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Food marketing is our specialty. In turn, we have been associated with the MSM Mońki brand for many years. One of our tasks in 2020 was to develop a new concept for yellow cheese packaging and to plan the premiere of a new logo. After the work was completed, the crowning achievement of the effects was planning and organizing a photo session.

About the MSM Mońki brand

The Moniecka Dairy Cooperative in Mońki is one of the most modern dairy plants in Poland. It was established on May 1, 1972 as a result of the merger of the District Dairy Cooperative in Dolistów and the District Dairy Cooperative in Krypno. MSM specializes in the production of Dutch and Swiss ripening cheeses, extra butter and powdered products: powdered whey and periodically skimmed milk powder.

Brand representatives emphasize that their mission is to ensure that the connoisseur can, with the first bite, spot the subtle differences between different types of cheese. That is why each recipe, thanks to its refinement and precision, can meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers, who are looking for original, intense flavors that stand out against the background of products without a hint of uniqueness. At the same time, at every step in communication, a strong attachment to the tradition and origin of the brand is noticed, which is expressed, among others, by through the catchy claim: "Tradition of taste from the Biebrza valley".

Challenges for Commplace

Our main task was to create a photo session scenario based on the current trends in the culinary photography market and the implementation of photos. Importantly, the organization of the session was combined with the preparation of dedicated recipes using MSM Mońki products. Professional cooks from the Korona Karkonoszy Manor were responsible for this part. As a result, the scenario includes 7 shots. Each of them has been carefully described and adapted to a specific recipe. The prepared provisions include, among others recipes for kartacze with minced meat and cheese. There were also vegetable tarts with Edam cheese mass, or puff pastry wrapped in cheese. The scenario includes 2 main topics of the session: Christmas and "home".

The scope of cooperation

A photo session is your chance to stand out on the market.

To work with the client, we have appointed a dedicated team of internal experts - the PR department, analysis, copywriting and the press team. As a result, we have created a detailed scope of our cooperation.

The tasks performed by Commplace include:

Analysis of current trends in culinary photography

Food photography is used to create attractive photographs of food products or ready meals. It is also a type of commercial photography, the effects of which, i.e. photos, are then used in advertisements, press, packaging, menus or cookbooks. The analysis of current trends in culinary photography will allow you to prepare interesting shots that will catch the attention of recipients. However, keep in mind communication strategy brand and adapt it to selected trends. Only in such a situation the received photos will be consistent with the previous direction. As a result, they will become more credible to the recipients.

Preparation of the photo session scenario

Organizing and managing a successful photo shoot is more complicated than you might think. Consider the advantages / disadvantages of the location, equip yourself with the right props, keep a steady pace and consider the needs of everyone involved. With all this, you should also remember the main goal of the session - presenting a product or recipe in accordance with the adopted brand communication strategy.

Preparation of dedicated recipes

Original recipes are a great way to stand out from the competition. Regardless of whether the brand offers food products or household appliances that facilitate the preparation of dishes. It is also a good idea to involve a professional chef in the entire process, who, thanks to his image, will strengthen the message, positively influencing the reactions of recipients. Dedicated recipes are also a great way to strengthen ties with brand users, who can be asked to submit their own suggestions or photos of dishes made. Such commitment will affect a long-term relationship with the brand.

Implementation of the photo session

The photo session should be carried out in accordance with the previously agreed scenario. Nothing can be accidental, each shot should have a purpose. You should also pay attention to details, because the alert eye of the recipient will catch even the smallest element that does not match. When implementing a photo session, apart from the photographer, there should also be a coordinator or a creative director. Thanks to such cooperation, the results will always be at the highest level.

Commplace recommended products and tools

The tools and products that we will use to achieve our goals include:

  • Premieres of new products on the consumer market and HoReCa
  • Preparation of original culinary concepts and recipes
  • Professional culinary photography, culinary films, drawings and graphics
  • Concepts of using chefs in brand promotion
  • Cooperation with the best Chefs

Tasteful photo sessions.

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