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Today we present the newest text in the category "Tips Commplace job opinions", in which we develop the topic of building the image of the company as an employer of choice. How to earn positive feedback from employees that will allow us to achieve our goals? We invite you to read.

The success of companies is about achieving good results, not just hard work. The results, in turn, are achieved thanks to the cooperation of many experts. The synergy of their knowledge and experience allows for the successful implementation of business plans. However, in order to attract real specialists, the organization must be properly prepared and the management style adjusted. Check what he advises in this regard PR agency.

Hire people who are better than you

Have the best experts you can find on the market join the team. Of course, you don't have to look for ideals, because ideals do not exist. However, it is important to look for people who will ask you questions, point out mistakes and be proactive. When speaking to applicants, be painfully honest about the problems and benefits of the job.

PR Commplace Agency - how can it help you?

Don't say everything is sugary when in fact you have demanding clients or work under a lot of time pressure. Choose someone who will be fully aware of the situation. Thanks to this, he will avoid disappointment and adjust to the requirements faster. Important advice from Commplace – job reviews are phrases that many potential employees often enter into the Google search engine. As a result, they have access to a lot of valuable information about the specifics of work in a given company. Therefore, it is not worth hiding them during the interview.

Your company's reputation today has measurable importance on the market.

Are you ready to become a better employer?

What is employer branding?

When writing about employees' opinions about the company, one cannot fail to mention employer branding. Employer branding it is defined as activities of an enterprise aimed at building a company perceived as "work of choice". In other words, it is a multi-stage and demanding process of building the image of the desired employer.

The term "employer branding" was introduced in 2001 by McKinsey & Company. There have been many attempts to find a Polish equivalent of the phrase, for example "image building". Unfortunately, none of the translations fully reflected the meaning of the term. After all, there is an English name in the human resource management industry.

There are two types of employer branding:

How are they different? And how do they influence employee opinions?

Internal employer branding

The first of them, internal employer branding, is aimed at current employees. Its purpose is to reduce employee rotation and increasing their satisfaction with work in a given organization. Actions internal employer branding are divided into two areas: internal HR and internal communication.

One of the important elements of internal HR, influencing employees' opinions about the employer, is the incentive system, including all additional benefits. Among them we can mention:

  • benefits, i.e. comprehensive medical care for the employee and his family members, insurance, MuliSport card, low-interest loans, etc.,
  • development programs tailored to employees,
  • financial incentive systems,
  • employee contests,
  • flexible working hours,
  • logical system of internal recruitment.

Internal communication and should be based on clear rules. It is of key importance to inform employees about all important events happening in the company or directly affecting it. A well-informed employee feels attached to his employer. I feel important and needed. This has a positive effect on him company reviews and reduces the risk of looking for a new job.

What are the Commplace job feedback tips for communication? As an employer, treat your subordinates fairly, take care of good relations in the employee group and infect everyone with positive energy!

Take time to train

Many managers or business owners are too busy to conduct in-depth training of new employees. This often ends with a quick training course consisting in showing the new person how to log into the system and providing basic information. Make sure you have a dedicated trainer whose new employee can ask about the details of the job if necessary. It is worth taking the time and effort to implement a new person as quickly as possible. Thanks to this, it will pass successfully onboardingwhich will result in an increase in positive opinions about the company.

Commplace reviews

Can you expect your employees to be truly productive and effective if you don't explain exactly what they are going to achieve? Definitely not. So many managers allow employees to "fumble" and then discipline when an employee does not live up to expectations that they never knew existed. For example - if you expect your employees to reply to all emails within an hour, say so clearly. Don't say, "I trust you will respond quickly to customer messages." Quick, or how? It could mean anything.

If you are going to hold an employee accountable, he needs to know what the criteria for evaluating his work will be. Also, if you have financial goals, performance goals, or other important areas, keep your team informed every time. When reviewing your results and setting goals, set goals that are measurable and actionable (use the SMART method here). In Commplace, work, opinions and specific indicators are unquestionably correlated with each other. We are aware that they determine excellent performance. And that's what we care about the most.

Commplace job advice reviews - why is it worth being an honest employer?

Do you want to hire employees who achieve great results? Evaluate new and experienced employees based on their work, not liking. Provide fair cooperation rules and reward results. If the employee achieves their goals, don't withdraw the promised bonus. If an employee exceeds their goals, do not react by increasing goals for the next year without a corresponding salary increase and / or bonus.

