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Have you ever wondered how your company is perceived? If so, you are probably thinking about one group of recipients - most often about customers. And yet the range of public relations influence is much wider. It also covers investor relations, perception in the industry, among journalists, as well as among employees. In addition, it is divided into on-line and off-line activities, and recently also into mobile and desktop channels. Below, more about the fascinating world behind the abbreviation PR. And also about why public relations agency is the best at using this marketing support tool.

On the Internet, it takes two hours to confirm the correct information. Fourteen to debunk fake news. We know this because we are interested in the industry and we take what we do really seriously. In this text you will find more information about what modern online public relations is all about and what public relations services we can offer you.

Recent studies show that companies that have a clearly defined and recognizable image on the stock exchange are worth an average of 6 percent. more than others. In the information noise, clients also need regular, consistent signals. Why? To remember about your brand and see how it differs from others. That is why it is worth knowing the extension of the public relations acronym. And implement specific strategies as soon as possible.

Definitions of public relations

It is worth considering the concept a bit more public relations. The term has more than 2,000 definitions, which confirms the great importance of PR in running a business.

In the PWN Dictionary we can read that "public relations is a part of an organization or company activity consisting in creating and maintaining its positive image outside". Edward Bernays, referred to as the "father of PR," defines public relations as "an attempt to construct public support for an action, event, movement or institution through information, persuasion and adaptation." According to S. Black, PR is "the art and science of achieving harmony with the environment through mutual agreement based on true and complete information". K. Wójcik defines PR as "conscious, deliberate, planned, systematic and long-term influence of organizations, authorities and associations on the public, known as the environment, aimed at shaping a specific quality of relations and systems with it, using communication and nurturing contacts as the only classical method. , and subjecting these influences to ethical rigors ”.

What does PR stand for?

Those who think that work in public relations is a decorative and symbolic function are very mistaken. Suffice it to say that the term was first used by none other than the President of the United States - Thomas Jefferson. That was in 1807, which shows that the acronym of public relations is neither new nor belongs to the world of elusive internet marketing trends. The US leader knew that communication with the public was crucial for the office he held. Since presidents are aware of this, it is worth considering the implementation of public relations work also in the structures of your company.

Public relations literally means shaping social relations around and towards a given subject. It is immediately worth noting that the public relations agency does not create them, but only influences the existing image of the company. Even if the company is not very recognizable, it cannot be said that it "has no image". Especially nowadays, when it is more valid than ever to say that "no matter what they say, it is important not to misrepresent the name at the same time". When putting that into business, doing good public relations is important. Nevertheless, the very recognition of the company is an invaluable currency in today's marketing world.

A good product or service is not enough.

Do you need PR support?
You are in the best hands!

The essence of public relations, i.e. the main task of a PR agency

When analyzing the above definitions, we can notice a certain scheme consisting of three elements:

  • an organization implementing a certain mission of a public nature,
  • the environment of the organization, e.g. customers, members of local authorities, media or residents,
  • relations between the organization and its environment, determined by mutual needs.

The job he has to do public relations agencyis to nurture those relationships. Nurturing them in order to build and maintain a favorable image of the organization and thus achieve the set business goals.

How did the history of public relations companies begin?

The first public relations agency was established in 1900 in the USA. For years in Europe, the “American” approach to business, in which self-promotion and image building play a key role, was frowned upon. However, this has begun to change and today Europe, and with it Poland, has a well-formed market of public relations agencies. Although the basic rules PR activities have not changed for over a century, new ones are constantly appearing tools pr and survival strategies in the market.

Public relations agencies in Poland

It may seem unlikely that the first Polish public relations agency was not established until 1990. At Commplace, we joined the game not much later, because we've been doing good public relations since 1996. At that time, we were among the first promotional agencies in our region. Soon the topics we deal with were marketing, internet activities, and finally online public relations.

It was with the development of the Internet that the real boom in public relations agencies began. Young companies have joined the experienced market players, where the knowledge of public relations strategies and processes is often limited. If you want to build long-term relationships based on proven solutions, we encourage you to draw on the experience of companies with an established market position.

