Where for an integration trip?

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The perfect place for an integration trip? Picturesque Giant Mountains

For a successful one integration trip including the location of the facility. Not only the equipment, beautiful rooms, good menu, but also the surroundings of the hotel or manor house. Mountains with green trails, lush nature, beautiful and picturesque landscape are a great choice. The Karkonosze Mountains are an ideal place for an integration trip. Why? Check for yourself.

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Are you looking for the perfect place for an integration trip?

Welcome to the Karkonosze Mountains :)

Karkonosze - the perfect place for an integration trip?

The Giant Mountains attract thousands of tourists every year. Also the business ones, because Lower Silesia has a lot to offer. Hiking along the trails with a view of the amazing, breathtaking natural circumstances will be a great addition to an integration trip. The team of employees can also go to inspiring workshops in regional crafts, where they will learn the secrets of creating Lower Silesian glass, ceramics and fabrics.

Perfect place for integration trip is one that has everything: it will richly equip the facility, with lots of attractions and picturesque nature around. Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, located in the very center of the mountains, offers everything you need for an excellent integration trip. This facility, attractively located, attracts tourists with its location, where the windows of the apartments offer a view of the charming surroundings. In addition, the participants of the trip in the evenings can take a breath of fresh air, strolling around the well-kept garden located at the manor house. They also have the opportunity to taste delicious regional dishes created by experienced chefs from 350 dishes to choose from.

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The Karkonosze Mountains, together with 5,000 hectares of beautiful landscapes, the amazing Kamieńczyk waterfall, or the Śnieżka Massif, rising over 1,600 meters above sea level, is an ideal place for an integration trip. The region creates perfect conditions for strengthening ties and creating friendly relations between employees. It allows you to fully relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. A trip to Lower Silesia is a guarantee of great fun and unforgettable impressions!

A place for an integration trip full of attractions

The place, as mentioned above, is a very important aspect in organizing an integration trip. The chosen location should provide participants with complete peace and relaxation. It should create conditions for free conversations that will strengthen ties between employees and allow them to build friendly relations. What else cannot be missing on an integration trip? Attraction. Employees need entertainment.

There are many possibilities, because we are only limited by our imaginations. Crazy, themed parties until dawn, a bonfire with sausages, sightseeing tours around the area with an experienced guide, interesting workshops - there are many ideas! It is worth looking for a facility that offers attractions specially tailored to the participants of a company trip. The Korona Karkonoszy Manor and its team of employees will ensure unforgettable integration thanks to ready-made scenarios and integration workshops.

What should an integration trip look like?

An integration trip is not only to bring the team closer to each other, but also to provide moments of relaxation, rest and unforgettable adventures for employees. That is why the place for an integration trip is so important, because it must meet many needs at once. Tour participants are to forget about all matters related to their professional duties, at least for a moment. They are to get away from the gray everyday life, the hustle and bustle of the city and life on the go.

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The trip should provide employees with 100% rest. He should bring them closer together and create a thread of friendship and understanding between the individual members of the group. For this reason, the Giant Mountains are an ideal place for an integration trip. They combine relaxation and entertainment at the same time, and the tourist facilities are well-equipped to organize business trips in them.

The benefits of integration

Employee integration is an inseparable element of the functioning of any company. This is the key to success in the team. A well-coordinated and strong team is achieved by more than one employee. Integrated workforce works on the basis of cooperation. He skillfully uses the potential of each member and quickly finds solutions to all problems. Conflicts rarely arise in a harmonious group. Communication is at the highest level. Employees work together to achieve one goal. They dynamically fulfill their official tasks and thus bring the company closer to success. Additionally, thanks to integration, employees willingly come to work, thanks to the pleasant atmosphere and friendly relations in the team.

Place for an integration trip - what to consider when choosing a hotel?

We already know that the perfect place for an integration trip is outside the city, somewhere in a quiet, picturesque area, e.g. in the beautiful Karkonosze Mountains. In a place where the only sounds are the joyful singing of birds, the sound of rapid mountain streams and green forests, it is easier to relax and de-stress. The participants of the trip can focus all their attention on getting to know their colleagues better and deepening their friendly relations.

However, location is not everything. The place of accommodation is also important. What should stand out hotel for a business trip?

First of all, it should be adapted to this type of event. It is a great idea to rent a facility that has a spacious room where you can organize an evening integration party, as well as a garden where integration games and activities can be held.

Accommodation places should be comfortable and properly equipped. If it is possible, it is worth renting the entire facility exclusively to ensure the highest privacy for the participants of the trip.

Other issues that should be taken into account when choosing a place for an integration trip are:

  • access - especially if employees are to get to the facility on their own; the easier the access, the better,
  • availability of parking spaces - if employees commute by private cars,
  • availability of catering facilities - if it is not available, you should hire a catering company to provide meals to participants or plan trips to local restaurants,
  • choice of attractions - both on-site and local.