Commplace opinion

If you focus on micro-management, you can get good results from a small scale, but you won't transfer them to global results. If your employee reports that they need training to solve a problem, schedule that training. If another employee says they want to improve the monthly reports to be consistent across the organization, don't say, "But we've always done it this way!" If you think this is a bad idea, ask him to explain the reason and calmly listen. Note - chances are she may be right because she has been taking the task longer than you and knows every detail of the topic.

we are doing a good pr

Take care of feedback

Has your employee resolved an important dispute between the company and the customer? Let him know you appreciate his effort. As shown by the results of the report "The Power of Appreciation 2021", until 99% of people surveyed said that being recognized in the workplace is very important to them. And this is regardless of age, gender or industry. In turn, if the employee did not meet the required deadline, talk to him about it. Provide feedback to your employees on a regular basis so they know what they did well and what they still need to work on. Interestingly, the above-mentioned report also shows that only 54% respondents felt they were appreciated at work. In practice, this means that almost half of them did not feel like this. And it should be remembered that an underestimated employee does not feel attached to the organization and has no motivation to work as well as possible.

On the other hand, listen to your employees as well. Their ideas. Disclaimers. Suggestions. Remember how much trouble you went through to hire the best experts on the market. There is no point in hiring good people if you intend to treat them like robots. They are not robots. Hear what they have to say. Talk to them. Get their opinions.

Show that you care about the personal life of your employees

Become as interested in the personal lives of your employees as possible. Of course, without going into them too intensely. If an employee plays sports - become a sponsor of his team in the next competitions. In turn, when he is celebrating an important anniversary or getting married, prepare a basket for him with small, themed gifts. This little gesture will show that you see him as part of your team.

As a result, the person will be willing to express positive opinions about the company in a public forum. He will become, in a way, an ambassador of your brand, lobbying for it in the environment in which he lives on a daily basis. It is also worth considering running unique employee benefits that will be tailored to the needs of specific people. These can be: massage vouchers, medical packages, language classes or courses related to the pursuit of hobbies.

In Commplace work, opinions are not just empty words

The company is people, and choosing the right one HR policy model has a direct impact on the management efficiency of the entire enterprise. It also translates into the perception of the company as an employer. In Commplace job reviews it's not just empty words. We are aware of how important these areas are for the success of the entire business. Employees who feel appreciated by their employers are more likely to be proactive and take responsibility for their parts of the project. And most importantly, they will be happier, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the image of the entire company. Disregarding these aspects makes us consciously consent to the loss of benefits. And that certainly doesn't belong to either organization's goals.

The impact of external employer branding on employees' opinions

Did you know that about 75% of people who are actively looking for a job, before submitting an application for a given job, look for information about a potential employer? He examines the company's reputation in detail, checks the opinions of employees and tries to find out as much as possible about employment in the company. A potential candidate can form an opinion about your company without even having direct contact with it. If you do not take care of your good image as an employer, you can say goodbye to the chance to hire outstanding employees.

In terms of image creation external employers in the labor market are of great importance employer branding activitiestargeted at potential candidates for employees.

External employer branding is a kind of communication between the company and the candidates. The most important element of this communication are recruitment activities. First of all, you need to pay attention to the recruitment advertisement. This is the first thing your candidates come into contact with.

The job advertisement should be legible, detailed and attractive to readers. Describe precisely the requirements for candidates, the position and the benefits associated with employment in the company. Be honest! Don't promise "golden mountains" if you can't provide them. Authenticity always pays off.

employer branding activities

The second issue related to recruitment is interviews with selected candidates. Be professional, show your interest in the candidate and always provide feedback - even in the case of a refusal.

What else can you do?

  1. Present your company at a job fair. In this way, you will make yourself known in the target group, reach a wide audience and present yourself in a professional manner.
  2. Take care of good opinions about your brand on the Internet. Commplace advises: "job opinions + company name" is one of the most frequently entered phrases in the Google search engine by people seeking employment. How to ensure that important websites contain positive opinions about your company? Above all, nurture your current employees! Satisfied employees are the best ambassadors of your business. Encourage your subordinates to leave recommendations about your company on popular opinion-forming portals, such as GoWork.
  3. Update the "Career" tab on your website. Present the benefits of working with your company, show how your day at work looks like, show how you care for your employees. It attracts applicants!
  4. Be active on social profiles and forums, cooperate with career offices at universities and look for other ways to communicate with potential candidates. This will surely be of benefit.

Commplace tips work opinions - the atmosphere at work also matters

The atmosphere in the workplace is just as important as a competitive salary, a logical motivation system or a clear scope of duties. Today's market places enormous demands on employers. Companies that want to recruit and receive outstanding employees must take care of every element that builds its image. The atmosphere in the workplace is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects influencing employee perceptions.

Employees want to feel good in the company. Working under constant pressure, constant conflicts, unfair treatment or poor communication in the group, both between employees and between the employer and employees, can effectively make the lives of employees difficult and hinder their efficient work. Bad work atmosphere is not conducive to productivity and creativity. On the contrary. It can negatively affect the well-being of employees, reduce their motivation to act, and in the worst case, lead to professional burnout.

