Corporate integration events - the best ideas

Office party
Corporate integration events - the best ideas

Corporate integration events are addressed to employees, but also to management, because a well-coordinated team is the foundation of the company's operations. Office party they are great at building relationships between employees and translate into future results at work. How to arrange corporate integration events? We present a handful of ideas for unique events for employees.

Why are corporate integration events necessary?

Corporate organized events with an idea is a great way for all employees to get to know each other well, establish friendly relations and integrate. However, in addition to these classic benefits of organizing similar events, there are several other aspects.

The most important of them is to ensure the best possible well-being of all employees and superiors. If all coworkers have a good time and feel at ease in each other's company, their relationships are much better. It also means that collaboration between individuals and departments improves. This can significantly improve the flow of information between subsequent people involved in the stages of the project and speed up its implementation.

Integration events - ideas worth implementing

A great idea for corporate integration events is to organize a trip to an attractive place. Most companies choose short trips, such as in mountains, and combines them with various attractions for employees. These can be trips around the area, visiting tourist attractions, but also games and activities integrating the team. The organization of company games, themed events or games based on a special scenario are very popular. A great example of a creative approach are corporate events organized by the Commplace agency in the Korona Karkonoszy Manor. The organizer proposes, for example 15 reliable team building games. It provides an individual approach and can organize company integration in an interesting and surprising way.

Better contacts between employees and superiors is the basis of successful cooperation

Employee events and integration trips it is not only a way to improve contacts between colleagues. It is also a great opportunity for employees to get to know their superiors better. They can also spend time with people who report to them professionally and get to know some aspects of their personal lives.

By establishing contacts between the various levels of the hierarchy in the enterprise, it is possible to significantly improve the quality of work performed. Employees, if they know their supervisor personally, do not feel embarrassed during possible quality checks of work. Employers, on the other hand, are better informed about the family and personal situation of their employees, so they can easily adjust their requirements and distribute responsibilities between individual members of the team.

Integration Party ideas

Ideas for an integration event - not always just like that, right away, they come to mind. But they should always be tailored to the needs of the team. It can be about simple relaxation and rest for the crew, it can also be a form of accepting a new employee to the team. In the case of completely new teams or starting projects, it is a great idea to get to know each other, shorten the distance and have a direct conversation.

An integration event can be organized, for example, on the occasion of the implementation of a plan or business goal. Employee promotions are always great opportunities either company anniversary. But it is also necessary to take care of corporate integration in the event of conflicts. Also when we notice inadequate communication or a lack of cooperation between people. In this case, it is worth combining such a corporate event with training or workshops with elements of team building. You can also invite someone from the outside to help relieve tension and practice some of the elements of team collaboration professionally.

Corporate integration events in an unusual form

We don't always have to follow the beaten path. Sometimes it is worth surprising your employees with something so that the integration event does not look exactly the same from year to year. Unconventional ideas are, for example, games with elements of team building, going out together on a mountain trail, competition in a rope park, survival workshops. There are really many proposals, and the only limitation is our imagination. Active integration will provide participants with a huge dose of great fun and a lot of unforgettable impressions.

Are you looking for an original idea for corporate integration events?

Unconventional approach to each event
this is our motto!

Workshops for employees are an unusual and very interesting form of a corporate integration event. Team members will not only have a good time and strengthen their bonds with each other, but also learn something new. What workshops are we talking about? For example, regional crafts. There are many small manufactories and family workshops dealing with traditional crafts in Lower Silesia.

The training is a great opportunity to learn how traditional Lower Silesian glass, ceramics and fabrics are made. Workshop participants will be able to try their hand at creating traditional products.

You can also organize self-defense workshops where participants will learn how to defend themselves and others in emergency situations. Knowledge of self-defense techniques is knowledge that can be useful when you least expect it.