The future of public relations services

Despite the rapid advances in the digital world, we are confident that the future of online public relations will continue to rest on a solid foundation developed years ago. Apart from the traditional ones, however, newer and newer public relations strategies are appearing. Combining over 25 years of experience in the market with a fresh perspective on the changing world, at Commplace we are ready for anything that the public relations market will bring in the future. We constantly follow how the industry is changing under the influence of such phenomena as big data, AI or the Green Deal.

What does a public relations agency do?

A public relations agency exposes the brand in the right light on various levels. What does it mean? It helps build its image and create demand for services or products. A strategic plan created in a public relations agency is incomparable to the vision of a single person who, in addition, has no experience in the use of public relations tools.

Many people are surprised when they realize how rich the scope of tasks of a modern public relations agency is. In addition to taking care of the image, these can include all complementary activities, i.e. those that serve to achieve this goal and support it. You will find public relations agencies on the market that deal only with narrowly understood PR. If such specialists develop a content strategy, you will have to find a copywriting studio that will create this content. When a public relations strategy is created, you will be responsible for choosing graphics, photos or page layout that will be consistent with this goal. At Commplace, we operate completely differently.

If you have your own background, we can only deal with public relations services. However, if you need additional support, we can:

Logo, banner or business card designs distinguish the brand, and on this basis, we will do good public relations for your company.

  • take care of graphics and photos on the website,

As you know, one picture is worth more than 1000 words. It is increasingly difficult for the reader to focus attention for more than a moment, and you want to reach all recipients with your public relations strategy universally.

  • write texts for the website,

The main sin of most public relations agencies is that PR people write all the texts themselves. And yet work in public relations and copywriting or content marketing it's completely different things! Let yourself take advantage of the experience of people who have been writing professionally for over a dozen years.

Commplace PR agency
  • run social media channels,

We also don't like the confusion that comes from "flipping through" material to social media. A PR person comes up with a vision, you create photos and texts, he polishes them… this way it can take weeks to write one post. It could be much easier. The public relations work in our agency is complemented by the services of a graphic designer, SEO specialist and copywriter. Together, they will create ready-made posts on the spot. Our strategist will suggest a method of communication and inserting posts that will save your time as much as possible.

  • implement SEO and SEM strategy,

68 percent Your customers are looking for a service by entering a query in the search engine window. How do you want to reach them if your company's website is hidden deep in search results? We also do good public relations by means of good SEO, which allows us to find a company on the web and associate it with the right keywords.

  • design a website or application,

Your public relations strategy will be much better if your entire website works to serve the purpose of a good image. Engaging content on the site, imaginative photos and a cleverly planned online store, all ideally optimized for SEO - if we do good public relations on a website like this, customers will flow in a wide stream and stay for longer.

  • conduct market and opinion research,

It is very easy to spend months on a public relations strategy and completely miss the problem that the company has and the expectations of the market. That is why we optimize costs, starting our public relations work with conducting opinion and market research (of course, when it is needed). Find out what your opinion is before we start planning corrective actions!

PR Commplace Agency - how can it help you?

  • perform an audit,

An audit by a public relations agency will tell you much more than a "strength review" done by yourself inside the company. First of all, it's a fresh perspective from someone outside the company. Besides, it's an honest overview of all activities that have an impact on public relations. We pay attention to the opinions circulating about the company on the web, the effects of previous campaigns, SEO visibility and many other factors.

  • Train the team,

We will not leave you alone after proposing internal communication or new methods of team management. First, we will train the company's staff in new techniques. We also conduct such training in marketing and sales, and even trips team building for companies.

  • come up with and organize events.

So far, we are probably the only public relations agency in Poland that has its own event and catering facilities with accommodation in the mountains. This offers unprecedented opportunities when it comes to price negotiation and event planning.

Do you know the second such public relations agency on the market? Certainly not, so we are sure that you will find answers to all your questions.

