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Office party
Company event - do you know how to organize it?

Company party requires complex organization. Many issues should be taken into account, not only the location, but also the menu, decorations or additional attractions. An important element is also the very nature of the event: it can be a company jubilee, St. Andrew's Day, company Christmas Eve, or even a banquet? Regardless of the type - a corporate event requires appropriate organization. How to go about it? We explain step by step.

What will you learn from this article?

A company party is not just an event on the corporate calendar - it is a moment that can transform the atmosphere in the workplace, building bond and motivation among employees. From thematic events that take the staff into an extraordinary world, to integration trips that strengthen relationships between employees, office party play an important role in building the atmosphere in the company. But For the event to be truly successful, careful preparation and refinement of every detail are required.

In the following article, we will explore various aspects of organizing corporate events - from their thematic concept to practical tips on summarizing the success of this unique event. Let's see how a successful company event can become a key element in building a positive atmosphere in the workplace and motivate the team to achieve common goals.


A corporate event as an event for employees

Thematic corporate event - take the crew into an extraordinary world

Company event during an integration trip

A successful corporate event - summary

Did you know that corporate integration events Can they positively influence the climate within teams and employee motivation? The world-famous expert in human resources management, Michael Armstrong, notes that motivation is a system of forces that cause people to behave in a specific way. That's why it's worth using it. Corporate events are an ideal opportunity to integrate people in an informal atmosphere and thank them for their contribution to the development of the company. When organizing such an event, it is worth thinking about an interesting formula that will encourage employees to participate. It could be, for example, paintball, culinary workshops, or maybe an entire night in an escape room? There are plenty of options, and everyone will certainly find something for themselves. Remember that a team-building event is not only fun, but also a great opportunity to build relationships and strengthen team bonds.

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A corporate event as an event for employees

The company is made up of employees, which is why corporate events are organized for them. They should surprise team members and at the same time be a break from everyday work. Remember: it is worth asking your colleagues what they expect from the event and what ideas they have. You can also ask them for help in preparing the perfect menu, theme, decorations or attractions. Thanks to such activities, at least some employees will be able to take part in planning the event, and what's more, you will make them involved and feel proud of the organized event.

When it comes to organizing corporate events, creativity counts. It's all about team building, after all. Do not force the theme or attractions, because what you like, not necessarily the rest. The type of event matters. If the team has indicated that they want to a party in the style of the 20s., 80 or 90, encourage them to have fun together and be creative while inventing clothes. Organize a competition for the best disguise to recognize and reward your guests' input and effort.

Organize interesting attractions

A company party with dancing until dawn is no longer enough for employees. Every year they expect more and more from this type of event. Take care of an interesting and unconventional entertainment program that will delight every guest. A company event with attractions will be a souvenir for life. Organize competitions with prizes, integration games, invite a music band, a dance group and even cabaret artists, hire an animator who will lead the fun for the participants of the company event - there are really many possibilities! Match the tastes of employees and surprise them with a positive attraction!

A corporate event requires an appropriate setting

Organize integration games

How to organize events to ensure that participants have a really good time? The advantage of corporate events is that they are more than training during the day and dancing in the evening. It will certainly be a unique attraction detective game. Scenario is full of surprises, mystery and sudden plot twists. Create an engaging plot and cast your employees in different roles, one of which will be the murderer. The main character cannot unmask himself until the end of the evening. He should cleverly dispel the doubts of other participants of the corporate event. Remember that your creativity translates into employee engagement. The detective game will improve the effectiveness of cooperation and communication within the team. 

Another example of fun is treasure hunters game. Divide employees into teams and encourage them to compete in a healthy way. Individual teams will have to work together to win. So create teams that include representatives of various departments. To increase the engagement of your colleagues, prepare an attractive prize for the winning team. 

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A corporate event in the hands of employees?

