Marketing tools - how to support e-commerce?

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There are hundreds or even thousands of solutions that can support your e-commerce activities. Some of them facilitate reaching recipients, others support efficient customer service, and others improve the visibility of the website on the Internet. Which internet marketing tools should you use?

The power of e-commerce

Marketing tools are constantly evolving. Online sales are currently one of the fastest growing branches of business. More and more consumers prefer online shopping. From the study "E-commerce in Poland. Gemius for e-Commerce Polska "carried out in 2021, shows that the percentage of Poles shopping online increased by as much as 4 pp compared to the previous survey, which took place a year earlier. In the report, we can read that as many as 77% of all Internet users have made purchases online at least once. Interestingly, the popularity of e-commerce was strongly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the lockdown, as many as 30% respondents began to buy more products online, and 33% shop online more often. What's more, 13% declares that the Internet has become the primary channel of choice for them when making purchasing decisions. 

Even though the pandemic is nearing its end, many people are still eager to shop online. Why? Because online shopping is a convenient option. Consumers can browse tons of websites before making a purchasing decision. They can choose from many products and make payments quickly in a variety of ways - all without leaving home. Today's e-commerce market has great potential, which entrepreneurs willingly use by creating new online stores. However, as new stores emerge, competition grows. Only those who know how to effectively reach customers have a chance of survival. 

Specialized internet marketing tools are a great support in e-commerce. What are they and which ones are worth using?

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What are internet marketing tools?

Internet marketing tools are a variety of technological solutions that help optimize all e-commerce activities, make it easier to reach Internet users who are really interested in the store's offer and thus increase sales efficiency.

Internet marketing tools are intended for all entrepreneurs who want to improve any aspects of their marketing activities and improve their implementation at every level. They can be used by both individual entrepreneurs and large agencies implementing marketing campaigns for their clients. 

Marketing tools for positioning

SEO is an important element in e-commerce. The main goal of the SEO process is to raise your website's position in organic (organic) Google search results. SEO gives you a chance to reach a larger group of Internet users potentially interested in the store's offer. 

Positioning of the online store is much more difficult than classic SEO prepared for the so-called business card page. Shops are usually more extensive - they have many subpages and categories, often enriched with company blogs. Proper positioning of such a website requires extensive activities based on specialized internet marketing tools.

In the positioning process, you can use such marketing tools as:

  • Google Search Console - website traffic and keywords analysis as well as website status monitoring,
  • Google Analytics - website analytics, indicating, among others, who the recipients are, how they reach the website and what activities they take on it,
  • Page Speed Insights - checking the speed of the website, SEO optimization tips,
  • NeilPatel - website analysis with keyword research,
  • WordPress and Yoast plugin - content management on the site, mainly on the company blog; the plugin analyzes the frequency of use of keywords, the readability of the text, allows you to fill in meta descriptions and titles, and also gives tips on how to optimize the content,
  • SEMrush - analysis of the website and websites of the competition,
  • Copyscape - Internet analysis for plagiarism, which is helpful in creating unique content that is of great importance for SEO.

Marketing tools for internet monitoring

In conducting effective e-commerce, constant monitoring of the Internet is of great importance. Various marketing tools are used for this. This is a great way to learn about the preferences of your potential customers and reach them effectively, and find out what is being said about your business in various places on the web - including social media, news sites, and forums.

One of the most popular internet monitoring tools is Brand24. The platform collects mentions of the company, including from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs and other online sources. The company, by analyzing all the information that appears about it, can create effective marketing strategies and easily reach new customers.

Tracking mentions is also a chance to react quickly when unfavorable comment appears that, if left alone, could cause a storm, putting the company's reputation at risk. The analysis of mentions is therefore an effective weapon against image crises.

Other tools to help with e-commerce

Website positioning and internet monitoring aren't all you can do to improve your e-commerce business. Among other helpful internet marketing tools that can improve your store, we will mention:

  • Freshdesk - a tool that improves the handling of customer notifications sent via e-mail, contact form on the website or other communication channels,
  • MailChimp - an automated system for sending newsletters and other e-mail messages,
  • LiveChat - a tool for communicating with clients,
  • BaseLinker - a tool that allows you to efficiently manage sales from various sources from one panel,
  • Wigzo - a program that allows you to transform data into user behavior forecasts, helpful in defining insights and consumer trends.

Internet Marketing Tools Are Your Effective Support In E-commerce! Skillfully used, they will not only facilitate your daily work and improve all processes, but also increase the efficiency of your activities, which will translate into increasing sales in the store.

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