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Managing a business can be compared to driving a car. In order to move forward, we need a steering wheel. The steering wheel in business is the marketing plan. Without it, the chances of market success are negligible. A well-thought-out, carefully prepared plan indicates the next steps and keeps all activities in check. what Marketing plan company differs from strategy? And why is it worth entrusting the preparation of this important document to specialists?

What will you learn from the article?

A marketing plan is a key document for every company that precisely defines marketing goals and strategies and provides a clear plan of actions necessary to achieve them. In the following article, we will take a closer look at this important marketing management tool, starting with its definition and discussion of its basic elements. You will learn how a marketing plan differs from a marketing strategy and why its development is necessary for the success of every company on the market.

We will also analyze the role of market analysis in the process of creating a marketing plan and discuss why it is worth entrusting this process to experts. There will also be a discussion of the marketing brief as a key preparatory tool for the marketing plan. Finally, we will present effective methods for setting goals and analyzing competition, which are crucial for the effective planning and implementation of marketing activities. Ready to learn the secrets of creating an effective marketing plan? We invite you to read!


Customer acquisition in today's highly competitive market is a challenge. A company that wants to stand out in some way and gain a stable position in the industry needs a solid plan. What exactly is a marketing plan? And what elements does it consist of?

Marketing plan - definition

A marketing plan is a strategic document, which defines marketing goals and the detailed actions needed to achieve them. It usually includes an analysis of the market, competition, target group, as well as product, price, distribution and promotion strategies. Is is a key element in marketing management that helps companies effectively plan and implement their activities to increase sales and build a brand.

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), a marketing plan defines marketing goals and the strategies and tactics to be implemented to achieve them. In turn, according to Philip Kotler, one of the most famous authorities in the field of marketing, a marketing plan is a detailed description of marketing activities to be undertaken over a specific period of time in order to achieve specific marketing goals.

The marketing plan, which is one of the key elements of the business plan, is a document containing the company's detailed marketing strategy for placing products on the market or improvements to existing goods. It may refer to the entire range or a specific product or service. The document is usually prepared by the owner of the company, manager or a team of specialists.

A marketing plan is an effective business management tool. It indicates the next steps that the company should take to achieve the set goals, and also allows you to control the progress. A well-structured marketing plan allows you to stand out from the competition and gain customers. This, in turn, may translate into real profits and a stable position of the company on the market.

A marketing plan is an essential tool for every company that enables effective planning and monitoring of marketing activities, which contributes to achieving success on the market. What does this mean in practice? A marketing plan is a valuable tool to help you run efficiently strategic management business. This is one of the key parts of the business plan, as well as an element of positive building brand image and the goods it offers. It helps to understand the market and competition and shows how individual decisions will affect the functioning of the company. Plan  marketingowy jest swego rodzaju mapą wskazującą drogę w biznesie. It sets the direction of the company's development, which will ultimately lead it to success on the market.

Does your company operate without a marketing plan?

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Elements of the marketing plan

At the beginning of your marketing plan, there should be a summary of the document containing key information about the market, customers, main competitors, and the type of advantage over them. Then, the company's mission, i.e. its existence on the market, is determined and the current market situation is presented in detail. The analysis of the situation should include:

  • consumer demand and buyer trends,
  • product information - regarding sales, income, costs and profits,
  • the characteristics of the competition - the size and scope of competition, as well as all the data that will allow you to understand the principles of the functioning of market rivals,
  • distribution information - channels, prices, transaction profitability, etc.

Then, the company's opportunities and problems resulting from its strengths and weaknesses as well as threats and opportunities from the environment are analyzed (SWOT analysis). Based on these data, financial and marketing goals are formulated and created the company's marketing strategy and a program for the implementation of individual actions. The completed marketing plan should also include a detailed budget and a description of control procedures.

The marketing plan should be structured in such a way that it can be modified at any time. The market is changing rapidly, so it is important that the company is ready to adapt to them on an ongoing basis.

