Introducing a food product to the market - how to do it?

What does an effective introduction of a food product to the market look like?

There is a high risk of placing a food product on the market. Success or failure depends on many factors, such as product originality, company skills and resources, professional marketing and market maturity. Moreover, the food market is constantly changing. It requires a continuous increase in the variety of individual product ranges and the need to continuously or cyclically lower prices. 

In order for a product to meet market expectations, arouse interest and satisfy the needs of potential customers, it is necessary to understand many mechanisms. Driven by consumers and technological possibilities that can be applied. This rule is universal - everyone product launch associated with it. Most of the new products are created as a result of a combination of selected technological treatments and recipe modifications. Most often, a new food product is the result of the development of an existing product line. It is created by introducing a new range of aromas, flavors, and giving a new texture. One of the solutions is the use of new packaging, new graphics, changing the size of portions in the packaging, or changing the content of selected ingredients. 

The entire team of specially selected and trained employees is responsible for designing new products. Product development teams focus on the aesthetics of a product in addition to designing the physical characteristics and properties of a product. Moreover, consumers themselves are more and more often involved in the process of developing a new product, and they provide specific information about their preferences and expectations. 

Are you planning to introduce a new product to the market?

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Introducing a food product to the market - stages 

Placing the product on the market it's a process. The food market has its own laws, dictated by a number of regulations and guidelines that must be strictly followed. The process of developing a new food product involves specific research activities. It consists of product design, development process planning, production process design, and establishing strategies and marketing activities. 

First, you should carefully analyze the market. First of all, in terms of what is missing, what are the needs and what and under what conditions the competition offers. This will allow us to create a new product that arouses interest, but also clearly differs from what is already available on the market. 

Depending on whether the product is of animal or vegetable origin, you must notify the food production to the relevant authorities. Establishments producing products of animal origin require the approval of the competent district veterinarian. If you want to introduce a plant product, you should contact the nearest poviat sanitary and epidemiological station to inform officials what food you want to produce and find out what requirements must be met. Food packaging and labeling are also regulated by European and national law. The packaging must include, inter alia, the name of the food, the list of ingredients with particular emphasis on ingredients causing allergies or intolerances and an indication of the percentage of the most important ingredients, the net quantity of the food, the use-by date and any special storage conditions or conditions of use. 

Based on the information provided by these authorities, a quality and safety assurance system should be developed and implemented. This system is primarily procedures and instructions that must be followed by all employees and must take into account all changes in production. 

If you want to confirm the quality of your product, you can submit an application to the Provincial Commercial Quality Inspectorate of Agricultural and Food Products for confirmation of the commercial quality. 

Introducing a food product to the market - strategies 

When introducing a new food product to the market after he has determined who he is target group, the enterprise may use one of the following marketing strategies: 

  1. Rapid "cream pick up" strategy, otherwise skimming strategy. This means that this company sets a high price for the product. At the same time, it uses intensive promotional activities, and then, as sales increase, the profit achieved increases. This solution is most often used by companies whose products are not known on a given market. 
  1. The strategy of slow "cream picking" is that the company sets a high price for the product, but at the same time limits marketing expenses. Such a solution brings benefits when the market is limited, the competition is small, and the company occupies an unchallenged position. 
  1. Rapid market penetration strategy. The company sets a low price for the product, while applying intensive promotional activities, thanks to which the company quickly increases its market share. This solution is used when the sales market is quite large and the awareness of the existence of the product is relatively low. 
  1. The slow market penetration strategy means that the company keeps a low price for the product and at the same time cuts down on marketing expenses. This solution works well when the market is large and potential buyers are sensitive to high prices. 

Launching the product on the market food - how to be successful?

Following the development trends on the food market, several basic directions can be noticed: the development of nutritionally balanced food and the production of healthy, organic and natural food, as well as the introduction of new processing methods, environmentally friendly packaging and alternative raw materials. 

For foodstuffs, a new value proposition may also include speed in preparation. The most important thing is that it brings real and visible benefits to the consumer. In addition to the high quality of the products offered, branding is also important. In this case creating product packaging and labels - in accordance with the principle that you can also buy with your eyes.  

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