The organization of integration events may be partly a bottom-up initiative. If you want to integrate your team as much as possible, you can delegate some of your responsibilities to employees. A company event organized together? This has never happened before! Not all stages have to be completed by you or the event company. Employees who will be able to help organize the event will feel needed, and what's more, they will have a chance for greater integration with other participants. How to delegate tasks? Try to have a popular employee take care of the guest list and an artistically talented employee prepare the decorations. In turn, the office gourmet can choose drinks and dishes for a company party. Ask him to prepare a nice mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This way everyone will have fun.

Corporate event - menu

If a corporate event takes place at the organization's premises, be sure to order appropriate catering. Check out the different companies, as the success of an event largely depends on good food. When planning, ask staff about their preferences, as some foods cannot be eaten. Make sure the menu is varied: it will include meat dishes, as well as vegetarian and vegan alternatives. A corporate event is an important event, so if your budget allows it - hire a special bartender who will prepare original drinks for your guests.

Corporate event - menu

Location – what should you consider when looking for a place for a party?

Organization of corporate events is a whole range of activities. One of the first things you start planning is place for an integration event. Much depends on him. Look for an atmospheric place that will not only accommodate all your guests, but will also provide appropriate attractions. Walking around the premises is very important - check if the restaurant or hotel is located away from the city center, where employees can really relax. Before you make a final decision, tour the premises and talk to the owner or manager. Read the event organization contract carefully before signing it. Pay particular attention to what is written in small print. Check what opinions a given place has on the Internet. If you are sure you want to book them, don't delay. Your corporate event deserves the best setting.

The nature of the corporate event

A corporate event can take many forms. The event's decor, decorations and attractions will depend on them. You can prepare a party after working hours or at the weekend. A corporate event can be formal and informal.

Are you planning a company anniversary, banquet, sports tournament, or maybe a dance evening? As you can see, a corporate party can be organized in many ways. Remember that each element should fit a coherent, single concept of the event. Ask employees what they expect from a corporate event and adjust attractions in accordance with the latest trends.

Corporate party in the style of the 1920s? Why not!

Why organize corporate events?

From the atmosphere and relationships in the company a lot depends. Poor acquaintance with colleagues, lack of mutual understanding, unhealthy team competition, unfair treatment, corporate rat race - such working conditions are not conducive to productivity and creativity. A team that does not get along does not work fully efficiently and, as a consequence, does not achieve spectacular success. One cannot forget how a bad atmosphere affects the employees themselves. Bad mood, low self-esteem or the desire to change jobs are just one of the many consequences of this situation. Unfortunately, long-term functioning in such conditions can lead to professional burnout and other mental problems.

Bad work atmosphere negatively affects the functioning of the company and the health and well-being of employees. Therefore, your task as an employer is to create a friendly workplace and help your employees get to know them better. Good employment conditions, a logical division of duties, benefits as well as ergonomic and cozy workstations are the absolute minimum. It should be a complement integration in the group!

Employees can be integrated in many different ways. One of the most popular is the regular organization of various company events. A company party is a perfect way to celebrate the completion of an important project or market success, appreciate employees for their contribution to the development of the company or celebrate important events.. It is also a great opportunity to welcome new members of the company's staff and strengthen bonds between "old" employees. Parties relax the atmosphere, allow you to relax and, at least for a moment, break away from everyday life, company duties and life under constant stress.

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Thematic corporate event - take the crew into an extraordinary world

A feast lasting several hours at a lavishly set table is a thing of the past. Today's employees want more! They want unforgettable adventures, great fun and unusual activities. How to organize a party that will provide participants with a lot of positive energy, positive impressions and will be the number one topic for a long time at the company coffee machine? One of the most creative forms of integration is a thematic company party.

Appropriate decorations, carefully selected menu, tailored attractions and crazy, themed costumes - a corporate event with a theme is a guarantee of great fun. An elegant corporate event is an opportunity to show yourself in a completely new setting. Employees will undoubtedly remember such an event with smiles on their faces for a long time.