360-degree actions

At the Commplace public relations agency, we believe in comprehensive 360-degree activities. What does that mean exactly?

  • We are building a brand,
  • we reach customers through various channels,
  • we care about communication,
  • we implement the chosen strategy,
  • we achieve the intended results,
  • we exploit the brand on all levels,
  • we measure the results.

All of this in traditional channels as well as in online public relations venues. The synergy of these activities prevents the emergence of white spots, i.e. places that are neglected in terms of communication.

Modern public relations tools

PR students learn public relations tools, and each year new techniques are added to the arsenal of old ones. That is why we keep our finger on the pulse of industry trends and never stop learning.

Online press services, public relations in newsletters and e-mail marketing, e-spokesperson working in groups and forums. These are examples of newer public relations tools that we constantly implement in our daily work. Public relations also did not bypass the world of social media. The company's spokesman can also speak there. Also, how you respond to customer inquiries affects the perception of the company by the public. Each platform has its own specificity, and we will select actions that will best emphasize the nature of the company and the medium.

More and more often, public relations services include responding to forum users' comments or handling corporate Twitter, which is a place of rapid spread of information. On the one hand, all this allows you to reach your customers at any time of the day or night. On the other hand, an image crisis may occur at any time. Hence, it is even more worth asking the appropriate public relations agency for ongoing help.

There are also some tools that will probably never lose their power. These include lobbying, trips and events, press kits, press releases and advertisements or sponsored materials in the press, radio, television, cinema or on a billboard. Well-thought-out public relations strategies in such places can translate into targeting the ideal group of customers who are likely to buy your product or service. Let us act so that we can reach them.

Record number of channels in public relations work

Today's image specialists use a record number of channels in their public relations work. In the past, they could reach the counted number of trade newspapers or TV stations. Today it is impossible to list all the podcasts, influencers and websites important to your industry. Our specialists first conduct an in-depth market analysis, and then send the message to all those who may be interested in your product.

We do not limit ourselves to the beaten paths. Especially that today's customers are more and more sensitive to promotional messages. New platforms like Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram allow them to accept content with more confidence and without the protective filters they use when reading the press or listening to the radio. Such a direct, user-friendly form of communication is the future of public relations strategy.

Your expert position

We want your brand to actually obtain the title of a leader in a given segment. That is why we invest in long-term, synergistic activities aimed at improving our reputation and creating the position of an expert in the industry. Working in public relations has convinced us that nothing can replace reliable knowledge and creativity. Now we use them to build your credibility in the eyes of customers. This is facilitated by public relations tools such as sponsored articles, specialized content, useful content in social media and building good contacts in the industry media. We do good public relations which translates into sales and trust.

We do not limit ourselves to the beaten paths.

Check what activities we will propose for you!

Which model of public relations service to choose?

Before you order public relations services, find out about the main models of cooperation that you can choose:

  • ad hoc service - crisis management in case of problems or public relations services for the premiere or the "hot" season.
  • Permanent public relations service - establishing long-term public relations cooperation with an agency that cares about corporate social-media, informs the press about new products and responds to inquiries.
  • Hybrid model - as in many areas, in the work of public relations in recent years the old barriers have been removed. Today, the hybrid model is also popularized here. As part of it, you can order PR services on a very flexible basis on an ad hoc or longer basis.

Contact us if you want to discuss an individual solution. We are able to flexibly adjust the model of public relations cooperation to your budget, business style and size of the organization.

5 features of an ideal public relations agency

There are many public relations agencies on the market. Choosing the right one is a real challenge. There are several important aspects to consider before making your final decision. What should a decent PR agency stand out?

Experience first and foremost

Check the company's experience first. The agency, which has implemented many projects and can boast of positive opinions, undoubtedly knows its stuff. Is aware of the risks associated with functioning on the market, knows which public relations mechanisms work best, knows how to adjust the image strategy to the client's requirements, keeps track of trends and news. This translates into the high quality of the activities carried out.