Integration Party

Corporate integration events - play with the leitmotif

Wanting to positively surprise their employees, and at the same time be sure that they will be

If you want to positively surprise your employees, and at the same time be sure that they will have fun, it is worth organizing an integration event with the theme. It can take the form known to everyone theme partysuch as an 80s disco, a Hawaiian party, or a theme from a series. Each element of such a party must relate to a set theme - including decorations, costumes, menus and music. Only then will the participants be able to move one hundred percent into the directed world. Their emotions will be authentic and their memories will be unforgettable.

You can also try a scenario game with a leitmotif, which consists in solving the puzzle by the participants of the game. It is a kind of game that teaches collaboration and communication. It allows you to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. This is great for new teams that don't know each other well, as well as for groups that don't get along. The scenario game will integrate the team, which will translate into an improvement in the atmosphere at work and the efficiency of performing official tasks.

Not only fun, but also a themed day at work

Nothing integrates the team as much as having fun together and opportunities to laugh. Ideally, these are brief moments during the workday when you can break away from your responsibilities and smile at other team members.

We propose to organize a thematic day in the company once a month. Backpackless days are popular in schools. Students then bring their school supplies in various containers. Everything is allowed, except classic backpacks and school bags. At work, a similar initiative may also meet with a very positive response. If employees have the opportunity to dress slightly differently than usual for work, they will surely appreciate it.

Our proposal, related to the possibility of more freedom in the office, is day in tracksuit. Then you can feel obliged to appear in the company during your working hours in a complete set, which is usually used for training or performing various activities at home. Anything to feel less formal than usual.

Traditional corporate integration events

There is nothing wrong with occasionally organizing a traditional corporate event on neutral ground where employees will not think about their duties. You have to remember that it is worth surprising employees, so in one year you can organize a themed trip, the second a sports trip, and in the third you can spend time with employees, for example by a fire.

Integration events

Organizing a barbecue for employees is a great and unofficial integration, during which everyone will feel completely at ease. It is worth combining this with accommodation so that employees do not have to return to their homes at night.

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a good example of a place where you can organize a party with roasted wild boar and piglet or a unique beer feast with roasted sausages and lively live music.

Another traditional and well-known form is simply a lavish party in a restaurant or manor house. During such an event, there must be a properly composed menu and refreshing drinks. What the menu will look like depends on the nature and length of the event. An elegant dinner consisting of two courses and a dessert is enough for a short event. For a longer event, you should order catering, which, apart from hot dishes, will offer platters with cold snacks and cakes. You can also consider preparing a country table with home-made, regional food.

Company integration trip

Breaking away from everyday life is an extremely important element of integration trips. Productivity depends on how well rested employees are. In turn, the direct profits of the enterprise depend to a large extent on it. Therefore, a great idea to integrate all people working in a given company is to organize a trip.

The best date for a company trip is May or September. These are the months when the weather in Poland is good, it is warm and there is a possibility of sightseeing. Most of the seasonal facilities are also already open. However, it is still not the holiday period when most people decide to go on vacation. Thanks to this, you can get attractive discounts for a group trip and avoid crowds.

Commplace Training Center - Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

Integration event for employees - ideas

Integration event for employees should take place in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. It's best to spend time actively and have fun together. One of the proven ideas is the organization of various types of competitions. They generally integrate people in a positive way, awaken the spirit of competition and stimulate creative thinking. Not to mention the great fun they provide!

Another solution may be to prepare a field game. However, such fun outdoors requires careful preparation. But other games, such as puns or script games, also need to be planned in advance. Nevertheless, such outlays will always pay off in the form of player satisfaction and fond memories. Competitions for integration events they also mean prizes for the winners. Even a small gift will please the participants of the competition.