Bad atmosphere in the company often forces employees to look for a new job. If you don't want to lose your best employees, create a friendly workplace where mutual respect, positive aura and good mood will reign. What do we think about a good atmosphere at work? Commplace tips work opinions: cultivate kindness, fight unhealthy competition, be loyal and instill loyalty in your employees, focus on efficient communication, support, appreciate and promote the idea of cooperation. How to do it in practice?

How to improve the working atmosphere?

There are different ways to look after the working atmosphere. The basis is the introduction of efficient and open internal communication, based on clear and logical rules. Employees need to feel confident to be open about their feelings and needs, and to voice their opinions out loud. Introduce the rule of mutual support to your company so that employees are not afraid to ask for help when they need it, and other people give them this help without any objections. This approach increases the sense of security and belonging to the group.

As an employer, you should value your employees. Praise them for every minor and major success, always give feedback and respect your employees. Treat everyone fairly, do not discriminate against employees - it's unethical! Remember that your behavior has a huge impact on the working atmosphere.

Don't underestimate conflicts! It is normal for the company to argue and disagree. However, the most important thing is to solve problematic situations on an ongoing basis. Conflicts not resolved in time can grow to an exorbitant size, effectively destroying the good atmosphere in the workplace and negatively affecting the well-being of employees.

Last but not least is integration. How does it affect relations in the company? And what does it matter when it comes to your opinion about a job? Commplace advises!

Commplace tips work opinions - take care of integration

Integration should be an inseparable element of the functioning of every enterprise. Why? Because it relaxes the atmosphere, relieves stress, allows you to get to know each other better, improves relationships in the group, is a great form of entertainment and provides a lot of positive energy!

Integration is of great importance in terms of work efficiency and business development. Sometimes in the corporate everyday life there is not enough time to strengthen ties between employees. The members of the company's crew, overwhelmed by their daily work duties, have no opportunity to get to know each other better and establish closer relationships. Unfortunately, this may have a negative impact on the functioning of the team.

Employees who cannot get along and feel bad about each other do not achieve maximum results in working together. In such a group, conflicts often arise, which hinder the effective performance of official duties and prevent employees from achieving the set business goals. Consequently, the company is not growing. To prevent this from happening, you need to integrate! Regular company meetings will strengthen your team and will positively influence the opinions of employees about your company!

team building: tips
Commplace job reviews - integration matters!

How to integrate employees?

There are different employee integration methods. First of all, take care of the daily routine integration at work. A great idea is to introduce the daily ritual of drinking morning coffee in the workforce. A 15-minute meeting of the entire team at a common table is a great opportunity to talk about non-work-related topics, get to know each other better and put yourself in a positive mood for the whole day.

Organize team-building breaks from time to time. During breaks, you can play various integration games that will not only bring employees closer to each other, but also allow them to relax. Among the popular integration games we can distinguish: "Two truths and a lie", "Character trait", "Common history" and "Truth or challenge". Well-known and well-liked puns are also great.

One of the most popular forms integration for companies It's an employee party. Company party is a great way to celebrate important events, celebrate successes, or introduce new employees to the company.

Company event can be organized in many different ways - from classic feasts at a lavishly laid table, through atmospheric bonfires, to unusual thematic events in which the leitmotif is Hollywood, exotic Hawaii or the crazy 80s. A carefully planned party is a guarantee of great fun and unforgettable adventures. Systematically organizing unique integration events for employees, you will undoubtedly improve their opinion about the company.

Other interesting forms of integration are:

  • field gamessuch as canoeing or stalking games,
  • outdoor events - picnics, festivities and others,
  • joint trips to the cinema, rope park, paintball etc.,
  • trips to interesting places, e.g. in the Giant Mountains.

Commplace Job Tips Reviews - Summary

How your employees perceive your company has a huge impact on its functioning. Satisfied employees perform their professional duties with the highest accuracy, have a lot of motivation to act, easily achieve all goals and are more willing to engage in additional projects. Thanks to this, the company achieves more, has a better market position and a better chance of spectacular success.

It should not be forgotten that the good opinions of current employees create the image of the desired employer, which may positively affect the company's position on the labor market. We have already mentioned that satisfied employees are the company's best ambassadors! If potential candidates notice that the atmosphere of friendship, honesty and mutual support prevails in the company, and the employees are satisfied, they will respond more willingly to the job offer. This will increase your chances of acquiring outstanding, talented people who will contribute to the development of your company.

Commplace advises: work, opinions, integration, good atmosphere - all of this is of great importance for your business. If you want to be successful on the market, take care of your employees. By investing in employees, you are investing in your entire enterprise!

Thank you for reading our text "Commplace tips job opinions - how to deserve the name of the company of choice?".

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