We are not saying, however, that working with a fledgling company is a bad thing. The actions of such an entity may bring equally satisfying results. However, in this case, you should be aware of the risks associated with the lack of experience in conducting corporate public relations.

Before deciding to cooperate, be sure to analyze the projects on which the agency has been working. Check if he specializes in specific PR industries and areas. Follow the agency's case studies carefully. Thanks to this, you will learn how the company solved specific customer problems and whether it brought the expected results.

A multi-faceted approach to public relations

Public relations is an extremely broad field. The best results can be achieved by combining many aspects of your business.

A good public relations agency to create relations with the environment in which the client's company operates, uses various tools, adjusting the strategy to the specificity of a given market, characteristics of target groups, company profile as well as detailed requirements and guidelines of the client. A professional agency looks at PR in many aspects and offers a 360 model service. What does it mean in practice?

A public relations firm, if necessary, can create branding companies or carry out a comprehensive one brand rebranding, take care of content marketing, take care of activity in social media, implement SEO and SEM strategies, prepare an effective and effective PR event, and even comprehensively train the team in a specific field. Agencja 360 operates on the principle of synergy - it scrupulously implements the assumed public relations strategy, at the same time exploiting the brand on all levels and combining various PR tools and image building techniques.

Commitment and professionalism

A decent public relations agency is fully committed to its duties. You will learn about the PR company's approach to cooperation at the first meeting. If agency representatives ask detailed questions, focus on your expectations and requirements, and propose unique, tailored solutions, it means that they are fully professional, and the cooperation will undoubtedly be successful. A company that proposes universal solutions in advance, follows the beaten paths and is not 100% involved in a given matter, will never make the most of the potential of public relations. Cooperation with such an entity is a waste of time.

Continuous development

The market is constantly changing. New, advanced technologies and innovations appear constantly, which have a greater or lesser impact on public relations. In order to effectively implement image strategies and easily achieve business goals, you need to "be up to date". A decent public relations agency knows what's hot, uses innovative tools and thus achieves spectacular results.


The last, but no less important, feature of a decent public relations agency is the ability to creatively approach individual projects. A good agency will never offer you universal solutions, and will strive for originality. She will try to direct your company's public relations in such a way as to distinguish it from the competition and ensure a stable position on the market.

It is worth bearing in mind that creativity in public relations activities is not only the imagination used when creating an image campaign and creating its individual elements, but also an excellent understanding of market situations and creating strategies based on seemingly incompatible elements, completely different, new values and diagrams. The creativity of a public relations agency is reflected in the skilful matching of PR activities to a given client.

Cooperation with a public relations agency - how to start?

Are you looking for a public relations agency? You probably already noticed that the market is dominated by two types of entities:

  • small single track agencies; they employ no more than 3-5 people;
  • gigantic corporations where processes take months and prices can shock.

Commplace is one of the few public relations agencies on the market that combine:

  • Polish capital,
  • many years of experience,
  • human approach,
  • cutting-edge business tactics.

Start your search for a public relations company by checking if you are dealing with experts. You will recognize it, among others, by the portfolio of previous projects and the position of a specialist. We also recommend the simplest test for the efficiency of an internet marketing company. All you have to do is enter important terms regarding public relations or marketing in the search engine. Commplace ranks first in the results for many of these passwords. This is probably the best proof that we really know what we do. go to the website about us and get to know us better. Commplace is a constantly growing team of specialists from all over Poland. We join forces to create the perfect public relations strategy for your company.

How to prepare a brief for a public relations agency?

At the beginning there is a brief, and then all the rest! The brief is the basis for the client's cooperation with a public relations agency. It is a kind of a guide to the company's PR.

A brief for a PR agency should consist of several elements. The first pages of the document should contain a detailed description of the company. First of all, it is necessary to define the features that distinguish the company from the competition, make it unique in their own way. Awareness brand attributes it is the basis for creating an effective image strategy. In addition, it is worth presenting:

  • the company's mission - why it exists,
  • company vision - what it wants to be, what it strives for,
  • location and structures,
  • the story.

