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Company events - a short guide on how to organize them

Interesting and engaging attractions for corporate events - the entertaining part of the event is something that all participants are waiting for. Attractions for corporate events will encourage everyone to have fun and relieve tension after intense work. Organized on a grand scale, they will certainly contribute to the success of the event. What should you pay attention to and what ideas will always work? Here is a list of the most interesting attractions that can be used when organizing a corporate event.

Attractions for corporate events it is a guarantee of a lot of fun. No company wants to organize an event that will bore the participants. Due to the lack of variety, in the future employees will treat another integration event as an unpleasant necessity, and not an opportunity to relax and have fun. So how to organize an event where both supervisors and employees have a good time?

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Classic or surprising attractions for corporate events - which ones to choose?

Attractions for corporate events they have to be engaging and trigger an enormous amount of endorphins in the participants. The list of the most popular attractions can be divided into typical, classic and surprising; one that no one would expect. Both types have their pros and cons that are worth briefly introducing.

Usually, companies want all participants of the event to have a really good time. If you do not want to risk it, let's focus on proven, classic attractions, i.e. live music, shows, performances and workshops, banquet or a bonfire. Most of them should appeal to every employee and it is unlikely that there will be a situation in which someone refuses to participate in the event. In addition, such attractions are usually quite easy to organize, and with relatively small financial outlays.

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The surprising and non-obvious attractions are certainly a huge dose of new experiences that not everyone wants to face. Surprises can have a twofold effect. An electrifying and memorable one that is remembered with a smile for years. However, it can also be an unpleasant experience. When deciding on these less obvious attractions, it is worth considering whether all participants of the event will really want to play. Intensive water sports, bungee jumping or an off-road rally will be a great experience for some, and a trauma for others ...

So what to choose? It's best to combine traditional attractions with those that guarantee an adrenaline rush. Then corporate events will be attractive for everyone. There is no need to invest in the organization of several ideas at the same time. Just choose two that everyone will like and the party will surely be a success.

What attractions to choose?

How to integrate a team? Of course, by organizing an attractive corporate event. The combination of fun and team building elements always works. Choosing the right attractions can be really difficult, which is why we present a list of both universal, typical event proposals and slightly less obvious ideas for having fun together in a workgroup.

A photo booth or a magic mirror

Almost everyone loves photos that capture magical moments on a piece of paper ... Most likely everyone will want to bring a souvenir from a successful corporate event. Photo booth it makes it possible. This solution is interesting because it does not require participants to appear in a specific place and at a specific time. The photo can be taken at any time. It also does not require any prior preparation. Just smile nicely or make a funny face - and press the shutter of the camera. Snap and ready!

The magic mirror is a more modern version of the photo booth - it allows you to freely process our portrait, add emoticons, comments, and immediately publish the photo on social networks. Event participants can show off where they are and what they do with their team. This new type of attractions for corporate events is a real sensation!

Live music

Live music is not only pleasing to the ear, but also makes you have fun and go out on the dance floor. If the aim of the corporate event is also the integration of employees, it will be a great culmination of the evening and will entice everyone to have fun. You don't have to invite the most popular star in Poland right away. It's just that live music sounds better than the one played from the console, regardless of the artist.


The shows can be mesmerizing, especially if properly conducted. The magic is that they are hosted live and often attended by event attendees. Pyrotechnic shows, magician performances and are very popular dancers. Employees will surely like these less common attractions for corporate events. The bartending shows also have their loyal fans, especially as they often end with alcohol tasting ... In addition, thanks to them, the atmosphere, even if it was a bit stiff at first, will quickly change to a more entertaining one.

Cabarets and stand-up

How to make official training also have an entertainment part? It is best to invite experts in good humor who will amuse the audience to tears and relax the formal atmosphere. You can be tempted to hire a comedian who will also be the host of the event and will lead the entire event in a playful and humorous manner.