Fun for an integration event

The needs of our group should be key when choosing fun for a team-building event. It is all about its number. We can offer different entertainment to a group of 10 people, and other entertainment to a group of 30 people. It is also necessary to take into account what stage of integration the team is at. For newly formed groups, it is better to choose games and activities that allow you to get to know each other better. On the other hand, for teams that have been operating for a longer time, let's choose attractions that strengthen and deepen relationships. So that employees feel that working in a team has its advantages. Fun will also be good strengthening creativity and commitment. We should also pay attention to the fact that the entertainment for the team-building event should be at the appropriate level and allow everyone to have fun. Experienced organizers of corporate integration events can adjust them to each group and make everyone have a good time. And that's what corporate integration events are all about.

Integration events - where to organize?

An intimate hotel in the mountains or integration in an urban atmosphere? Or maybe combine one with the other? In order to choose the right place for a company integration event, let's think about the goal we want to achieve. If the basic assumption is to bring people closer to each other, creating conditions for them to talk and have fun together, then more peaceful places, slightly away from the city noise, will win. There, the attention of the participants will be drawn to other people, and the natural landscapes and the beauty of nature will only build and emphasize a good mood. In such an environment, it will be easier to open up to others and devote yourself to having fun together.

Giant Mountains it's always a good choice. It is the famous "land of palaces and gardens". The less obvious and very attractive places, which are not missing in this area, include, for example, the holiday village of Sosnówka, where we can admire the beautiful lagoon, and at the same time enjoy the wonderful views of the majestic mountains.


However, if we would like to provide our group with more stimuli and impressions, we should rather choose a city. For example, the capital of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw, with historic quarters and the famous Market Square, and at the same time vibrant and energetic modern cities. Old squares are adjacent to atmospheric pubs, interesting museums with wonderful parks. All of this creates a great mix, just right for you corporate integration event.

The best directions for an integration trip - Poland

Depending on the budget at the disposal of the company and participants of the trip, you can decide on several directions for an integration trip. In Poland, the most popular are:

  • Seaside towns;
  • The Bieszczady Mountains;
  • Pieniny
  • Giant Mountains.

Corporate integration trips - mountains

Here you can find a lot of attractions that are intended for visitors. At the same time, there is no problem with the organization of closed events. Bieszczady, Pieniny or Karkonosze are the perfect destination for those groups who value peace and active recreation. Daily morning excursions, and in the evening meetings by the fire or during an evening themed party are a great way to strengthen bonds between employees.

Seaside locations, in turn, will certainly appeal to younger participants of integration trips. Then there are many more possibilities to organize an evening in a pleasant atmosphere and spend the night having fun without having to worry about getting up in the morning.

As it can be easily noticed, in Poland there are many possibilities of organizing an integration trip for employees. Each of them will be a great way to break away from everyday duties, sit at a desk and fill out subsequent reports for superiors.

An integration trip in Poland allows you to react immediately in the event that any of the participants has problems that will force them to return quickly. It is also much less time-consuming and simpler when it comes to organizational and transport issues.

Effective team building - check it out!

Foreign integration trip. Where is the best place to go?

Foreign integration trips, as opposed to those organized in Poland, usually last longer than 3 days. It happens that a company decides to temporarily suspend its activities on the occasion of an integration trip.

Nevertheless, it is still much more profitable for the company than forcing employees to work continuously without any entertainment from employers.

Two directions still dominate among foreign integration trips. The first one is sunny Italy, where the participants of the trips are focused on visiting beautiful, historic buildings and places that will take their breath away. It is also an ideal place to organize attractive culinary workshops. But we'll talk about that in a moment.

Another direction is, of course, broadly understood warm countries. These are, among others, Tunisia and Turkey. Here, a lot of people who go on an integration trip count on long hours spent relaxing in the sun with a drink in their hand.

Workshops organized during foreign integration trips

As we already mentioned, culinary workshops organized during integration trips abroad are a great way to get to know the team better. While the organization of similar events at the place of residence or work of the participants of the trip is relatively simple, difficulties arise if it is to be organized during the trip. However, this is not an insoluble problem. All you need is a little self-denial and creativity. There are certainly many of these people who organize corporate integration trips in their companies.

