Types of promotion: a guide for a novice entrepreneur

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Without proper promotion, it is impossible to operate effectively on the market. Promotion is an important pillar of the company's operation and an integral part of any business strategy. In today's business, we distinguish 4 basic types of promotion - advertising, acquisition, public relations and sponsorship. Here's everything a budding entrepreneur needs to know about them. 

What is promotion?

No company, especially in its initial phase of operation, will survive if it does not invest in promotion. Especially today, in the era of incredibly broad and developed competition, it is of great importance. But what exactly is this concept and what are the types of promotion?

In the Encyclopedia of Management, we can read that the promotion "is an active phase of the company's communication with potential consumers in order to inform them about the company's activities and its current and future offer, to shape a positive image, build positive relationships, and stimulate and stimulate demand, in line with the company's strategy. ". In other words, these are wide-ranging activities tailored to the specifics of a given company, which consist in providing information to customers. The aim of the promotional process is to increase the awareness of recipients about the products or services offered by the company, which is to lead to increased interest in the offer and sales. 

If you blink in the dark, no one will see it.

Just like the company's offers, without proper promotion.

The importance of promotion in business

Even if you offer an outstanding product of the highest quality and are an excellent entrepreneur, you will not be able to enter the market without proper promotion. Thanks to promotional activities, you will reach a wide group of target recipients and you will permanently subscribe in their minds. Special offer:

  • helps to stand out on the market,
  • facilitates building a good image,
  • communicates the advantages of the company and its specific products or services,
  • allows you to gain a stable position on the market,
  • raises sales efficiencyand thus allows you to generate attractive profits. 

Brand promotion is one of the elements of the traditional concept of marketing-mix, a form of communication between the company and potential customers and an important area of strategic business management. Promotional activities can be carried out in several ways. Every aspiring entrepreneur should know the 4 basic types of promotion. 

4 types of promotion 

1. Ads - popular types of promotion

The most popular and oldest type promotional activities is advertising. The first advertisements appeared in ancient times. At that time, they had the form of inscriptions on the walls of buildings, as well as stone or terracotta signboards of inns or inns. There was also oral promotion. Ancient traders loudly praised the goods they offered, encouraging passers-by to buy. The invention of the printing press in 1450 was a real revolution in the world of advertising. Since then, advertising has grown rapidly. Messages have undergone quite an evolution - from classic press announcements, through radio announcements and TV spots, to modern forms of Internet advertising, which are of particular importance today.

Online promotion can take many forms. Advertisers, depending on the needs, characteristics of the target group and the specificity of the market, can use advertising bannersinfluencer marketingnative articles e.t.c.

Advertisements, as types of promotion, are persuasive, mass and indirect, i.e. impersonal, because their recipients do not have direct contact with the company. The subject of an advertisement is usually a specific product or service. 

2. Acquisition

The second type of promotion is acquisition, i.e. direct sales through personal contact of a sales representative or solicitor with the client. The acquisition process in marketing consists of:

  • customer search and classification,
  • initial contact,
  • product / service presentation,
  • finalizing sales, i.e. concluding contracts for the delivery of products or the provision of services,
  • after-sales service.

Acquisition activities may be conducted at the company's headquarters or in the field. 

Many specialists believe that canvassing is the most effective type of promotion. A sales representative can analyze consumer behavior on an ongoing basis and implement appropriate solutions, adjusting the sales offer to his needs and expectations. In direct contact, you can present the product in an interesting and effective way, which also increases sales efficiency.

3. Public relations as types of promotion

An interesting type of promotion is public relations. That's why PR agency Commplace is a team of experts and enthusiasts at the same time. The essence of PR is shaping the company's relations with the environment in which it operates. The environment is considered to be customers, business partners, media representatives and employees. The goal of public relations is to create and maintain a positive image, gain widespread acceptance on the market and gain a stable position that allows the company to develop continuously. 

Various tools are used in public relations activities. Among them we will mention:

  • internal communication - providing information to full-time and temporary employees, subcontractors and managerial staff,
  • employer branding - building the employer's brand,
  • media relations - maintaining proper relations with the media,
  • lobbying - exerting influence on public authorities by professional ombudsmen, called lobbyists,
  • visual identification - a set of symbols and behaviors used to give the company a specific character and distinguish it from the competition,
  • media monitoring - searching for mentions of the company on the radio, television, Internet, etc., in order to maintain control over the image,
  • e-PR – PR activities based on Internet tools, mainly social media.

4. Sponsorship

The last basic type of promotion is sponsorship, which consists in supporting important sports, cultural, ecological, social, scientific and health events or initiatives. Sponsorship is an excellent promotional tool for those products whose advertising is restricted by law (i.e. tobacco or alcohol products). 

The above-mentioned types of promotion are the basis of marketing. For the best results, it is worth promoting in many areas - from the very beginning of operation on the market. Prepare a promotional strategy with a comprehensive market analysis. This will certainly help you create the perfect promotional combination.

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