Sports attractions

Sports activities for corporate events they are a very interesting form, which, however, not everyone has to like. Of course, all fun competitions, such as running in a sack or with an egg on a spoon, are suitable for everyone, but slightly more demanding sports do not have to be liked by everyone. In the case of extreme attractions, it is worth doing a little research beforehand, how many people will be interested in them. You may find that, however, everyone wants to participate in the rafting trip either balloon flight. Although we don't expect it, our crew can have a spirit of adventure! But they will work in almost every situation football tournaments for companies - Poles love football and, regardless of gender and age, they are eager to run around the pitch, trying to score a goal.

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Attractions for corporate events - what matters is the idea!

Is there an attraction that will please and please everyone? Probably not. Therefore, before you decide that the attractions you choose for company events are perfect, think about who will be the participant of the company event. Each employee is different, so the key to having fun is to match the attractions to their interests and preferences. It's not hard to spend a few thousand zlotys on a band that no one will want to listen to. You have to remember that you're not the only one who wants to have fun - company party should be organized with all participants in mind

Is a corporate party getting ready?

We'll take care of everything!

Who can be commissioned to prepare attractions for events?

We can commission the preparation of attractions for events to either our team members or an external organizer. If there is an HR department in our company, usually its employees organize all kinds integration events and company trips. Depending on what type of events are to be and whether they require additional knowledge, rights or patents, we must select competent people for their organization.

In general, if the corporate event is away, the entire organization of the event is subcontracted at the place of accommodation. It is a much easier and much more practical solution than trying to coordinate the event yourself. Local event managers know the local market and know perfectly well who can, for example, transport kayaks to us, who can rent the necessary photographic equipment for photo workshops or which team for a corporate event will provide us with an attractive musical setting.

Attractions for corporate events - what to avoid?

The so-called "nails of the agenda" for corporate events should be prepared in such a way that they correspond to the nature of the meeting. This means that if we plan, for example, a banquet or an official business meeting, we cannot plan during them even games that require participants to change clothes. For this type of event, you can invite, for example, a musician artist or organize a short culinary show or fashion.

And vice versa - if we are planning loose integration games or field team building games, we should not choose too rigid and official points as attractions. Or those that require a lot of concentration, such as a lecture or training.

Corporate event attractions - examples

Interesting and engaging attractions for corporate events it is actually an inexhaustible collection of ideas. New ones appear all the time, and those already known to everyone can be improved endlessly. Here are some more examples.

Scenario games are based on a previously prepared storyboard. A coherent, uniform scenario may assume, for example, a reconstruction of the course of an event. Or guessing where the treasure is hidden - treasure hunters game is very popular. It may also be about solving some other puzzle. Even if - where Lower Silesia finally hidden is the so-called golden train? Scenario games can be organized outdoors and combined with elements of trekking. They can also take place in a hotel, depending on the plot or the season. Experienced organizers of this type of attractions already know which elements can cause difficulties for participants and are able to plan the game in such a way that it always leads to a happy ending.

Goldberg's machine

Goldberg's machine is great fun that requires creativity and imagination. By the way, it teaches communication and teamwork. It consists in the joint construction and production of a "machine"; something like a more complicated domino. After activating one element, such a construction should set the next parts in motion by itself, until the final effect is achieved. Its operation reflects the work model in the company - the implementation of individual elements leads to joint success, to the company's success.

Board games a few years ago they returned to favor. For some time considered to be good entertainment only for children, now they are triumphant in cafes, pubs and during the so-called house parties. Undoubtedly because there are a lot of new titles on the market for adult players. Some are designed in such a way that the greater the number of participants, the better the fun. Association games in particular always arouse a lot of laughter. And how much excitement! Board games can certainly be wonderful attractions for corporate events.

Theme party

ANDthematic party – usually dance, or with music from a selected era. Most often it is costume party – the outfit must be adapted to the era or the main slogan of the event. Such attractions will always prove to be the culmination of a training day. Of course, for many participants it will be the most awaited point of the program! Dances after a gala dinner or company banquet, even if not planned in advance, often occur spontaneously anyway. There is no shortage of music and dance lovers, so it is worth planning such an event in advance. And, for example, arrange a cowboy style, straight from the Wild West. Or prepare a party in the style of the 80s or 20s of the last century. On the other hand Hollywood theme party will make everyone feel like the chosen ones ... Choosing costumes, hairstyles, preparing make-up and props will be pure pleasure!