Hawaiian-style corporate event

Our first proposal is a Hawaiian-style corporate event. Tropical decorations must not be missing at such a party. Wooden tables, exotic flowers, colorful pompoms, green garlands and pineapple decorations - the tropical arrangement will take the participants to the world of great fun, where the rays of the hot sun pleasantly caress their bodies, and the joyful Hawaiian music puts them in a great mood. The Hawaiian menu should include exotic fruit, fresh salads, dishes based on coconut milk and refreshing drinks served with coconut.

A tropical corporate event should be complemented by cheerful, typically Hawaiian games. One of the most popular games is limbo, which is dancing under the bar. What is the gameplay about? The participants' task is to dance under the wooden bar without touching it with any part of the body. In the following rounds the bar is set lower and lower. People who break the bar drop out. The fun is won by the one who shows the greatest flexibility and considerable creativity.

A Hawaiian party can't do without a hula dance! Once upon a time, the hula dance to the rhythm of the classical mele song was an element of religious rituals. Today, this traditional game, invented by the Polynesians living in the Hawaiian Islands, is the essence of great fun and delicious mood!

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American corporate event

The American theme is very popular among event organizers. Why? Because you can use it in many different ways! Different cultures, norms, patterns and preferences intertwine in the USA, which gives the organizers a wide range of possibilities. They can plan a party straight from luxury Hollywood, cowboy Texas or inspired by crazy life in a real American college. In the right place, the integration meeting will take on a unique character.

Hollywood style party

How to organize company integration? Companies that organize company trips they have experience with it. According to many of them, theme party this is always a good option. A party inspired by the American movie capital must be lavish, exclusive and full of glitter. The party arrangement must include a red carpet, a photo wall, mirrors in elegant, gold-plated frames and tasteful tableware. The menu should feature exquisite dishes and colorful drinks in luxurious glasses. A formal dress code will make the party even more lavish. The culmination of the party should be a fireworks display combined with the tasting of a delicious, multi-story cake.

Company event Fri. "A Day in the Wild West"

How about spending a day on the American prairie? An employee event inspired by the Wild West is a cowboy scenographic atmosphere and a dynamic scenario that will make the participants crave true madness!

The country party must be held in a place styled as a western saloon. Participants should wear traditional cowboy clothes, and the tables must not be complete without roast meats, corn cakes, fried apples and raisin pudding.

Crazy cowboy games will complement the event. One of the most popular is the lasso throw. To play, we need: a rope to make a lasso, one chair and a lot of positive attitude! How is the gameplay going? Each participant, standing on the designated line, tries to catch the "bull" - the role of which is played by the aforementioned chair - with the lasso. The winner is the person who shows the greatest precision!

Other games perfect for a cowboy corporate event include:

  • linear dance,
  • piñata,
  • sheriff's star,
  • archery,
  • water gun duel.

"Student" corporate event

There is something cool about student life. The first apartment without parents, the first steps in adult life, parties until dawn, fascinating lectures, lots of unique acquaintances and the incredible carefree that makes every day more beautiful. Who wouldn't like to go back to college for just one day? Thanks to the "student" themed party it is possible!

American movies portray college parties as epic, filled to the brim with great fun and positive energy. How to prepare such an event? There should be posters of American pop stars and an American flag on the walls, a real popcorn machine should be placed in the corner of the room, and the iconic red plastic cups and cardboard popcorn packaging from the USA should be placed on the tables. The fun should be to the rhythm of timeless pop songs by Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Madonna.

A corporate event must be tasty. The American menu ideal for a "student" party includes hamburgers, fries, pizza and hot dogs, served in the company of Coke and beer. Chips, nuts, salty sticks and jellies are great as snacks.

