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The market today is very competitive. A brand that wants to effectively attract the attention of its audience has to stand out in some way. In the modern world, it is not just a catchy name that counts, but the entire image, including the values behind a given brand, its character. Brand positioning is of key importance in creating a distinctive image. What exactly is this process about? And why is it worth handing it over to professionals?

The human mind automatically "positions" the information it receives. He puts them back in the "drawers" in his brain to come back at the right moment. Goal branding is to put the brand in the appropriate drawer. The one that is most beneficial to her. A lot depends on positioning. Thanks to it, a brand can permanently stay in the minds of recipients, evoke positive associations and thus enjoy great popularity, be successful and dominate the competition.

Try to answer the question "what is your brand?" - is it a woman or a man? Or maybe it doesn't matter? What is the character? What is it guided by? What does he believe in? What are the most important values for her? How does he address others? What language does he speak? Is it serious and official or can it allow itself to be playful, black humor and sharp retorts? Today's highly competitive market requires uniqueness.

A brand that wants to stand out cannot be bland. It must represent specific values. It must have character, personality, purpose. All these elements create her image. Examples? The Volvo brand stands for safety. Toyota has built its image around reliability and uptime. Biedronka is associated with low prices. Rolex is described as a synonym of luxury and high status. Where did it come from? Why will there be specific associations in our minds when thinking about a given brand? Branding plays a huge role here, especially brand positioning.

There is great potential in brand positioning

The term "positioning" was first used in 1969 in the publication "Positioning: Fighting for Your Mind". The authors of the text, Al Ries and Jack Trout, emphasized that positioning takes place in the mind of the client and is a kind of "battlefield" for brands and their products or services. David Ogilvy also wrote about positioning, who described it as looking for answers to the questions: what is a given product, for whom it is intended, what is its purpose.

Brand positioning is a carefully designed marketing strategy that aims to highlight the attributes of a brand and its offerings in relation to competitors. Brand positioning is the basis of branding. This process facilitates setting a common goal and direction for all branding and advertising activities.

What defines the brand?

Brand positioning can relate to aspects such as:

  • communication strategy - what we say, how, to whom,
  • marketing strategy - what actions we take to have the desired impact on the recipients,
  • visual identification – how we present ourselves, whether the image is consistent and unique,
  • price strategy - what is the price-value ratio that the brand represents and to the competition,
  • product or service - what are their features, what value do they convey to recipients.

Brand positioning - who are your customers?

The purpose of positioning is to distinguish the brand from the competition, giving it features and values that will make it unique in its own way. Therefore, it must be unique. What to pay attention to in the brand positioning process? First of all, the target group.

To position your brand successfully, you need to research the consumer's world. You need to know the needs, motivations, behaviors and problems of your recipients and understand the entire purchasing path, in particular, identify:

  • key moments and people in customer journey - who influences the purchasing decisions of recipients, at what moments they decide about the purchase,
  • contact points - in how many and what places does the brand meet the needs of recipients,
  • communication channels – where consumers look for solutions.

Understanding the behavior, expectations and goals of recipients is a specific basis for creating an effective one competitiveness strategy.

Your brand is lost in the sea of competition?

We will help her stand out!

How to position a brand?

Brand positioning can be done in several ways. The most frequently used are:

Positioning by price

The basic model is price positioning. You can use, among others, a low price strategy (promoting products as cheap and good, focusing on high supply) or a high price strategy (creating advertising messages based on the exclusivity of the goods offered).

Positioning by origin of the product

This type of positioning - based on the origin - creates specific associations in the minds of recipients - e.g. German cars are associated with reliability, safety and good quality, and French wine with exquisite taste, great aroma and luxury.

Positioning by unique features

A strategy based on emphasizing the unique, unique brand attributesthat the competition does not. A way to show the uniqueness of the brand.

Possibilities of brand positioning

Positioning by the way the product is used

Brand positioning strategy consisting in indicating specific applications of the product or highlighting situations in which it can be used. Merci chocolates are an example. The famous slogan of the brand "Merci that you are here" indicates that handing out chocolates is a great way to express gratitude - to say "thank you" in a sweet and unique way.

Positioning through innovation

Highlighting the unique features that make the product (or service) something innovative, superior to the competition.

Positioning by user category

Brand positioning can also be based on a specific, narrowed category of users - e.g. anti-wrinkle cream for women 40+. This will allow you to direct the attention of a specific group of recipients to a given product.

Website positioning - how to get potential customers thanks to positioning?

Website positioning is now an inseparable element of online marketing. Thanks to proper positioning, you can gain more potential customers, which in turn translates into increased sales. To successfully position a website, you need to have certain knowledge and skills. You need to know the algorithms of search engines and be able to adapt the content of the website to the expectations of customers.

An important element is also the so-called link building, i.e. building links that lead to our website. Thanks to this, our website becomes more popular and visible on the web. Therefore, if you want to succeed in online business, it is definitely worth investing in positioning your website.

SEO audit – what is it and why is it worth doing?