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Detective game. Who hasn't heard of Sherlock Holmes or Kurt Wallander? Or are we attracted to the old-fashioned charm of Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot? We can make every participant of the event feel like those known to everyone, heroes of books and films. Criminal puzzles are always very popular - crime fiction is the most-read literary genre in Poland, so this type of game will surely find its supporters. These types of attractions for corporate events are a bull's eye.

Culinary workshops

Culinary company workshops it is always a great and hit attraction. Cooking together, preparing a pizza according to your own ideas, or meeting a culinary celebrity is definitely a good idea. After all, everyone loves good cuisine, and cooking fun really brings people together. It allows you to learn about the culinary tastes and lifestyle of colleagues. And also learn new flavors.

Proven attractions for a corporate event

Both by organizing a private event and a corporate event, we try to surprise our guests with something. However, over time, the list of surprises becomes narrower and we may lack creativity. This, however, is no worry. There are a few things you never get bored of. These are attractions that refer to positive emotions from childhood and associate with adventure. Such is the always-liked attraction for a corporate event integration bonfire. The joint preparation of wood and food, throwing bits into the fire and baking sausages or vegetables, cheese and bread or - according to the American custom - marshmallows, has something magical about it. It calms down, calms down, brings you closer.

What attractions for corporate events?

What attractions to prepare for a corporate event? This is a common question asked by organizers of corporate events. A recipe for a successful event however, it is simple. You must first define how many people will take part in our event. It would also be good to know, at least approximately, their age and gender. If it is going to be a corporate event, we already know the professions of these people and we more or less know whether their work is office or field work. For this, it can be useful to know whether these people work in managerial, independent or executive positions on a daily basis.

Just asking such questions and finding answers already shows us the profile of the corporate event. For example, if we organize a corporate event for middle management of a large company, it is worth trying to attract attractions that will also allow them to get to know each other better. But it's also worth adding some elements to it team buildingu and learning to communicate. Detective games will certainly be attractive for such a group, but probably also more extreme experiences that allow to channel the tension. Paintball, rafting or skiing will let you feel the adrenaline and the pleasant thrill of competition. Other groups of employees, whether due to their age or the type of work they do on a daily basis, may prefer, for example, a dance party or culinary workshops. The easiest way is to just do a little research and find out what the team would like to do.

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Corporate events - other ideas

  • various types of workshops, such as photography, art, sculpture;
  • dance parties, karaoke, wishes concert with dedications, or the choice of our company's music top;
  • origami, calligraphy, chess, or floral art classes;
  • canoeing or pontoon rafting, riding school, trekking, skiing; descents on "anything";
  • escape room, escape room.  

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Company party? Or maybe a mini vacation?

Integration events preferably organized outside the workplace. First of all, not every company has the capacity and social facilities to host a larger number of people. And secondly, we will still feel like we are working overtime. An integration event outside the company's headquarters may be a meeting in your favorite pub, but such an outing does not actually break the daily routine.

It's best to organize large integration events somewhere away. For example, combine them with a trip to the mountains. You can organize some training or workshops. This will give us a justification for using the time normally devoted to work. So a trip as part of work, for example on Thursday and Friday for training, and Saturday and Sunday can be additionally planned individually. It may turn out that such a mini vacation is a great bonus, which will become our blood over time.

Company integration event it is the best form of strengthening ties and getting to know each other better with the people who are supposed to work with each other. It is always a great opportunity to show what really interests us. It is also an opportunity to rediscover our colleagues, their passions and ideas for spending time together. Changing the environment and a nice atmosphere often triggers the spirit of freedom, allows you to open up a bit and talk about things for which there is no time at work. For the boss, it is also an opportunity to meet employees from a different perspective. And perhaps discover their talents that could be useful in the company? As long as we choose the right one attractions for corporate events, events can't go wrong!

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