A place for an integration trip and local attractions

Attractions are an inseparable element of every team-building trip. The attractions add variety to company meetings, relieve stress, provide great fun and introduce a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. An ideal atmosphere to strengthen friendly ties with your colleagues and work colleagues. Carefully selected, original attractions for an integration trip are half the battle!

Event attractions we can divide them into those that can be arranged in a rented holiday facility and local ones available in the area. The Karkonosze Mountains are an amazing wealth of the latter. What can you do in the Giant Mountains?

Karkonosze - the perfect place for an integration trip at any time of the year

The Karkonosze Mountains is a perfect place for an integration trip filled to the brim with unique local attractions. There is no time for boredom in the Karkonosze Mountains! It is an incredibly rich region in terms of tourism. It offers holidaymakers the power of unusual attractions that provide positive emotions and generate wonderful memories. Lovers of physical activity, all adventurous, and those who prefer leisure activities will find something perfect for themselves. Once you go to the Karkonosze Mountains, you will undoubtedly want to return there!

Picturesque mountain regions, where hiking can be organized, is not the only tourist attraction of the Karkonosze Mountains. Being in the area, it is worth going to the Liczyrzepa Uranium Mine in Kowary, see the beautiful Łomnica Palace located in the climatic Valley of Palaces and Gardens, spend time in the Cieplice Baths in Jelenia Góra, visit the Lower Silesia Monuments Miniature Park in Kowary, i.e. one of the the most important attractions of Lower Silesia, as well as see the exhibition at the Karkonosze Museum. You must visit Karpacz, which is one of the most popular cities in the region. Integration trips around the Giant Mountains area is a guarantee of great fun and unforgettable adventures!

The Karkonosze Mountains is an ideal place for an integration trip also for another reason. It is a region where you can organize a lot of active attractions. Among the most interesting, we will mention:

  • runmageddon - a run with obstacles in the forests of the Giant Mountains, containing elements of climbing, etc.; something perfect for those who are not afraid of challenges and like competition,
  • survival workshops - a real survival school under the care of former members of elite military units,
  • military maneuvers - military training for company recruits, full of various dexterity and logical challenges,
  • rafting - rafting on the route stretching through Bobrów, Wojanów and Łomnica; rafting is a huge dose of adrenaline, an amazing adventure and a guarantee of unforgettable memories,
  • off road - driving an off-road car or quad on unpaved roads; a perfect proposition for enthusiasts of four wheels.

Helicopter flights, glider flights and parachuting are also organized in the Giant Mountains.

A place for an integration trip and attractions in the hotel

Participants of the trip will spend most of their time at the hotel. Therefore, as the organizer of the whole event, you should make sure that your stay in the facility is not boring! Remember that parties, bonfires and games integrative it's not everything. In order to make the trip as varied as possible and provide employees with unforgettable experiences, plan unusual forms of entertainment. Among them we will mention:

Culinary tournament

The culinary tournament is great fun combined with an element of healthy competition. During the competition, participants will be able to compete in various competitions, such as culinary knowledge test, blind tasting on time, etc. Culinary competitions stimulate creativity and effectively improve mood. Moreover, they are a great form of team building. Team competition teaches cooperation and efficient communication.

Regional craft workshops

The Karkonosze Mountains is an incredibly culturally rich region. It is here that, over the centuries, various folk traditions of various ethnic groups intertwined, shaping the multicolored, exceptionally interesting Lower Silesian culture, arts and crafts. The Krkonoše regional craft workshop is a great experience! This is a chance to learn the secrets of making traditional glasses, fabrics, ceramics and natural cosmetics, as well as learn a bit about Lower Silesian breweries and small manufactories.

Cooking workshops

Cooking workshops is a huge dose of valuable knowledge, presented in an interesting and accessible way! It is a great form of entertainment for both cooking enthusiasts and the greatest gluttons, as well as for those who are far from being culinary masters.

Participation in professional cooking workshops is an opportunity to learn about practical tips that will facilitate everyday preparation of meals, learn simple recipes for everyday use and those slightly more complicated for special occasions, and learn a bit about the most popular cuisines in the world. Culinary workshops draw participants into the delicious, incredibly fascinating world of good food. And who knows, maybe one of them will discover a passion for cooking?

Shows, performances, concerts and more

Our last offer are various artistic events. Dance shows, concerts and performances by cabaret artists and other artists are excellent attractions for corporate events organized during integration trips. An evening with such an attraction in the lead role will be a pleasant experience that will generate many wonderful memories.

What to remember when organizing an integration trip?

Organizing an integration trip is a real challenge. It is the art of putting together many elements into one coherent whole. What to consider when planning such an event?

The choice of attractions and places for an integration trip is not enough. Logistics are also of great importance. One of the most important is access to the selected facility. You can leave this issue in the hands of employees or arrange transportation for everyone. The first option will work for distributed teams, i.e. those that work together remotely. In this case, it is worth planning an additional budget that will cover the cost of travel to the hotel for each participant.

