for a corporate event should be carefully considered and ensure maximum comfort for participants. If we also organize, for example, training, we must, of course, ensure appropriate conditions. Today's standards are a minimum of a training room ensuring comfort and the ability to concentrate. The auditorium should also be properly equipped with a projector, multimedia board and sound system.

It is optimal when the room is intended exclusively for training, and the facility provides other places for conversations, informal meetings or spending free time. Guest rooms may have an individual character or meet a uniform standard to ensure guests' comfort.

Event agency, organization of corporate events
Event agency, organization of corporate events

A good example of the first model is the Korona Karkonoszy Manor. It provides professional facilities and an individualized approach to guests. An additional advantage is the beautiful mountain surroundings and the vicinity of the large Sosnówka reservoir. Hotel for team building events You have to choose carefully - the great experience of service and the variety of attractions are also important.

How to choose the date of the corporate event?

What should you consider when choosing the date of a corporate event? We must plan a company trip in advance and inform the interested parties well in advance. They will then have enough time to, for example, organize care for their children or their favorite pet. They will also calmly consider whether, for example, their hiking boots or trekking trousers are suitable, or whether they should buy new ones? Some people probably forgot that they even had them 😉 Planning the event well in advance will also allow you to think about the purpose of the trip, which may be, for example, team building.

However, there are situations when the trip was not planned in advance, but it is very much needed, even indispensable for the team. For example, it is about the need to relieve tension after a sudden event. It can also be a form of a bonus upon reaching an important milestone or success. Depending on the management style and organizational culture of a given company, trips are also organized after promotions to managerial positions or simply to discuss the company's strategy and goals. Also, non-profit organizations often organize away meetings, if only to exchange experiences on neutral ground. 

Photographing and filming on such trips outside of official situations is rather unwelcome. Some people value privacy very much and may not wish to capture and publish moments of shared play. Much depends on the feeling and familiarity in the company.

You can also arrange integration meeting in a cozy restaurant or an elegant ballroom. In this case, employees will be able to dress up and feel the importance of this event. That is why such an event must not be complete without delicious catering consisting of hot dishes, cold snacks, sweet desserts and refreshing drinks.

Organizing corporate events involves taking into account many aspects. It's also worth thinking about music - live or from a player. Calm music in the background will slightly relax the atmosphere and create an excellent background for establishing friendly relationships between employees. Fast, lively music is a great solution for a dance party. The participants will be happy to have fun on the dance floor.

Organization of corporate events

Organization of corporate events, conferences

Organization of corporate events, conferences, congresses or business meetings requires careful preparation. They differ from an ordinary corporate event in that we will deal with experts, often in narrow fields, who generally do not work directly with each other. They share their knowledge, willingness to exchange experiences, present new achievements or develop a common strategy. For example, medical congresses can influence the development of a new treatment method, a climate congress can unite different environments to achieve a common goal, which will be to take care of our planet.

Organization of corporate events Wrocław

Conferences, especially large ones, must be meticulously planned, starting from a convenient date, so as to ensure the possibility of participation in it by as many people as possible. You have to take into account various holidays, anniversaries, the holiday season and other cyclical events, among others. The most important thing is to define the purpose of the conference and the target group. Of course, the budget we have, ways of promoting the event and many other aspects are also important. Therefore, it seems that the optimal solution is to entrust the organization of the conference to an experienced agency.

What is team building?

Team building, literally translated from English, is simply team building. It involves taking various actions to integrate a group of people so that they create a team. It may concern people who are just getting to know each other. It may also involve deepening bonds, improving communication or relationships between people who already cooperate with each other. Broadly speaking, the essence of team building is to generate maximum team energy to achieve a common goal.

We also use team building techniques, for example, in the case of team mergers, restructuring, or if there is a need to resolve or prevent conflicts and misunderstandings. We use them to deepen integration - to get to know our advantages and disadvantages better. They help in defining goals and expectations, in building mutual trust, increasing the level of satisfaction, and developing new solutions. The goal of team building, in addition to providing fun and relaxation, is to achieve positive effects in the functioning of the group.

Team building is most often carried out in the form of integration trips. The best results are achieved by placing people in a new environment and then teaching them to cooperate through relaxation and rest.

Themed parties or events based on a special, interesting scenario are fashionable. Commplace offers a large selection of them. Everyone will surely find something inspiring.

Organization of corporate events

Company party with elements of team building

Every employer and employee certainly knows about the great power of team building. A well-coordinated team is the key to the company's success. The company should ensure that there are no conflicts between team members and that communication is at the highest level.

Organizing corporate events will work great in this situation. Adding team building elements will help build a strong team. Team building tasks are based on cooperation. During the exercises, employees learn about their strengths and weaknesses, as well as learn how to communicate efficiently and use the potential of each group member.

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Organization of events for companies

While playing together, you can also assess what level the team is currently at. Isn't the distance between its members too great? Do group members help each other or do they compete with each other? Many aspects of team functioning at the level of formal business relationships may remain hidden.

Sometimes it is only in a different setting that we can notice small elements that require improvement or are worth working on. A good example would be, for example, observing the way in which individual members share information - or not.   

