Advertising on culinary blogs - is it still profitable?

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Until recently, advertising on culinary blogs was one of the best ways to reach target customers and build brand recognition in a specific market. How is it today? Is it still a profitable form of promotion? 

The first blog is considered to be a site founded in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee. The term blog was first used in 1999. However, the beginning of blogging in Poland is associated with the establishment of the website by Piotr Waglowski. Blogging has grown tremendously since then. Until a few years ago, bloggers were opinion leaders among their online communities. However, today blogs are not that loud anymore. Social media and the concept emerged influencer marketing. Currently, Instagramers, YouTubers and recently TikTokers are making a sensation. Does this mean that it is not worth investing in cooperation with bloggers? Is advertising on culinary blogs still profitable?

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Advertising on culinary blogs - for whom?

The Internet has become the most important advertising medium. More than 90% Poles currently have access to the Internet. Leading an advertising campaign on the web, you can reach an incredibly wide audience and build huge recognition. This, in turn, may translate into real benefits for the company, in the form of increasing sales or gaining a solid advantage over the competition. 

Online advertising cannot be "some". Today, creativity, the ability to match messages to the needs and expectations of recipients, as well as the use of appropriate forms of advertising are of great importance. Who is advertising on culinary blogs for? It is an excellent promotional tool for:

  • food producers,
  • producers of kitchen appliances and accessories,
  • restaurants and other dining options.

Does cooperation with culinary bloggers make sense?

There are over 600 million blogs on the web. This number is almost 1/3 of all active websites. For years, the most popular are lifestyle blogs, where ordinary, simple issues related to everyday life, duties and free time are discussed. Culinary blogs do not stand out from the lifestyle side. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most read blogs in Poland. 

We can divide culinary blogs into two types:

  • created by food critics who visit various restaurants, taste the dishes served there and talk about their experiences online,
  • created by chefs and cooking enthusiasts who share with Internet users their recipes for simple and slightly more exquisite dishes as well as practical tips for cooking or baking.

Advertising on culinary blogs has a chance to be carried very widely. Culinary blogs are an amazing source of inspiration in an interesting and appetizing form. They are like an online tasting that stimulates the taste buds and encourages you to devote some time to culinary variations in your own kitchen. Readers are eager to share blog entries on their social media, disseminating them on a larger scale.

Have blogs lost their potential today in the times of social media and influencer marketing? Popular bloggers prove that this is not the case. When choosing a creator to collaborate with, it's worth looking for a person who is not limited to one channel. This is because social media has become a great support for blogging activities. You can promote blog posts in an interesting and creative way on Facebook or Instagram. The combination of running a blog with activity in social media is a recipe for success.

Or maybe your own culinary blog?

An alternative to advertising on culinary blogs run by internet creators is promotion on ... your own blog! Running a company blog is the perfect support for the entire business. Content marketing because it is the power of today's marketing. Valuable content is an effective advertising tool in every industry, because it shapes the brand image, creates its recognition and subtly encourages Internet users to take advantage of the offer. How to successfully blog? And how to make advertising on culinary blogs bring the expected results?

Blog texts must be interesting, inspiring, and in some way helpful. They should respond to users' queries - i.e. phrases they most often enter in the search engine. The texts can take the form of guides, culinary inspiration or reviews of various products. Advertising should not be in the foreground of your content. Much better results are achieved when promoting in a discreet, imperceptible way at first glance. Advertising on a corporate blog can take the form of a photo with product placement, a short video showing the use of specific goods, or a native article. 

Blog content must be properly optimized to the guidelines of the Google search engine. SEO is an inseparable element of online marketing. Positioning the blog increases its range. This may translate into a real increase in sales results.

Running your own corporate blog takes time and commitment. However, it is worth investing in this area of activity. A systematic and interesting blog supports marketing, shapes the image and allows the company to be closer to its recipients. The blog gives the company a "human" face. It is a great place to interact with your customers.

Is advertising on culinary blogs profitable? 

Of course! The main thing is to choose the right blogger, i.e. one who supports his blogging work with activities in social media. It's also a good idea to start a corporate culinary blog. Content marketing drives sales!

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