Foreign trips, like those organized in Poland, should be selected according to the group of participants. If the majority of them are people who prefer an active rest mode, it is worth taking this into account. Similarly, in a situation where those who have the choice of sightseeing or quiet rest will find their deckchair very quickly.

A good idea, if the group is strongly divided in terms of spending integration trips, is to choose them in such a way that each subsequent year you can offer your employees a different way of spending time.

Culinary workshops

The best way to spend your free time abroad is getting to know the regional cuisine. It is especially popular when visiting Italy, which is famous for its excellent cuisine and tasty, fresh ingredients.

After selecting the appropriate place, you can contact the restaurant staff directly, find relevant information on the website or contact institutions that organize similar events.

Integration with taste - Italy

To organize a culinary workshop for an outgoing group, first find out how many people are interested in a similar attraction. After collecting statements from the group, shop around for high-quality restaurants that offer tasty dishes. It is best if they will be classics of Italian cuisine.

Dance workshop

Another type of workshop worth organizing during an integration trip is learning to dance. Here it does not have to depend on where the group is located. However, it is much more fun to learn regional dances than those that can be learned at the dance school in the city where the employees come from.

In this case, the organization of workshops can also be commissioned to people who specialize in similar topics. However, it is worth finding out first if the outgoing group will be satisfied with similar activities. It is also always worth checking the type of dance in advance and confronting it with the participants.

Corporate integration events - benefits

Regular corporate events is the key to a well-coordinated, well-functioning team of employees. Going out together improves relationships, helps overcome conflicts and creates an excellent atmosphere in the workplace. At such events, employees can talk calmly about things that they don't have time to talk about during working hours - for example, about interests, family, or other issues important to team members.

This is a great opportunity to get to know each other better and build strong relationships. Corporate integration events connect employees, improve communication between individual team members and create an extremely positive, pleasant atmosphere. A well-coordinated team is a team that can achieve much more. It can work more efficiently - and as we well know, effective work is the key to success on the market!

Integration events. How to keep the effects of the meeting as long as possible?

As we have already shown, corporate integration events and integration trips are a great way to improve relationships in the team. It is also one of the elements that make it possible to ensure the best possible well-being of employees. Thanks to the fact that they are refreshed and have good relations with each other, work can be better and more effective.

It is worth making sure that the effects of the meeting or the trip are visible in the group as long as possible. As with many cosmetic procedures, the same is true for interpersonal relationships. It is worth taking care of the effects that appeared during the procedure so that they are long-lasting and strong.

Corporate dinners

One way to take care of team relationships is to organize company outings and corporate dinners. We are not talking about a lavish party with catering or a special dinner here. Often the easiest ways are the best.

That is why we suggest that after the integration meeting in the company, a tradition of regular meetings after work should be created. You can meet in a bar or restaurant and spend time together. In this way, the relationships that have developed during a trip or a corporate integration event will withstand the tensions associated with returning to daily duties.

Company dinner

Going out together for bowling or other activities

If during an integration trip it turns out that the team works perfectly together, it is worth maintaining a similar tradition. It can be going out for bowling, billiards or other similar attractions that will allow you to try out delicate competition combined with team play.

It also enables the bonding of employees to be strengthened. They do not associate individuals solely with work-related places. Thanks to this, they can relax and work is carried out in a much better atmosphere than before.

The head of department can also suggest a joint exit immediately after finishing work. This can be related, for example, to the lack of overtime or additional tasks on the day when the departure is organized. It is also an additional motivation for employees to finish work on time and to leave the building quickly.

When is integration best?

It may happen that the team of employees does not get along with each other. Sometimes there are all sorts of arguments, the causes of which can be many - ranging from poor knowledge of people in the group, through incorrect communication, to a lack of understanding. The employer should ensure that there is a friendly atmosphere in the team. The best way to build strong ties between employees is to regularly organize company integration events.