Marketing plan and marketing strategy

The concept of a marketing plan is often used interchangeably with the concept of a marketing strategy, which unfortunately is a mistake. Marketing strategy indicates the best course of action necessary to achieve specific marketing results. It is a document specifying the company's strengths and weaknesses, goals, target group and the language and form of communication with recipients. The strategy is focused on being present in the customer's awareness and ensuring the company's best development in the long term. The document must be consistent with the business strategy and should take into account the environment and its dynamics. The strategy is consistently implemented in every area of the company's operations.

The marketing plan is a smaller, but equally important for the smooth functioning of the company, part of the strategy. The plan is focused on measurable business goals and adapted to the current situation. The document has a specific budget, takes into account selected channels and indicates actions in a shorter time frame than the strategy, based on detailed market research.

The research should take into account internal and external needs, possibilities and limitations of the company, target group and other factors influencing the functioning of the company. All information contained in the plan must perfectly match the assumptions of the strategy. A plan, unlike a strategy, can be updated, changed and adapted to the realities of a given market.

Discover the potential of your brand - with us you will develop the perfect marketing plan!

The strategy tells about the ultimate victory in the market competition, and the plan shows how to win the next battles, defines all tactical and operational moves.

Why does your company need a marketing plan?

For many, marketing is a secondary issue. Entrepreneurs, unaware of the power of marketing, push him to the background. As a result, the actions taken are chaotic and instead of helping the company, they hinder its development and striving for market success.

Writing down marketing activities in the form of a specific, detailed plan allows for the effective achievement of intended goals. Moreover, it can significantly reduce the costs of marketing, introduces transparency to the company and provides a kind of justification for the reason for its existence.

The marketing plan will help you understand the market in which you operate. Thanks to it, your actions will be consistent and effective. The plan will show you the best route to your target audience, show you how to build strong relationships with them, and help you gain a solid advantage over your competitors.

Market analysis and marketing plan - entrust it to the experts

Effective marketing planning is not one of the easiest tasks. The process should be preceded by an in-depth market analysis that will provide us with information about potential customers and competitive products or services, and the plan itself should be consistent with the company's mission and vision.

Creating a plan, as well as the entire marketing of the company, should be entrusted to professionals. Conducting comprehensive marketing activities is the specialization of marketing agencies. marketing agency supports entrepreneurs in promotion and sales, focusing on one or many areas of company marketing. Creating marketing plans and strategies is one of the most important tasks of a professional agency. Based on them, specialists create effective marketing campaigns.

Marketing brief - the basis for the preparation of a marketing plan

The basis for cooperation with a marketing agency is a brief. A brief is a document in the form of a text file or presentation, containing all the necessary information about the planned marketing activities and terms of cooperation. Why is a brief created?

Nothing is binary in marketing. The effectiveness of the activities carried out depends on adjusting them to the specificity of a given market, a specific target group and the characteristics of the company. Design brief is a specific presentation of the company and its environment. It presents the main assumptions of the company, its vision and mission as well as business goals that it would like to achieve in the near and distant future. Thanks to it, the agency can better understand what exactly the client expects. The more detailed the brief, the greater the chance of preparing an effective marketing campaign.

What to include in the marketing brief? First of all, information about:

  1. the company - a brief description of the industry and the company; features that distinguish the company from the competition are of particular importance.
  2. offered products / services - description of the offer, i.e. the type and quantity of products / services offered, their strengths and weaknesses, methods of promotion and sales, customer opinions.
  3. clients - a specific description of the persona (model client created for the needs of marketing activities) taking into account his profession, income, education, interests, etc.
  4. planned marketing activities - description of campaigns to date i marketing campaigns, features of the new campaign, including the choice of channels and solutions on which it is to be based, description of goals, scope of expected work.
  5. budget, marketing communication channels and additional guidelines - detailed information on planned expenses for marketing activities, detailed description of the company's communication methods with the environment, other requirements that may affect the shape of the campaign and cooperation, e.g. guidelines for the use of a logo or specific colors, methods of presenting the company.

