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We spend most of our time at work, so it's important that we feel good in it. The employer should ensure that there is a friendly atmosphere in the company and that the employees get along well. The key to success are regular integration events. What is a team-building event basically? And how to organize such an event?

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Integration events for employees - why is it worth it?

The atmosphere in the workplace has a great influence on the effectiveness of the work of the employee team. The report "Professional lifestyle" shows that as many as 6 out of 10 employees believe that friendly relations in a team affect the quality of joint professional activities. If employees remain in friendly relations, they get along better, trust and support each other, and thus solve all problems more efficiently and scrupulously complete all tasks. A well-coordinated group is more likely to be successful than one that cannot cooperate. But how to build such a team? Integration is the key to success.

Integration events are meetings in a relaxed atmosphere, which are to help employees get to know better. The results of the above-mentioned study show that live integration meetings are conducive to strengthening the ties between employees - which is confirmed by over 60% of the respondents. Celebrating together brings us closer and builds friendly relations. Events loosen the atmosphere in the team and effectively release all tensions.

Integration events are a way to de-stress. Employees can forget about their daily work duties for a while. Taking a rest awakens the motivation to act, and thanks to this, the team can achieve better results and generate higher profits. It is true that even the best organized sales training, will not bring the expected results if the team lacks motivation. Employees who systematically participate in team-building events are more involved in their daily work, have more energy and have a positive attitude, and thus are successful and contribute to the company's development.

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We cannot forget about the beneficial influence of team-building events on the relationship between the employer and employees. Integration meetings as an element employer branding it is a greater chance to create a company as a friendly workplace, increase employees' attachment to the company, and thus - reduce turnover.

Organizing an integration event for employees is not an easy task. We suggest how to do it step by step.

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Organizing an integration event step by step

A good plan is essential! Thanks to it, the organizer will not forget about any element. The organization of an integration event consists of several stages:

  1. Determining the budget. Determining how much we can spend on the event will make it easier to choose the place, attractions and other elements.
  2. Choosing the nature of the meeting. You can organize a traditional party, campfire, barbecue, picnic or themed event (e.g. in Hawaiian or Hollywood style). Specifying the topic will be helpful in finding a suitable venue for the party.
  3. Choosing a place. Integration event can be held in a restaurant, pub, hotel or other premises. An interesting idea is to organize an integration trip, during which the event will be one of the attractions.
  4. Choice of attractions. At the company meeting, there must be attractions that will diversify the event and make it easier for employees to tighten their ties. Popular integration games include: dance games, dance competitions, word games. The event can be enriched with other attractions - e.g. a bartending show, a dance show. Attractions should suit the nature of the event.
  5. Determining the date of the event. It is worth setting the date well in advance. A few weeks are the absolute minimum. Some companies spend up to several months organizing team-building events.
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Integration event - where to organize it?

A well-planned integration event will bring many benefits. First of all, it will enable employees to get to know better what will translate into quality improvement group communication, and this will increase the efficiency of the team's activities. Integration events are a way to relax the atmosphere in the company - and as we well know, a positive atmosphere in the workplace promotes productivity and creativity.

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An important stage in planning an integration event is the choice of premises. The meeting is best organized outside the company's walls. It is hard to relax in the headquarters, leave your corporate roles and open up to employees - show the other, private side. As a result, integration may not be as effective as assumed. So where to organize an integration event? Preferably on neutral ground. It can be a pub, restaurant or other special event room. The selected place should match the nature of the event - sumptuous parties can be arranged in an elegant ballroom, and a Hawaiian-style party, e.g. outdoors. The selected facility should have a dance floor.

It's a great idea to organize an event outside the city - somewhere off the beaten track, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Closeness to nature is conducive to relaxation and building friendly relationships. A party in such a place is an opportunity to break away from everyday matters and fully focus on integration.

Lower Silesia is not only Wrocław

It is best to organize an event outside the city in a facility that offers comfortable accommodation. This will eliminate the problem of returning home after playing all night. Employees will be able to rest in previously booked rooms.

The hotel is situated in a picturesque area, the possibility of communing with nature, peace and quiet. Which employee does not dream of such a change?

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Integration event Wrocław and its surroundings - why is it worth coming to Lower Silesia?

Corporate events Lower Silesia? It's a great idea! It is impossible to be bored in Lower Silesia! It is an attractive tourist region. There are plenty of things to discover in Lower Silesia - starting with magnificent castles and other spectacular monuments, through the picturesque Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains, ending with the bustling Wroclaw. One cannot forget about the tasty regional cuisine, which is appreciated for its diversity and uniqueness.