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Other ideas for theme parties

You can do a lot during an integration meeting. Other great ideas include:

  • Oktoberfest, a party stylized as the German celebration of beer and delicious, home-made food,
  • Italian party where guests will eat real Italian pizza, drink good wine and rock to the rhythm of the greatest Italian hits,
  • Bollywood party with Indian costumes, decorative scarves, Indian dishes and creative Bollywood dance,
  • 1920s style partywhose main attraction will be a game of poker with chips,
  • hippie party full of colorful decorations, flowers and rock'n'roll,
  • sumptuous company prom with ceremonial creations, speeches and exclusive attractions,
  • a party like in the times of the Polish People's Republic, where you will dance to famous Polish songs and taste traditional dishes, including: bigos, handmade pickles, steak tartare, sandwiches with Szczecin paprikash and sausage rolls,
  • fancy dress party, during which everyone will be able to play as any character.

A themed corporate event can be planned in many different ways. The only limitation is the imagination of the organizers. Go beyond the usual patterns and choose something unusual! The unconventional event will undoubtedly remain in the employees' memories for a long time. Remember, however, that the organization of employee events should be organized well in advance. Even if you're just planning a company dinner.

A corporate event in the form of a picnic

If we have an idea, we can organize an event almost anywhere. An employee event is primarily intended to unite people. An interesting form of corporate event is a picnic to which you can invite employees and their families. A family picnic is a guarantee of great fun and unforgettable adventures! Outdoor activity improves your well-being and adds positive energy.

Organizing a picnic is a real challenge. First, the date of the event should be set. It is worth planning a picnic in the warm months, that is between May and September. The best solution will be the turn of May and June, just before the holiday season starts, or at the beginning of September, that is, just after the holidays, but at a time when the weather still delights us with beautiful sun and pleasant temperature.

The second important issue is the choice of place. Such a corporate event can be organized, for example, in a park, at a stadium or in a garden by a hotel or manor house. It is worth choosing a place with access to sanitary and catering facilities. This will make all logistical issues much easier. It is also a good idea when the cost of a company trip exceeds the budget for integration.

Outdoor events they usually last all day and sometimes even end late at night. Playing with an empty stomach is probably not the most pleasant. The organizers should therefore provide the participants of the corporate event with tasty food that will satisfy small and large hunger and provide guests with an exceptional taste experience!

The picnic menu must not be complete without:

  • baked grilled dishes or campfires,
  • food truck meals,
  • ice cream from the stand,
  • refreshing lemonade.

The company picnic is a joyful event filled to the brim with unique attractions for adults and children. Adults can play a football tournament, take part in the company's Olympics or in an interesting field game (e.g. in stalking), conduct a real karaoke competition with unique prizes, or test your skills in a variety of creative, logical and other games. The perfect attractions for the youngest are:

  • having fun with an animator,
  • face painting,
  • fun on an inflatable playground,
  • photo booth,
  • releasing huge soap bubbles,
  • creating fun characters from long balloons,
  • simple contests with prizes.
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Company event during an integration trip

A company event may be part of a longer integration trip. A trip to a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, somewhere among the charming natural surroundings is a great way to relax and de-stress. You don't always have to be active at a company meeting. Relaxing in a quiet area helps build friendly relationships! Employees can break away from professional duties and everyday life for a few days to focus on getting to know each other and strengthening relationships. A few-day integration trip relaxes the atmosphere and motivates you to act. The participants of the game always return to work with new energy and full of willingness to effectively achieve their next professional goals.

Just like everything requires proper planning, so does a corporate event. The success of an enterprise depends on several things. One of them is a place for an integration trip. It is worth choosing a hotel outside the city, adapted to such events. As professional event agency we offer the organization of unforgettable integration trips to our own Evenot-Training Center. The Korona Karkonoszy Manor is beautiful hotel for a business trip, located near Karpacz, at the foot of the breathtaking Karkonosze Mountains. We provide comfortable accommodation, delicious meals prepared in the spirit of slow food and the power of unique attractions. Attractions are an important element of integration trips.