The brief must include information about the company's offer, i.e. its products or services. This is especially important if the communication activities are to concern these products / services. It is worth emphasizing which resources are crucial for the company - along with identifying their strengths and weaknesses. You should also describe your target audience in detail here. This will help build a strong strategy.

The brief must also include:

  • company environment, i.e. the industry, market rivals, market structure, market trends, the current position of the company,
  • goals - both business and communication; what results are to be achieved by the undertaken public relations activities,
  • form of cooperation - assistance in a specific area of public relations or comprehensive image consulting,
  • campaign time and budget.

Preparing a brief is a process that requires time and full commitment. Remember that the more detailed the document is, the greater the chance that the agency will understand your expectations and create an effective strategy.

Who works in a public relations agency?

The public relations agency creates and implements PR campaigns tailored to the goals and requirements of individual clients and the specificity of the markets in which these clients operate. In order to perform its tasks effectively, it must employ highly specialized, experienced public relations experts. Who works at a PR agency?

One of the most important positions in a public relations company is a PR specialist. The main task of such an expert is to develop and implement a public relations strategy. A PR specialist plans media relations activities, creates press materials on current corporate matters, and prepares procedures crisis management.

Work in PR

The work of a PR specialist is closely related to the activities of a PR manager. PR manager deals with the broadly understood "image management". What does this mean in practice? The specialist is responsible for communication with the media, institutions, customers and other entities important from the point of view of a given company. Among its most important tasks, we can mention:

  • informing about important events in the company's life,
  • answering questions from media representatives,
  • giving interviews on behalf of the company,
  • support in crisis situations,
  • organization of company events, e.g. press conferences.

A job in a PR agency will be available not only to those who want to deal directly with image management, but also to substantive specialists. Among them we mention:

  • content creation copywriters, incl content marketing,
  • graphic designers responsible for the visual side of the campaign,
  • analysts and strategists whose task is to support the public relations department in creating effective campaigns,
  • programmers, web developers etc.

Working in a public relations agency is a perfect solution for people who are distinguished by outstanding creativity, openness and outstanding communication skills. This job is for passionate people fascinated by the world of public relations and marketing.

Public relations agency contacts with the media

Time for some good news: the media are hiring fewer and fewer journalists and are slashing expenses. Therefore, they more and more often reach for external content. Press releases and sponsored articles are doing even better than before, and more and more media even rely on them. This gives new opportunities for a public relations agency that wants to promote its client as an expert and provide him with universal visibility.

We do not ignore any media platform. Until now, we have been cultivating contacts in traditional media, such as newspapers, radio and television. This helps us reach industry authorities and build prestige. On the other hand, our specialty is portals and the world of online public relations.

In 2021 alone, our in-house Commplace experts were cited in 459 texts with a total range of over 33 million. people. We perfectly know the world of regional portals and thematic websites in which your company must be visible to exist. Being active in traditional and digital media allows you to be up to date wherever industry discussions are taking place, prizes are awarded and trade fairs are held.

Media relations as a PR department

Blogs and social media are the third important group of media. In some industries, influencers set the tone for specialists or scientists. Give us a chance to reach influencers and bloggers who may be interested in your product or service. We operate both in the micro and macro influencers segment in the area of online public relations.

Channels reaching the media

A public relations agency can reach its partners in the media in several different ways. The first is e-mail. 91 percent Public relations specialists like to cultivate contacts with the media via e-mail. Media representatives also appreciate this form of communication. It does not require direct involvement, allows you to respond at any time and gives you access to gigantic amounts of information every day. Email is just a new version of the old way of sending press releases using traditional mail. Today it would seem that sending letters or gifts is a thing of the past. This is not the case, because the opening rate of paper letters is still 20 times higher than that of e-mails.

