PR agency Wrocław - how to choose well?

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Do you want to gain more business customers, build your company's reputation, increase the efficiency of your organization? Make your company better known? If you already know that you need a PR agency for this, you have taken the first step in the right direction. However, after typing in the search engine PR agency Wrocław in less than a second, 9 million results appear! How do you know which one out of many found PR agency Wroclaw will be the best for you? Check what is worth paying attention to.

You have created a new product, an innovative service. Even if you are ahead of the competition thanks to this, only you will know about it without customers. Regardless of whether your company is in the initial stage of development or its position on the market is well-established, it is important that the public hear about the new products on offer. Since the PR agency Wrocław is your target, you rightly assume that this is a task for public relations.

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PR agency Wrocław - what are the features of good PR work?

Are you looking for professional help in the field of public relations? Are you interested in the PR agency Wrocław? You will immediately notice that you have a lot to choose from. Wrocław, like Warsaw or Poznań, is one of the strongholds in the field of public relations. Offers a wide range of various PR and communication agencies. Paradoxically, this multitude of choices can be confusing. It is not always easy to distinguish between providers of effective solutions that produce tangible results and those that raise doubts at the first contact of "experts".

What to look for?

It seems obvious that a public relations agency working for its client relies on its well-established industry knowledge. Meanwhile, what in principle should be taken for granted does not apply to many PR agencies. Because setting up a company providing PR services in Poland - will it be PR agency Wrocław, or any other city - does not require any special conditions or proof of competence, even inexperienced people without the necessary basic knowledge can use this name.

So how do you check if the PR agency you are interested in will live up to the hopes placed in it? In order to achieve success in the field of public relations, it is necessary not only to be familiar with, but also to be able to use, PR tools. Questions that a good PR agency should be able to answer on the go include: what is the structure of the press release? How to build and maintain relationships with journalists? What topics should you address to which media?

Commplace PR agency

Industry knowledge and experience are very important in the field of PR and help to effectively implement individual customer strategies. Answer the following questions to be sure that the PR agency you have chosen is the right one.

What exactly is PR?

Certainly, not only building the image or the demand for a product through media relations for a long time, which happened a few years ago, when the main area of PR activity was usually identified with the media and the press. In the classic sense, this understanding of PR is not wrong. However, this is not all these days. In modern communication and PR work, the boundaries of marketing are no longer as strict as they used to be. A good PR agency should know that nowadays PR combines marketing, PR and sales activities. It does this using various channels so that the implemented communication strategy brings the desired results. He sets goals in advance and adapts to the individual needs of the client. How do we know this? Because Commplace, the PR agency in Wrocław, works like that.

PR agency and creative agency

There are more and more terms on the web for companies dealing with similar topics. PR agency, creative agency, SEO, advertising, branding, marketing, image ... What are they actually different? Let's take a city like Wrocław. The PR agency will take care of the image of companies from the region. This can be the service of the press spokesman, media appearances, but also proposing scenarios of events and other events that will promote a given project. The work of an image agency is based more or less on the same. Wroclaw companies of this type mention among their tasks: building a PR strategy, cooperation with bloggers, crisis management, CSR, media relations, Internet PR and corporate PR.

Meanwhile, SEO and marketing agency are promotional internet strategies based on content, advertising and website optimization. Branding or creation are terms referring more to the visual layer itself, i.e. packaging design or company logo. Finally, we have a traditional advertising agency. In the past, it would focus on designing banners, posters or press advertisements. Today, her tasks may overlap with the roles of a marketing agency and SEO in the world of media, because many activities of this type have moved to the Internet. Some PR agencies from Wrocław or the surrounding area specialize in strictly lobbying or corporate activities. Increasingly, however, perfection is achieved by combining all these forces under one umbrella. This is exactly how Commplace Wrocław works - a creative, PR and branding agency in one. Read on if you want to know the details.

PR agency Wrocław - where to start your search?

Searching for a PR agency that will perfectly match the specifics of our company's operation is quite an art. Therefore, the most important features of an ideal agency are experience, communication and creativity.

It is important that the PR agency knows not only the specifics of a given industry, but also the closer and further surroundings of the company, so when choosing a PR agency, it is worth focusing on local companies. Specialists operating in the environment of local media, opinion leaders and stakeholders on a daily basis are able to use their contacts more effectively in building the image of our company.

Communicativeness should be expressed not only in the ability to write and create messages using the latest technologies, but also the ability to use various tools and communication channels, so that they function coherently and synergistically. In addition, PR specialists must be articulate, intelligent, energetic, persistent, flexible and outgoing.

