Employer branding - how to build a brand during COVID-19?

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Employer branding he has been limping badly in many companies in the last few months. Example? From being sent on forced unpaid leave to dismissal during a company-wide meeting on Zoom. Fortunately, there were also many good practices. Companies shared their knowledge. They admitted their own shortcomings. They made concrete plans on how to achieve better results in difficult days. Especially since attracting and hiring the right people is harder than ever before. As a consequence, employers find it difficult to achieve their business goals. That is why they focus on employer branding.

80% of candidates claims that the higher it rates a consumer brand, the more willingly it applies to it. Therefore, the way companies treat their employees during COVID can define brands for decades to come. Employer branding it translates directly to brand building employers. And that should always be the top priority. Especially in such turbulent times as a pandemic. Regardless of whether you are recruiting for new positions or dealing with redundancies. Here's what perspective the company has on this area of operation PR agency.

Employer branding - what works in the era of a pandemic?

The results of research published by The Manifest show how important it is employer brand in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The survey was conducted among 500 recruitment managers. Its aim was to check what employer branding strategies companies used and which of them brought benefits. By sharing key survey results, The Manifest went a step further. He presented some ideas for how to create a brand of a friendly employer in the COVID era. Get to know a few of them.

Job postings must contain accurate and up-to-date information. Imagine this situation. Job seekers are applying for a "vacant" position at your company. They send out the application only to receive an email saying that the company's operations are suspended. Or that the ad is no longer catholic. What impression does the company make on these people? Frustration can have further consequences. And bad candidate's experience translate into the overall perception of the company.

How to create a brand of a friendly employer?

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Even though we are now living in the COVID era employer branding is still an important aspect of the recruitment process. This difficult time will end someday. Companies are starting to recruit workers. Recruiting staff should use different employer branding channels. To keep potential candidates informed about employment plans.

Employer branding that takes into account diversity

D&I stands for Diversity & Inclusion and stands for Diversity and Inclusion. The criteria may be, for example, age, gender, family status, work experience, marital status, etc. Why emphasize and demonstrate the company's D&I efforts? Because until 70% people of job seekers say a company's commitment to D&I is important when evaluating a potential employer. How to go about it? You can start by adding an equal opportunity employer statement to your recruitment information. Look at D&I as a time-varying value.

The young mother will be more available in a few years. An employee who suffers from depression today will recover soon. Someone who is going through emotionally difficult experiences right now will be a more productive employee in time. This also works the other way around. Those who can easily work overtime today may not be able to do so tomorrow. An employee who was the initiator of employee volunteering may need such help himself. Employer branding should take this into account. Show your support for D&I on social media or in press releases. Sharing any statements of solidarity also helps demonstrate to potential employees your company's commitment to equality in the workplace.

End of obsolete bonusesin

Gone are the days of fashionable accessories such as fruit Thursdays and ping-pong tables. It's worth noting that this trend began to fade before COVID-19 even emerged. Now, with the pandemic in mind, companies can officially ban these types of benefits from the benefits package. What to give in return? Time to empolyer branding focused on fundamental issues. In these uncertain times, what job seekers care most about is health package. Providing private care is an expression of concern for the welfare of employees. Just like a flexible work schedule. This is a huge benefit for job seekers in the COVID era. Many employees have to adapt to a new way of life for various reasons, including working life.

How to keep employees engaged?

Use social media. Show how well the company's employees feel at work remotely. How well it was organized. Posting such messages isn't just a great way to attracting new employees. It is also an excellent employer branding strategy for maintaining employee engagement. The HR director of one of the international companies has created virtual events to keep employees engaged. Employees practiced virtual yoga together at Zoom. They also had virtual coffee breaks. What does this have to do with employer branding? Let's not forget about the role of organizational culture. Drinking coffee together, although virtual, gave people a sense of security. It's like saying “we don't hang out in one office, but we're still here for you.

If you want your business to be seen as employee-friendly, keep these tips in mind. If you want your employer branding to be even more effective - contact us.

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