A well-thought-out direct mailing campaign can be a sensation and force newspaper editors to react immediately. Letters, packages and postcards also look graceful in social media photos, and this is of increasing importance. In addition to email and postal mail, a new way for a public relations agency to reach potential audiences is by sending messages and running a social media channel. The aforementioned Twitter allows you to publish information quickly and efficiently. While the DM on Instagram gives you the opportunity to have a very direct contact with the chosen influencer or journalist. We also need to mention telemarketing. It is not forgotten at all! We have been doing good public relations in this way for years. Because nothing can replace personal contact with another person - even over the phone.

Public relations strategy during the crisis

Many people think about using the services of a public relations agency for the first time when they are faced with an image crisis. Properly quick implementation of a public relations strategy can significantly minimize losses and even gain unexpected allies from among industry representatives, clients or even competitors. It may be a good idea to start by auditing the existing offline and online situation. Public relations will be more effective if we manage to properly target and shape them, and this will only be possible if we act on the basis of the real situation.

Remember that we can combine crisis management with a campaign rebuilding the image both outside and inside the company. Employer branding and internal communication – these are the tools you need to rebuild the good opinion of employees about the organization. We also conduct online and offline public relations activities aimed at the B2C sector and the corporate environment: investors, shareholders, contractors.

Public relations agency and your company's events

A public relations agency with its own event center that can accommodate up to several hundred people? You can imagine how much this simplifies the process of organizing such an event. Team building activities, workshops, training - all of this can be organized in our own center, minimizing costs, formalities and the amount of time needed to finish everything up to the last button.

We have our own event center - Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, with conference rooms, guest rooms, a garden, parking spaces and our own restaurant. This will allow you to organize an intimate trip to the mountains for the company's management or shareholders, as well as a great event for an important company jubilee. All this is in line with the public relations strategy developed by Commplace. Report directly to Dwór Korona Karkonoszy about events or to the public relations agency Commplace if you want to start with the concept phase.

facility for corporate events

Having a department within the structures of public relations agencies dedicated to organizing events and events it is an amazing privilege. This allows us to create something extraordinary faster, because instead of many months of arrangements, we can agree everything on the spot. Imagine how simple it will be to organize an event if your public relations agency takes care of everything. Starting from the concept, through the design of invitations or media releases, and then organizes the event and sends out press releases later.

The public relations company Commplace is the only one in Poland to have its own accommodation and recreation base of this type. On the center's website you will find dozens of references from satisfied owners and employees of companies for whom we have organized such events. At the center, we can also conduct training for your team on selected issues in the field of public relations, sales and marketing.

The impact of public relations on marketing and sales

Some treat public relations as an addition to the daily functioning of the company. And this type of service can also be implemented in marketing activities and sales strategy in the company! Especially in the edition in which the Commplace agency does it. We have over a dozen specialists from all over Poland who join forces to create a coherent marketing and sales concept.

Appropriate PR makes it easier for you to attract investors and people interested in your idea. We do good public relations inside the organization so that you can reach the hearts of your employees, management board or shareholders. The synergy between the activities of the public relations company and the work of marketers works great. In advertisements or posts in social media, you can use messages prepared by a public relations agency. On the other hand, a PR specialist can use old advertising materials, company souvenirs and photos, or marketing initiatives.

We do good PR!

Find out about it for yourself!

A multipurpose public relations agency

We call ourselves a distributed public relations agency because our specialists are scattered all over the country. We believe that the most important thing for you is the results and that is why we offer unconventional solutions prepared by a group of enthusiasts. We can say that we do good public relations from A to Z. Everything starts with an audit from which we will find out what public relations services have been implemented so far and what their effects were.

Then we can develop a strategy and conduct market research to see if it really works. Later, we transfer it to our departments supporting the work of public relations agencies, i.e. to people responsible for SEO, web design or content marketing. Finally, we will summarize the results and consider how to continue working to improve your company's online and offline visibility. If your team is not convinced of the changes, we will support it with training combined with appropriate employer branding and communication within the company.

