Image in social media - create a unique one!

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Image in social media - create a unique one!

Company image budujemy w sercach i głowach innych ludzi. Możemy go wykreować i utrzymać tylko dzięki konsekwencji, determinacji i odpowiednio przygotowanej strategii. Jeżeli zaangażujesz się z pełnym poświęceniem w swoją działalność w sieci i zaoferujesz swoim obserwatorom unikalną wartość, zbudowany w ten sposób wizerunek w social media szybko zaprocentuje. A firma zacznie zbierać owoce w postaci autentycznej reputacji, przynoszącej konkretne zyski. 

What will you learn from the article?

W erze cyfrowej, w której żyjemy, obecność w social media stała się nieodłącznym elementem strategii biznesowej. Dlaczego image building w social media jest tak ważne? W tym artykule odkryjemy, jak krok po kroku kreować wizerunek w social media, jakie są najczęstsze błędy oraz jak stworzyć pozytywny wizerunek, który przyciągnie klientów i partnerów biznesowych. Dowiesz się także, czy negatywny wizerunek można poprawić i jakie kroki należy podjąć, aby odwrócić sytuację na swoją korzyść. Zapraszamy do lektury!

There is no doubt that social media has taken control of our lives, overshadowing the rest of the media. Although their main task is to communicate between people who are distant from each other, the dominance of communication between the brand and the client is becoming more and more visible. In addition, it is now almost unlimited, which makes it even more valuable in the eyes of companies. It is only thanks to social media that brands have a chance to create tribes that will stand behind them. 

The purpose of being present in social media is to build engagement by delivering values that are attractive to a specific target group. Therefore, create an image in social media, bearing in mind, above all, the needs of the people you want to reach. After all, they create your virtual world. 

Why is building an image in social media so important? 

In today's chaotic and accelerated world, you only have a moment to attract attention and emphasize your uniqueness. In addition, all strategies - image and sales - are conditioned by your reputation on the Internet. With just a few clicks, we are able to know "everything about everything" and form an opinion on any topic. 

Building an image in social media is not about promoting and pretending to be someone you are not. Sooner or later, the market will verify this, and empty blown brands will crash as soon as the first image crisis appears. 

Therefore, our job is to create appropriate associations around us. In line with your goals. And what attracts and retains the attention of recipients for longer is authenticity. Building an image in social media on an authentic message, clearly indicating what you are doing and how you can help others. Such a strategy will help you reach yours more effectively target audience - your ideal customers and partners. Only by being honest with others and with yourself will you be able to build lasting business relationships. And your offer will shine with a real glow against the competition. 

Image creation step by step on social media 

Creating an image in social media requires time, first of all. There are no shortcuts here! Our task is to create a unique set of associations, emotions, impressions, feelings, opinions and values that appear in the minds of other people when they see the brand.

Building an image in social media is arduous work, which, regardless of the type of tool used, can be summarized in a few specific commands: 

  • Attract 
  • Engage 
  • Be open-minded 
  • Build a relationship 

First, ask yourself: why? What is your need do you want to satisfy through your presence in social media? What goals do you plan to achieve? To be successful, your business needs to make sense that you will have before your eyes every time you sign up for a particular platform. 

foundation image creation in social media is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Taking advantage of opportunities and opportunities and avoiding potential threats. All this is possible only on the basis of a well-thought-out strategy, based on a clear vision and its appropriate positioning, that is, determining what exactly we want to be associated with and who we want to reach with our messages. 

Create a captivating story. Stories are a form that for years has passed on to the next generations the knowledge about the world and the life of a given community. Currently, our tribal focus is the blue screens of computers and smartphones, so when creating a story about yourself, use the power of social media. Sit back and start telling stories. Let the audience feel the emotions that accompany you every day. Let them understand the essence of the choices you have made over the years. Teach, make you laugh, move! Create your story before someone else does it for you. Use your stories in a variety of ways, remembering that there is such a thing as recycling of content - if something works, it should reach the widest possible audience. 

 What are the most common mistakes when building an image on social media?

The most important feature of social media is their volatility - they evolve in proportion to the number of people who co-create it. Only careful observation and quick reaction guarantee success. Therefore, also the image in social media is not something created "once and for all". Lack of flexibility is an unacceptable fallacy.  

Every year, new platforms appear, which are quickly gaining popularity of various groups of recipients, and portals that have existed for years do not remain passive - they change their functionalities, giving recipients more and more opportunities. The most important thing is that your image, created with the use of various tools, is consistent. It is not about automatic duplication of messages, but about building the belief that everything you publish implements a specific, clear and clear vision of who you are, what you represent and what your goal is.  

Don't forget that social media is extremely brutal - it's the effects that count, not the intentions. The Internet does not forget and rarely forgives mistakes. Keep your finger on the pulse! Build valuable relationships using all the opportunities offered by modern social media. Don't forget that the virtual world also has one of the oldest rules - give something before you take it. 