Creativity consists not only in the imagination used in the creation of a campaign, but also in the ability to understand specific market situations and create completely new values on the basis of seemingly mismatched elements.

The most important thing is that we know who we are looking for. Is the agency supposed to support our internal or external communication? It is to help solve a specific one crisis situationor maybe propose procedures used in everyday work on building a specific image? Is there any procedure by which we can choose a PR agency? The best solution is to recommend a trusted source. Evaluate the effectiveness of a PR agency on the basis of the ideas it has implemented. The effectiveness of actions is the most important measure of success.

Are contacts still the basis?

Although public relations has significantly widened the scope of its activities, publications in the media still play a large role in PR strategy. Good contacts with journalists and the media are therefore essential. A well-kept database is crucial to successful PR work - and reputable agencies know it. Personal contacts are important not only for cooperation with individual media, but also in relations with clients. Mutual, regular communication ensures that the strategies prepared individually for the client are flexible and dynamic enough that they can be quickly adapted and changed if necessary. A good PR Wrocław agency knows that if you do not have a personal contact person or you do not receive regular feedback from them, it is much more difficult to reach the target group according to your wishes.

Can you trust a PR agency?

In many areas of business, trust is the foundation - it is no different in the case of cooperation with a PR agency. If you have the impression that you cannot trust the person with whom you are to work in PR activities, or that he or she works with methods that do not seem very promising for your goals, think about whether it is really "that" PR agency in Wrocław, you want to bond with. A yes decision can hurt your entire strategy or even your image.

PR agency Wrocław - what does the cooperation look like?

In the case of reputable PR agencies, honest advice is the highest priority. “As a PR agency in Wrocław, throughout the history of our activity, relations with our clients have been based and still are based on trust and attention to providing quick feedback. We work not only for the client, but also with the client, on his individual goals, ”says Bartosz Zieliński, Managing Director at Commplace. - "Every company, every product and every human being needs it individual communication strategywhich we establish during a joint discussion. For us, good and reliable advice also includes honest vetoing the client's ideas. We are not afraid to advise against taking action if we know that it will be ineffective. - adds Bartosz Zieliński.

Cooperation with clients from various industries allows the PR agency to have a broader view of the market. He has such experiences on his Commplace account, PR agency Wroclaw. Successfully implemented projects for companies from various market sectors translate into targeted projects communication strategies and enable you to position yourself as an expert in your field. Remember that PR can act as a bridge between your clients and your company.

What can you entrust us? For example, creating an image

According to data from the Central Statistical Office of Poland, Wrocław is a city with approx. 100,000 jobs. companies. It is becoming more and more difficult for customers to find their way around this crowd. 81 percent of them say they have to trust the company before deciding to buy something, and trust is most easily built through long-term positive image-building activities. It's obvious: You won't trust a company you've never heard of, and you won't trust a company that is talked about badly. Those who are well talked about and constantly are in the best position.

Customers are hypersensitive to fast and effective advertising campaigns of brands that no one had heard of just a few weeks ago. That's why we took up the challenge image creation companies in Wrocław, and now also in other Polish cities. We take it seriously. We can offer quick and effective actions, but we will also be with you on a daily basis to effectively create and maintain the company's image, as well as in a crisis situation. We believe that this is the only way to build a truly trusted brand.

The main force of PR in Wrocław

When looking for agencies that deal with building contacts with the media in Lower Silesia, you will find a dozen companies from Wrocław. Image creation is done by PR agencies, but not only, because more and more often they are various types of creative and marketing companies. Against all this background, we are distinguished by the results. Commplace has grown tremendously in recent years. Our clients include the largest Polish companies from the food, renovation and construction and industrial sectors. The specific numbers say even more.

For example, in 2021, our experts spoke in the media 459 times, including about recruitment, effective campaign building or image creation. Wrocław is only one of the cities where we reach this way with our message, because our analyzes and statements were also published, among others, by in Gazeta Krakowska or Dziennik Wschodni. In total, 753,519 people read them by the end of the year. And these are just publications that concern the agency itself. We do not include sponsored texts, press releases and advertisements that we helped broadcast to our clients both in digital channels and in traditional media in cities such as Wrocław. We have been creating the image since 1996. It is difficult to find a second PR agency in Wrocław and its vicinity that can boast such extensive experience in both the field of marketing and traditional PR.

Our knowledge base

In addition to being present in the largest media with our analyzes, we run our own knowledge base in areas such as PR, customer acquisition, marketing strategy and employer branding. We started modestly with a few case studies of our clients. Later, we started explaining the basic concepts to help our clients orient themselves in the process of building a campaign or creating a brand image. We care about transparency, so you always know what specific techniques and methods we use to achieve the desired effect. Today, the Commplace knowledge base has hundreds of comprehensive articles.

