A cross-marketing photo session for the Ariete and MSM Mońki brands

The cooperation of two strong brands is a great opportunity to prepare interesting content. Cross marketing allows you to reach a common audience and strengthen the image of each brand. Especially if they both offer a complementary product. Perfecte is entered in Tues.ę idea. Cross marketing session for Ariete and MSM Mońki it is living proof of this.


Ariete is a company that belongs to the Italian concern DeLonghi. It was established in 1964 in Florence, considered the cradle of creativity as well as brilliant and brilliant inventions. Since then, Ariete designers have been creating useful and aesthetically perfect household appliances in the heart of sunny Tuscany.

Currently, the brand has 57 unique patents, which, in line with the company's mission, are designed to make everyday life easier. In many European markets, Ariete is a leader in the segment of cleaning, steam ironing and coffee making equipment.

Ariete is famous for its brilliant designs. They are distinguished by advanced functionality, quality of workmanship, affordable price and design, the effect of which is several exceptional and unique lines of devices.

About MSM Mońki

The Moniecka Dairy Cooperative in Mońki is one of the most modern dairy plants in Poland. It was established on May 1, 1972 as a result of the merger of the District Dairy Cooperative in Dolistów and the District Dairy Cooperative in Krypno. MSM specializes in the production of Dutch and Swiss ripening cheeses, extra butter and powdered products: powdered whey and periodically skimmed milk powder.

Brand representatives emphasize that their mission is to ensure that the connoisseur can, with the first bite, spot the subtle differences between different types of cheese. Each recipe, thanks to its refinement and precision, can meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers, looking for original, intense flavors, and also distinguishable from products without a hint of uniqueness. At the same time, at every step in communication, a strong attachment to tradition and the origin of the brand is noticed, which is expressed, among others, by through the catchy claim: "Tradition of taste from the Biebrza valley".

Challenges for Commplace

A photo cross marketing session requires proper preparation. Our tasks include: preparation of the concept of a session combining the products of 2 brands and the subsequent implementation of the plan. The session scenario was based on the current trends in the culinary and product photography market.

We presented both Ariete household appliances and food products offered by MSM Mońki. Such a unique combination allowed to create attractive content that can be used in communication by both brands. The work of Commplace was supported by our professional chefs from Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. Korona Karkonoszy Manor is our center gastronomic and event in Sosnówka near Karpacz. The chefs have prepared original recipes that users can prepare using selected products.

The scope of cooperation

To work on the project, we have appointed a dedicated team of internal experts - the PR department, photo session coordinators, photographers and cooks. As a result, we have created a detailed scope of our cooperation.

The tasks performed by Commplace include:

Preparation of a script for a cross-marketing photo session

The photo cross marketing session is to present the advantages of each brand. In the case of the Ariete brand - household appliances, and MSM Mońki - yellow cheese. The experience gained over the years, however, allows us to efficiently develop a film script, not forgetting the needs of both brands.

Preparation of original recipes

A cross marketing session requires an appropriate approach. Chefs must consider not only the food product, but also the equipment that should be used to prepare the dishes. In the implementation of the activities, we were once again supported by a team of chefs from the Korona Karkonoszy Manor.

Implementation of the photo session

The photo session should be carried out according to the previously agreed plan. The actions cannot be random, and each shot should have a purpose. You should also pay attention to details. That is why it is so important that, in addition to the photographer, there is a coordinator on the set who will watch over each element.

Commplace recommended products and tools

The tools and products that we will use to achieve our goals include:

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