Building an image in social media is not the publication of a virtual, static business card. It is daily work on a living organism. The essence of social media is relationships that are not built just by saying hello. It is a constant "action - reaction". Lack of regular activity is associated not only with a decline in reach, but a general lack of interest. Don't forget that on social media you are not for yourself, but most of all for your audience. And it is they who ultimately show either the thumbs up or the thumbs down. 

What does your company's image on the web say?

Don't waste your sales opportunities.

How to create a positive image on social media?

Social media Initially, they were to be used as a place to meet and maintain interpersonal contacts. Today, they are a powerful tool in building the company's image and can have a huge impact on how the company is perceived. A positive image in social media is the goal of many entrepreneurs, but not only. Influencers take care of it, and CEOs of large companies use social media to build a personal brand. When you choose to maintain a profile, you always want others to get their best experience. It is also true that social media offers many different ways to reach customers, including:

  • through social information websites,
  • social networking,
  • betting sites,
  • websites that allow you to share materials,
  • community sites where you can inform about upcoming events,
  • forums and discussion groups,
  • microblogs.

There are really possibilities and even if you do not decide to use every one of them, having a developed action plan, you can create a positive image in many ways. The advent of social media has created quite a stir, and commercial organizations have been forced to change communication strategy with the client. Social media attract entrepreneurs because they offer them completely new ways of communication with customers. These include content marketing and e-marketing. An important factor for a positive image of the company in social media is to strengthen the bond with the consumer and to arouse more interest in the organization.

However, it should be remembered that it is not only the actions taken by the company that build a positive image. Social media is primarily users and it is they who have a real impact on how a given organization is perceived. Poorly conducted communication with the client, neglect of the content or quality of services may turn out to be a double-edged ax, which will bring about the opposite effect. It is much easier to create a positive image starting from scratch than working on a tarnished reputation.

Can a negative image on social media be improved?

Social media is very specific marketing communication channel. It happens that companies are completely unable to manage a profile, leading to a negative image of the company. Theoretically, it might seem that since users are partially responsible for how the brand is perceived by others, it is difficult to find effective actions that guarantee success. In part, this is true, because people online feel with impunity. It should also be noted that users are much more inclined to leave a negative opinion than a positive one, therefore the profiles of dissatisfied users are often seen much more often.

Nevertheless, companies very often take steps that only worsen the situation, and in extreme cases - do nothing and assume that it is a waste of time. Lack of reflection on the causes of a negative image in social media not only solves nothing, but also leads to acting blindly. What can you do? First of all, if you decide to appear in social media, you must also take into account the risk that your company's image will change at some point. This should not be understood as a situation that is certain to happen eventually. It may or may not, and you should be ready, because quick and correct reaction is the best you can do, and the awareness of how social media works allows you to reduce this risk.

The loss of a positive image never happens overnight, just as one dissatisfied customer will never be a determinant of the quality of services or products offered. However, this does not mean that you can ignore negative opinions and comments. Treat them as the first sign that something is most likely in need of improvement and reaction on your part. Of course, you should try to look at it objectively. There are users who are disappointed with the product because they have not read the full description, and thus missed important information. Theoretically, you are not at fault, practically - you can try to make it more visible in order to avoid a similar situation in the future.

Negative image - what to do and what not to do?

The negative image of a company in social media is not the end of the world, but it should not be underestimated under any circumstances. Remember that any failure can be turned into success as long as you know how to act. First, let's focus on what you can do to make social media users perceive your business better. First of all, focus on transparency and content. You have to remember that customers will be very sensitive to lies, so never try to cheat them.

In social media, communication is also important, so try to reply to messages or comments and listen to comments humbly. Then clients will feel that communication is transparent and rules are fair. If you've made a mistake, don't try to cover it up. Honestly admit that something did not work as it should and show that you have been working to improve it. None of us is infallible, but it is very important to get out of trouble "with your face". The last piece of advice is to keep your distance. Since both you and your customers are aware that it is human to be wrong, try to turn failure into success. Got a typo in the body of a post? Let this be the reason to create a language contest. Hiding your head in the sand and pretending nothing happened is like hanging a white flag that says: I failed and I don't want to do anything about it.

What should you not do? Simply put - exacerbate the conflict. Entrepreneurs often don't realize how easy it is to make their situation worse with just a few clicks. The primary mistake is deleting negative comments. A dissatisfied user will not only reinsert it, but will certainly not fail to mention that you have fallen asleep before. This is a clear signal to everyone in the conversation that you are resorting to manipulation. Ignoring complaints and grievances is also not a good solution.

Crisis management process

First, you are hinting that you cannot be trusted as a brand. You ignore customer problems and don't try to find solutions, so it's not even interested in making your contractors happy. The last thing is the arguments in which you, as an entrepreneur, are actively involved. Even if your client is absolutely wrong, don't argue with them in public. Avoid sarcasm, answer briefly and substantively, and in the event of further dispute - invite them to a private chat conversation.

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