It is worth staying in Lower Silesia for longer. As part of the integration, you can go on a trip filled to the brim with interesting activities and great attractions that will undoubtedly generate a lot of beautiful memories. The program of the trip to Lower Silesia cannot miss hiking along the Karkonosze trails and visiting the most beautiful monuments in the region. There are plenty of them in Wrocław itself - incl. The Centennial Hall, the entire Old Town, the Royal Palace or the Old Town Hall. An integration event can be the culmination of an eventful day. Lower Silesia is a perfect place to organize a party in the form of a picnic or a bonfire. Closeness to nature and breathtaking views create an aura conducive to relaxation. An integration event in Wrocław or its vicinity will build a sense of community among employees. It will be a great experience that will bring them closer together.

Integration events are gaining in popularity. Research shows that companies are eager to organize such events, and employees are happy to take part in them. The benefits that such meetings can bring make them an attractive form of integration.

How much does a team-building event cost

And how much money do companies spend on such events? There is no clear answer to the question of how much an integration event costs. The total cost of the project depends on the size of the company, the type of party, planned attractions, etc. According to the data, the average budget for a company event per person is slightly over PLN 230. It seems a bit more integration trips – about PLN 400. Many companies declare that they are able to allocate even tens of thousands for one integration event.

integration events

Although the organization of company events for employees involves a considerable expense, cyclical receptions can strengthen employees' identification with the company and increase the efficiency of their activities. The budget for integration events should be included in the strategy internal marketing.

Integration events in the era of a pandemic - online meetings

The coronavirus pandemic has created a new challenge for employers. Each company had to face the "new reality" and thus - adjust its activities to it - e.g. change the terms of employment, switch to remote work or implement new ones communication tools. The crisis situation also changed the approach to team-building events. Many companies opted for online integration. And although face to face integration is considered the most effective, it does not mean that virtual integration events do not bring results.

Online integration should be based on verbal games and tasks that will allow employees to get to know each other better, improve communication and teach them how to cooperate. Popular integration games that can be used during a remote company meeting include:

  • Two truths and a lie - each employee presents three facts about himself, two of which are true and one is a lie; the task of the others is to guess which statement is false; having fun relaxes the atmosphere and allows you to meet employees "privately",
  • Tell us - everyone chooses something important for them and presents it to the team; having fun is a chance to get to know individual employees better, break the ice and establish friendly relations.

Every employer should ensure the integration of their employees. Integration events can improve the atmosphere in the workplace, which will undoubtedly positively affect the quality of activities undertaken by the team. And although integration meetings are not an obligation, it is undoubtedly worth encouraging employees to participate in such events.

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An integration event for employees in the form of a bonfire

Integration events for employees can take various forms - as we have already mentioned. Although a classic party with good food, live music and dancing until dawn always works, it is worth going a step further and planning a one-of-a-kind event. One that will provide employees with amazing experiences and will be the number one topic during breaks for a long time.

Our favorite is integration bonfire, i.e. a real feast during which employees will be able to taste tasty craft beers and fill their bellies with delicious, baked sausages. The integration campfire cannot miss joyful music, played guitar, happy chants of the greatest Polish hits and quiet conversations on topics not related to work and professional duties. The event should be varied with interesting attractions. Any outdoor games, such as football, stalking, dodgeball or the workers' Olympic Games filled to the brim with interesting competitions will work great. You can also use simple word games that will make the time spent by the hearth more pleasant. Among them we will mention: puns, truth or dare, two truths or a lie, or a common history.

The integration fire does not require any special setting. Lush vegetation, the quiet sound of trees, singing birds, pleasant warmth from the hearth and fresh air rising above our heads create a sufficiently climatic atmosphere. However, nothing prevents you from spicing up the decor a bit. The party can be given a leitmotif. A bonfire in the Wild West, a Hawaiian party, or maybe a crazy party like in an American college? There are plenty of possibilities! The only limitation is the imagination of the organizers of the game.

Integration events with elements of team building

Team building has great potential - as more and more aware employers are learning. It is a valuable tool for building a harmonious, strong team of employees.

Team building is a series of various tasks and integration games, the aim of which is to equip employees with the skills necessary for effective team work. Among them we can mention the ability to: cooperation, effective communication, coping with stress, rational problem solving in a group, efficient issuing orders, active listening and logical division of duties. Team building tasks they form a strong employee group that easily overcomes all obstacles on the way to the goal, and also uses the potential of each of its members, acting on the principle of synergy. As a result, it easily achieves the set goals and contributes to the multifaceted development of the company.

The best results can be obtained by combining team building with integration. Integration events for employees, which include elements of team building, are therefore the most effective. How to plan such an event? A great idea is to organize a company trip for a few days to a quiet place, during which employees will not only be able to get to know each other better and strengthen their friendly relations, but also learn how to cooperate effectively. The integration and teambuilding trip must not miss the appropriate attractions that will achieve the goal of the project.