An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website in terms of its positioning in search results. Performing an audit allows you to identify the website's weak points and develop an optimal SEO strategy. Why SEO Optimization Matters? First of all, it allows you to increase the visibility of the website in search results, which translates into more visits and potential customers.

In addition, performing a website audit in terms of SEO allows you to detect technical errors, such as problems with the website code or suboptimal linking, which not only affect the position in the search engine, but also the usability of the website. So it's worth doing an SEO audit to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your website.

Improve the position of the page by using key phrases

Effective website positioning is something that companies must remember. Proper use of key phrases can have a huge impact on the position of your website in search results. By choosing the right words, you can reach your target audience and grab their attention. However, it is essential that the key phrases are organically placed in the content of the page, and not simply added to increase the number of searches.

Positioning activities can take many forms. One of them is long positioning is a strategy that allows you to achieve a better result in Google search engines by optimizing content for long key phrases. Using long positioning, a company can reach a more sophisticated group of recipients who are looking for very specific products or services. Why is it worth investing in such a strategy? Because it's a way to increase brand visibility online and reach more interested consumers, as well as improve your position in Google rankings. Long positioning is a solution that allows you to achieve better results in search engines, thereby increasing traffic and improving your position in the industry.

Why is it worth positioning a website? Effective website positioning affects the image of the brand. When it appears high in Google search results, customers will find it easier on the web. Thanks to website positioning, we contribute to increasing brand value.

It is worth involving specialists in brand positioning

Company positioning google – this is what business owners often look for. However, this process requires commitment, appropriate knowledge and experience. Improperly conducted, it can negatively affect the entire business. That is why it is worth entrusting it to specialists.

Professional positioning of a company in Google is one of the tasks for a branding agency. The agency collects detailed data on positioning, conducts comprehensive analyses, lists the features on which the positioning strategy should be based, in order to then create and implement this strategy.

Branding agency does not work on universal schemes. He approaches each order individually, proposes original solutions tailored to a given target group, brand requirements and its purpose. The agency is not haphazard. He always has a plan that he carries out step by step, and thus easily achieves the set goals. The brand positioning strategy prepared by the branding agency is credible, in line with the market realities and trends, understandable to recipients, and thus has a great chance of success.

A properly positioned brand is the basis of your business success! This is an opportunity to stand out and thus reach a wider audience with your offer. Local positioning of a company or for users throughout the country - it is always worth making sure that your offer is effectively addressed to the target group.

Consequences of improper brand positioning

Incorrect brand positioning can have detrimental effects on its reputation and image. Nowadays, when most consumers use the Internet to find products and services, positioning a brand in search engines has become extremely important. If not done correctly, it can lead to unwanted outcomes such as reduced customer engagement, decreased website traffic, or even loss of customer trust. Therefore, it is important to effectively position your brand and pay attention to any factors that may affect its image.

Worth knowing:

What is company positioning?

Company positioning is a process that helps your company stand out on the internet and attract new customers. Thanks to the art of positioning, your company's website can appear in higher places in search results, which increases its visibility and the chance to attract new customers. It is a complex process that requires appropriate knowledge, strategies and tools, so it is worth entrusting it to professionals. Effective positioning of the company brings long-term benefits and increases the prestige of the brand, so its role should not be underestimated. Trust the experts and get started today!

How to choose a positioning company?

If you are just considering how to choose a company to position your business, it is certainly important for you to make the best decision. It is worth starting with checking the experience and references of a given company. We should also look at what specific strategies it uses to make our website more visible in search engines. In addition, the cost and time of the service are also important, which should also be taken into account. Ask for a specific action plan and specify what results are achievable in a specific industry. Remember that choosing the right company for positioning will affect not only the visibility of the website on the web, but also the development of your business.

Is positioning a company profitable?

Search engine optimization is not only a simple way to increase the number of visits to the website, but also to gain more potential customers. Thanks to properly selected keywords, you can attract the attention of people who are looking for exactly what your company offers. What's more, it also provides more trust among Internet users, who believe that pages appearing at the top of search results are more reliable. It is therefore worth investing in the positioning of your company to increase its visibility on the Internet and attract new customers.

How to start positioning a company?

If you want to succeed with your business, positioning is one of the most important factors to consider. Search engine optimization is the process of making your website more visible to people who are looking for the products or services you offer. These days, most businesses have a website, but only those that are well-optimized appear on the first pages of search results. Running a business requires constant improvement and hard work, so don't let your website be hidden somewhere on the internet. Start by designing an SEO strategy to increase your visibility and build a brand that customers will remember.

What can be the effects of company positioning?

Positioning a company is a process that can contribute to achieving many benefits. One of the most important effects of positioning is increasing the company's visibility on the Internet. Thanks to this, it is easier for potential customers to find the company on the web, which increases the chances of acquiring new customers and increasing sales. In addition, positioning has a positive impact on the company's reputation, which can help to increase customer confidence and improve the company's image. The implementation of an SEO strategy can also contribute to improving the quality of website traffic, which translates into greater effectiveness of marketing activities and increased conversions. A well-conducted company positioning is an investment that can contribute to business success.

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