The information contained in the brief will be used by the marketing agency to define an effective strategy, based on the company's mission and vision, and a decent marketing plan consistent with the strategy. Based on the strategy and plan, the agency will prepare a campaign tailored to your expectations.

Does your company need a marketing plan? Without a doubt! A well-developed marketing plan is an example of a long-term view of the company's development. This is your ticket to success on the market. Carefully planned marketing is powerful. Use it consciously and you will easily achieve all your business goals.

Effective marketing plan - defining goals and analyzing competition

All right marketing strategy is the key to the success of every company. An effective marketing plan must focus on defining goals and conducting a thorough analysis of the competition. Both of these elements are an integral part of your marketing plan. Clear marketing goals allow for a precise definition of what the company needs to achieve success, while competitive analysis provides valuable information and tips on actions that should be taken to increase the advantage over the competition. However, all this requires time, knowledge and experience in the field of marketing. Therefore, it is worth using the help of a specialist to develop a plan that will allow you to achieve the desired success for your company and attract as many customers as possible.

A good marketing plan is crucial to achieving the company's goals. It allows you to make the right marketing decisions and select the right marketing tools. It takes into account the company's strengths and weaknesses. Some entities forget that their knowledge is crucial when choosing a marketing strategy.

Discover the potential of your brand!

With us you will develop the perfect marketing plan!

Worth knowing:

How to write a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is an essential tool in today's business. Without it, it is difficult to imagine an effective promotion of a product or service. But how do you write a marketing plan? First of all, you need to analyze the market in which you want to operate. We need to know the needs and expectations of customers, competition and industry trends. On this basis, we can determine the goals and strategy of our advertising campaign. The next step is to choose the right advertising channels. It is worth paying attention to trends in the field of Internet marketing and social media. Ultimately, the plan should include the costs of the activities and methods for measuring their effectiveness. Remember that the marketing plan should be flexible and adapted to the changing market situation. This is the key to success.

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a key tool for any business that wants to succeed in the market. It is a strategic action plan that allows the company to achieve business goals. The marketing plan includes a number of activities, such as market research and trend analysis, defining the target group, determining the unique features of the product or service and choosing the right promotion channels. Thanks to the marketing plan, the company has clearly defined goals that will help build its image and attract new customers. This is an extremely important business element that allows for effective management and development of the brand.

What does a marketing plan contain?

A marketing plan is a key element of a business strategy. It is a document that defines the goals, activities and tools that will be used to achieve success on the market. The marketing plan should include market and competition analysis, segmentation of target groups, product, promotion and distribution strategy as well as indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of activities. Without a marketing plan, it is difficult to run an effective advertising campaign, win new customers and maintain existing business relationships. That is why it is always worth investing time and resources in creating a professional marketing plan that will contribute to the increase in sales and the development of your company.

What are the elements of a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is an extremely important tool that allows a company to succeed in the market. It consists of various elements that should be well thought out and tailored to the needs of a particular organization. The most important elements of the marketing plan include market research, competition analysis, target group definition, selection of the appropriate distribution channel, as well as a promotional strategy. Each of these elements is of great importance for the final success of the company, which is why it is so important to implement them in a professional and effective manner. Thanks to this, it will be possible to achieve the desired goals, increase profits and build a strong position on the market.

How much does a professional marketing plan cost?

A professional marketing plan can be a key element in achieving success for your business. There are many factors that affect its price, such as the size of your company, the scope of activities and the level of sophistication of the strategy. Nevertheless, investing in a solid marketing plan can bring significant benefits to your business, such as increased reach and brand awareness, resulting in higher revenues. That is why it is worth investing in the services of experienced marketers who will help you develop an effective strategy tailored to your needs and budget.

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