Why is advertising on Twitter profitable?

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Although Twitter is not as popular in Poland as Facebook or Instagram, it is worth including it in your marketing activities. Thoughtful Twitter advertising can bring you many benefits. What kind?

A few words about Twitter ads

Twitter, unlike Facebook and Instagram, does not separate private and corporate accounts. Any user - both a company and an individual - can benefit from Twitter advertising. 

Twitter offers advertisers great opportunities. First of all, it provides three advertising purposes:

  • awareness, i.e. increasing the reach of the brand,
  • interest, i.e. acquiring followers, generating views of specific posts,
  • conversion, i.e. the desired action performed by the user - e.g. clicking a link.

In addition, it allows you to choose one of four types of ads:

  1. tweet - the basic format in which we can advertise a text, image, survey, gif or account; tweets are marked as promoted; users can share them and reply to them,
  2. video - in the form of In-Stream, In-Stream Sponsorship, First View, Promoted Live Video,
  3. card - promoting the website and application card, as well as the Image Direct or video Direct message card,
  4. brand - advertising in the form of a branded emoji and brand reminder; promoting selected moments, trends, videos.

Are you wondering how to effectively manage a Twitter account?

We have experience in social media!

Effective Twitter advertising - advantages

Advertising on Twitter has many benefits for your brand! One of the biggest advantages of Twitter Ads is targeting, i.e. the ability to target an advertisement to a specific group of recipients, which significantly increases the effectiveness of advertising messages.

Content posted on Twitter is indexed on Google. This means that even those Internet users who do not use the portal may find advertising messages created by the brand in this social medium.

Twitter advertising is a relatively cheap form of brand promotion. Twitter has one of the lowest CPC bids. Thanks to this, the company can reach a wide audience and build popularity on the market without large financial outlays marketing activities in social media.

Twitter's lower popularity compared to other social media does not necessarily mean lower effectiveness of marketing campaigns. On the contrary - advertising on Twitter, which complements advertising activities on other platforms, is an opportunity to stand out from the market rivals and build a competitive advantage.

Is advertising on Twitter profitable? Undoubtedly, this option is worth considering! Promotional activities on Twitter can be a great support for advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram or other popular social media. 

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