Why is group integration important and how to conduct it in an interesting way?

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Why is group integration important and how to conduct it in an interesting way?

Group integration is an extremely important element that leads to building a strong and well-coordinated team of employees. Such a group achieves significant successes, communicates better and performs its tasks efficiently. What to do to make group integration interesting, creative and effective? We give you a hint.

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Building a strong team - the key to success in your company. Cliche? not at all! Team building activities combine pleasant with useful, i.e. they train and entertain at the same time. It can be a joint trip to the rope park with the work team. Another idea is to organize company games with elements of competition or participate in a scenario game in which you have to solve some complicated, mysterious puzzle.

Thanks to the implementation of team building for group integration, you can gain many benefits. Friends will feel in their company, improve communication with each other and efficiently perform all business tasks. Combining practical skills with fun is a great idea for integrating your team.

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Group integration through play and fun

First of all, group integration should be fun, thanks to which the team members can take a break from everyday life and get to know each other better. The event is to provide them with a lot of amazing experiences and unforgettable memories. Interesting attractions, good food and an unusual atmosphere cannot be missed.

group integration

Group integration is a time to establish friendly relations and strengthen ties between individual employees. Therefore, it should take place in a relaxed atmosphere - preferably on neutral ground. Organize it away from the company's headquarters, for example in a restaurant, hotel, manor house, training center, and maybe even outdoors. Ideas are limited only by your imagination! The most important thing is to match the style of the entire team, so that everyone derives joy from this event, not pressure.

A joint trip as a group integration

A trip of a few days will be great as a group integration. It is worth choosing interesting areas, such as mountains, which are enchanting with their views and, additionally, are good sports entertainment. An example of a facility that will perfectly organize the group's integration is Dwór Korona Karkonoszy.  

The facility is situated in a very attractive location. The nature that surrounds him is conducive to relaxation and establishing friendly relations. When in the Korona Karkonoszy Manor, you can go on a unique guided walking tour along the beautiful mountain trails.

A walk with a view of the Karkonosze Mountains will surely appeal to lovers of history, monuments and amazing experiences. This is a unique opportunity to see with your own eyes the largest Church of Grace in Lower Silesia, or the unique land of Palaces and Parks in the Jelenia Góra Valley.

Team building – Goldberg machine – Dwór Korona Karkonoszy – Sosnówka near Karpacz
Company Olympics - team building - Dwór Korona Karkonoszy - Sosnówka near Karpacz

Mountains or water - what to choose?

Everyone will surely agree with us that a trip is a great idea for group integration. What direction should you choose? The Korona Karkonoszy Manor is one of our ideas that you can use. But if you organize an integration trip every year, you surely need more of them. What to choose? Mountains and active recreation? Or maybe water and complete relaxation for a few days? Unfortunately, we will not answer unequivocally.

Which direction your team will go depends largely on the personalities of its members. If you have a young team. Who has been cooperating with each other for some time, be sure to go to the mountains. However, in the case of people who are just getting to know each other, water will be a better idea. Then there are more opportunities to talk and organize integration games that will stimulate the participants to action.

In our opinion, however, the best solution to this dilemma is to ask the participants a question. If you are not sure what you should decide on, leave it to your employees. The direction with the most votes will be chosen by you for an integration trip. In this way, you will also be sure of the rightness of the decision.

It works: theme parties

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Group integration does not have to be associated with huge expenses. You don't need to organize a big trip to achieve your goals. Often, during a common evening filled with dancing, the group will integrate well. It is worth giving such a meeting a unique character. All kinds of themed events are perfect.

A party with good music, delicious food and crazy fun until dawn is a great opportunity to establish friendly bonds between the individual members of the company band. It is a great time for free conversations among employees on topics not related to professional duties and getting to know each individual better. What's more, integration event for employees can be a great way to relax and de-stress. The participants of the game will recharge their batteries and return to their professional tasks with new motivation and smiles on their faces.

Suggestions of leading topics at integration events

The main theme of the event also helps participants choose the right outfit for what is going to happen. Therefore, always remember to notify everyone in advance. Especially if it requires a special search for individual elements of the outfit.

We want to help you organize an integration event for employees. That is why we have prepared a few suggestions of leading topics. You can use them in your company and observe the effects they bring.

Sherlock Holmes style party

Who doesn't know this detective? Thanks to numerous and brilliant film productions, he gained fame all over the world. Everyone is impressed by his intelligence. Although it must be admitted that he can be rude.

A detective-style party may contain pieces of a puzzle that will need to be unraveled. Maybe a special hat and mustache are the perfect disguise? However, before giving a leitmotif, carefully check all of this detective's creations. It's best if you and your employees decide on a certain style. It is worth following the stories of the author of the stories about Sherlock.

Hawaiian party

Hawaii and other countries where it is always warm is one of the favorite topics of the participants. There are many costume rentals where we can purchase a Hawaiian skirt. So are the chains of colorful flowers.

You cannot forget about special drinks and decorations on the tables. Here fruits reign, especially pineapples or coconuts. Coconut liqueur drinks and umbrellas stuck to the appetizers are a classic element of a similar party.

Why do theme parties work so well with most teams?

By determining the theme of the event, you can agree on a clear dress code. This is very important to many people. Especially those who are just starting work in a new team. They may not feel confident in it, that's why integration events are particularly stressful for them.

Determining what the leitmotif of a team-building event will be allows you to get rid of the element of awkwardness. Everyone knows how to dress and is looking for the right outfit.

