Construction company advertising - how does it work?


A construction company, like any other, needs decent advertising. Today, it is the only way to reach potential customers, build recognition and gain a stable position on the market. How it should look company advertising construction? we suggest!

Good advertising for a construction company, i.e. what?

The mechanism for selling a service or product is the same in every industry. First, the company must reach a potential customer and effectively attract him with its offer. If she succeeds, then the purchase is finalized. Seemingly simple and logical, yet many companies still forget about the importance of a properly prepared advertising message. Some entrepreneurs are following the beaten path. They use universal schemes, hoping that their actions will bring results.

Nothing could be more wrong. Advertising must be tailored to the target group, company profile and trends in the market in which it operates. Advertising of a construction company should be based on exceptional values, valuable from the perspective of the company and target customers, as well as on elements distinguishing the brand from competing brands. How to create such a message step by step?

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Advertising of a company built step by step

A comprehensive market analysis is the first stage of creating an advertisement for a construction company. The trader should first get to know it thoroughly marketing environmentin which it will function or in which it functions. Market analysis should take into account the current trends and mechanisms, activities and market positions of competitors and, most importantly, the target group. Characteristics should be based on the needs and expectations of the recipients. Building an advertisement based on these elements is a guarantee of success on the market. 

The promotion budget is of great importance and should be established before any advertising activities are undertaken. It's not worth saving on advertising. Money invested in a well-thought-out, decent campaign will undoubtedly pay off in the form of new customers, high recognition and attractive profits. An investment in advertising can translate into long-term results.

Setting a budget keeps the campaign in check. It indicates what an entrepreneur can afford in his activities and what he should forgive himself. Strict adherence to the designated budget reduces the risk of generating additional, unforeseen costs that could burden the company financially, hindering its normal functioning. Of course, the budget can be modified at any time, i.e. increased or decreased, depending on the company's financial capabilities and current requirements.

The key to designing an advertisement for a construction company is finding the features that distinguish it from its competitors on the market. Today, in times of fierce and strong competition, it is extremely important. A company that wants to effectively reach recipients and generate attractive profits must base its advertising activities on unique attributes important from the point of view of customers. The campaign can highlight:

  • outstanding quality of services, confirmed by the recommendations of satisfied customers,
  • using innovative technologies or advanced machines,
  • use of high-quality components from a reliable source.

It is worth using these forms of advertising

Every construction company should be present on the internet - even one that operates in a small area and is well known in its community. Entrepreneurs need to think ahead. The fact that they are recognized in the local community at a given moment does not mean that in a few years they will still be on top. In order to achieve your sales goals and be successful in today's market, you need to be online. 

What should it look like company advertising online? Your own website is an absolute minimum. The company must be present in many places on the web. In its campaigns, it should use various marketing tools and various forms of advertising. In addition to website positioning, the advertising of a construction company in Google Ads is of key importance. 

1. Advertising of a construction company in Google Ads

Google is the most popular internet search engine in Poland. The vast majority of Polish internet users use it. Online users look for information that interests them. If they need a construction company, they will certainly google the word first.

An entrepreneur who wants to be visible on Google can use a dedicated system Google Ads. Google Ads allows you to place text ads right above your organic search results. The biggest advantages of running a campaign on Google include:

  • instant visibility in the search engine, and thus quick advertising results,
  • attractive price of the advertisement - payment per click,
  • possibility to set a daily and monthly budget,
  • the ability to reach Internet users who are really interested in the company's offer,
  • millionth reach of the Google platform.

2. Advertising on social media

Do you know that Facebook is used by over 20 million Poles? The huge popularity of social media makes it a great marketing channel. Via social media, you can easily and quickly reach thousands of recipients and build long-term relationships based on trust and loyalty. What's more, Facebook, Instragram and other social media are an integral part of creating a positive image on the web - and as we well know, a good image is at a premium in any industry today!

Advertising of a construction company on social media includes:

  • sharing interesting content - presentation of previous projects, showing employees "in action", etc.,
  • sponsored posts,
  • viral campaigns,
  • supporting important social initiatives,
  • sponsored articles,
  • cooperation with influencers.

In social media, you can use contextual ads, i.e. promotional messages embedded in the context close to the recipient. These are content related to his interests, recently searched phrases, products that he regularly buys or services that he willingly uses. Contextual advertising provides information of value for a given recipient. And that makes it incredibly effective. Contextual advertising in social media usually takes the form of an advertising banner, which, after clicking on it, takes the user to a specific page - a business card or a special landing page. 

3. Reference Marketing

The mere advertisement of a construction company is not enough. Recommendations are of great importance in this industry. Building a house or renovating an apartment is a serious matter. Customers will not entrust it to just any company. What counts for them is the good opinions of people who previously cooperated with a specific service provider.

Recommendation marketing stands out for its excellent effectiveness. According to research, over 80% consumers read reviews about local businesses on the internet. Consumers trust the opinions of other users more than the information provided by the company. Why? Because they are authentic. There is a specific person behind each opinion. The same person as the reader. A person who was once where he is now. 

But how to encourage customers to leave their recommendations? First of all, it is necessary to provide them with outstanding standards of service. Well-served people are more likely to share their positive feelings. Reminding e-mails, additional discounts on other services or other bonuses are also perfect.

There is tremendous communication in the construction industry. In order to enjoy a stable position on the market and generate profits, you need to act with an idea. Company development construction depends on many factors. One of them is advertising! Properly prepared, it facilitates running an effective business. It is worth remembering this.

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