Work is often very stressful. Tight deadlines, dissatisfied customers, poor results. Employees need a moment of relaxation, rest and detachment from work. Therefore, and in such a situation, it is worth organizing corporate integration events. Such an event allows you to forget about work for a while. It allows you to recharge your batteries and get back to your daily tasks with new energy, motivation and a smile on your face.

Our methods for "budget" integration

It happens that the company is only at the stage of development. This means that most of the profits are allocated where it is necessary to make the company better recognizable on the market. In such situations, when the company is young, it may happen that there are not enough funds to organize a high-quality, costly integration trip for employees and employers. That is why we present several methods for corporate integration events that will not absorb most of the company's budget.


If at least one of the team members has a plot of land near the city, which they agree to rent for one evening, a bonfire full of integration and fun can be organized. It is, to some extent, a return to the times of youth, when such events were organized at night, after a long day at school or university.

Integration fireplace is a very budget way to organize a corporate integration event. It is enough to organize the right amount of food and drinks. If the team is already in tune with each other to some extent, you can also recall the years of youth and organize a so-called contributory bonfire.

Company fireplace in the training center of the Commplace Agency - Korona Karkonoszy Manor

In this case, each participant brings one dish. This is a great way to get to know each other's favorite flavors and try new things that can be eaten by the fire.

This way of spending time with colleagues is certainly a valuable moment for anyone who appreciates play and freedom during meetings. You can spend your time in any way you want and take care of what is most needed at the moment. The most fascinating conversations also occur most often by the fire, which can result in establishing great friendships for many years.

An evening with board games

For a long time, board games were very much underestimated by party lovers. They believed that it was an unattractive, even boring way to spend time with friends. They saw many, according to them, much more interesting options.

However, today it turns out that modern board games are extremely interesting, addictive and tell amazing stories. Just open the box to move to another world. Each time you can experience different games and the feelings associated with them.

Integration on ... the board

That is why our next offer for an integration event of people working in one team is an evening with board games. Certainly, each of the people who belong to the team has at least one game in their home. We guarantee that even if he is a classic Chinese, there will be plenty of emotions. Just like having fun and the possibility of establishing interactions, and finally integration, and even perfect connections.

Integration is an extremely important element in building a team. If individual members feel good in their company, all stages of work on projects are much better organized. That is why it is so important to organize successful corporate integration events and trips that will improve contacts between people in the company.

Integration meeting

Is each meeting with a larger group of employees already a form of team integration? Not necessarily. Different kinds of briefings, debriefs, meetings, meetings and other business meetings usually have a completely different purpose. They can even disintegrate the team. Where the atmosphere at work is too tense and employees are unable to communicate, it is difficult to talk about efficiency. That is why organization is so important corporate integration events, during which you can relieve tension and give employees a chance to resolve possible conflicts. The point is to create a harmonious group of employees that will be able to solve minor problems on their own in the future.

Integration meeting it is also an opportunity to develop new ideas and improve work in the company. Employees in a direct conversation, in a relaxed atmosphere, can reach an agreement among themselves on how to settle some matters more easily or simply. At a company campfire or an integration game, there will be an opportunity to talk about everything. Also about what we are passionate about, what we like and what we don't. And maybe on this occasion we will be able to understand what our colleagues at work are guided by. Such meetings often end with employees, instead of exchanging hundreds of e-mails, they simply call each other and quickly settle business matters.

It is worth trusting specialists - employee integration - event agency

A corporate integration event is a proven tool in building a well-coordinated team and a good atmosphere at work. Such an event can be combined with elements of training and the acquisition of new competences. What kind? For example, in terms of teamwork and correct team communication. The organization of such events is a great investment in employees. They will feel appreciated by the employer, and the strengthening of friendly ties will make them not interested in changing the work environment. It is also a good opportunity to improve your mood and regenerate your strength. Nice company and a positive attitude will help us solve some difficult matters right away!

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