Hotel advertising campaign - how to stand out from the competition?

Hotel advertising campaign - how to stand out from the competition?

Regardless of whether you run agritourism or a large facility, there may already be hundreds of similar places around. Below is everything about the hotel's advertising campaign based on examples collected, among others, during our work for the brands inBetween and Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. 

Hotel advertising campaign - what should you remember? 

If you want to start your hotel advertising campaign then remember that it won't be a one-night job. You can choose from dozens of on-line marketing channels (not to mention those off-line). It would be good if you could use at least a few of them. After creating your message based on the steps outlined below, then adapt them to: 

  • Google Ads, 
  • Google maps, 
  • meta titles and meta descriptions in search results, 
  • content campaign, 
  • on-page SEO campaigns, 
  • social-media channels, 
  • paid advertising in social media, 
  • cooperation with influencers and bloggers, 
  • local media, 
  • e-mail marketing, 
  • SMS campaigns, 
  • ads on booking portals. 

Each of these places has a slightly different specificity, reaches different people and works in a slightly different way. You may find that traffic will actually come from one of the sources, but that others will support your marketing goals. For example ordering accommodation by Instagram it's still rather rare. However, beautiful photos, hashtags and numerous markings mean that many people will remember the name of the hotel and come back to it when they are ready for a vacation or organization of an event.

Remember the touchpoint theory, or "contact points" between the customer and the brand. It will be easier for them to decide to stay in a hotel they have heard about several times already. 

Around keywords - how to choose them wisely 

Does anyone offer to promote you to the first place in search results for the phrase "hotel Warszawa"? Unfortunately - he is probably lying. People who start working on a hotel advertising campaign, for example in a search engine, can easily lose their enthusiasm. It turns out that it is not enough to make a minimum effort, and all the phrases that are worth paying attention to have long been "taken". What to do then? 

Do you want to promote your hotel?

Take advantage of our many years of experience.

  • Search for synonyms - agritourism, Bed & Breakfast, rooms for rent, accommodation, SPA with accommodation, glamping, etc. 
  • Highlight the location - a hotel by the lake, accommodation on the A4 road, agritourism with a stud farm, accommodation by the Wieprz River, herbal SPA in the forest, etc. 
  • Consider what customers want - slow food in Karpacz, a hotel with vegan dinners next to Szczyrk, a cyclist-friendly hotel on the Green Velo trail, etc.
  • add "that something" - a hotel with a lavender plantation, a hotel with its own brewery, a Lord of the Rings hotel, a haunted hotel, a hotel with a rose garden, etc. 

Only when you get to know your own possibilities, customer expectations and the potential of the area well, you can plan a campaign Google Ads, take care of SEO and use magic hashtags on social media. Of course, with all of this declarations in on the internet must coincide with reality! Sometimes, however, it turns out to be very simple.  

If, for example, someone from your staff actually has a yoga instructor certificate and can give lessons on request, it is worth promoting yourself as: yoga by a lake in Masuria, a hotel with yoga classes, a hotel in the vege, slow, eco style, etc.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of a hotel advertising campaign? 

You've probably noticed on the websites of booking portals that they often ask you to refer to a given page when booking at the property. The assumption is to convince the owner of the place that the hotel's advertising campaign is effective. Once you have implemented the above steps, you can similarly ask your guests how they found out about the hotel. Take a survey on the internet. Add such a question when booking, or just casually ask about it when guests check in at the hotel. This will give you an idea of which web strategies are working. Then you can transfer most of your funds to these channels, further increasing the effectiveness of the hotel's advertising campaign.  

If you work with a good online marketing agency, it can be even simpler. They exist methods of tracking the number of clicks on a booking link from various sources. After the hotel advertising campaign, you will see at a glance how many customers came to you via e-mail, ads on Facebook, Google Ads and website. 

Hotel advertising campaign - an example 

Some time ago, as Commplace, we advised the hotel inBetween (more in the text describing consulting activities for the inBetween brand). Located near Lublin, the facility has its own SPA zone and allows you to rest well, close to the city, but in a very quiet, green environment. At the same time, it struggles with the common problems of most similar objects, such as high crew turnover. Therefore, we focused not only on communication strategy it went outside, but also inside the company.  

Marketing audit and the definition of goals allowed us to define the emotions and values on which we will build the brand message. When it was clear internal communication has become much simpler. Employees knew what the company represented. What's more, they were able to involve them in building this message personally. This is a very important element that is often missing in the employee-boss relationship. 

Before you order your team to approach the client cordially or order a free, relaxed style at work, consider whether these values are actually present in the company. If not, you really expect the impossible from your employees. The example always comes from above.  

Hotel advertising campaign - how to stand out from the competition?

Our communication campaign included the following: 

  • audit and analysis of activities performed so far, 
  • communication audit, 
  • new communication strategy and in the off-line world, to customers and employees. 

That's all it takes to completely change the image of the place and ensure a better reception inside and outside the company. Check how we can help you achieve a similar effect in your facility. 

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