Marketing of renewable energy sources - what will convince customers?

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In September 2022, almost 36% of energy generated in Poland came from renewable sources. More than half of this was covered by energy produced by photovoltaic panels. At the end of September, the power from photovoltaics amounted to 11,061.2 MW, which is 74.3% more than a year ago. There is huge potential in the RES sector. No wonder that new companies offering solutions in the field of renewable energy sources are constantly emerging on the market. How do you deal with so much competition? What to do to gain the trust of customers and generate sales?

Consumer awareness of renewable energy sources is increasing every year. More and more people decide to install ecological solutions in their households. There is a lot of competition in the market. Potential customers are attacked by an excess of offers and advertisements. Unfortunately, the overload of promotional messages has the opposite effect from the intended one. Sometimes more does not mean good and effective! The key is to properly adjust your marketing activities to the industry and specific expectations of recipients. How to conduct good RES marketing?

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Dedicated solutions are the most effective

The basis for effective marketing is a perfect understanding of the needs and expectations of potential customers. Promotional activities should be based on solutions dedicated to the industry. The campaign must highlight the greatest advantages and benefits of using renewable energy. It is worth emphasizing those advantages that are of the highest value from the point of view of recipients, i.e. economic values (guarantee of savings for years, low operating costs, the possibility of obtaining subsidies for the investment) or ecological values (environmental protection, no emission of harmful substances). It is also crucial to emphasize the efficiency and effectiveness of energy obtained from renewable sources.

The decision on solar or heat pump is not easy. The client must carefully consider the investment, determine all the "pros" and "cons", meticulously analyze the offers of competing companies. A company that wants to achieve its business goals and be successful in the industry must act professionally and comprehensively. Customers must see them as experts in renewables.

Promotion of renewable energy sources on the Internet

There is huge potential in digital marketing. Through the Internet, you can easily reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers, build relationships with customers based on trust and loyalty, advertise your brand in an interesting, unconventional way and create a positive image of the company. Well-thought-out promotional activity on the web is a great support for the development of the company.

The basic digital marketing tool is a website. The website is the business card of the company and the main source of information for the recipients. To attract the interest of potential customers and pursue marketing goals, you need to take care of both the visual aspect and the functionality of the website. A clear layout, specific, engaging content and a minimalist design are an absolute must. It is worth using practical solutions that will make it easier for customers to navigate the website - e.g. a contact form or a return on investment calculator.

The comprehensiveness of the offer is worth emphasizing on the website. What encourages customers is full service (from design to execution), support in obtaining funding, complementary services (e.g. installation of a heat pump at a photovoltaic installation).

In order for potential customers to find your website, it must appear high in Google search results. Positioning is essential for this. on the selection of the most effective keywords (long-tail phrases, local phrases, etc.), proper website optimization and building external links. Although positioning is a complicated process, and you may have to wait even several months for its results, it is undoubtedly worth it! The effects can be spectacular.

The huge potential of content marketing

Content plays an important role in the promotion of companies operating in the renewable energy sector. Content combined with graphic materials and short videos is a great way to arouse the interest of your audience. Substantive articles published on the company's blog allow you to present yourself as an expert in the industry. They can educate, dispel doubts of potential customers and encourage them to take advantage of the offer. Graphics and videos are a great way to present the advantages of RES.

Content marketing it is also a social media publication. Presence on the most important social platforms and regularly posting content encouraging interaction there is a great way to gain the trust of your audience and gain a strong position in the market. This, in turn, translates into easier achievement of sales goals.

How else can you win customers in the renewable energy industry?

A great – and by the way free – tool useful in brand promotion is the Google business card, i.e. a place where customers can share their impressions and experiences related to the company. In order for the Google business card to help in local business promotion, it is worth taking care of its proper configuration - add high-quality photos, a product catalog with descriptions and regularly publish entries linking to new blog articles or website subpages.

The marketing campaign of a company from the renewable energy industry is supported by paid Google Ads. Search engine campaigns are a great way to attract new customers and build brand recognition.

Cooperate with specialists - marketing of renewable energy sources

Promotion of a renewable energy company is not the easiest thing to do. It requires a well-thought-out marketing strategy. In order to acquire a certain number of leads per month, develop the company and enjoy success on the market, it is worth using the help of specialists.

marketing agency dedicated to the industry knows how to prepare a strategy that will allow you to reach customers and ensure profits for the company. The agency consists of leading specialists in copywriting, advertising, graphic design and other areas necessary for effective brand promotion in various marketing channels. Each cooperation is accompanied by an NDA agreement, which gives customers the certainty that the implemented innovations will remain secret. The help of an experienced agency is the key to great success on the market!

Promoting renewable energy sources - what you should know:

What should the marketing strategy in the RES sector be based on?

The strategy of promotional activities of a company from the renewable energy industry should be based on the advantages and values that are valuable from the perspective of customers. It is worth communicating the ecological and economic values of the proposed solutions. Efficiency, reliability and safety of obtaining energy from renewable sources are also important.

What tools to use to promote photovoltaic companies?

Online tools are great. The basis is a website containing the most important information about the company and its services. The website must be clear, functional, visually attractive and optimized for SEO. The campaign can also use: content, i.e. a company blog, graphics, infographics, videos, social media, Google business card, Google Ads campaigns.

Why is it worth working with an agency?

A marketing team showing interest in renewable energy sources is the best support in the promotional activities of a company from the renewable energy sector. Specialists perfectly know the needs of customers, know which tools work best and are able to adjust the campaign to the individual needs of the company. This enables them to acquire valuable leads. Cooperation with the agency is a good investment in the development of the company.

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