One of the interesting integration games is the construction of the Goldberg machine. The Goldberg machine is a special structure consisting of many different mechanisms. The device works like a domino - one mechanism drives another. The participants of the trip, divided into groups, have to build a machine from special gears, blocks, levers, etc. Each group deals with a different part of the structure. The created elements after connection should create an efficient device. The keys to success are: efficient communication, rational division of tasks, cooperation, commitment and a bit of creativity. The game teaches teamwork and builds a sense of community. Moreover, it is a lot of fun!

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Campaign integration events for employees - organization in a nutshell

How to plan integration trip for employees? First of all, define the purpose of the trip, set a budget and choose a place where you will take your team. The place should be quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, appropriately adapted to the nature of the trip. When searching for an object, pay special attention to:

  • drive,
  • room equipment and general comfort of accommodation,
  • availability of catering facilities,
  • access to the garden,
  • local attractions.

The next step is to prepare the trip program, i.e. the selection and organization of attractions and other activities, planning a possible evening event, purchasing tickets to local tourist attractions, as well as completing all formalities related to catering and subcontractors' services. Finally, take care of transport.

Organizing an integration trip is not an easy task. To be sure that each element will be planned with the utmost attention to detail and that the entire project will be distinguished by the highest quality, ask a professional event agency for help. Agency specialists, using their knowledge, experience and outstanding skills, are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding people. Collaboration with an event company this is your chance for an effective integration trip!

As comprehensive event agency we organize integration trips tailored to the expectations of our clients. We are happy to plan stays in our own Event and Training Center located in the picturesque Karkonosze Mountains. Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a beautifully situated boutique hotel, adapted to trips and integration events of various forms. We offer our clients a choice from 50 scenarios of integration games, we provide tasty catering created in the spirit of slow food and we take care of every smallest element of the implemented projects. Company party in Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a guarantee of great fun!

Unusual integration events for employees

Classic parties, team-building trips or company bonfires are not all! There are many other forms of integration that can bring equally spectacular results.

You have to know how to have fun!

  • Fun on flight simulators. Piloting a real plane is something few of us can experience. To give your employees a substitute for this exciting activity, take them to flight simulators so that they can feel the emotions that accompany professional pilots for at least a moment. The simulation machines are equipped with the latest technologies, thanks to which they provide an incredibly realistic experience.
  • Riding on quads on simple and slightly more complicated and demanding routes. This event attraction perfect for all lovers of four wheels, eager for adrenaline and unusual adventures!
  • A parachute jump is an amazing extreme experience that everyone should have at least once! It is worth doing this for this wonderful feeling of freedom.
  • Company mushroom picking. For those who avoid extreme experiences, we have a slightly calmer proposition. The fresh scent of the forest brings to mind sweet childhood memories, when we carelessly ran among the trees and discovered the secrets hidden in the great green forests. Great mushroom picking in the forests of the Giant Mountains is a recipe for relaxation and tranquility.

Our favorite suggestions for unusual team-building events for employees are:

  • Runmageddon, i.e. a run through the forests of the Giant Mountains. The participants of the game will have to overcome numerous obstacles, face many challenges and solve complicated puzzles. Sports rivalry is a great option for all lovers of physical activity and those who are not afraid of challenges.
  • Workshops on the basics of self-defense. Learning basic self-defense techniques under the supervision of a master. The knowledge gained during the course may be useful in the least expected moments. It is worth feeling safe in any situation!
  • Criminal riddles of the Karkonosze Mountains, a scenario game in which participants have to solve a mysterious criminal puzzle. Playing in a specially prepared scenery will awaken the thrill of emotions in employees and provide them with unforgettable impressions.
  • Alternative coffee brewing methods, a unique variety culinary workshops combined with tasting. A certified barista will present the participants of the training with the history of coffee, the etymology of the name and will tell the coffee legends. In addition, it will teach them how to prepare coffee drinks full of flavor and aroma at home. The workshop is a real treat for all coffee lovers.
  • Mountain travels off the trail. In the mountains, we usually walk on designated routes. What if you stray from the main path and see the mountains from the other, unknown side? An off-trail guided mountain trip is about discovering the mysterious nooks and crannies of the Karkonosze Mountains and admiring the mountain nature up close. Such a hike is a recipe for complete relaxation and an ideal way to regain positive energy.
  • Corporate karaoke party. An event where everyone can feel like a real star. Singing the biggest hits together, sparkling costumes and crazy dancing is a recipe for great fun and unforgettable memories!

Company integration event in an unusual style, your employees will undoubtedly like it!

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