Establishing a theme is also an interesting way to improve the mood of the group. Everyone will compare their costumes, you can add a comic element. In this way, the atmosphere at the very beginning of the party will be much looser than in the case of rigid parties.

Why is group integration important?

You must remember that a well-coordinated and strong team is the key to your success. If your team is poorly organized, there are conflicts, and stress comes in - it will result in poorer performance at work and a decrease in team motivation.

group integration

The members of the group are the driving force of your business: to climb to the top you need a well-coordinated, well-functioning team. A team that puts cooperation first and dynamically overcomes all obstacles that stand in the way of success every day. A team whose members are able to get along take maximum advantage of the skills and knowledge of their colleagues. A well-coordinated group can do more. He can find ideas and solutions that will surprise, help and, most importantly, bring you closer to success.

Conflicts rarely arise in a well-coordinated team, and if they do occur, employees quickly resolve them. Thanks to this, the atmosphere at work is friendly and relaxed. This, in turn, fosters creativity, stimulates motivation and makes all work tasks more enjoyable.

Why does a well-coordinated team achieve better results?

Have you ever worked on a project in which you did not put your so-called heart? This is especially true for teams where there is no proper integration between members.

If the team goes through a trip or integration event and spends time together, each of its members will feel part of the whole. Therefore, everyone will be equally involved in the development of the company and in the individual projects that will take place.

If the team is integrated with each other, each of the participants feels responsible for the implemented projects. It is much more difficult to exhibit your good work colleague than a stranger.

Therefore, much better results are achieved than in the case of non-integrated groups. Participants are more willing to talk to each other, exchange opinions and views. First of all, they want the other team members to get the right material on time as well. In this way, the company is developing better and better, because projects are implemented on a regular basis and delivered on time.

Competition as the basis of good cooperation

Competition is common across organizations. It is a natural human reflex. Each of us has the need to be the best in our discipline. That is why there are elements of the game where everyone wants to achieve the highest results.

Such a relationship can be shown and perceived in many ways. In the case of teams that are well-coordinated and work well together, this is a very positive phenomenon. If individual members of the group compete with each other, it has a positive effect on their results.

When it comes to healthy competition between employees, it can be safely said that it will have a positive impact on the development of the entire team. Each of them tries as hard as possible to achieve specific results. If they are satisfactory, he feels complacent.

However, for such a competition to work, it is worth focusing on group integration. This is necessary because it can reach a disturbing dimension. Keep in mind that driving each other to work is very positive, albeit within the appropriate norms. Employees should not work excess hours.

Therefore, good teamwork is essential. In that case, everyone knows each other. Everyone also knows what they can expect and what expectations are placed on them from their superiors. Then the competition works very well and translates into the development of all employees and the entire company.

integration events
Team building - corporate events - Korona Karkonoszy Manor - Sosnówka near Karpacz

How to do a good job of integrating a group?

Group integration should be carried out in the best possible way. We are not talking only about organizing a trip or an integration event. Such a chemistry of individual people who are part of the team should be established in the workplace.

How to take care of it properly? Here are some ways to make your group integration as successful as possible. It is necessary to remember that each team member is a separate unit that has its own individual problems and issues.

This should be taken into account when trying to integrate a team. The best results are achieved when the group is selected on the basis of the nature of its members and capabilities. If you have the opportunity to match the team in your company in terms of not only competences, but also personal predispositions, you are guaranteed much greater success.

In a group where all members are on a similar level, it is much easier to integrate. Even in organizational matters that require a plan. If the group agrees on how they spend their time, you can easily think about the points of the trip.

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Departure or integration Party it's not everything

As we mentioned above, integration trip or a party is not the only way to bring the team together. What's more, these should not be the only treatments initiated by superiors.

In order for the team to work well together, it is necessary to work for this daily. The best way is with small workplace integrations combined with occasional large events.

In the workplace, you can organize themed days or organize small exits after work. In this way, each employee can feel part of the community without having to wait for the next event.

It should be remembered that a well-coordinated group is not only integration. Here it is necessary to ensure the best possible well-being of individual employees on a daily basis. If they feel good in the team, they are likely to take part in the integration. Then they will start to work much better with other people on the team.

What to focus on on a daily basis?

The elements that are worth focusing on on a daily basis are individual employees and their duties. It is worth showing that their efforts are appreciated and that they give reliable feedback.

It is also imperative that the company has a friendly atmosphere on a daily basis. Team-building events and employees' departures after working hours contribute to this to a particular extent. They have the opportunity to get to know each other and establish closer relationships.

Due to the role that integration plays in the life of the community, the employer should not oppose it in any way. It should also not make it difficult. Therefore, if your employee tells you that he will perform an additional task on the next day, because a company exit is planned today, let him do it. Be understanding and remember the important role you play in creating a community in your business.

That is why it is worth focusing on building relationships with employees and between them on a daily basis. If it is possible, it is worth going out for short integration sessions after work or spending breaks together. In this way, the integration of the team and the activities that lead to the development of the entire company are much more visible.

Small gestures as the basis for success

A company's success is not always measured by numbers. What is right is that they decide the actions to be taken. They also directly affect the profits that are derived from the enterprise. However, one of the determinants of success is employee satisfaction.

It is not enough for it to be at the appropriate level organizing an event integration from time to time. It is also necessary to work on the relationships that are formed in the company on a daily basis. To make them appropriate, it is worth paying attention to small gestures and promoting mutual assistance in business. Therefore, in addition to organizing integration events, try to be an inseparable part of your company community.

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