Public relations on the web and SEO, SEM, KPI

Not everyone is aware of the importance of SEO, SEM and KPI for the effectiveness of public relations services. At the beginning, however, let's explain these concepts:

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization, i.e. optimization of a company website in terms of search engines, e.g. using the right keywords.
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing, i.e. all activities aimed at improving the visibility of the website in search engines, such as Google ads. SEO is part of SEM.
  • KPI: Key Performance Indicator, i.e. indicators that allow you to measure progress on the way to achieving business goals. In the context of online public relations, it may be, for example, the number of mentions of a company on the web, an increase in website traffic, the number of publications in the media. Another popular KPI is Advertising Equivalent, the so-called AVE, the number of social media posts, or the number of journalists per event such as press breakfast.

The KPIs against which the performance of the public relations strategy will be assessed should be established prior to the initiation of the engagement and recorded in the contract. Thanks to this, you can "look at the hands" of specialists and avoid disappointment.

Imagine your company has a great public relations agency that puts interesting press releases on your website. Unfortunately, without good SEO, no one will visit this page, so all the work of the specialists will be wasted. That is why it so often happens that clients are positively surprised by the work of the Commplace public relations agency compared to other similar companies. We supplement the PR strategy with necessary actions that amplify the effects. Good SEO without valuable content on the website will also have no effect, so optimization cannot exist without the person who creates the content.

Visual identification and is of great importance for the appearance of the website branding, which is what the graphic designer is responsible for. Finally, the website must be responsive, and our IT department will be responsible for it. A public relations company may plan to send a press kit, but without a good graphic designer, the project will get stuck in the stage of never-materialized concepts. Do you already know which public relations agency you need?

Public relations agency with its own knowledge base

What distinguishes us from other public relations companies is knowledge. It is the result of cooperation and inspiration between our specialists from various industries, but also the result of the fact that the company's history dates back to 1996. Some time ago we decided to share our knowledge. Now you can find answers to all your questions in the field of marketing, work in public relations or employer branding in one place.

We started out with a few simple articles explaining the basic concepts. Today we have hundreds of texts that go deep into the issues useful in running a business. Reliable sources, life examples, statistics - all this is available for free on our blog on the website. More and more often, when entering a selected term regarding the sales and marketing industry, in one of the first places in the search results you will find an answer that comes from our knowledge base. We do good PR, and at the same time share the conclusions that flow from our many years of work in the industry.

B2B, corporate and internal public relations

Offline and online - both traditional and digital public relations can have different faces. Usually, when we talk about PR, we mean information flowing from the company to its potential clients. But that's not the only public relations area we can help you with. Other include:

  • B2B public relations - in this case, you focus on reaching contractors or suppliers who run the company just like you. While an individual client often cares about impressions and emotions, more hard data count here: prices, terms of cooperation, reliability. You can also reach B2B partners through trade fairs and the media.
  • Corporate public relations - the agency can also support you in building your corporate image. It is such a complex task that it can be about the image of the entire organization, as well as its individual branches, divisions and even individual members of the board.
  • Internal public relations - instead of targeting clients, you focus here on employees. Sometimes it's essential to prevent a turnover or a loss of morale. Good public relations inside the company can replace raises and increase motivation to work.

How to improve public relations online?

On the website of the public relations agency Commplace you will find numerous case studies. We believe that it is easiest to describe successes with specific examples, and this gives you an idea of what profits you can expect from implementing specific tactics. Some time ago, we implemented a public relations campaign for MSM Mońki. The traditional Polish brand has gained a new look, fresh content on the website and a strategy tailored to meet the needs. As a result, it reached 31 million recipients and 600 publications with a total advertising equivalent of PLN 4 million.

Whenever you're wondering how a particular public relations firm can improve your online PR, look at the numbers and ask for examples of this type. Otherwise, you will only rely on abstract promises, which you will be able to verify only after completing the assignment. We can't wait to start working on your new project.

Are we starting?

Are you ready? If so, we encourage you to fill out the brief on the website of the public relations agency Commplace or contact us by e-mail or telephone. We offer public relations services that can be useful to you at every stage of building and developing your brand. We understand the problems of Polish companies starting locally, because we are one of them ourselves. Check what we can surprise you and order a quote for your new public relations strategy today.


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