Organization of corporate events - purpose of the trip

It is very important to determine the main purpose of the trip. For example, when we want to celebrate the anniversary of the company and long-term partners, we will put more emphasis on saying thank you and having fun. There are also appropriate gifts and souvenir gadgets. If we are looking for new solutions, when organizing an event, we should try to plan as many situations as possible conducive to free conversation.

We must also provide a time and place for the so-called brainstorming. In this case, we also need to prepare appropriate, helpful materials. We will do the same if we organize training or workshops. However, if the goal is to integrate and improve the functioning of our crew, it is worth using team building techniques.

An ideal idea for building a strong team are various games based on the principles of competition (e.g. corporate games with interesting competitions), as well as scenario games aimed at solving a complicated puzzle (e.g. a criminal mystery). In both forms, it is about cooperation.

The participants must be able to communicate effectively to complete the task. Competitive games and activities are the best way to build a well-coordinated, well-functioning team that will achieve excellent results in professional work.

Event agency, organization of corporate events

Does the organization of corporate events bring benefits?

The answer is simple: of course it is! Company events improve relations between employees. In a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, it is much easier to establish contacts. Company events create excellent conditions for conversation - on topics other than work. This is a great way to integrate employees and improve their mutual relations.

Company events are also an opportunity to break away from the gray reality, forget about responsibilities, work and stress. After a company event, employees will be charged with new energy to act. This can have a very positive impact on their work performance and the company's overall success in the market.

Integration trip

Successful integration trip it is often perceived as an additional bonus and a mini vacation. As an interruption in the routine of work and everyday life at home, it allows you to recharge your energy. Such a trip also inspires people to think about where and how to spend their free time. It encourages broadly understood activity.

What is the difference between an integration event and an event?

Integration party and event - the main difference is the scope of these concepts. Event is a broader term and means in the English language it comes from: an event or an event. This concept includes both a music concert, an author's meeting, an election rally or an integration event. In the marketing industry, we use the word in a narrower sense - it is a purposeful, strictly planned and implemented event aimed at achieving a specific goal. For example, a company event is an event planned and paid for by a specific company, the purpose of which may be to promote or integrate the team.  

In corporate jargon, an event organization specialist also functions as an event manager. This is how we define the person responsible for the entire event. Its task is - among other things - to set the purpose of the trip, determine the number of participants, select the meeting place, all of which, of course, within a strictly defined budget.

How to organize an event? It's best to entrust this task to experts!

Organizer of a team-building event

The organizer of a team-building event should be distinguished by creativity, easy networking, sense of humor and empathy. It will be best if our event is prepared by someone who has done similar things before. This will avoid minor mistakes or stumbles. Such a person will be able to predict different reactions during the execution of a task or play.

An experienced event organizer has certainly observed various behaviors of people more than once, such as a skeptical approach to a given task or fear of taking advantage of certain attractions. Such a person can encourage joint action, amuse the company and at the same time not violate the sense of dignity of the participants (this is important in the case of some games!). Knowledge of the human psyche and knowledge of how to behave in potentially difficult situations will make the game successful and our event will be positively received. It will remain in the memory of the participants as an unforgettable adventure.

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As event company in other words, an event agency, we will take care of everything - we will find a place for the event, and then we will coordinate the whole thing: from inviting guests to thanking them for their participation. We take care of all the logistical aspects of organizing the event. Event planning is our specialty!

Corporate team-building events – benefits of organizing them

Organizing a company meeting is a key element of building a strong team and strengthening relationships in the workplace. A team-building event can significantly impact employee morale while improving communication and cooperation. Integrative corporate events should be well thought out to meet the expectations of participants and be consistent with the company's organizational culture.

The offer of events for companies is extremely wide and includes various forms of activity, from classic banquets to modern team-building workshops. When choosing the right company to organize such an event, it is worth paying attention to its experience and opinions of previous clients. Professional event organization will ensure not only successful fun, but also the achievement of business goals.

See how to organize a party quickly and efficiently - check our website event configurator!

Worth knowing:

What are the most important logistical aspects to consider when organizing an event?

Organizing a company event requires careful planning and coordination of many logistic elements. Important aspects to consider include choosing the right venue and date for the event, as well as verifying the ability to provide adequate catering and transport services. It is also necessary to provide the equipment that is necessary to carry out the event, such as sound, lighting and event furniture. It is also particularly important to properly manage time and coordinate the team of employees who will be responsible for preparing and conducting the event. Good logistics organization is the key to the success of a corporate event, so you should take care of its most important aspects already at the planning stage.

What are the promotional strategies that can be used to increase attendance at an event?

Organizing a corporate event is not an easy task, especially when it comes to attracting more guests. However, there are various promotional strategies that can increase attendance at these types of events. One way is to use social media, which allows you to reach a wide audience. Advertising your company with leaflets or banners can also be an effective method of attracting potential participants. In the case of larger events, it is also worth investing in radio or television advertising. All this allows for efficient organization of the event and attracting guests for whom it will be an unforgettable event.

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