Positive customer feedback - the best advertising for the company

Customer acquisition

Recommendations have a key impact on the purchasing decisions made. Research shows that over 70% consumers are willing to buy a product recommended by satisfied customers. Positive customer feedback is a great form of advertising for your business. But how to get them?

The power of recommendation marketing

Every day, over 30% consumers check opinions about products or services on the Internet. Each of them statistically spends more than 10 minutes reading reviews before deciding to buy or use the service. Interestingly, over 80% people trust the opinions posted on the Internet as much as the recommendations from their relatives or friends. 

How to get a client? Nobody likes to buy blind. Nobody wants to be disappointed with the ordered product. Everyone would like to invest their money well. Therefore, a brand that wants to achieve excellent sales results should take advantage of recommendation marketing. Marketing power lies in the positive opinions of customers! Natural, unforced recommendations increase the company's credibility, build trust among potential and current customers, and thus contribute to the company's development. But how do you get people to leave their opinions?

Positive customer feedback is one of the elements of success

Contact us and we'll show you how to encourage customers to write feedback!

How to get positive customer feedback?

You can use:

  • Google business card, i.e. Google My Business,
  • platforms collecting opinions,
  • industry platforms - e.g. tourism,
  • classifieds websites,
  • social media - recommendations on Facebook, comments.

How to encourage customers to leave feedback? First of all, you have to offer outstanding quality! People are more likely to give a brand a positive opinion if they are well-served, don't encounter any problems while placing the order, the order will be processed in no time, and the product or service received will be of outstanding quality. Make sure the ordering process has a minimum number of steps. Offer your customers various shipping and payment methods. Fix any errors on the page, make it legible, visually attractive and load quickly. Efficiently answer customer questions and help them when they need it. 

If your customers are reluctant to provide feedback of their own accord, you can encourage them to do so. Ask for an opinion after the purchase - e.g. by sending an automatic message to the customer asking them to complete a short review survey. On your website, place a widget linking to the site that collects opinions. Individual product cards should be enriched with a place to comment on products. 

Other effective ways to generate positive customer feedback include:

  • freebies or discounts for reviews,
  • Loyalty program,
  • social media contests,
  • e-shop purchase evaluation system.
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