Selection of employees in line with the company's goals

Employee selection takes place wherever recruitment processes take place. It is obvious that all companies - small and large - try to hire the best employees. To this end, they use various methods to narrow down the group of potential candidates. How to find out which ones will be the most effective in your recruitment process? Check what there are to choose from. 

Selection of employees in the recruitment process

From verifying your CV and reading cover letters, through interviewing and asking tricky questions, to gamification. The range of methods employers use to evaluate applicants is huge and can be overwhelming. Below are some practical examples to use in the recruitment process, which will make the selection of candidates free from bias, less time-consuming and better suited to the culture and goals of the company.

Selection of employees, also known as candidate selection, is the process of finding a new employee best suited to a given position. Obviously, this process is part of the activities in the scope employer branding. The steps in the employee selection process depend on the role to be played in the company, recruitment budget, seniority, available resources and organizational needs.

selecting employees requires a strategy

Different authors define selection in different ways. Here is a list of some of them: 

- employee selection is the process of assigning the right candidate to the appropriate job, 

- employee selection is the process of selecting candidates who are qualified to fill a vacant position in the organization, 

- employee selection is the process of matching the requirements of the organization to the skills and qualifications of individual people. 

Carrying out this process properly will ensure that the organization receives a "set" of employees with the right attitude and qualifications. It's crucial if employee involvement in the development of the company is to go beyond the usual "drumming" of the day's wages. Rather than relying on one method as the sole criteria for selecting or rejecting applicants, consider using several methods to make the best possible decision. 

Employees are the power of your company.

Make them true brand ambassadors.

What is verified by the selection of employees?

How to identify the best talents? Appropriate methods are needed for this. First, it is worth assessing the cognitive abilities of potential employees. They are the most important prognostic factors in terms of labor productivity - at all levels of employment and in all industries.

Cognitive Assessment shows how well candidates are at using a wide range of mental processes, such as working with numbers, abstract thinking, problem solving, reading comprehension, and the ability to learn. The latter skill is of great importance.

employee selection is the selection of the best candidates for a given position

American author Alvin Toffler noted: "21st century illiterates are not those who cannot read and write, but those who are unable to learn, unlearn what they have been doing, and re-learn". In other words, learning to learn is the ability to find yourself in a new situation. A gifted learner can apply previously acquired knowledge in new scenarios. Learning ability, a key skill of good employees, can be measured when selecting employees and gaining a real understanding of how applicants function and adapt to constantly changing work environments. 

Selected methods used during the selection of employees

Another tool, the Integrity Test, gathers information on the honesty, reliability and work ethics of candidates. Honesty and other relevant soft skills are usually assessed using an appropriate personality questionnaire.

During the selection of employees, the following are used, among others situational assessment tests, which check how well the candidate is coping with the assessment of the situation. He is presented with various scenarios and his task is to choose the best and easiest way to deal with a post-employment situation.

While in most cases knowledge can be acquired in the course of the job and other factors are more important in hiring, there are certain positions that require candidates to already have specific professional knowledge and skills. However, introducing an aptitude test too early in the recruitment process may deter applicants. It is worth conducting it when the selection of employees is already at an advanced stage. In addition to the "standard" forms used in the selection of employees, unconventional ones, such as speed recruitment if  gamification.

The importance of proper employee selection

Employee selection is an important process as hiring the right human resources is essential to increasing the overall performance of the organization. Moreover, they, the company's most valuable assets, have a large impact on how it is perceived externally - they affect  public relations and participate in image building. A bad selection process, on the other hand, results in hiring the wrong people. It affects not only the quality of work. Also the cost of employee replacement, related to rotationwill be tall.

A good selection process has the following advantages: 

- it is profitable: it saves a lot of time and effort; 

- it allows you to avoid any prejudices when recruiting the right candidate; 

- helps to eliminate candidates who lack knowledge and skills and those who do not fit into the company's organizational culture, 

- provides guidelines for the further evaluation of candidates by strictly verifying and checking references; 

- it is useful in comparing different candidates in terms of their abilities, knowledge, skills, experience, approach to work, etc. 

The purpose of the selection is to select the most suitable candidate who meets the requirements of the position and who will help achieve the goals of the organization. It is important to evaluate the different characteristics of each candidate such as qualifications, skills, experience, general attitude etc. Therefore, the selection of employees is very important and the whole process should be carefully considered. 

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