Joint transport is a good solution when working in one company location. First of all, it saves a lot of money. Hiring a coach and a one-time payment for fuel is a much lower cost than the reimbursement of travel expenses for each employee. The bus can also be used for commuting to local tourist attractions planned during integration holidays.

If you hesitate whether you can cope with the challenge of organizing an integration trip on your own, use the help of specialists from a professional event agency. Event agency is an entity specialized in the preparation of such events. Experts working in the company organize trips tailored to their clients! They can reach hard-to-reach places and subcontractors, take care of every element of the project and watch over the proper course of the trip.

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A place for an integration trip combined with training

What if you combine business with pleasure and plan an integration trip and training at the same time? The picturesque, quiet neighborhood helps to focus, promotes the acquisition of knowledge, awakens creativity and productivity, and also increases motivation. A training organized in such a place will undoubtedly bring the expected results! Interesting integration attractions will be a great form of rest after long hours spent in the training room. Planning a 2-in-1 company trip, combining employee training with integration, is a bull's eye!

How to choose a place for an integration trip with training? It is worth betting on a facility that offers access to a spacious, comfortable conference or training room. The room should be properly equipped. In place for training should be:

  • chairs and tables,
  • projector, screen, sound system and appropriate lighting,
  • air conditioning / heating - depending on the season.

How to plan such a trip? First of all, it is worth taking care of the training part. First of all, you should book speakers to conduct the training and prepare appropriate training materials for the meeting participants. In addition, it is worth creating a detailed plan of the training day, taking into account breaks - including a longer lunch break and short breaks for coffee, tea or stretching the legs. If the training takes place in an unusual form, e.g. in a workshop, it is necessary to inform the employees about it so that they can properly prepare - e.g. take appropriate clothes with them.

The organization of the integration part is similar to the traditional company trips.

Or maybe incentive trips?

An interesting variety of corporate trips are incentive trips. What is behind this mysterious name? And what incentive trips differ from classic integration trips?

Incentive trips, otherwise known as incentive trips, are a kind of special award for the best employees, i.e. those who are most involved in their professional duties, clearly contributed to the company's development, achieved great success, etc. The purpose of incentive trips is to motivate employees to continue working at the highest level - hence the name of incentive trips. The idea behind integration trips is to loosen the atmosphere in the company and make it easier for employees to build friendly relations.

What distinguishes incentive tourism is exclusivity. These are trips that are inaccessible to "ordinary tourists", they are original and have a "wow" effect. Incentive trips are planned down to the last detail. Each element of such trips is buttoned up to the last button. This is what makes them something special, luxurious.

An ideal place for an integration trip is a small hotel located somewhere near the city or a cozy guesthouse by the lake. The direction of incentive travel are unusual places. A beautiful, five-star hotel, an elegant manor house in an amazingly picturesque area or a luxurious villa in a place where no one has access is a good choice.

Unconventional attractions are an inseparable element of incentive tourism. What form of entertainment will work for such a trip?

  1. Unusual experiences - various activities that provide an unforgettable experience and are an amazing experience, e.g. parachute jump, helicopter flight, glider flight, balloon flight, luxury or sports car rides, etc.,
  2. Meetings at a high level - meetings with the greatest stars, experts and other famous people, e.g. a day with a football player, a private concert of a famous vocalist, dinner with an outstanding scientist,
  3. Visits in inaccessible places - travels where an ordinary tourist cannot reach, e.g. visiting the closed floor of the Palace of Culture, a trip to the jungle,
  4. Learning under the supervision of a master - workshops with an outstanding expert, i.e. a valuable portion of interesting knowledge served in the most professional way, e.g. a cooking course with Robert Makłowicz or a driving lesson with Krzysztof Hołowczyc.

A place for an integration trip in a nutshell, i.e. a short summary

When choosing a place for an integration trip, you should pay attention to two things:

  1. location,
  2. hotel.

The ideal location is the one away from the hustle and bustle, quiet, picturesque, full of interesting tourist attractions. The Giant Mountains meet all these conditions. The Karkonosze Mountains are incredibly beautiful mountains with varied relief and height, including the majestic Śnieżka. It is a wealth of unusual flora and fauna as well as interesting attractions that each year attract thousands of tourists from all over the country and from abroad. An integrative stay in the Karkonosze Mountains is a guarantee of great fun and unforgettable adventures.

A hotel for an integration trip should match the nature of the event. Aspects such as:

  • availability of catering facilities,
  • comfortable accommodation conditions,
  • easy access.

The determinant of a good place for an integration trip is the availability of interesting attractions that will diversify the event and provide participants with a huge dose of positive emotions. Depending on the preferences of employees and the budget, you can organize:

  • outdoor games and activities, e.g. company games, stalking, etc.,
  • outbreaks and integration events for employees, including classic parties, themed events and more,
  • workshops,
  • art shows of all kinds,
  • sightseeing tours.

It is worth doing some serious work to organize an integration trip! A carefully planned event will undoubtedly bring the expected results. Remember that by investing in the integration of employees, you are investing in the development of your company!

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