What attractions are great for team-building trips? From classic integration games, shows and concerts, to guided hiking tours, extreme sports, rope park games and other activities, to unforgettable corporate events.

A corporate event at a trip can take the form of a classic party with good food, drinks and live music, a homely feast with regional delicacies and craft beer, a pleasant bonfire with scout chants and baked sausage, or a crazy party with an interesting theme. It all depends on the preferences of the trip participants. An integration trip enriched with a unique corporate event will undoubtedly be a great experience that will generate a lot of amazing memories.

And what attractions rule among the most popular corporate events? These include, among others:

  • runmageddon - obstacle course in the forests of the Giant Mountains,
  • culinary workshops - a training course filled to the brim with valuable knowledge about simple and even more exquisite cooking,
  • scenario games - e.g. criminal riddles of the Karkonosze Mountains, i.e. a unique game in which participants have to solve a difficult puzzle while moving around a specially prepared scenery,
  • corporate karaoke party - where everyone can become a star,
  • off road - driving a specially prepared car on unpaved routes, e.g. mountain routes.

A successful corporate event - summary

Corporate events integrate, relieve tension, improve the atmosphere and also perfectly relax. Plan a corporate event that will allow you to achieve such effects. How to do it right? How to achieve the assumed goals of the event?

There is no perfect recipe for a successful company event. There is no answer to the question of how much a corporate event costs, because it depends on the budget we have. The key to success is to listen carefully to your employees. Find out what form of entertainment the team prefers most, choose the right place and then plan spectacular attractions. Bet on good fun during integration events and positive emotions! If you approach the organization of a corporate event with full commitment, you will certainly achieve ultimate success. Perhaps the annual integration event will become a permanent part of the company calendar. And each time it will have a different character.

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Worth knowing:

Corporate party - what to wear?

A corporate event is a unique event that requires appropriate attire. Even if it is not a formal gala, it is worth remembering that we appear there as representatives of our company. So what to put on? The basis will be an elegant, fitted jacket. We can combine it with elegant trousers or a pencil skirt. It is important to avoid bright colors and excessive decorations. Classic accessories, such as low-heeled shoes and discreet jewelry, will complete the image.

What attractions should you plan for a corporate event?

Planning a corporate event can be a challenge, but with the right set of attractions, you can definitely make it unforgettable. It is worth starting with choosing a place with an interesting offer. We can choose from many types of games and scenarios, from karaoke, through board game tournaments, to corporate sports games. You can also organize competitions, tasks to solve or go paintball or to the rope park. Thanks to this, employees will have the opportunity to integrate and have fun, which will increase their motivation and attachment to the company.

Where to organize a corporate event?

Regardless of whether you are looking for an intimate, cozy place or something larger, with many state-of-the-art amenities, when choosing, be guided by the needs of employees. From breathtaking outdoor spaces to elegant meeting rooms, by choosing the right space, you can plan the perfect event that will deliver the expected purpose. It is worth doing survey research and taking into account all the needs and preferences of guests when choosing the perfect location. As long as it is well planned, organizing a corporate event will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

Is a corporate event a mass event?

Is a corporate event a mass event? It depends on the context. A corporate event can be organized for a small group of employees or for the entire company. If it is of an integrative nature, employees from one organizational unit usually participate in it. On the other hand, a Christmas party, for example, can bring together all the company's employees. Regardless of whether a corporate event is a mass event, it should always serve to build relationships in the team and integrate employees in the company.

When to organize a corporate event?

The answer depends on many factors, including goals, number of participants, preferences and budget. However, it's usually best to plan your event well in advance to reserve the desired venue and avoid clashes with other corporate plans or vacations. It is also worth considering the days of the week, as an event on Friday or Saturday may be a better option for employees, but it can also be more expensive. Regardless of when you decide to organize a company event, remember to notify participants about it well in advance.

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