Want to check it yourself? Try doing a Google search on a few terms that come to mind when talking about sales techniques or PR. We regularly reach the top of search engine result lists with our texts, and this is probably the best proof that we are able to provide our clients with similar effects. Crisis PR in Wroclaw? Porter's concept of five forces? The latest trends in employer branding? Check for yourself what Commplace specialists have to say about it and compare it with the modest blogs of other agencies. Our content marketing department consists of several top specialists from all over Poland who will gladly undertake work to improve the visibility of your company on the web.

PR Wrocław communication audit

Some PR agencies from Wrocław will prepare a strategy for you right away without asking any questions. We are satisfied with a different approach, for which we guarantee, because we have tested it personally in dozens of cases from various industries. Before the concept of PR activities is created, we conduct a communication audit. Customers from Wrocław appreciate that we start with a reliable summary of the current situation. We take into account previous campaigns, image on the web and everything that makes up the company's PR.

Thanks to this, we save actions that would duplicate the already undertaken and we propose solutions that maximally accelerate success not only in Wrocław. The communication audit is also the moment to find out if you do not have the so-called black PR. If so, we will implement effective crisis management immediately and make communication simple, before we start dealing with PR in social media or lobbying.

Our results

We operate transparently, so we publish the results of our campaigns on the website. Instead of pouring water, we share specific knowledge, for example, about how we gained 1,500 inquiries per year for the Korona Karnonosze manor regarding the organization of events with a total value of PLN 30 million. Step by step, we also describe a case study on brand rebranding, both local family businesses and powerful premium brands from cities such as Wrocław. A public relations agency can only deal with activities within a certain scope. At Commplace, we are also able to offer:

  • SEO and SEM campaigns complementing PR goals,
  • sales and marketing strategies,
  • graphic creation,
  • content supporting image goals,
  • event production and planning,
  • taking care of the company's IT,
  • as well as long-term strategies.

All services in one place

It does not matter if your company operates in Warsaw or Wrocław. The Commplace public relations agency offers all services in one place, although paradoxically we operate mostly remotely from several places in the country. Thanks to this, we understand the needs of both startup, mobile work environments and large, stationary organizations. Fill out a brief or contact one of our consultants if you want to take full advantage of the power of a PR agency from Wrocław and start a new stage in the history of your company. We can offer both ad hoc assistance and a package of activities from all areas, thanks to which your company will accelerate its development. Are you interested in PR for a Wrocław-based company? Or maybe you think more of an SEO strategy or content, but you want to build a positive image at the same time? In both cases, you will find answers to your questions about promotion and corporate PR.

PR agency Wrocław - working on your brand

The work of a PR agency from Wrocław or any other city does not end with proposing a concept. We are with our brands as long as the strategy requires it and we promote their good image in the long term. Having a graphic studio or copywriting department on site greatly simplifies the processes, and for you it translates into savings - time and money. Instead of outsourcing each action to a different company and with difficulty coordinating the resulting chaos, you can outsource all the work to a PR agency from Wrocław, relax and wait for the result. If necessary, we can really start from scratch by conducting market and opinion research about your company or an audit. We will retire only when all activities are complete, your business starts to prosper and your campaigns regularly bear fruit. We help both brands that have been on the market for some time and those that want to outsource the work of a PR agency from Wrocław, because they are just starting on the local or global market.

Why is it worth using the services of a PR agency?

Every company has to show that it exists, in all possible ways, because business cannot do without customers. Each organization wants to create the best conditions for development for itself. Each company has communication needs, wants to be understood, to benefit from a positive attitude and a positive image.

PR communication cannot be built alone. It is a collective effort, the result of cooperation between all departments and coordination of activities. It requires constant monitoring of the effects, careful observation of trends and adaptation to the constantly evolving tools. Before you develop effective operating procedures yourself, it is worth using the experience and skills of PR agency employees.

In PR activities, it is worth avoiding apparent savings. People are the greatest cost. When deciding to hire specialists from PR agencies, we can be sure of using only effective solutions. Experienced PR agency employees know what topics may be of interest to journalists and opinion leaders, and in what context they should be presented in order to be disseminated in the media and on the Internet.

In Public Relations time is of the essence and agencies know very well how to plan individual activities to be as successful as possible. They are also aware of what and when to say and when to wait to react. By working with a PR agency, you also get the opportunity to use the potential of many creative people. During the agency brainstorming, the most interesting campaigns and the most original creations are born. The agency's tasks include not only promoting specific attitudes and successes, but also constructive criticism and showing the right path, and such value in the business world cannot be overestimated.

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