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Employee integration does not have to be boring and predictable. It is worth surprising your employees with something new, so we suggest using something other than just typical lectures and training. The treasure hunters game will play the role of integration and at the same time will be a great attraction!

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Is it worth organizing integration games?

Unconventional games integrative it strengthens team spirit as it encourages participants to demonstrate their mental and physical abilities. This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting attractions at an integration event or company trip. They also improve team communication. The game of treasure hunters also affects the elements of cooperation.

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Employees must take the initiative and step out of their comfort zone. Solving puzzles and receiving valuable tips also influences the creativity of team members. Team integration games they are full of benefits, thanks to which you will improve your employee relations and deal with any disputes in your team. It is also worth combining them with a company trip to strengthen the effect of integration.

What is the treasure hunters game?

The game treasure hunters contains many twists and challenges on the route, which is why it strongly influences the cooperation in the team. The plot gains momentum with every minute, and solving the puzzle becomes extremely exciting. This game makes you feel like James Bond. Teams need to find secret agents and extract valuable clues and information from them.

You can use the help of an experienced company offering teambuilding activities. It will enrich the field game with elements of advanced GPS technology. It will propose a special application that will take participants on an interactive journey. Live map shows the exact location of your team and competition. Co-workers have to find as many places marked on the map as possible. An interesting task awaits them in each location, and only after completing it, they can move on. In turn, the interactive board shows who is leading at the moment and who needs bonus points to get closer to the leader.

The treasure hunters game affects cooperation

Solving the puzzle together is the main goal of this integration game. The elements of good communication and cooperation in the team are the most important here. Employees must efficiently manage time, plan, take care of each other, but also show determination, cleverness and persistence in pursuing their goals. If they are in your team negative employee relations - the treasure hunt game will hit the spot! Additionally, thanks to this game, you can, as a leader, notice certain characteristics of your employees, and then, on their basis, delegate appropriate tasks suited to the character of your team members.

It is natural that the treasure hunter game selects individualists, extroverts, or people who automatically take on the role of leader. The treasure hunters game will put individual abilities and skills to the ultimate test and allow you to spot the strengths and weaknesses of the group. It will effectively improve cooperation and relationships in the group, while encouraging participants to learn through experience. 

Employee integration

One of the biggest advantages of the treasure hunters game is the possibility of organizing it in almost every possible place. Nearby cafe, restaurant or even a pub. All you need to do is get creative and spend some time preparing. Remember that almost every element of the scenario can be adapted to the predispositions and interests of team members.

By carrying out the integration in the form of a thematic game, you will significantly improve cooperation in the team. Team members have to overcome new challenges and rely on each other. Each of them has their own advantages and skills, some will help with logical puzzles, while others will cope with movement tasks, so they must join forces to find the key to the treasure chest. The treasure hunters game is a great opportunity because the employees got to know each other better. Joint pursuit of a goal, not related to work, will definitely improve relationships in the team.

Treasure hunters game - prepare the scenario

The treasure hunters game requires an appropriate scenario that will focus on the team play of employees. Combine traditional map reading with directions in augmented reality so that the main goal is to find the key to the chest full of treasures. It is worth preparing the lesson plan in such a way that only after the subgroups have overcome the challenge, you can get some tips. Remember that teamwork is the most important part of this integration game.

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Make sure the treasure hunters' game scenario is really interesting. You will see that everyone will then approach the challenges that await them with commitment and excitement. Take care of prizes in the form of statuettes, diplomas or T-shirts with the company's slogan. Such an event will wonderfully unite all departments, which will definitely translate into better relations in the company. An interesting addition will be the handing over of cameras during the game, which will capture videos from different places. Thanks to this, you will assemble a funny advertisement after playing together.

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